Minutes for April 2010


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of APRIL 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Mrs Smith and Mrs Batten.

 APOLOGIES - received from Mr Maynard, Mr White, Mrs McGeeney & Squadron Leader Neilds.


 MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.


 1   Flooding Long Lane - Mr Storey advised he had spoken to the Highways officer who would be contacting the ladies who attended the last meeting, he has not heard anything further yet.

 2   RAF Lakenheath - email received from Sq Neilds - night flying will be carried out on a hand full of dates in both April & May. It is anticipated that the runway will be under going repairs during 15 May - 15 Jun so there will not be any fixed wing flying in or out of Lakenheath. There are a few places left on the base tour scheduled for 22nd April - nobody able to attend - two other tours proposed later in year.

 3   Village Poll - still on going, results within next 2 months.

 4   SNT - CAG meeting held 7th April, no report yet received re outcome. Clerk had advised some residents of Oakfields to attend as they have been having problems with anti-social behaviour from a small group of youths, not known if anyone attended. Clerk to ask someone from the SNT to attend next meeting as some response reports need questioning.

 5   Playarea  - Clerk to write to Monster to complain about the lack of response to enquiries. Swing to be removed this week, also one of the baby swings has split this to be taken down. A discussion took place about the progress of the skate park, planning has not yet been applied for, Mrs McGeeney was praised for her effort and work she has and still is putting into this project but she has been failed by all those who commenced with this project and supported her, especially the adults. It was agreed before planning is applied for then real support and need is shown by parishioners for this to continue. Maverick held the price until the end of May, how much longer will this be held? WREN are chasing for a update of the progress. Clerk has enquired re the cost of insurance and has been advised this would be about £250 pa. Clerk reminded Council that under the terms of the WREN grant the park has to remain active and in use for a least 5 years or they may be able to claim the grant back. Although the Council supports this project it is not a Council project. Mrs McGeeney is to be asked to check with Maverick re costs and also enquire about maintenance of the skate park for the future. Also a definite need must be determined to justify any further expense. Tree work completed. Letter from CGM re concerns about some trees which included crown & basal cavities & a principal decay fungus was noted on one mature ash - they would be happy to carry out a safety assessment at no charge as long as they provide a quotation and carry out any work required, alternatively they could forward a quotation in respect of a tree survey. Trees have been looked at, it was agreed to leave until Autumn.                                                                                 P.T.O.

 MINUTE 1135


 6   Risk Assessment - Note from Mr Hubbard that his equipment can be collected from the Orangery at any time, Clerk has raised cheque for £50 for signature. Most of ivy has been removed from posts but area left near cub hut as nesting birds, this area will be cleared when nests empty probably July.  Damaged bin is worse Mr Scarff to be asked to remove ASAP. New bin received to replace bin in Bell Street. Chairman advised two people turned up for interviews re litter job, the job was offered to a young man who lives in the village Mr Humphrey - the Clerk has been unable to contact him - Mrs Batten advised that he is no longer interested in the job. The other applicant, Miss Sargent, lives in Methwold Hythe and was not always available on weekends. It was agreed Clerk to write to Ms Sargent and offer her the position, if she is no longer interested then job to be re advertised. Tennis net down. Clerk advised that the bins are full on the playingfield, she & husband had emptied one but could not lift the other near teen shelter. Mr Storey & Mr Lambert would go and empty bin, keys to other bins needed so they can be emptied, Mrs Batten would attend and collect some litter if advised when. Mr Glasscock gave report, a lot of litter & glass, bins all full. Glass dome on playarea broken, it was reported that this was damaged with a hammer by children who attend the primary school, names unknown. It was agreed a letter is sent to the school asking that it is read out in assembly re this damage. Tennis court needs sweeping. Mr Cooper would do next inspection.

 7   Bench, Wilton Road - bench in stock will hold until required. Quotes received together with quotes for concrete pad on playingfield - dealt with together item 8.

 8   WNBC - Clothing Bank - cost of ready made concrete approximately £260 - quotes received together with above - C Scarff  £944.17 net, G&L Gardens £1266.38 net &  R&C Stannard £852.25, a reduction of costs is possible from R&C Stannard if soil can be spread around playingfield car park instead of hiring a skip. Clerk to determine new cost & seek savings from C Scarff if Council orders concrete direct re VAT. Clerk & Chairman to determine which quote to accept once information received, proposed Mr Lambert, seconded Mrs Batten, agreed.

 9   Reported to Highways - Short Beck has been marked for repair. Some of holes in Paynes Lane have been done but one at junction with Wilton Road still bad, report again.

 10  Enquiries Borough - Clerk spoke with Mr Clarey, Borough Council, on 16/3 - Old School House - new owners will commence work on the site mid April site will be monitored. The site has been re-secured and a security firm will check the site regularly. No permission has been sought for the advertising sign a letter will be sent, also other signs up that do not seem to have permission being looked into. Nothing further heard re the derelict property in Bell Street but letter received from Borough re advising them of any derelict buildings in Feltwell so they can add them onto their list - Clerk to advise that Council are waiting for response re property in Bell Street.

