MINUTE  1161


A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 8th day of NOVEMBER 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Reeve and Mrs Smith. Also present 5 members of public, PCSO Cockrell & colleague.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Batten & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting for 10 minutes for the public to address the Council. Two residents present had submitted the letter (item 41) re Paynes Lane - this would be discussed later in the meeting. Two residents enquired about the article in the parish magazine regarding the proposed “recycling centre” on the Old Brandon Road - they were advised that the contents of the article were incorrect and that this would be discussed later in the meeting.




1   RAF Lakenheath - nothing to report.


2   SNT - PCSO Cockrell gave an analysis of the past 8 weeks reports - 71 calls had been received mainly anti-social behaviour problems, thefts from gardens & motor vehicles. The Council enquired about the cold callers that have robbed elderly people in Feltwell & surrounding area recently. PCSO Cockrell advised that this was an ongoing case being dealt with higher up, these people have been operating county wide - the Feltwell resident had given good detailed advice. Mopeds still remain a problem - if registration numbers can be given then action can be taken. Clerk enquired about the ongoing problems of anti-social behaviour in Edmund Moundeford Road - Cockrell advised he was in regular contact with residents in this area but reported problems have dropped. PCSO Cockrell & colleague left meeting at 7.55pm. Report from SNAP meeting, Downham Market receiving special attention for next 8 weeks. Next meeting being held 7/1/11 at Downham Market.


3   Playarea - new swings installed 22/10, chains replaced on stepping stones. Monies from WREN should be received within next 2 weeks, repayment requested 3/11.


4   Risk Assessment - still waiting for quote to repair pipe & drain cover. Mr Rolph dealt with wasp nest cost £30, Borough charge would have been £50.50.  Tennis net needs to be taken down. Guttering replaced today. Clerk had obtained advice re tennis court - Dales Sports Surfaces - firstly the trees near the court will always cause problems re leaves & moss, the existing surface is in need of pressure washing and some minor patch repairs will be required. Line markings can then be re-instated in the spring. The existing surface is showing some signs of age and would benefit from a new macadam overlay, but they understand cost will be of consideration. Two quotes were offered - to resurface the court and replace lining £7850 net. To carry out minor patch repairs, pressure wash, moss treatment & herbicide, sweep clean mechanically and re-instate lining - £2606 net. Clerk to obtain alternative costs. Mr Reeves carried out inspection - most matters ongoing. Area generally very tidy. Mr Lambert  to do next month. PTO.





5   Concrete Pad - Bench - no suggestions put forward to siting of bench. Email expressing thanks to the Council for not siting the bench on the Wilton Road, from residents. Clerk reminded Council that the bench has been purchased. After some discussion it was agreed to enquire if the order for the seat can be withdrawn and a refund obtained.


6   Enquiries Borough - Mr Williamson at Borough has written to the owners and waiting a response. It was advised that there is a small hole in the wall - Clerk to chase again.


7   Standing Orders  - in hand.


8   Parish Enclosure  - in hand.


9   War Memorial - two quotes had been received re work to remove stumps - CGM quotes £380 net and DM Tree & Landscapes £850 net - Chairman had agreed to accept CGM quote - work will take place prior to Remembrance Sunday. Chairman advised some concerns had been raised about the area not being tidy for the services - Clerk to ask CGM to delay work if possible.


10  Wall, St Nicholas - NFN


11  Verge/Hedge Wilton Road - hedge has been cut back but nothing done to verge, Clerk to contact Orbit again.


12  REGBIO Power -  Land has been measured off, took area to roadway so just over 1 acre to allow rest of land to be let if project proceeds area will have to be measured exactly, cost £75 net. Solicitor has emailed RegBio re initial terms re costs but no response yet received. Brown & Co have been suggested as land agents to use if project proceeds. There was a piece in the magazine “village voice” re this project which gave false information. The article in the magazine gave information that had not been discussed nor was correct, it put out fears to parishioners, the writer is unknown. The Chairman felt that the Council is honest and would not consider or allow the parish to be used for anything negative. It is the Council’s duty to consider this enquiry especially with the opportunity to raise several thousand pounds that can be used for the good of the whole of the parish. The Clerk addressed the issues that had been raised in the article. This matter was discussed, the Chairman would respond to the article on behalf of the Council. Email from Mr Leach who had received a copy of the article - would it be appropriate for him to respond? It was agreed he has every right to respond and Mr Lawrence suggested that perhaps this company could hold a public meeting to discuss what they would like to do and answer any questions.


13  MEP E Truss Meeting - Chairman advised Ms Truss had looked around area prior to meeting - flooding was an issue but environment issues were not something she can deal with. She was unaware of the cost of elections being met by parishes. The turning off of lights was also discussed and Ms Trust enquired if the Parish Council could take over the lights - Clerk to enquire. Some present were concerned about the lack of held received from the Borough and County. Mr Storey felt that if Borough/County Councillors are not aware of problems then they cannot help. Policing issues were also raised. Copies of letters received residents have sent re lighting and shrub growth in Vincent Close.                     P.T.O.





