Minutes for November 2009


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of NOVEMBER 2009 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Maynard, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney. Also present vicar & Mrs Parker, PCC.

 APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Batten, Mr White & squadron Leader Neilds.

 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - none for this meeting.

 MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

 PUBLIC SPEAKING - the vicar addressed the meeting and gave a breakdown of the income from burials etc. at St Nicholas so far this year. The vicar advised of ongoing costs re dry rot and death watch beetles in St Maryís Church and the grants received did not cover the full cost of replacing the roof. A discussion took place re the wealth of the Church of England and its apparent lack of support for deteriorating Churches. The vicar agreed that the C of E may be rich on paper but its disposable income is at a low level. The wall at St Nicholas is also in a poor condition. Feltwell is the only parish in the newly formed Grimshoe benefice of 5 parishes that does not receive any help with maintenance of the Churchyard. The Churchyard and Church is for use by everybody. The vicar thanked the Council for listening.


 St Nicholas Churchyard - the Council discussed the maintenance costs of St Nicholas, the total paid for grass cutting etc. during 2009 is £1273, up to end September a total of £813 in fees had been received by the PCC re burials etc., a shortfall, at present, of £460. Mr Lambert felt that the Council should make up the difference. Mr Lawrence added that the friends of St Maryís had raised a lot of money for the roof repairs. Mr Storey agreed that the Church is a vital part of the community even though congregation numbers are very small but a lot of people do feel that the Church is very wealthy and seem to be leaving their properties in poor condition. Ordinary men & women on the street need to be made aware of the way the Church funds are used. Mr Lambert proposed that the PCC submits a balance sheet of income received from burials & cremations at the end of each year together with a payment to the Council for the stated amount and the Council pays the shortfall of maintenance costs at St Nicholas Churchyard, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Storey & Mr Lawrence abstained, rest in favour, motion carried. The Clerk would confirm this to the PCC in writing. The vicar & Mrs Parker thanked the Council.

 2   Village Hall Poll - NFN. The Chairman felt that the Council must be prepared to respond to this poll when received.

 3    SNT - next meeting to be held 15th December at D/Market Fire Station commencing 7pm. Feltwell remains a priority till then at least, especially around the Chinese takeaway area.

 4   KL&WN BC - Community Emergency Plans - carry over. Mr Spanswick enquired if a village plan would cover major emergencies that could occur with the base. It was felt that the Borough Council had plans to cover major emergencies and that a village plan would be for low level emergencies.



 5   Playarea - the Clerk advised that as the Council are the first lead on the WREN grant then the VAT on that portion can be reclaimed = £3750. The Clerk has written to HM Customs but no response yet received. Basically for the WREN grant to be finalised then all monies must be in place, the shortfall is presently £3750, if not found and the contracts signed before 10th December then the grant is lost. If the scheme is not completed within a year then the grant monies are lost at no cost to anybody. The Chairman acknowledged the hard work that Mrs McGeeney & colleagues have put into raising the £50,000 net required for this project. Mrs McGeeney advised that she is waiting to hear whether another grant application for £10,000 is being short listed, this money, if awarded, could then be put towards the fencing requirements. After some discussion Mr Lambert proposed that the Council award a further £3750 maximum towards this project, seconded Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney did not vote, rest in favour. Clerk advised that the scheme requires planning permission, the fee would be reduced by 50% if submitted by the Council. The Chairman proposed that planning permission is applied for in the Councilís name, all agreed. Mr Storey advised that the planning process would take 8 weeks from when application received. Following meeting with PC Beckett the Clerk read out comments received - he urged the Council to take advice from the environmental health department re the siting of the skate park and noise nuisance. Natural surveillance during daylight hours is good at the site but this could be improved further by removing the foliage growing around the fence line and removing some of the lower branches of the adjacent tress so they hang no lower than 2m from the ground. Quotes for this work are in the process of being obtained. With regard lighting consideration should be given to erecting BS5489 compliant white lighting within the recreation area to maintain natural surveillance during the hours of darkness. These should be timed to be turned off at a reasonable hour. Clerk advised PC Beckett does not feel solar lighting is sufficient on this area. No response received from Monster re inspection issues Clerk to chase.

6   Risk Assessment - Another quote to fell tree received, total £450 net, Chairman and Vice had already accepted quote from KC Peckham, work not yet done due to work commitments and weather conditions. Mr Lawrence gave report - holes in concrete, Mrs McGeeney advised these would be filled in this week. Broken light changing rooms still. Bin near zip wire damaged needs removing. A lot of leaves on tennis court and net still up. Matting under zip wire not very wide would have made more sense to have wider, this was installed as per BS requirements. Mr Lambert would carry out next inspection. Mrs Smith advised that the playarea at Lakenheath required repairs every two months at least due to vandalism.

 7   Village Museum - NFN

 8   Remembrance Sunday - Chairman laid wreath, good attendance this year.

9   BT - Adopt a Red Kiosk - letter enquiring if Council wishes to adopt red kiosk on Old Methwold Road, as previously discussed the Council does not wish to adopt this.


 10  Mott MacDonald - NCC E Planning portal feasibility study - Clerk to complete.

11  WNBC - Code of Conduct - Personal & prejudicial interests (copy to each Councillor). Adoption of procedures for dealing with notifications of complaints against councillors. Standards Board - minutes of meeting held 28/9. Planning training re planning system - dates.

12  Barclays Bank - changes to account. Business premium account now Business Saver account.



 13  Intouch Systems - invitation to view file stream document management.

14  Norfolk Constabulary - mobile office timetable Jan-Jun 2010.

15  NALC - Gypsy & traveller conference invite. Hancox solicitors are moving leaflet. Norfolk link. Your parish your decision leaflet. Summary of Norfolk older peopleís strategy 09-2011. Norfolk parish training partnership - CiCLA skills courses. The playingfield - newsletter & leaflets.

16  Brochures - Bago. Record RSS. Ben Burgess. AJP Publishing. Parish magazine.

 17  CHEQUES were signed for the following:- Pearsonís £47.62, KL&WNBC £65.78, Anglian Water £135.09, Digley Associates £40.25, Pearsonís £152.66, L Peckham £646.33, Cash £10, Methodist Church £20.63, G Hubbard £203.

 18  PLANNING - Fox Brothers - Lodge Road garage - 40 Lodge Road - Extension for time limit for the implementation of a planning permission - construction of 4 dwellings following demolition of existing premises - APPROVED. Mr J Simmons - land rear 11 Sparkes Way - proposed amended design for bungalow incorporating single garage & front wall - REFUSE - not in keeping with surrounding area, detracts from street scene. Mrs M Webb - 26 Bell Street - redevelopment of land to provide 4 dwellings and garaging for existing house - REFUSE - access concerns re siting of bus shelter.


 19  Bench, Wilton Road - Mr Spanswick requested this matter be put forward for next meeting.

 20  Possible Church Use - the vicar had advised that part of St Maryís could be used for social events, it was felt that this would not be what the group holding a village hall poll were looking for.

 21  Water Costs Youth Centre/Cub Hut - quite a large bill for 3 months, Clerk to check previous invoice. Mr Maynard would read meter to see if there is a possible leak.

 22  Report to Highways - potholes Paynes Lane & Short Lane. Flooding in Short Lane again, drainage grips full of leaves and mud.

 23  Precept  - requirement for 2010/11 in by end of January 2010.

 24  St Maryís Church - Festival of Light - invitation to decorate a tree.

 Next meeting to be held 14th December 2009.

Meeting declared closed 9.10pm.