Minutes for July 2010


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of JULY 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present Mrs Garland & Mrs Parker (PCC).

 APOLOGIES - received from Squadron Leader Neilds & PCSO Milburn.


 MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

 PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting for 10 minutes to allow public present to address the Council. Mrs Garland addressed the meeting re the condition of the wall at St Nicholas Churchyard that needs repairing, the PCC are responsible for the Churchyard but have no available finances to carry out the repairs. The monies raised from burials etc. goes towards covering the cost of ground maintenance with just a little left over. Can the Council offer any financial support? No costing yet available as an architect is required at cost, certain rules have to be followed. No grants etc. looked into yet, Mr Lambert advised he would be willing to help with any grant applications that may be viable. The wall is deteriorating and will cost more to repair the longer it is left. This matter would be discussed further under item 35 of Minutes. Mrs Garland left the meeting at 7.45pm.


 1   RAF Lakenheath - July 4th celebrations seemed to go off ok. Recently a convoy went through the village, traffic was stopped, what was this occasion? No British police were on hand. Clerk to enquire.

 2   Village Poll - telephone message that still ongoing.

 3   SNT - letter listing SNAP meetings until 1st July 2011. Feltwell remains a priority area for the next 2 months. Nothing heard about the Homewatch meeting .

 4   Playarea - Baby swings have been removed due to manufacturing concerns re safety, these will be replaced once investigations complete. Mrs Smith advised her husband has looked at what is required to replace damaged bubble, labour costs of £36 per hour should only take about 2-3 hours, may need some new caps, Clerk to enquire costs. Mrs Batten proposed Mr Smith is asked to replace bubble top, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed - Mrs Smith did not vote. Rusty chains would be inspected when swings replaced.  Planning application for skate park deferred as more information required re size and elevations of equipment to be sited. Mrs McGeeney advised she had spoken to the officer dealing with the application but the process has to be completed, don’t know when a decision will be made but probably late August. Letter from Trell contractors offering possible quote re grounds work for skate park.

 5  Risk Assessment - Mr Lambert swept tennis court. Nobody had advised Clerk re fascia boards, hold until next meeting. Mrs Smith reported on inspection, the filler in the base of the climbing frame is missing so there is gaps, it was agreed to leave until safety inspection is done in September. Rest of area tidy, fence in corner in poor condition and still bricks on field from wall. Clerk to do next inspection.



 6   Concrete Pad - Seat Wilton Road - Clerk had received permission from Highways to re-site the seat as long as visibility is not affected. Clerk had contacted Chairman about proposed position and its closeness to property if sited back re visibility. Chairman had looked at area and felt that opposite the entrance to Edmund Moundeford Road would be more appropriate. A discussion took place re contacting residents, this could continue for a very long time and it was agreed this area would be final position. Chairman proposed seat is sited opposite this entrance, all agreed. Highways would need to be contacted again, quotes for concrete slab to be obtained.

 7   Enquiries Borough - email from site manager at Old School re trees - the trees will be addressed as part of the building contract in conjunction with EDF as there is a live sub station mounted on one of the poles that is buried in the trees - it is hoped the work will be completed within 6 weeks (email dated 22nd June). Clerk has spoken to Mr Williamson (Borough enforcement officer) re property in Bell Street, he has written to owner but not received any response yet. Clerk advised a lot of growth encroaching footpath, Mr Williamson would visit property and call in on owner in about 2 weeks time.

 8   Standing Orders - in hand.

 9   Audit - Internal audit complete, forms sent to Mazars, notices up re parishioners rights.

 10 Street Light Hill Street/St Mary’s - MHB Services have now got light, they can re-erect the light at a cost of £45. Clerk to contact Morgan Est again re covering this cost as they removed the light, agreed.

 11 Highways & Community Rangers - emails from NALC received and recalled, apparently this scheme will not now be going ahead. Highway officer has advised that the highway budget is being cut by up to 50%.

 12 Oak Garden - this will be/has been sprayed again. Mr Lawrence enquired is anything else done to the garden because it has some long weeds in it. CGM were only asked to spray the garden 3 times per year.

 13 Parish Enclosure Records - nothing to report.

 14 KL&WNBC - DCB site meeting being held 15/7 re 1-5 Short Beck.

 15 Councillor Resignation - required notices posted, end date 9th July, Borough has not yet advised Clerk if position can be filled by co-option. Piece to be put in magazine if Borough advises the Clerk in time.

 16 Encroaching Hedges - 2 Short Lane not yet responded, Clerk to send another letter. Rest been cut back.

 17 Safety Concerns - Wall 2 St John’s Way - no response yet received.

 18 War Memorial - Mr Lambert advised the back of the wall, Church side, has some large holes that need repairing and proposed estimates are required, seconded Mr Lawrence, all agreed. Clerk read out letter from Ms V Cock re the memorial gardens advising she has some 12 volunteers who would be willing to completely clear the garden of all shrubbery etc and lay to turf. The turf would be donated, free of charge, by Q Lawns. The work would take 12-18 months to complete at no cost to the Council.    



