A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 13th day of DECEMBER 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Reeve, Mrs Smith and Mrs Batten. Also present PCSO Scales.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs McGeeney, Mr White & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES  - Mr Lawrence had checked on the statement made in item 12 and felt it was incorrect and should be removed from the Minutes ďThe Chairman reminded Councillors that until minutes of meetings have been approved then anything discussed should not be made public, Councillors could be in breach of the Code of ConductĒ - the meeting referred to was not closed. It was agreed Minutes to be amended removing this statement. Following this amendment Minutes approved and duly signed.




RAF Lakenheath - copy of email received that has been sent to residents of Leonardís Lane, advising that work to repair damage to the lane will take place shortly but the MOD accept no responsibility for the future of the upkeep of the lane, they do not own  Leonardís Lane it is unadopted. Also copy of letter sent from Hockwold resident re vehicles queuing on the Wilton Road, this can be hazardous - Clerk advised that the base had been on high alert so more checks being made - this should now be reduced.


SNT - PCSO Scales advised that PCSO Cockrell has left his position and it is probable that PCSO Bortz will take over as parish officer. PSCO Scales advised that 28 calls had been received last month and detailed the reasons. Mr Lawrence enquired about vehicles travelling the wrong way along the one way system - number plates should be obtained and reported to the police. No further news on cold callers. List of surgeries being held, non for Feltwell.


Playarea - rebate from WREN received 17/11.


Risk Assessment - tennis net to be left up. Clerk enquired if the litter collector could be asked to sweep the court in better weather, this would be extra hours to her current 5 per week. Chairman proposed that the litter collector is asked if she would be willing to sweep the tennis court in better weather, extra hours, all agreed. Still waiting for quote to repair drain cover and pipe. Mr Reeves did inspection no problems, Mr Storey will do next months. Workmen in Paynes Lane have stored some soil on car park of playingfield, Clerk has advised area to be left tidy and no stones left laying around - this will be checked when work is finished.


Concrete Pad - Bench - Clerk has spoken to Whitehouse and they have advised order will be cancelled and payment refunded.


Enquiries Borough - Borough have advised that Mrs Cock has been served with a section 215 notice, to clean up area. Clerk will check in new year if this has been served and how long they have to clean up and make safe property.                                                                                                                           P.T.O.






7   Standing Orders - Clerk to copy to all Councillors, separate meeting required to discuss these.


8   Parish Enclosure - NFN


9   War Memorial - stumps were removed prior to remembrance service, area looked very tidy.


10 Wall, St Nicholas - NFN


11 Verge/Hedge Wilton Road - email from Orbit hedge will be done but the verge is not their responsibility, Clerk to report to Highways that verge needs to be pushed back to allow width of path to be used, agreed. A job for the highway rangers?


12 REGBIO Power - Nothing further heard Clerk contacted Mr Leech he is currently in Australia.


Mr Spanswick arrived at 8pm.


13 MP E Truss Meeting - letters of response from Norfolk Constabulary received, to be copied to resident who made complaints advising to contact MP if required. Letter from NCC advising that the Parish Council cannot take over the street lights that are being part turned off as these are Highway lighting, copy of this letter to be sent to resident also.


14 Munsonís Lane - to be checked again when weather improves.


15 Changing Rooms - Clerk has not been in area recently, will check condition soon re water running.


16 KL&WNBC - Elections - letter from Borough re mini service review - wef 1/12/10 costs of elections & parish polls will be met by Parish Councilís. In order to some way assist Parish Councilís with budgeting the Borough Council will issue itemised bills where elections are held, once all of the costs have been disbursed, but this will not be payable until the following April. Note from NALC re freezing precepts, this is now less likely to be applied to local councilís.


17 Planning Appeal - 1-5 Short Beck - appeal being heard at K/Lynn 25.1.11.


18 Dog Bin - Bin required can be sited on first post near start of farm yard on the left going up Old Methwold Road. Permission has to be obtained from the Borough, Mr Lawrence proposed permission to site a dog bin in this area is applied for, seconded Mrs Batten, all agreed. Present cost to empty dog bins is £1.10 per week, emptied weekly. Mr Reeve queried the regularity of the bin in The Beck being emptied weekly - Clerk to ask for confirmation of when bins are emptied by Borough.


19 Report to Highways - sign at entrance to Oakfields will be erected soon.  Work on Short Lane was scheduled to commence early December but now work in Paynes Lane has taken longer, Short Lane into Long Lane work will commence about 4th January.


20 Potholes - Car Park - Clerk has asked workers in Paynes Lane if they have any left over soil could they fill in the bad holes in the playingfield car park. Signs not yet erected.                                    P.T.O.





21 Paynes Lane Traffic  - no response received re survey.


22  Land Registry - email from solicitor advising that they hold two sets of deeds for the Council, one relates to the playingfield and the other to the allotments. Each of these would require a separate application for voluntary registration of title. Solicitorís fees for each application would be £350 net plus disbursements. In each case the disbursements will comprise a search of the index map costing £5, a Land Charges search which will cost about the same and the Land Registration fee itself. He requires the Parish Councilís opinion of the open market value of each parcel of land, a formal valuation is not required, then the Land Registration fees can be advised. OS maps required, he can obtain these at a approximate cost of £25 net each. The Council also owns the memorial garden and the Oak garden - the village greens are common land. After some discussion the allotments are probably valued at around £5 Ĺ - 6,000 per acre. Clerk to contact DV to enquire if they could advise the value of amenity land per the other areas. To be discussed further at next meeting.


