Minutes for December 2009


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of DECEMBER 2009 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present Squadron Leader Neilds & one member of public.

 APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lawrence, Mr Maynard & SNT.


 MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

 PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting and invited the member of public to address the meeting. Ms Conway advised that the village poll re a new village hall was still ongoing.


 1   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised at least 1 squadron would be permanently away from base until September 2010. Movements may take place over the Xmas period. Nothing more to report, no news on the new building scheme. Sqd Leader Neilds left the meeting at 7.40pm.

 2   Village Poll - advised as above.

 3   SNT -  Nobody could attend this evening but Clerk reminded Council of meeting being held 15th December, if possible somebody should attend. There has been a lot of petty crime in the village, Clerk to advise the SNT so that it may be bought up at the meeting if nobody from Feltwell attends. Email from PCSO Cockrell re surgeries, the Chapel is charging £8.50 per hour for use of the room - would the Council fund this and see if there is an interest? Mrs Batten felt that the public already pay towards the police service and that the Council cannot presently justify a further expense. Mrs Batten proposed that although there is an interest in these surgeries the Council should not pay the room hire, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed.

 4   Community Emergency Plans - Chairman advised he would put a piece in the parish magazine. All the possible risks that may effect the village have to be looked at and a list compiled. A co-ordinator would have to be appointed to hold the information - volunteers, where, what and how incidents would be dealt with. The Chairman has downloaded a template from the Borough website. He would continue to look at the requirements.

 5   Playarea - Clerk had received response from HM Customs advising that certain notices must be looked at so the Council can determine if the VAT can be reclaimed. Mr Lambert would look at notices as a second opinion. Contracts with WREN signed. Mrs McGeeney advised further grant not received as forms not completed with enough information. Application being re-submitted in new year. Maverick to be asked re planning permission - some forms have been completed, advice required. After some discussion the Chairman proposed that an order for the skate park, net cost £50,000 is placed with Maverick subject to planning permission being granted, all agreed. Positioning of skate park agreed. Clerk still waiting for response from Monster re defects. Tree survey in hand.    



 6   Risk Assessment -  Tennis net to be taken down by Mrs Batten. Mr Lambert gave report - teen shelter a lot of rubbish, glass and graffiti - original members of PFL no longer use area but perhaps pressure can be put on new users to look after area. Clerk advised the Council that Mr Hubbard has not been able to collect litter for a few weeks due to his personal circumstances and that he has been staying away from the village. Litter not too much of a problem at present due to weather. Bottom gate on car park has been damaged and needs to be closed to prevent access. A lot of leaves & moss on tennis court. Mr Storey would carry out next inspection.

 7   Village Museum  - NFN.

 8   BT - Kiosk - another letter received Clerk did not respond as Council had already agreed not to adopt.

 9   Planning - J Simmons - Long Lane - application submitted to DCB and approved. Mr Storey advised that he spoke for the Council on this application but the wider street scene was looked at and the development deemed within the form and character of the area. Mr Storey advised the Council of an important change within the planning system, Breckland DC has put our area into a SPA re Stone Curlew protection, this has been supported by Natural England. This will put a blight on future planning within our parish. Mr Storey felt the Council should be aware of this.

 10 Bench - Wilton Road - Mr Spanswick proposed that a bench is sited on the grass verge near the entrance to Oakfields estate, there is a area of footpath that the seat could be sited near, seconded Mrs McGeeney, all agreed. First permission has to be obtained from Highways before bench purchased.

 11 Water Costs Youth Centre/Cub Hut - Mr Maynard checked meter, there is possibly a small leak but reading not much more that invoiced reading, Clerk to check numbers when next bill received.

 12 Report to Highways - no work has been done re pot holes or water, Clerk to report again.

 13 Precept - next meeting.

 14 WNBC - Proposed Changes to the Planning Scheme Delegation  - all Councillors received a copy of this letter. Firstly key points item 3 has no response attached has this been omitted? Mr Storey advised on the changes. The Clerk enquired as to whether a point should be made that perhaps when there is a difference in recommendation between the case officer and parish council a representative of the parish council can meet with the Executive Director/Planning control manager on site to comment on why the parish council made its decision. Response to be sent to Borough.

 15 Short Lane/Paynes Lane Traffic Investigation - Clerk read out letter from Highways. A survey of traffic use & speeds travelled was carried out using a automatic traffic counter from 30th May to 5th June placed in Short Lane. Results were given, due to these the officer does not favour a one way system on the Lane nor a “Access only” type restriction. One option would be to introduce a road closure at the end of Paynes Lane near the social club, before the cross roads but this could prove difficult - comments required. After some discussion it was agreed that the option for a road closure was not viable and would not be supported, agreed. Piece to be put in magazine.            

 MINUTE 1125


 16 CGM Invoicing - letter from ground maintenance contractors enquiring if the Council would agree to changing their twice yearly invoicing to monthly invoicing, if agreed this would come into effect from January 2010. Under our current contract work is carried out for 7 months of the year, if we changed to monthly invoicing then we would be paying in advance for work that has not been done. Our current contract expires after the 2010 season. CGM to be advised that the Council requires the current twice yearly invoicing arrangement to remain and will not accept monthly invoices, all agreed.


 17 Ministry of Justice - letter re War Memorials maintenance, repair & protection - historical protection and anti-vandalism are important - Councils should consider war memorials when setting precepts.

18 WNBC -  Clothing Bank - offer from Borough re the provision of a clothing bank, £20 for every tonne collected would be paid to the Council by the Borough - these bins support the Salvation Army. It was agreed to site a clothing bank near the bottle bank on the playingfield. The Clerk enquired about having a concrete base put in to site the clothing bank, bottle banks and bin on - area would be easier to keep clean. It was agreed Clerk to obtain quotes for concrete area, at least 4ins deep. Revised register of electors received. Notification of new property address in Lodge Road & Long Lane. Sports development update newsletter. Bespak Gear - volunteers required.

19 NCC - Norfolk gritting routes leaflet.

20 Norfolknowledge - publications enquiry.

21 Eon - updated terms & conditions.

22 HM Revenue - payroll online. Employer bulletin.

23 Brochures - Parish magazine. Littlethorpes. Glasdon. REKK. Sings of the Times. AJP Publishing. Seton. Woodberry. JNE. Clerk’s Councils direct. Norfolk Link.

 24 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £607.47, Cash £10, Methodist Church £18.75, G Hubbard £104.40, RBL £34.50, Berryman £94.66, CGM £1334, Pearson £58.42, Environment Agency £34.18.

 25 PLANNING - Mrs Burns - 32 St Nicholas Drive - erection of upvc porch - APPROVED. (For Information) Freedom Recycling - Hockwold - variation to conditions.


 26 BT Internet - email from BT renewing contract for 24 months @ £25 pm - a saving on current tariff of £5pm. Chairman proposed renew contract, agreed.

 27 Bulk Bin - Mrs McGeeney enquired if this bin was for changing room rubbish. It was advised that bin could be used for rubbish collected at football matches, it is for village, changing rooms & cub hut rubbish.

 Next meeting to be held 11/1/2010.

Meeting declared closed 9.20pm