18 - Mr Lambert did not think a bland space would be very acceptable. After some discussion when it was agreed that a lot of the growth in the garden especially some self sown trees did need to be removed and areas of garden could be cut out of the turf when laid Mrs Batten proposed offer is accepted, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Ms Cock to be asked to meet with the Chairman & Mrs Batten to discuss the work prior to commencement. Letter also received from Mr Lambourne, RBL, supporting this scheme. Due to this work Mr Lambert felt that any estimates to repair the wall should be obtained after this work is complete in case there is further damage, agreed.

 19 Football Pitches - verbal cost from CGM re rolling, scarifying the football pitches of around £260 and a little less for the junior pitch. Any work would not be done until late in the year due to soil conditions. The junior teams have removed the goal posts and laid top soil at the goal mouths. The senior teams advise that due to the continued usage over the summer and past experiences it is not viable to try to repair the goal mouths.

 20 Feltwell PCC - Wall at St Nicholas Churchyard - the Council discussed this matter considering what had been advised by Mrs Garland/Mrs Parker. Before any financial consideration can be given then costs must be known. Mr Storey said that the churchyard is an important part of the village and the wall does need repair and he supports this but people need to be aware of the Church of England finances and how it works. Information can be obtained from the website for anybody to look. It was agreed that the general principle of the project is supported by the Parish Council subject to further details being advised re funding, costs etc.

 21 Victim Support - letter requesting donation - declined.

 22 Edmund de Moundeford Charity Trust - letter from Clerk for Trustees enquiring if the Council would give permission for people living in the Almshouses to park in the car park at the doctor’s surgery, this would help reduce the traffic problems in Oak street. The trustee’s have looked at the possibility of opening up the front garden of the Almshouses for parking but they feel this would be detrimental to the Listed Building. Clerk reminded Council that the doctor’s lease this car park off the Council and it may not be possible under the terms of the lease for them to allow parking on this area. Clerk to check lease conditions and write to doctor’s if ok. The Trust can only suggest residents use this car park, if possible.


23 KL&WNBC - Parish training & information - Planning services being held 10/9/01.Licensing Act 2003 - statement of licensing policy review - comments by 30/9/10. New properties address notification for Newcombe Drive & The Beck. Standards Committee - agenda & minutes for meeting held 18/6/10.

24 Norfolk Constabulary  - Revised structure for local delivery.

25 NCC - Briefing for proposals received for a power & recycling centre at Saddlebow - meeting 22/7 at Lynn Sport. Norfolk Fire safety plan - questionnaire.

26 NALC - Community wildlife grants.

27 School Governors One Stop Shop - Charity set up to recruit volunteer school governors.

28 Norfolk RCC - a new website for alternative transport methods.

29 Breckland DC/E. Cambs DC - LDF - consultation document and newsletter re growth in E. Cambs.

30 Brochures - Fawns. Clerk’s/Councils direct. K/Lynn festival 18-31 July. Wicksteed. Seton. J Parker. Parish magazines.        


 31 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £606.16, Cash £15, Methodist Church £15, S Sargent £116, P/Office PAYE £185.30, Anglian Water £102.28, Pearson’s £164.28, K Lucas £48, CGM £1363.

 32 PLANNING - Freedom Farm, Cowles Drove , Hockwold - Siting of a power engine - APPROVED. Mr/Mrs M Lenton - 17 Hill Street - construction of one dwelling & garage - APPROVED.


 33 Parking Bell Street - property next to bus stop, tenants park off road at front of property as cannot access the back due to fence. When residents have company cars are parked on the grass verge. Letter to be sent to Mrs Webb, owner, re problems of people parking on the grass verge around the bus shelter.

 34 Report to Highways - footpath on corner opposite the post office has been run over by large vehicle leaving deep ruts, also a lot of holes in footpath surface outside Londis. Sign in High Street turned.

 35 Allotment Enquiries - the Allotment Committee have been asked about the possibility of a water supply to the allotment gardens on the Hythe Road - the Committee felt it was not practicable and the Council agreed. Tenants will have to continue using water butts. Now that an entrance to the allotments has been made off “Piggy Lane” a tenant has enquired about making the short part of the Lane up as it is difficult to use cars on it. The Committee thought that the main users of the Lane should be responsible for this but after some discussion it was felt that a machine could be used to run up and down the small length to the access point of the allotments following wet weather. To be kept in mind!.

 Next meeting being held 9th August 2010.

Meeting declared closed 9.08pm.