Minutes for October 2009


A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of OCTOBER 2009 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Maynard, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present PCSO’s Law & Bortz, 4 members of public.

APOLOGIES - received from Mr White, CC. Squadron Leader Neilds.


MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

PUBLIC SPEAKING - Mrs Parker & vicar attended re our letter about the ivy on the wall at St Nicholas, some of the ivy has been removed by person unknown. Mrs Parker advised that they have not paid anything towards the upkeep of St Nicholas this year as a new treasurer does not know how much and requires a invoice, Clerk advised that the Council does not raise invoices and that this contribution is made by the PCC every 3 months as they are responsible for the churchyard. New treasurer to contact Clerk. Mrs Parker asked if the Council would consider helping out the PCC this year as funds are limited and they have had a lot of expense re the Church roof. This would be discussed at next meeting. The vicar also expressed that there could well be some space in St Mary’s Churchyard for a community area in the centre of the village. Two residents attended to update the Council on the ongoing poll re a village hall, some good response and some negative so far, should be able to present at next meeting.


1   SNT - report on crimes from 1/8 till today given, not much trouble but Feltwell still on list of priorities. All shops have been given posters for Halloween advising eggs/flour not being sold to youths. It was reported that youths are gathering in St Mary’, and some substance abuse is suggested. If Feltwell people are unable to attend a SNT meeting then if problems are advised the PCSO’s will put these forward. Clerk received email from PCSO Cockrell re holding village surgeries, does the Council think it would be a good idea even if only on a trial basis? Would he be able to use the room that the council meetings are held in? It was agreed that this would be a good idea, the use of the hall is up to him to organise with the owners.

2   KL&WNBC - Community Emergency Plans - Chairman still looking through report at next meeting.

3   RAF Commander - unable to attend meeting, nothing to report.

4   Playarea  - traverse re-concreted in, better job this time, chains and swing replaced, new bubble window installed. Clerk read out safety inspection report from Digley Associates, most items advised are of minor concern, some installation issues raised Clerk to contact Monster for comment. Clerk meeting with PC Beckett this week. Mrs McGeeney advised that £49,000 has been raised for the skate park, total cost £50,000 +VAT. A gentleman from Maverick the proposed manufacturers/installers of the park was present. The grant awarded by WREN it in joint names, if contracts are not signed by 10th December then the money will be lost. Potentially the shortfall, at present, is £7500 the VAT portion of the costs. The Clerk has enquired if the Council can reclaim any VAT, not unless the monies are paid from it own funds.



4   As half the monies raised are joint couldn’t that portion of VAT be reclaimed? Clerk to enquire and also write to the VAT for advice. A lot of hard work has been done to raise this amount of money, can the Council contribute the outstanding balance so that the necessary forms can be signed with WREN? Mr Spanswick felt that the Council should support the project and pay the VAT. Mr Storey proposed that the amount of VAT recoverable, if any, should be determined before a decision is made, seconded Mr Lawrence, Mr Spanswick abstained, rest in favour. The gentleman from Maverick gave two examples of the signage they produce for skate parks and showed diagrams of the layout of the equipment, the base would be concrete and the ramps steel - the surface is guaranteed for 10years and the railings for 15 years, the base has foam inside to minimise noise. The Council thanked the gentleman for attending, he advised he had held the cost as quoted some time ago. The gentleman left the meeting.

5   Homewatch - Mr Maynard advised that email received advising that the Norfolk Homewatch administrators posts had been disestablished on 16th September, Ed Moss is being replaced. The scheme is on hold at the moment, totally disorganised, it needs to be re-arranged.

6   Risk Assessment -  Clerk advised the tree has been inspected, it may stand for some time or could fall in strong winds, the base has a hole all the way through and is rotting. The tree is a sycamore - quote from KC Peckham of £200 net to fell and remove the tree. It was agreed another quote to be obtained, when received Chairman & Vice to be contacted as tree is sited in a public place and measures must be taken to ensure safety. KC Peckham also advised that some of the other trees needed attention and it would be sensible to crown the trees to prevent them being climbed and damaged. Mr Storey proposed quotes obtained for other work, seconded Mr Lawrence, all agreed. Mrs Batten gave report - a lot of rubbish around area, Gary not doing work as required - another letter to be sent to Mr Hubbard that the Council would like more time spent on the playingfield, possibly 30 minutes daily. Mr Hubbard is employed to work 10 hours per week, his work sheets rarely show that this amount of time is being spent. End of gutter is missing off the changing rooms, this needs to be replaced. More grass cuttings have been dumped near fence, Clerk to write to owners of property again. Tennis court a lot of leaves and algae. Mr Lawrence would carry out next inspection.

