Minutes for June 2010


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of JUNE 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present 3 members of public, PCSO’s Bortz & Law and Squadron Leader Neilds.

 APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lawrence & Mr Maynard.


MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting for 10 minutes to allow residents present to address the Council. Resident present objected to the siting of the new seat on Wilton Road, feared litter & noise, he has a fish pond in his garden near the boundary wall and was concerned that items may be thrown over the wall. The Chairman had received a letter from the resident re this matter. The resident suggested that the seat is sited on the other side of the estate entrance, near the footpath, facing Hockwold as this is where people stand waiting for buses. Mr Spanswick advised that the seat position was chosen to prevent anyone looking into people’s properties. Matter will be discussed in meeting.


Flooding Long Lane - email advising a scheme has been put forward and they are trying to get this done on this year’s budget.

2   RAF Lakenheath - Runway is finished will be flying again this week. Sq Leader Neilds advised they had been having some problems at Eriswell gate but this is being looked into. New Commander is Colonel Jon Quintas. It was advised that there is a waiting list for the base tours, October now the earliest possible but only a few places left. Plans in place for 4th July celebrations. Public announcements still being heard regularly. Mr Lambert advised of recent theft of copper stolen off base, gate hinges cut that’s how those responsible gained entry. Sqd Leader Neilds left the meeting at 7.50pm.

3   Village Poll - still on going!

4   SNT - PCSO’s advised of a fight at the Wine Lodge over the weekend, ongoing investigations, damage inside and outside premises and public disorder offences. PCSO Law advised of a meeting being held 5th July at Downham Market fire station 10am for anyone interested in starting up Homewatch. The scheme has changed and anyone can be on the database to receive information of incidents, not just co-ordinators. Mr Storey asked why the meeting is being held during the day when a lot of people are working, it was advised that this was deemed the best time as most people that are interested can attend at this time. Feltwell remains on the priorities list, there has not been too many problems on the playingfield. Nightingale Lane/St Johns have been encountering problems re vandalism and anti-social behaviour, resident present advised his boundary fence has been damaged, police have visited and are investigating. Recently several car tyres were let down, residents had been advised that this was not a criminal offence? Basically this is correct because the tyres can be pumped up again, trespass is a civil offence. Nightingale Lane residents are interested in setting up a Homewatch scheme. One youth in the village has  


4   signed a ABC behavioural contract, parents have signed also - so far youth keeping to contract. PCSO’s left meeting at 8pm. Clerk advised email from PCSO Cockrell apologising for not contacting Council recently, he has been assigned to other duties. Re Parish surgeries, he was unable to get the hall he wanted, however he does have another option. He has access to a bigger van that he will be able to park in the village for persons to be able to talk to come and see him, do we think this would be a good idea? All agreed that yes this would be a good idea.

5   Playarea - Radio in shelter fixed, buttons damaged. Quote received to replace damaged bubble, option 1 to replace bubble with like £275 plus installation charge of £250, if we can install ourselves then a carriage cost of £25 would be added, total £300 or £525 net (if they install), option 2 flat window replacement £260.70, this is nearly same price as bubble but is made of a higher spec material, plus delivery/installation. Mr Lambert proposed as second time bubble damaged it should be replaced with the flat window option 2, seconded Mrs Smith all agreed. Mrs Smith would ask husband to look and see how new one would be fitted to save on installation costs, agreed. Clerk to wait before placing order. Planning application for skate park submitted, Chairman showed Council 3 pictures of area. Copy of letter received re police comments on skate park application & Borough letter re our responsibilities were advised. Copies of letters children from the primary school had written to PCSO Cockrell re the damage over the playarea were received. PCSO Cockrell had responded advising he would be visiting the children.

6   Risk Assessment - Bin repaired. Quotes for guttering received, vary due to Mr Scarff quoting to replace facia as well other just the guttering - Mr Scarff quoted £299.56 to replace facia, prime and paint and replace guttering. R&C Stannard quoted £42.50 to replace guttering. Councillors will look at facia boards to determine if they need replacing before a decision is made. Mrs McGeeney reported on inspection - chains on stepping stones rusting, Clerk to advise Monster. Bricks from wall laying on playingfield, Clerk to advise owners of wall. Tennis court not yet been swept, in hand. Clerk advised of other areas that require annual inspection, most regularly checked. Mrs Smith would carry out next inspection.

7   Concrete Pads - concrete pad for bottle banks etc. done - R&C Stannard charged £685 net even though pad for seat not done, the area was dug out and the concrete was to be used from delivery for other pad. Due to complaints from resident seat pad not completed, area had to be filled in again, this will now cost more. Due to representation from residents after some discussion Mr Spanswick proposed seat is sited in different position, seconded Mrs Batten, all agreed. Resident to be advised when position agreed, also advising of extra cost. Clothing bank standing at entrance to playingfield.

