Minutes for May 2010


 The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of  MAY 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.10pm. This followed the Annual Parish Meeting which commenced at 7pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney (arrived 7.30pm) and Mrs Batten.

 APOLOGIES - received from Mr Cooper, Mr Maynard, Mrs Batten & Mr White.

 ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON - The Chairman asked for nominations for the position of Chair - Mr Lambert proposed Mr Garland is duly re-elected as Chairperson, seconded Mrs Smith, there were no further nominations - all in favour. Mr Garland was duly re-elected as Chairman. Declaration of acceptance to office was signed.

ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRPERSON - The Chairman requested nominations for the position of Vice Chair - Mr Storey proposed Mr Lawrence is duly re-elected as vice Chair, seconded Mr Spanswick, there were no further nominations - all in favour. Mr Lawrence was duly re-elected as Vice Chair.


MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.


 1   Flooding Long Lane - NFN.

 2   RAF Lakenheath - Squadron Leader Neilds arrived at the meeting at 7.45pm, he advised that there was a change in the Colonel during June. The runway at Lakenheath is closed from 15th May to 15th June for re-surfacing. The base gate on Long Lane will only be open to people leaving the base on 4th July.

 3   Village Poll - Mrs Bane advised is still ongoing hopefully a result will be available end of summer. Mr Lambert asked how they were going to determine a need as financial information is not being advised. The poll is initially to find out people’s thoughts, if it looks like the majority are interested then further information will be used. Initially feedback from the whole village is being seeked.

 4   SNT - Clerk had invited someone from the SNT to attend this meeting, no response. Emails received advising that Feltwell is again on the list for more patrols, especially the playingfield, shop areas and Churchyard. Next CAG meeting is being held at Three Holes village hall 2/6/10. Another email received re drug offences primarily in Downham Market & Wisbech.

 5   Playarea - Nest swing replaced, toddler swing removed. Clerk had enquired about blanking off the dome that is damaged, this is being looked into. Letter from school, headmaster would bring up the damage in assembly. Not knowing the culprits does not help and some children have expressed they are unwilling to use the playarea due to intimidation from others, even with adults accompanying them. No response from Monster re complaint letter. Mrs McGeeney advised that the cost of the skate park is being held as invoice raised?              

 MINUTE 1139


 5   Mrs McGeeney submitted copy of email Maverick had received about another project, stating that anti social behaviour has dropped by 50% in this area, all age groups use the park, they have no problem with graffiti or damage. Mrs McGeeney also gave information gathered by primary school children supporting the scheme and also 3 emails received from parents - a piece had been put in the school newsletter. One letter of concern was also submitted re late night use and reducing parking availability. Maverick had advised minimal maintenance is required to the site. A full discussion took place, Mr Storey questioned the school letter re some children being intimidated and not using the play equipment, the reduction of parking availability was discussed. Initially when the scheme was bought up meetings were held and support shown, people had opportunity then to object to any plans. Mr Lambert proposed planning permission is sought, seconded Mrs Smith, all agreed. Meeting to be held to determine exact siting of skate park before plans are submitted.

 6   Risk Assessment - Ms Sargent took on the litter collectors job, equipment collected from Mr Hubbard, first week a extra hour was given as playingfield was really bad. All bins were emptied prior to job start, whole area looks a lot better. Damaged bin still not repaired. Mr Cooper’s report received, broken guttering on changing rooms, fence damage, tennis court needs sweeping. Mr Lambert, Storey & Garland would sweep this off. Quotes to be obtained to replace guttering. Mrs McGeeney next on list to inspect.

 7   Concrete Pads - work has been awarded to R&C Stannard, cost £685 approximately net. Mr Scarff did not advise of cost reduction due to family problems. Work should be carried out over next few weeks.

 8   Enquiries Borough - work has started again on the Old School property. Clerk has spoken to Mr Williamson re property in Bell Street, ownership determined, now on list of things to do! He will write to owners requesting that they take action to tidy area up. No further news re signs.

