Minutes for September 2010


 A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 6th day of SEPTEMBER 2010 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Reeve, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present two members of public and representatives from REGBIO.

 APOLOGIES - received from Squadron Leader Neilds & Mr White, CC.


 MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.

 PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chair suspended the meeting and invited Messrs. Leech to address the meeting re their enquiry as per item 31 (Minute 1152). Mr C Leech outlined their enquiry re leasing an acre of land next to the sub station on the OBR to build a small power station that runs on recycled cooking oil. The end product named LF100 is produced in Hockwold and one 20ton vehicle would deliver to the site daily. Mr Leech advised that the environment agency gives a lot of support to these schemes as the fuel burnt is a lot greener than diesel fuel. Mr Leech advised how the site would work, possible noise and smell concerns were discussed. An offer of around £20,000 per year for a minimum of 5 years to lease the land was advised but this would be negotiable. Any scheme would of course be subject to the relevant planning permission being obtained. Matter would be discussed by Council during the meeting. Messrs. Leech left the meeting at 8.05pm.

Mr Storey arrived at 7.50pm.


 1   RAF Lakenheath - nothing to report.

 2   Village Poll - Mrs Bane attended meeting to advise that the poll has been withdrawn.

 3   SNT - meeting held 3/9 - areas in Downham made priorities. Next meeting 5/11 at Downham 7pm. Report of recent events included rave held in Feltwell 14/15th August. Notice of surgery being held 16/9 at Londis shop - 10-11am.

 4   Playarea - Still waiting for swings to be replaced. Clerk reported that the planning officer requires a map, to scale, showing all the equipment etc. on the playingfield as the skate park encroaches onto playingfield then sport England has to be consulted, this could take up to 21 days, then if all ok application will go to DCB at October meeting. The grant from WREN expires 11th November and the skate park would have to be fully installed and invoiced 7 days prior to this date for the grant to be made. Clerk was concerned that if permission is eventually granted but the skate park cannot be installed etc by the time limit the grant will be withdrawn but the Council could still be liable for the order! The Chairman advised he had not proceeded until a decision is made. The planning officer has advised if the skate park is moved totally into the car park then he could deal with it within 7 days, Mr Storey/Mr Lawrence were uncertain if this was correct. A discussion took place, it was felt that the planning officers should have bought these matters up quicker and that the process has been drawn out for too long. PTO

 MINUTE 1154


 4  The options would be to continue and hope that planning would be approved and the scheme installed in time, move the skate park into the car park but this would take up about 8-10 more parking spaces or stop the process and perhaps look at a scheme later, applying for planning permission before any grants etc. After further discussion when it was agreed the Council could not take the chance of everything not being in place in time, the Chairman proposed that the planning permission is withdrawn and the scheme halted, Mrs McGeeney abstained rest in favour. The Chairman thanked Mrs McGeeney for all the work she has put into this project and apologised for the outcome. A scheme may be looked at at a later date. Mrs McGeeney advised she was in possession of other grants that would have to be returned. It was agreed that a letter of complaint(copied to the Chief Executor) should be sent to the head of planning re the time scale of this application and the way the officers dealt with it.

 5   Risk Assessment - quotes received to replace guttering/fascia - Mr Scarff quoted £110 just to replace guttering and £299.56 to replace guttering, fascia and repaint. R&C Stannard quoted £42.50 net to replace guttering and £352 net to replace guttering and fascia. Mr Lambert proposed Mr Scarff’s quote to replace guttering and fascia of £299.56 is accepted, seconded Mr Glasscock, all agreed. Mrs Batten gave report - overflow pipe still broken, water running down side building - Clerk has asked for quote to repair not yet received. Tennis court slightly covered in moss and white lining needs renewing - leave until next year, net to be taken down next month as it is still in use. Drain cover damaged near teen shelter, quote to repair to be obtained. Loose fixings on climbing frame and bin loose, to be looked at. Mr Lawrence to carry out next report.

 6   Concrete Pad - Wilton Road - Two quotes received - C Scarff £189.50 and R&C Stannard £125 net Mr Spanswick proposed R&C Stannard quote is accepted, seconded Mr cooper, all agreed. Letter to be sent to resident re extra cost to move seat following objections.

 7   Enquiries Borough - Mr Williamson from enforcement team has advised that Mrs Cock is in the process of selling property in Bell Street and she will not carry out any repairs/maintenance. Mr Williamson will contact new owners when he is advised who they are. Clerk had received email from the empty property officer at Borough enquiring who owned the property, Clerk advised they contact Mr Williamson for an update and also requested Council is kept up to date on progress.

 8   Standing Orders - in hand

 9   Parish Enclosure Records - in hand.

 10 Encroaching Hedges - highways have written to owner 1 Crabbes Close to cut back hedge, if no response then they will do work and try to charge owner. No work yet done.

 11 War Memorial - Clerk advised no cost re removing stumps obtained as unable to obtain until extent of work known. Work discussed, will commence after harvest but area will be tidy for remembrance Sunday.