23 NCC - Road Closure - Clerk had spoken to Mr Barnard and he advised the work in Paynes Lane may have been in the system for some time, too late to stop now. It is hoped work in Long Lane will be done early in the next financial year but if monies available it will be bought forward. No response received from Mr White, CC.


24 Planning - Methwold Farm - report summary received, being recommended for approval.


25 Allotment Committee - Terms of Reference - terms received from NALC, each Councillor received copy for discussion at next meeting.


26 Came & Co Insurance - Allotment committee is covered by our insurance as not independent to Council.


27 MHB Services - letter for bank signed.


28 Berryman - notice of price increase re bottle banks - from 1/12/10 the service charge is increasing to £24.60 per tonne, presently £14.57 per tonne a increase of £10.03 per tonne, this is due to the decline in glass recycling markets. The bottle bank charge is unchanged. Clerk advised NCC pays £47.64 per tonne recycling credits so we will still be receiving £23.04 per tonne for glass collected.


29 Road Closure - Short Lane as item 19.


30 Methodist Chapel - new key received and form to complete, Clerk had checked with insurers re the Councilís liability while holding meetings in the meeting room. If a accident occurs due to the Council being negligent ie a lead has been laid loosely then the Council would be liable but if a accident occurs due to the Chapelís negligence they are responsible, even if the Council are using room at the time. Hire charges should have increased to £8 per hour from July - we have been paying £7.50 per hour - Mr Storey proposed payment is backdated to August, seconded Mr Reeve, all agreed.


31 Cap Energy - enquiry from company to place solar panels on allotment land up OBR, minimum lease of 25 years, offer £800-1000 per acre/year. Not interested proposed Mr Lambert 2nd Mr Reeve, all agreed.





32 Gritting Enquires - letter received from school governors re placing of grit bins outside the school along The Beck as footpath quite dangerous for children, email received from Mrs Herrington (post lady) re a grit bin being placed at the entrance to Newcombe Drive due to the hill it is very difficult to use the footpaths/road when icy conditions. Mr Lawrence felt the school should provide their own grit bins as per the doctorís surgery - the enquiry was for bins for use on the public footpath. Mr Storey felt that childrenís safety is a high priority and that perhaps the Edmund Moundeford Trust may cover the cost of grit bins, the trusteeís would put this to the next meeting. However, Mr Storey felt that two bins should be provided for siting along The Beck. Clerk advised she has spoken to NCC Highways and they advise that if permission is obtained from the Highway officer dealing with our parish to site grit bins then the County Council will fill them up. Clerk also spoken to insurers and as long as the Parish Council is only providing the bins and does not employ/instruct anyone to use/distribute the grit then they are not liable. If the Council does employ anyone to distribute the grit then H&S training must be given, risk assessment done and protective clothing  provided. There must be notices advising a number to ring to ensure the bins are not empty when in use. After further discussion Mr Storey proposed that 2 slim line grit bins are purchased to place along The Beck if permission is obtained from highway officer and that the Trust is approached for funding of these, seconded Mr Reeve, all agreed. Mr Cooper proposed a grit bin is placed at the entrance to Newcombe Drive subject to permission, seconded Mr Spanswick all agreed. Cost of slim line grit bin is approximately £132.


33 Maintenance Contract - current contract has now expired, specifications discussed as per previous but including collecting of cut grass on village greens. Clerk to place advert in EDP, tenders invited to be received by 31.1.11. Oak Garden to be discussed once contract is awarded.


Mr Lawrence gave his apologies and left the meeting at 9.15pm.




34 Environment Agency - enquiry re cut off channel tract bridges - Clerk has responded that as a body the Council does not use these on a regular basis. Mr Lambert advised landowners are being consulted.

35 NCC - Recycling Credits - credits will remain at £47.64 per tonne for 2011/12 financial year. Personal best project. Norfolk telescoping service. Big conversation.

36 MOD Byelaws - review - Thetford range complex.

37 KL&WNBC - Parish training and information - at KL re planning changes - 25/26 January. Register of Electors.

38 Northumbrian Water  - Denver licence variation - information on web site.

39 HM Customs - filing PAYE online.

40 Viridor - acquisition of Pearsonís group.

41 UK Power Networks - new operating name for EDF.

42 Brochures - SMP. Seton. Glasdon. Parish magazine.


43 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £606.36, Cash £10, Methodist Church £28, S Sargent £87.91, RBL £34.50, L Peckham £19.97, CGM £1809.50, Digital Copier Systems £105.75, Berryman £111.67, Pearsonís £65.92, Digley £41.13.                                                             P.T.O.





44 PLANNING - Mr M Webb 25 Wilton Road - Two storey extension to existing semi-detached house and detached single garage - APPROVED. Mr Barrera/Ms Webb - 9 Short Beck - proposed extension - REFUSED - over intensive development of site. On the 3/12 the following was APPROVED by 5 councillors - Mr/Mrs Threddek - 9 Mulberry Close - single storey side extension.




None for this meeting.


Next meeting to be held 10th January 2011.

Meeting declared closed 9.25pm.