 11  Van, Short Beck - no response, vehicle not illegally parked nothing more Council can do.

 12  Standing Orders - new hard copy received, Chairman has a copy, need to hold a special meting to go through these.

 13   NSPCC - it was agreed Council should become a campaign partner & advise of email address.



 14  Village Age - Feltwell appears in the doomsday book and was named during the Saxon period.

 15  Changing Rooms  - socket repaired.

 16  Fly tipping  - Mr Lawrence has dealt with property in Lodge Road. Borough does not deal with rubbish on private land.

 17  NALC Subscription - renew cost £288.56, proposed renew subscription Chairman, all agreed.

 18  Pearson’s - notification of price increase wef  1st April - skips will increase by 7%, wheeled bins by £1 per empty.

 19  Audit - notification of audit date 29th July, annual return for next meeting. Mr Lucas is still available to carry out internal audit, agreed. All councillors received copy of balance sheet for next meeting.

 20  Tapping House  - letter re donation - not this year.


 21  KL&WNBC - Inter village games. Parliamentary election paper. Great E Anglia run - marshals needed. Copy of additional training sessions held 5/3/10.

22  HM Government - new rules re employing people working with children.

23  Waste Recycling - change of address.

24  NPFA - membership invitation.

25  Energy Saving Trust - join green communities.

26  E Cambridge DC - Littleport master plan newsletter.

27  Norfolk RCC - training sessions.  Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Direct (FWD) system - further scrutiny - views required by 27th April. Invitation for a chat Mundford 28 April, parish liaison manager. Norfolk infrastructure fund - responses by 23 April.

28  Suffolk CC - submission of waste core strategy plan.

29  EDP - pride in Norfolk community awards, entries by 19/4.

30  Read Publications - free copy of independent suppliers guide.

31  Brochures - Glasdon. Clerk’s & Councils direct. SPP leaflet. Pro-teq surfacing. Seton. Parish mag.

 32  CHEQUES were signed for the following:- L Peckham £629.20, Methodist Church £22.50, Post Office - PAYE £184.78, G Hubbard £50, Glasdon £67.45, Suffolk CC £256.15, WNBC £67.21, NALC £25, Anglian Water £67.82, Environment Agency £35.50, CGM £652.13, Pearson £250.17, Berryman £52.25.

 33  PLANNING - Mr/Mrs Smith, 9-11 Hill Street - Construction of garage & residential annex - APPROVED. Mr/Mrs Vincent, 61 Nightingale Lane - erection of conservatory - APPROVED. D Frost, 30 Lodge Road - extension to dwelling & construction of large garage and covered link - APPROVED. Enterprising Company - 1-5 Short Beck - change of use to 4 residential cottages including partial demolition, alterations & extensions - REFUSED - insufficient parking & turning area, traffic concerns as site close to bad junction and loss of business opportunity in village.   



 31  Litter Bins - bin near seat in Bell Street & near seat in High Street have both been damaged. Clerk advised she had approached some youths messing about on bin in Bell Street, bin had broken off and fell over. Bottom of bin is rusted and broken but is still standing at present. Mr Cooper advised bin in High Street was over as well but he has stood up again. To be monitored.

 32  Skip, Churchyard - has been filled with ivy, only recently emptied at a cost of £160.92. Mr Lambert would empty the ivy out of the skip. Clerk advised she had enquired with Borough and the Council could hire a couple of the brown bins at a cost of £38 each pa. Problems would be with putting the bins out to have emptied, Mr Lambert would not welcome more traffic using his roadway already too many people abuse the use of the roadway. Brown bins not required. 

33  Report to Highways  - potholes entrance to Newcombe Drive, junction of St Mary’s & Bell Street. Road surface Short Beck. Condition of footpath along Short Beck is very poor.

 34  Street Light St Mary’s/Hill Street - during recent work by EDF the light at this junction was removed when pole changed and not replaced, Clerk has been trying to find out who responsible to replace it.

 35  S/Light Pole Ivy - last year we reported a lot of ivy growing up post in Lodge Road covering light - EDF looked at pole 1.9.09 and deemed it ok to leave until next in village which could be up to a year.

 36  Electric Box, Changing Rooms - this has been damaged again. Mrs Smith’s husband has advised not viable to repair, will try and obtain costs to replace.

 37  Direct Debit Payments - Clerk advised that the Council should consider making more regular payments by direct debit as in the near future the use of cheques is being faded out and then a debit card or internet payments would be required reducing the control now in place re signatures.

 38  Parking Oak Street - concerns have been raised re people living in the Alms houses parking in Oak Street, dangerous near junction. The Trust has this matter in hand.

 39  Cables Southery Road - the posts holding the cables along the Southery Road are leaning over Clerk to ask EDF to check these.

 Next meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting commencing 7pm followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council - 10th May.

 Meeting closed 9.30pm