14  Munson’s Lane - Clerk looked at area 24/10 - condition has been noted by B Hawkins, no work yet been done.


15  Junior FC/Changing Rooms - Clerk advised any re-furbishment can be funded from capital monies. Large water bill received, Clerk checked meter was running when not in use - checked changing rooms, urinals in boy’s toilets were running all the time - these have been turned off and the users advised that if they put back on to remember to turn off afterwards. Girls toilet also problem but this will be looked at by a parent. Cub hut has been checked for leaks. Clerk to check again re leaks. Bill to be paid.


16  KL&WNBC - Elections - Emails from Borough advising that a great many variables can significantly alter the cost of any particular election - these were advised. Because of the level of uncertainty a recommendation is being made to Cabinet that where an invoice is issued for the actual cost to the Parish of their share in the month’s following the election itself, that the invoice is not payable until the next financial year, therefore the cost can be budgeted in the precept for 2012/13 financial year instead. Guidance from the government as to whether Parish Council precepts will be subject to the planned council tax freeze has not yet been received.


17  Planning Appeal - 1-5 Short Beck - still live but new application approved by DCB on 1/11.


18  Dog Bin - Mr Lawrence would check with Mrs Porter re siting before decision made to purchase.


19  Report to Highways - email from Mr Edmunds advising he is no longer officer for our area - Jon Barnard now covers our area. Potholes have been programmed. Schemes for Long Lane & Short Lane have been identified and given a high priority so hopefully these will be done soon. It is suggested that a no through sign is erected at the entrance to Oakfields Estate, what does the Council think? It was agreed that this would then cover the whole of the estate. The footways on Oakfields are on a rolling programme until the whole estate is finished.


20  St Nicholas Churchyard - two quotes received to cut hedge - Mr Waters quoted £40 Enefer Bros quote was included in the cost of cutting allotment hedges also - £400. Mr Waters quote to cut allotment hedges was £285 - total £325. Mr Cooper proposed Mr Waters quote is accepted, seconded Mr Reeve, all agreed.


21  Potholes - Car Park - signs done not yet laminated.


22  Paynes Lane Traffic - letter from residents discussed (writers present) - after some discussion re past enquiries it was agreed to ask Highways to monitor the traffic along the lane again. There is a scheme where local residents borrow speed cameras, deemed not a good idea. It was also suggested that perhaps base traffic could be asked not to use the road!


23  Bulk Litter Bin - contract terminated wef 28/3/11.                                                              


24  Safety Report Playarea - no urgent repairs required - Clerk outlined report - some areas already in hand.          





25  Land Registry - letter re registering Council’s property - it was felt that this has to be done and may be compulsory in a few years time. Clerk to contact solicitor re what deeds he holds and his costs to register the areas owned by the Council.


26  NCC - Flooding Enquiry - study re potential flooding areas - Clerk to fill inform.


27  Brandon CAB - donation request - declined.




28  Hockwold/Methwold Schools - letter re joint venture as one school - it was felt that we could not make any comment as Feltwell was not involved.

29  NCC - Road Closure  - Paynes Lane will be closed to through traffic w/e 22/11 for drainage work - Clerk advised area does flood occasionally but not for long and would be helped from regular drain/grip cleaning. Clerk has spoken to officer he advises that Short Lane is next on the list to have work carried out, he was not aware of problems in Long Lane. Mr Storey has spoken to head of highways and he advises that Long Lane will be done early 2011 but this is down to money available. After some discussion it was agreed to write to Mr White CC re this matter as it seems the money spent on the work in Paynes Lane would be better spent on the other two priority areas in the village. Core Strategy & Minerals & Waste Development - management policies revised plan - comments invited. Comprehensive Spending Review - proposals in full together with how people can give their views will be published on website - public consultation will close 10/1/11.

30  Standards Committee - future of the standards framework.

31  KL&WNBC - Mayor’s award for voluntary services - nominations by 14/1/11. Rural partnership officer - details of help. LDF Framework - Core strategy has been submitted 5/11 - documents are available to view on Council’s website.

32  Feltwell PCC - invitation to decorate a tree for the festival of lights - nobody volunteered.

33  Sports Development Unit - village sports initiative. Sports development update.

34  Pearson’s - improvements to customers accounts.

35 Brochures - The Playingfield newsletter. Clerk’s Council’s direct. JNE. Record RSS. First copy corporation. Fenland leisure products. Online playgrounds. Seton. W&S Ltd. AJP. Glasdon. Parish Mag.


36  CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £625.65, Cash £10, Methodist Church £20.63, S Sargent £84.06, Anglian Water £456.88, Pearson’s £246.96, B Hawkins £88.13, J Rolph £30, Berryman £49.62, C Scarff £299.56.


37  PLANNING - Methwold Farm - installation of on-farm electricity generator with anaerobic digestion plant & concrete feedstock pad - APPROVED.




38  Allotment Committee - Terms of Reference - Chairman enquired if committee has these, not to hand if at all - it was agreed to seek advice re these.

39  Rubbish - Southery Road  - Clerk to advise Borough.

40  Came & Co Insurance - Are committee’s covered by insurance? Next meeting.

41  MHB Services - notice of increase in VAT - new payment advice to bank - next meeting.

Next meeting 13th December.   Meeting closed 9.20pm