Minutes for February 2010


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 8th day of FEBRUARY 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Spanswick, Cooper and Mrs Batten. Also present PCSO Law & Bortz, 2 members of public.

 APOLOGIES - received from Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Smith, Mr Maynard, Mr Glasscock and Mr White.


 MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

 PUBLIC SPEAKING - Mrs Bane advised village hall poll still ongoing and left a copy of the petition. Mr Dormer complained about the amount of rubbish around the village and showed photo’s of areas he has taken. He also complained about the unsightly half finished development in The Beck and run down property in Bell Street. Mr Dormer advised his wife had telephoned the fly tipping phone line re rubbish dumped near the sub station in Old Brandon Road but had received no response. Mr Dormer’s complaints were acknowledged and he was advised that the Council’s litter collector had ceased working and that the Council would discuss replacing him later in the meeting.


 1   Village Poll - the content of the petition was noted, the Council must wait the results before any decision on response is made.

 2   SNT - PCSO’s present advised only 2 reported crimes this month - burglary in Long Lane, a lot of electrical items taken deemed to be drug related and violence against another domestic issues. The Clerk enquired about cars parking on footpaths - it is an offence to park on a footpath but as long as enough room is left for a pushchair/wheelchair to pass then there should not be a problem. Reported vehicles can have notices put on them warning of an offence and if they offend again then a ticket can be issued. Youths had started congregating on the playingfield late at night again. The Council were reminded of CAG meeting being held tomorrow evening. The officers left the meeting at 7.40pm.

 3   Community Emergency Plan - letter from Borough re basic information and contact numbers and details for those looking at or having emergency plans.

 4   Playarea - Monster has inspected equipment, waiting for notice of cost to replace rope and also repair to the radio in shelter to be done. Also email re other queries suppose to be on the way not yet received. The trees have been looked at and there are no problems at the moment that can be seen but it is advised that the trees are looked at again next year. Quote from CGM received to raise the canopy of 12 trees and clear the self sown from around the fence line both sides and to strim the verge roadside - £370 net. Another quote to be obtained. Maverick has sent some information through but Clerk not sure of progress re planning, Mrs McGeeney has not been available due to personal circumstances. Price held as long as installation commenced by 10th May, 25% deposit required once planning has been secured then balance on completion.

 MINUTE 1129


 5   Risk Assessment - The Council discussed whether to employ somebody to collect litter in the village, it was agreed that somebody was required following parishioners complaints. An advert to be placed around village advertising position - initially 5 hours work offered (subject to review) at the NMW of £5.80 per hour, applications to be received by 6th March, most required equipment provided. Letter from Mr Hubbard advising he is willing to sell his litter collecting equipment for £50, this includes trolley and bins - the cost to purchase new would be a lot higher - Mr Spanswick proposed items are purchased, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed. CGM has quoted £185 to remove ivy from posts, another quote to be obtained. The trees near cub hut are included in tree work quote. Clerk has keys to bins, Mr Scarff can remove damaged bin and will quote to deal with damage. Windows at changing rooms, football club have asked Mr Scarff to put up grills to prevent damage. Gate tied up until skate park scheme is sorted. Tennis net still up due to weather, net too wet to store. Mr Garland gave report, bins quite full but not too much litter at present. Tennis court full of moss and leaves. Light still broken over doors. Litter bin in Bell Street full, refuse collectors will not empty due to no lining. Mr Spanswick would do next inspection.

 6   Bench, Wilton Road - plans and application for permission sent to Highways. A concrete plinth is required to securely site bench, quotes to be obtained. Price of benches obtained - wooden and recycled materials - wooden benches cost from £230 to £450 but would require maintenance - recycled material benches the same as the one sited on Lodge Road - Woodberry cost £349 and Whitehouse Enterprise have a sale on and the same model as already sited on Lodge Road is £218. Chairman proposed bench from recycled material is purchased from Whitehouse at a cost of £218 net, all agreed.

 7   Precept - notice of special expenses costs from Borough - these amount to £2.82 per band D household, a reduction of 2p on last year. Special expenses cover the cost of mowing the green areas not the responsibility of the Parish Council.

 8   WNBC - Clothing Bank - quote for concrete area should be available for next meeting.

 9   Local Government Review - update letter received, decision expected 2nd February, judicial review challenging the legality of the Boundary Committee’s work should be heard week commencing 15th February.

 10  Report to Highways - work on footways in Bell Street stopped, Clerk has enquired why but waiting for response. Highways do not report to Council’s all work that is being undertaken. A lot of reported pot holes have been repaired but still a lot to do. Edge of road in Short Beck should be done after work on Southery Road has been completed.

 11  Meeting Hall - light and heating been repaired.

 12  WNBC - BT Kiosks - letter from Borough advising that they have objected to BT removing all 63 kiosks, thereby not allowing adoptions to proceed. Mr Storey advised on decision by the DCB, the kiosk in Old Methwold Road was to be removed as no longer in use, we did not want to adopt it.

 13  St Mary’s PCC - a cheque for £1236 has been received re donation towards costs in St Nicholas Churchyard, no breakdown received.

MINUTE 1130 


 14  WNBC - notification of change of house name, 9 Long Lane. Additional training re planning services being held 5/3/10.

15  NCC - top priority salting routes.

16  NALC - training opportunities. Invite to meet for coffee & chat at Welney, 23rd March.

17  SIA - help re publishing events 21/5/10.

18  Suffolk CC - pre-submission consultation on Waste Core Strategy.

19  War Memorials Trust - half day conference 4/3 at Cambridge. Copy of November bulletin.

20  Norfolk Police  - mobile office timetable.

21  Brochures - Clerk’s & Councils direct & handbook. Notts sports leaflet. Wicksteed. Fitzpatrick Woolmer. M&N Horticulture leaflet. JNE. Bago. Parish magazine.

 22  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £623.44, Methodist Church £7.50, KC Peckham £235, Pearson’s £47.86, Berryman £45.39.

 23  PLANNING - None for this meeting. On 2/2 the following was APPROVED by 4 Councillors - Mr/Mrs Searle, 82 Lodge Road - first floor extension to dwelling. Notification from Borough that planning for 26 Bell Street was being put to the DCB today, outcome of meeting not known.


 24  Glazewing Lorries - lorries are being driven through village from/to Southery delivering to recycling centre in Hockwold. Clerk to write to NCC re this.

 25  Enquiries, Borough - a sign re a business has been put up in Long Lane, enquiry to planning to see if permission has been obtained/is required. Development in The Beck, old school house, area has been left in poor condition planning to be asked if any action can be taken to clean area up. Also derelict property in Bell Street - can any action be taken as property been empty several years.

 26  Van, Short Beck - owners of van to be contacted re parking outside property in Short Beck that is causing larger vehicles to over run the footpath. Vehicle not illegally parked but causing an obstruction.

 27  Speed Signs - Wilton Road­ - put up by Highways, monitoring scheme will probably be removed.

 28  Oak Garden - weeds starting to come through, Clerk obtained quote from CGM to weed kill area 3 times per year, £14.85 net per occasion. It was decided due to position of garden it was probably best to have it sprayed - Mrs Batten proposed CGM’s quote is accepted, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.

 29  Rubbish, School - school to be contacted re amount of rubbish in corner near footpath.

 30  Lime Kiln Lane - enquiry from resident re the condition of the road - this area is unadopted and the responsibility of the residents. Nothing the Council can do.

 Next meeting being held 8/3/10.

Meeting closed 8.50pm