 9   Standing Orders - extra meeting to go through these will be arranged later.

 10 Audit - Chairman proposed accounts accepted and approved for year ending 31.3.10, all agreed. Audit form completed and signed by Chairman. Clerk to pass all records to Mr Lucas to carry out internal audit.

 11 Skip Churchyard - Mr Lambert removed most of the ivy from the skip, this is nearly full again. Mr Lambert felt that the hedges should be trimmed in the Autumn to clean up the churchyard, permission may be required from vicar - enquiries to be made.

 12 Report to Highways - work not yet done.

 13 Street Light Hill Street/St Mary’s - after several enquiries to different companies Clerk finally determined MorganEst company responsible. Clerk has spoken to D Kennedy, he advises that if the light was not working or damaged when removed they are not responsible to replace it, he would look into this. Clerk explained to him what resident had reported, that the light was dropped and that they are responsible to replace it. It was agreed response from company needed, if they do not accept responsibility then Clerk to contact solicitor.

 14 Direct Debits - Chairman proposed payment to Environment Agency is made by DD, all agreed, form signed.                        



 15 Cables Southery Road - EDF have inspected poles and see no problems, some that are leaning may be BT lines.

16 Insurance Renewal - notice from insurers premium for year £1953.02, £42.91 less than last year. Council have entered into 3 year contract with company, accept, all agreed.

 17 Norfolk Link - cost £3 per person for year - 7 required - proposed Chairman, all agreed.


 18 NCC - notice of recycling credits from April 2010 to March 2011 - £47.64 per tonne. Norfolk Disability Information Service - questionnaire of services.

19 WNBC - Standards Committee - appointment of members - Parish Council representatives required closing date for nominations 11/6/10. Funding for sport. Sports development update.

20 NALC - Norfolk link. AGM 2010 resolutions for debate. Watercare service. Initial training for Clerk’s & Councillors. Open for business event 24/6 at North Repps. Allotments - a growing pastime event.

21 CGM - new addition to team - arboriculture manager, C Smith.

22 Brochures - Seton. Kompan play equipment. Woodberry outdoor furniture. AJP Publishing. SMP. Littlethorpe bus shelters. Parish magazine.

 23 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £691.21, Cash £10, Methodist Church £15, S Sargent £92.80, EAS Lambert £5, B Slater £28.25, Broker Network £1953.02, Berryman £70.39, Pearson £53.58, Norfolk ALC £309.56.

 24 PLANNING - none for this meeting.


 25 Planning Enquiry - Mrs Smith has been asked to present a planning enquiry to the Council - the applicant has been advised that the Council cannot give any indication until a formal application and plans are submitted through the Borough.

 26 Highway & Community Rangers - email received re trials being carried out for a new approach to highway maintenance. The role of some existing road workers has been enhanced to give them new roles as rangers with the ability to deal with some street scene issues on the spot. Week commencing 24 May a team will be in our area, a list of tasks they can perform was given. Details of any jobs should be advised 10 days prior - Clerk read out list of areas, including walkways cleared of weed, gullies & grips along Short Lane, footpath Crabbes Close, Moat side & Hythe Road signs, Old Brandon Road litter near sub station. Chairman felt edge of grass areas growing over footpaths should be added to list. Team would visit every 14 weeks. Piece to be put in magazine, any further viable areas to be reported to team. Mr Storey enquired where the finance for this was coming from?

 27 Computer Security - this is due to run out, Clerk has purchased new Norton Version 4, cost £59.99.



28 Report to Highways - verge at entrance to Newcombe Drive was damaged by contractors during recent work on footpaths - full of weed, been cut looks unsightly. Grass seed needs to be planted.

29 Oak Garden - looks untidy, should be sprayed this month.

30 Parish Enclosure Records - Chairman advised these require attention, the leather binder is damaged. Any repair has to be done by a professional - County Records Office to be contacted for advice. One copy is held at the County Archives.

Next meeting to be held 14th June 2010.

Meeting declared closed 8.55pm.