Minutes for August 2010


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of AUGUST 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Spanswick, Mr Cooper, Mrs Smith, and Mrs Batten. Also present Mr Allen, Mrs Bane & PCSO S Cockrell.

 Due to the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chair, Mr Spanswick took the Chair for the meeting as agreed with the Councillors present that formed a quorum as required.

 APOLOGIES - received from Mr Garland, Mr Lawrence, Mr Glasscock, Mr Lambert, Mrs McGeeney, Mr Storey and Mr White CC.


 MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

 PUBLIC SPEAKING - The Chair suspended the meeting for 10 minutes to allow the public present to address the Council. Mr Allen attended the meeting with regard issues re his allotment garden. The Clerk agreed to meet with him, on site, on Wednesday evening to discuss his concerns.


 1   RAF Lakenheath - nothing to report.

 2   Village Poll - Mrs Bane advised still on going.

 3   SNT - PCSO Cockrell was present at the meeting - he advised that there were still problems with anti-social behaviour especially over the weekends but calls to the police have reduced over the last 6 months. Some youths have had names taken and action has been taken with at least 6 of them. It was reported that gangs of youths were roaming about the High Street very late at night. No problems had been reported re the High Street. Mr Spanswick enquired about loud exhaust noise - if causing a problem this is deemed anti-social and a section 59 warning can be given to owners of vehicles. Number plates required, though there are a few in the village known to the police. No reports re cold callers have recently been received. The recent shooting incident in the village was discussed. PCSO Cockrell left the meeting at 7.55pm.

 4   Playarea - Bubble top replaced today, screws not right fit been replaced, any new caps required will be provided FOC. Email from Monster re baby swings - replacement parts are being manufactured and will be swapped with existing items on site. Once fabricated, galvanised and powder coated the items will be swapped in approximately 3-4 weeks (date of email 27/7). Clerk has spoken to planning officer re skate park - date by which the application must be determined is 26/8/10 - officer dealing with case is away until September, another officer is dealing with workload. Clerk had enquired the time elapsed from when new information received and notifications sent out, some 5 weeks - new officer could not explain and apologised but determination date stands. New details approved by Council and returned previously by Clerk. Letter from Walker Construction re tendering for groundwork’s.

 5   Risk Assessment - Clerk still waiting for quotes re guttering work, nobody still advised if facia needs replacing? Edges of field need strimming, Clerk will contact CGM.  Overflow pipe on building  



 5  - is broken and water is running down side of building, Clerk to obtain quote to repair. Radio in teen shelter not working properly but tin placed over antenna - youths fault if not working. Rest of area in good condition. Mrs Batten would carry out next inspection.

 6   Concrete Pad - Wilton Road - Clerk still waiting quotes for this, will chase up. Highways have given permission for new siting.

 7   Enquiries - Borough - email from Company working on Old School site, trees have been pruned back area a lot tidier now. Clerk has spoken to Mr Williamson at Borough, the property in Bell Street is in the process of being sold so the present owner will not carry out any work. Once Mr Williamson is advised who new owners are then he will contact them re tidying up area. Clerk advised growth encroaching on footpath, he will chase up ASAP.

 8   Standing Orders - in hand.

 9   Streetlight Hill St/St Mary’s - Morgan Est. had advised light was damaged when removed, MHB advised the light was damaged but they could fix a new bracket. Morgan Est. would not accept responsibility, Clerk had checked with Chairman who felt that to pursue the matter would cost more than the cost to repair/replace, Council present agreed. Light has been re-erected and repaired, cost £50 net. 

10  Parish Enclosure Records - nothing to report.

 11  KL&WNBC - DCB 1-5 Short Beck - following site meeting application refused.

 12  Councillor Resignation - Co-Option - position can be filled by co-option - 3 applications received for vacancy - Clerk read these out. Mrs M Bane, Ms C Smith & Mr C Reeve - after some discussion Mr Cooper proposed Mr Reeve is co-opted to fill vacancy, seconded Mrs Batten, all agreed.

 13  Encroaching Hedges - all those that received letters have carried out work. Clerk has written a few times to owners of 1 Crabbes Close as hedge overhangs the footpath quite low - no response it was agreed to refer matter to Highways.

 14  Safety Concerns - Wall St Johns Way - letter from owners advising the wall has been under observation for some time and a number of loose bricks removed. The walls condition will continue to be observed and appropriate action taken if required.

 15  War Memorial -  Clerk read out email from Chairman - matter to be discussed at next meeting.

 16  Feltwell PCC - Wall St Nicholas - Mr Lambert had advised he had made some enquiries but not receiving much response. Clerk read out advice received from NALC re use of capital funds, to be discussed at next meeting.

 17  Edmund De Moundeford Charity Trust - parking enquire - to be discussed at next meeting.

 MINUTE 1152


 18  Parking Bell Street - Mrs Webb had contacted Clerk to advise site presently locked for security reasons. When/if planning permission granted then site will be opened up and tenants can park at back of property. She will contact letting agents to advise tenants on parking problems.

 19  Report to Highways - corner of footpath opposite Post Office has been marked for repair. No work has been done to prevent water laying on footpath outside St Mary Church. Water problems continue in Short Lane.

 20  Feltwell Utd FC - letter from secretary requesting continued use of changing rooms/pitch - new team this season playing on Saturdays as well as Sunday’s. Mr Cooper proposed fees to remain at £10 per home game, seconded Mrs Smith, all agreed. Club had also enquired if one of their team, a qualified plumber, could repair the showers FOC, this was agreed. Terms of payment and cleanliness to remain as previous.


21  Norfolk Constabulary - courses being run September re safety awareness. Register details to Police direct. Local policing plan 2010.

22  NCC - Home fire risks checks - free advertising.

23  WNBC - Minutes of sports council AGM. Small grants for sports development.

24  CES - Health & Safety consultancy - risk assessments/safety inspections for Parish Councils.

25  Barclays Bank - changes to customer agreement.

26  Brochures - SMP playgrounds. Woodberry. Glasdon. Parish magazine.

 27  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £606.36,Methodisr Church £16.88, S Sargent £19.67, KL&WNBC £136.25, Fenland Fire £54.05, MHB Services £58.75, L Enefer £100, Berryman £68, Monster Play £335.70. As only 2 signatories present Mr Storey signed cheques 10/8.

28  PLANNING - 17 Hill Street - construction of one dwelling & garage (amended plans) - APPROVED.


 29  Report to Highways  - workmen at site in Short Beck, as road been chipped could not find problem re sunken area - so then  left without carrying out any work - waste of money! Also complaint received re verges Newcombe Drive full of weeds, Clerk to report again.

 30  Verge/Hedge Wilton Road - this boundary is overgrown and the verge spreading out onto footpath - Clerk to send letter to Orbit Housing.

 31  REG Bio power - email received re enquiry to leasing some land off Council - copy of email to be distributed to all councillors for discussion at next meeting.

 32  NCC - Whitedyke Bridge - email re ongoing tests on bridge re weight load.

 33  NALC - re Council Tax Referendums - comments by 10th September - to be copied to all Councillors for next meeting.

 Next meeting being held 6th September due to Clerk’s holiday. Meeting closed 8.45pm.