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Marriage of Mr. & Mrs Salisbury K. Lambert in St. Nicholas. The first wedding there since 23rd January 1858.


RAF Feltwell - first U.K. base for the THOR missiles. (Later became the H.Q. of the THOR complex of five aerodromes.)


xx The Coronation Hall (1911), for many years used as the Rex Cinema, became a Bingo Hall.
April The organ in St. Mary's Church cleaned and overhauled.
xx The New "Cut-off Channel", to relieve flooding in the Fens, being cut through the Parish. The bridges were constructed before the Channel was cut.  (picture here)


An Iron Age cauldron ploughed up in the vicinity of Hill Close by Mr. Eric B. Secker. Inside it was a flesh hook. (On show in Norwich Museum)


New Recreation Centre opened at RAF Feltwell by the Commander-in-Chief, Bomber Command. Claimed to be the best indoor athletic stadium in the country.



The late W. Frank Curtis, native of Feltwell, discovered a hoard of 24 silver objects (including 5 silver cups C100 BC) just over the Parish boundary. Inquest 21st February declared this hoard "Treasure Trove". Now in British Museum and known as "The Hockwold Treasure".

April -May

4th Century Romano-British bathhouse excavated near Little Oulsham Drove. (No longer there - in direct line of the "Cut-off Channe1).

10 July

The 112-yr.-old Elm tree (at Elm Tree Corner) was felled.


  ANCIENT MOAT EXCAVATION. A small exploratory dig carried out by Mr Frank Curtis at the 'Anciet Moat' found it to be the site of a Medieval Moated Manor House. A number of 13th/14th century potshards and a perfect speciman of a coloured, semi-glazed and decorated floor tile of the same period were found.


New bungalows built in Paynes Lane (Crabbes Close).


Mrs Bunting (nee Addison) retired after 42 years teaching in Feltwell School.


RAF Feltwell became a "co-ed" Officer Cadet Training unit.


3 Jan

The Crown Inn ceased to be a public house.

10 April

Feltwell and Methwold Parish Councils tried again (unsuccessfully) to have the (old) Methwold Road re-opened.


Village connected to mains sewerage. Official Opening ceremony. Whilst digging sewer trenches a skeleton was unearthed (and re-buried) at the rear of Manchester House.

23 April

Feltwell's renowned Oak Tree (girth 32ft.6ins.) was felled. Reputedly 1300 years old.


Romano-British bathhouse discovered in the meadow of Glebe Farm by W. Frank Curtis.

9 Aug

Flagpole crashed from the tower of St. Mary’s just before Evensong. Fortunately no one was hurt.

15 Sept

Excavations began on the Romano-British Villa near Little Oulsham Drove.

19 Oct

Cock Hotel closed.

23 Oct

Death of C. C. Davidson school teacher at Feltwell for 47 years.



Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Hill St) demolished.

24 Feb

New Oak Tree planted on the site of the Ancient Oak.

26 March

3 Silver Birches and a Copper Beech planted by Mr. & Mrs A. J. Orange to mark the birth of their daughter Linda on 4th Nov. 1964.


Ploughed out burial mound containing 17 skeletons. Excavated by W. Frank Curtis


3 April

Presentation of' silver communion vessels to St. Mary's by RAF Families Club.


Partial closure of RAF Feltwell.

Aug -Sept

Houses numbered throughout the Parish.

Sept -Oct

Re-plastering of part of St. Mary’s and new heating system installed. Services at St. Nicholas.

13 Oct

Feltwell (Historical and Archaeological) Society founded by Mr. A.J. Orange.



250 year old Walnut Tree at Lawn House felled.

18 May

Excavation began on the site of the Medieval Moated Manor by the Feltwell Historical & Archaeological Society. Continued at weekends throughout the summer(Site now located in Manor Park Estate).

21 Aug

Disposal of the bells of St. Nicholas Church. The Etheldreda Bell (the only surviving bell dedicated to Saint Etheldreda) to Ely Cathedral for safekeeping. One bell sold to a new church at Gabalfa near Cardiff. The 3 broken bells sold for scrap to help pay for the repairs to St. Mary's tower and bell supports. St. Mary's bells taken down.

16 Oct

Cock Hotel demolished (within one week)



Church Clock cleaned and overhauled.


Survey of the village by the Feltwell (H & A) Society.


St. Mary's bells ringing again.


BIG SCHOOL sold to Laine Engineering Co. who turned it into a factory producing motor car components.


21 Feb

Fair Close sold - planning permission (originally) for 71 dwellings. (Later named Oakfields Estate).

21 March

Estimated ld. rate = 331. Precept 2d.=.662

9 Aug

Village sign presented to the village by the Feltwell (H & A) Society. Unveiled by the Lord Lieutenant (Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart, OBE, T.D.)


Official opening of the Playing Field Pavilion.


Mr. D. L. R. Feltwell promoted to Headmaster.


Feltwell Fair held on playing field for first time as Fair Close had been sold in February of this year.


Feltwell handbells rung for the first time for over 60 years (in public) at the monthly meeting of the Feltwell (H&A) Society.
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