8   Enquiries Borough - work on old school has re-commenced, tree’s overhanging footpath Clerk to contact the site manager. Nothing further heard re Bell Street property.

9   Standing Orders - to be arranged.

10 Audit - Mr Lucas has records. Notice re parishioners rights will be put up 16th June.

11 Report to Highways - top of Paynes Lane done, some work has been done in Short Lane?

12 Street Light Hill Street/St Mary’s - Morgan Est has advised that light fixings are over 50 years old, not safe to re-fix. Clerk had spoken with Chairman it was agreed that MHB Services would collect light and inspect, advise condition before solicitor contacted.                   



13 Highway & Community Rangers - email advising work will be programmed accordingly. Weed killing programme has started and approximately 50% has been completed. Verge cutting commended 24th May. Borough will be advised of street signs. Clerk had contacted Borough re the walkway into Paynes Lane being overgrown.

14 Report to Highways - verge will be checked and contractors asked to rectify - grass seed has been sown on verge entrance Newcombe Drive.

15 Oak Garden­ - CGM meeting with Clerk this week.

16 Parish Enclosure Records - Chairman had contacted the records office they advised that records should be lodged with them, nothing was lost in the flood/fire. They suggested that the Council digitally photograph the records and then lodge with them. They will not carry out any repairs unless they are lodged with them. One copy is kept at the records office, why should they have both? Damage will be looked at and advice sought on how to preserve records properly. The Chairman will try to photograph the records.

17 Residents Letter - letter from 4 High Street re dangerous corner and past damage that has occurred due to the speed vehicles travel. The corner does have a bad camber and the Council has reported it previously. Response to residents that the Council supports their concerns and will report to Highways again and suggest they write to Highways and the police. Unfortunately nothing more we can do.

18 Planning Appeal - 26 Bell Street - Clerk to write to planning inspectorate re Council’s concerns about the access proximity to the bus shelter, all agreed.

19 Donation Requests - received from EACH & Norfolk Accident Rescue - declined.


20 KL&WNBC - Development Control Board - 1-5 Short Beck - letter advising application being put to board on 7th June - outcome was that a decision was deferred. Mr Storey advised he had spoken about the Council’s concerns of parking on the road at this junction. Amendments to planning received, dealt with under planning. Alterations to electoral list. WN Sports Council AGM 10/6.

21 EON - new pricing plan. Changes to invoices.

22 NCC - Norfolk Minerals & Waste Local Plan - pre-submission document.

23 Norfolk Police - Independent Custody visiting scheme. Mobile station timetable.

24 Breckland DC  - Breckland Core Strategy - final published document.

25 NALC -Norfolk link. New service LAISUp2Date published regularly to keep members updated - anybody can register. Notice of joint summer conference being held 13th July.

26 Littleport Master Plan­ - exhibition being held 27th June.

27 Brochures - Whitehouse Enterprises. Travis Perkins. Clerk’s Council direct. The Playingfield. Record RSS.

28 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £612.36, Cash £10, Methodist Church £18.75, S Sargent £145, B Reeves £30, Berryman £96.16, C Scarff £50,  R&C Stannard £805.46, Pearson’s £53.72. WNBC £85 signed 23/5.                   


29 PLANNING - a. Enterprising Co - Change of Use 1-5 Bell Street - amendments to application - one further car park space has been included, communal cycle store removed - Refuse Council still concerned about the potential of parking on Highway at a very complex junction and increased traffic movements. B. Feltwell Parish Council - Skate Park - Approved.


30 Councillor Resignation - letter received from Mr Maynard advising his immediate resignation from the Council due to personal problems. Clerk to advise Borough and letter of thanks to be sent to Mr Maynard.

31 Encroaching Hedges - Clerk to send letters to residents at top of Paynes Lane, corner Bell Street to Wilton Road, 2 Short Lane and also place piece in magazine re overgrowing hedges.

32 Safety Concerns - wall to property in St Johns Way (2) looks dangerous, Clerk to write to owners to request wall inspected and any necessary repairs are carried out. Wall runs next to footpath.

33 War Memorial - wall is damaged, to be checked and reported next meeting.

34 Football Pitches - an enquiry was made re rolling the pitches and the condition of the goal mouths - Clerk would ask CGM re rolling pitches. Football teams usually sort out the goal mouths during summer break.

35 Feltwell PCC - letter re wall of St Nicholas Churchyard along south side needs repair. To be discussed at next meeting.

36 Barclays Bank - Clerk had contacted bank re incorrect cheque amount being debited to account - cheque made out for £67.45, debited £67.40 - only a matter of 5p. They are unable to pay the difference to the beneficiary but we can send them another cheque!

Next meeting being held 12th July 2010.

Meeting closed 9.30pm