 12  Feltwell PCC - Wall St Nicholas - Mr Lambert advised that an architect has looked at wall, FOC and advised the cost to repair would probably be around £8-10,000. Enquiries being made, 2 quotes required. Clerk read out email from NALC advising Council cannot make a donation out of capital funds but can contribute towards the cost of repairing the wall! A little early to know what monies are required.PTO



 13  Moundeford Charity Trust - Clerk advised that a clause in the lease for the car park at the doctor’s  surgery would not permit the doctor’s to allow the area to be used for parking outside surgery hours. There is 3 years left on the current lease. The clause can be varied by agreement of both parties. Although the van no longer parks outside the Almshouses other vehicles do and the area is dangerous. The Clerk reminded the Council that the vehicles parking in Oak Street are not parking illegally. The matter was discussed and it was agreed that at present nothing can legally be done to stop vehicles being parked outside the Almshouses.

 14  Report to Highways - water laying at entrance to St Mary’s to be reported again. No work yet done on corner near post office. Response re work Short Beck, some works had been programmed but the surface dressing contractors had already dressed this road so there was no charge for the abortive visit.

15  Verge/Hedge Wilton Road - small amount of work been done, Clerk to write to Orbit again.

16  REG Bio power  - Further to the presentation at the start of the meeting a further discussion took place on this enquiry. Mr Lawrence was not fully convinced about this project he could not understand why a small rural village has been chosen as a possible site, grant money is probably forthcoming for these schemes but we must bear in mind these are being cut back, some questions were not answered properly. The site has been chosen due to it being the closest sub-station to the recycling facility which is in Hockwold. Mr Lambert felt that the project should seriously be considered, a lot of money could be forthcoming to the village and could be used well especially with cuts to services pending. Mr Reeve agreed, he felt that some noise may be apparent but the possibility of £20,000+ per year must be considered. Mr Storey felt the price, if the Council proceeds, could be much more and is negotiable. The land is inside the SSSI, planning issues will have to be negotiated by the company. Presently an acre of land is let for around £100 per year.  The Council needs advice about a lease and the value that could be accrued. It was felt that nothing could be done until change of use is obtained. It was agreed to proceed with the idea and the Chairman proposed that the Council enters into a process to negotiate, Mr Lawrence abstained rest in favour. Clerk to contact solicitor re obtaining permission for change of use and advice. If Messrs. Leech contact the Clerk she is to advise that the proposal is under discussion.

 17  NALC -  Council Tax Referendums - each councillor received a copy, it was felt that these changes will happen, we have always tried to keep our precept to the minimum requirement and as long as we can justify our requirements then no problems should arise. No comments put forward.

 18  MP E Truss - Meeting - Clerk advised she has pencilled in the 15th October for a meeting with our MP - the initial enquiry came from Mr White, CC. The exact format of a meeting has not been determined. After some discussion it was felt that it is not up to the Parish Council to arrange meetings for our MP. Ms Truss is quite welcome to attend a council meeting or arrange a public meeting if required. The Chairman would discuss this matter with her secretary.


19  NCC - Part Night Lighting - letter advising street lights in Edmund Moundeford Road and Vincent Close will be switched off between midnight and 5am (1am to 6am BST). Work will commence in January. Copies of letters being sent to each resident in these areas were enclosed.



 20  KL&WNBC - LDF Core Strategy - focused changes to proposed submission document. Changes to electoral list.

21  NCC - E planning services - forthcoming improvements & changes. Manage your finances - 2nd issue.

22  NALC - invitation to Oxborough 7/9. Training sessions booking forms. Big Society - local projects meeting 28/9. Notice of AGM being held Narborough 11/9 , agenda, nomination of officers & annual report. Buckingham Palace garden party. Norfolk link. Notice of consultation re concessionary bus travel.

23  No Need for Nuclear - letter re House of Commons Early Day Motion no 557.

24  Natural England - new guidance on assessing land for designation as an area of outstanding beauty or national park - chance to comment.

25  DEFRA - booklet on being a good employer.

26  K/Lynn Corn Exchange - invitation to event to mark first pantomime being held 20/9 at 11am.

27  EDP - West & Fens - contributions sought.

28  Brochures - Lightmain. Miracle Play. CPCL. The Playingfield. AJP Publishing. Bespoke Oak. Clerk & Councils direct. Wicksteed & ASM.

 29  CHEQUES  were signed for the following - L Peckham £606.16, Cash £15, Methodist Church £11.25, S Sargent £88.20, RST Irrigation £213.76, Berryman £56.19, Pearson’s £119.78.

30  PLANNING -  Mr/Mrs Bristow & Dukes - Land west of 48 & 50 Wilton Road - extension for time for the implementation of a planning permission - Mr Spanswick abstained, APPROVED.


 31  Munson Lane - verge needs cutting back - Trust will be advised and deal with this. Property on corner has bushes growing up and they are making it difficult to see around the corner, Clerk to write to owner asking if these could be cut to improve visibility.

 32  Highway Rangers - Mr Lawrence advised he recently attended meeting at Southery and they had attended a meeting re the rangers which are still in force. Clerk advised Highways & NALC had advised scheme abandoned and meeting cancelled. Clerk to determine if scheme still ongoing.

 33  Report to Highways - verges need cutting especially at top Lodge Road only been done once.

 34  Piggy Lane - Mr Lawrence reported another property has opened up a access along this lane. This lane is unadopted and the Council cannot take any action re this.

 35  NCC - Recycling - A member of the waste management team has contacted the Clerk re using Feltwell as an example of using the bottle bank scheme, as we have a very good reputation, at the NALC AGM.. Clerk had given her figures of the profit made from this scheme over the last 6 years - just over £3000.

 Next meeting to be held 11th October 2010.

Meeting closed 9.50p