7   Oak Garden - ok .

8   Encroaching Hedge Growth - the hedge at 36 Long Lane has been cut right back. Chairman to check if 6 Newcombe has been done.

9   Review of Rates Paid - NMW increased to £5.80 ph from 1/10/09, thus Mr Hubbard’s rate automatically increased. National salary award received for clerk’s. A 1.3% rise has been awarded which amounts to an hourly rate of £9.941, an increase of 12.7pph. Chairman proposed clerk’s wages increase as per award, backdated to 1.4.09, all agreed.

10 Village Museum - Nothing further heard, it was agreed that the Historical Society would approach the owner re renting the building or possible purchase.

11 Resident Enquiry - NFN re possible summer fair.



12 Feltwell Football Teams - Still waiting for quote re ceiling and toilets. The junior teams felt the letter it received was unfair as the building has been kept clean. The clerk & Mrs McGeeney looked at the building, the nets have been put up, both junior & senior teams have their own space for storage. Mrs McGeeney asked if it was OK for her to have a set of keys cut so she has access when sporting events take place up the field, this was agreed.

13 Report to Highways - email from Highways advising that some works to take out the worst dips has been programmed for the Southery Road but this is an ongoing process. The gang who did the patching with tar & chippings on the Lodge Road will come back to sweep up loose chippings.

14 Encroaching Hedge Growth - the owner of 12A Vincent Close has written to Clerk to say hedge not their responsibility, Clerk to ask Highways to look at this.

15 Parking on Verge - Highways has advised they cannot do a lot about cars parking on the verge unless the verge is being damaged.

16 Audit Y/e 31.3.09 - External audit report received, one matter raised re section 1, box 1 Clerk advised she had spoken to auditor re this and it was agreed that no amendment was required, this would show correct on next year’s. Basically the rules were changed re long term investments(consolidated stock) being shown in a different box, this meant the sheet did not balance on last year’s.  The Council’s name was omitted on section 4, the internal audit report.

17 Pharmacy Application Feltwell - email advising that the preliminary consent granted on 3rd March to Scarlett Healthcare Ltd to open a NHS pharmacy in Feltwell has now expired due to no application for conversion to full consent being received. The file is closed.

18 Norfolk Lowland Search & Rescue - letter requesting a donation - no donation at present.


19 NCC - open day re Highways 6/10/09. Poster re support for community projects for sport &physical activities. Poster re transition to secondary school - officer support. Norfolk matters. Yearbook.

20 KL&WNBC - Mayor’s award for design in the environment - nominations by 29/1/10. Community groups networking meeting held 30/9 re trees. Standards Board - agenda’s meetings held 28/9 & 2/10.

21 Southern Focus - newsletter of Southern Neighbourhood Partnership.

22 TTSR Ltd - grounds maintenance enquiry.

23 E.Cambridgeshire DC - Ely master plan draft consultation.

24 NALC - charity workshops 28/10.

25 Brochures - CCF, Monster, Seton, First copy, Wicksteed, Bison Hi Viz, Timberline, Parish Magazine.

26 CHEQUES were signed for the following - Berryman £52.16, Mazars £460, Pearson’s £58.42, Monster Play £316.25, L Peckham £600.69, Cash £10, Methodist Church £15, G Hubbard £172.64, Mr Batten £20,

 27 PLANNING - none for this meeting.         



28 Highways - Mr Lawrence reported potholes in Old Methwold Road repaired properly.

29 Report to Borough - Corkway Drove sign at entrance to bridge is damaged, Clerk to report.

30 Remembrance Sunday - Clerk to order wreath’s for Council & 75th NZ Squadron, Chairman would lay Council wreath.

Next meeting to be held 9th November 2009.

Meeting declared closed 8.54pm.