The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of  MAY 2011at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.15pm.(Following the Annual Parish Meeting that commenced at 7pm)


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Messrs. Lambert, Glasscock, Cooper, Reeve, Spanswick, Mrs Smith and Mrs Batten. Also present Sq Leader Neilds & three members of public. Prior to the commencement of the meeting all Councillors present signed their Declarations of Acceptance to Office.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Storey, Mr Lawrence, Mrs McGeeney & Mr White CC.


ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON - The Chairman asked for nominations for the position of Chairperson - Mrs Batten proposed Mr Garland is duly re-elected as Chairperson, seconded Mr Cooper, there were no further nominations - all in favour. Mr Garland was duly re-elected as Chairman. Declaration of acceptance to office was signed.


ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRPERSON - The Chairman requested nominations for the position of Vice Chair - Mr Spanswick proposed Mrs Batten, seconded Mr Cooper - there were no further nominations - all in favour. Mrs Batten was duly elected as Vice Chair.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.




1   Feltwell Base - Sqd Leader Neilds, when he arrived, asked that meetings be advised via email, this was agreed. A new reserve RAF Commander will take over from 1/10/11 and should be in office for 4 years. Sq Leader Neilds is retiring in September. Not much flying activity at present, a lot of personnel have been deployed elsewhere. Plans progressing for 4th July celebrations only one entrance/exit on Wilton Road.


2   SNT - Email from PCSO C Law sending apologies for not being able to attend this evening as she is not on duty. Any problems can be emailed to her. Chair enquired is any more surgeries are planned - Clerk to enquire.


3   Risk Assessment - Two quotes received to wash, repair & reline the tennis court - Dualway Courts quoted £500 and AC Renovation quoted £669 - water supply needed. Both these quotes were less than previous quotes and it was agreed that if work is not carried out soon to the surface then the problems will become more intense and expensive. Mr Spanswick proposed quote from Dualway Courts of £500 net is accepted, seconded Mr Lambert, all in favour. CGM not yet completed work re ivy. Mr Glasscock gave report - dome on play equipment is damaged and some sharp edges - Clerk to obtain cost to replace with flat surface. White line material left beside changing rooms has been used to write on wall, this needs to be removed - football clubs to be advised. Someone has dumped some garden waste near one of the trees - Clerk to put piece in magazine. Mr Cooper will do next month’s report.


4   Rangers - were in village 3/5 - some areas done but not all - Clerk to request list of areas covered.






5   REGBIO  - NFN - area of allotments will be inspected shortly.


6   Changing Rooms - Clerk has made several enquiries re grants - to obtain a grant a need must be shown and it is probable that with the capital monies the Council has grants would not be forthcoming unless any project exceeds, in cost, the capital monies. Clerk to contact WREN to seek advice on their criteria. A refurbishment or replacement would be a capital project but to hire a facility would not. The Clerk, Mrs Batten, Mr Cooper & Mr Lawrence met with Gavin Lemon from the Norfolk FA for advice on the building - he advised the building was not as bad as some and that he felt it could be re-furbished but the first step would be to obtain a conditions report, that would advise the way forward. Mr Lemon advised of a firm he uses and the Clerk obtained a cost from them (Chaplin Farrant) to carry out a report - cost £375. Mr S Samuels had also quoted to carry out a report cost £350. It was agreed that a report was needed as the first step, the chairman proposed Mr Samuels quote of £350 is accepted, all agreed. Mr Spanswick asked if volunteers could be used to carry out any work if the project progresses? It was felt that for a large project anybody carrying out work needed to be properly qualified, paid and insured so that work could be guaranteed. Mr Lemon had advised he would be willing to oversee and help with any project. It was also felt that a container should be purchased to store equipment and that the football club’s should be approached to fund raise for one of these. Planning permission would be required to site a container - cost £170 - but not to refurbish the building, building regulations would be required. Guidance notes on refurbishment to be copied to all councillors. NALC has advised that it is not necessary for the Council to hold a public meeting to spend capital monies as long as the village is kept informed and the proper procedure is followed.


7   Land Registry - Mr Lambert could not find reference to the deeds for the Oak Garden/War Memorial at the records office. Mr Lambert felt that a statutory declaration of ownership could be made it requires a long residing parishioner to sign that the areas have been owned by the Council. Mr Lambert proposed solicitor is contacting re making declarations for both areas, seconded Mrs Batten, all agreed.


8   Allotment Enquiries - roadway work has started today. Clerk still trying to obtain information re water, possible that a smart meter can be purchased that will record individual usage.


9   Encroaching Hedges - no work yet done at Hereward Way, Clerk to write again.


10 Wall, War Memorial - Mr Scarff has started work on wall. No response re painting railings.


11 Seats both seats have now been re-painted, the Council thanked Mr Cooper for this work.


12 Bulk Bin - invoice from Viridor wrong amount, will raise credit note.


13 Highways - pothole in Hythe Road has been repaired.


14 Bin Bell Street - Clerk has obtained cost of recycled material bins, £270. Council looked at Gladsdon brochure. Mrs Batten proposed a Topsy 2000 bin in black is purchased, cost £133.49 net, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Reeve abstained rest in favour.


 MINUTE 1186




15 Internal Audit - Clerk had obtained costs from TWR accountant in Brandon of £250 maximum to carry out audit. Mr Spanswick suggested that the litter collector is approached as she is a retired bank clerk to see if she would be interested. Other suggestions were made re the person who does the bookkeeping for the PCC , Mrs Smith would also ask someone she knows. If nobody is interested books to be audited by TWR, all agreed.


16 Audit - Annual Return -  The annual governance statement and accounting statements were completed, annual return approved proposed Mrs Batten, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed.


17 Property Bell Street  - original notice expired 26/4/11 - Mr Samuels is agent for the owners and was asked to address the Council - an extension to the notice has been given until 27th May so that the street scene can be dealt with, a revised schedule of work needed has been agreed as it is possible that the property will be sold and the site completely improved. The property is to be made more safe, any encroaching growth will be cut back off footpath. Borough to be contacted re lack of information to Council, Mr M Curtis now dealing with area, Clerk to contact.


18 Village Sign -  Mr Lambert has looked at sign and feels the top needs cleaning, the post needs cleaning down and treating and missing/broken slates that sit on the top of the base need replacing. Clerk has obtained name of person in Hockwold who repaired their sign. Clerk to obtain quotes from Mr Fenn and C Scarff for work required, all agreed.


19 BT Kiosk - this has been reported.


20 Long Lane  - Highways have advised the hole was dug for investigation reasons and that a scheme is programmed but no date yet known.


21 MHB Services - new three year contract for street light maintenance received, current one expires August 2011. We have not had any price increase for 3 years, increase of 5% with a new 3 year fixed contract on offer. Cost increased by £6.55 per month to £155.88 pm. Mr Reeve proposed contract is renewed for a 3 year period, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Chairman signed contract.


22 Internet Security - present cover expires 19/5 - Clerk to purchase new Norton 360, proposed Chair all agreed.


23 Review of Committee’s - list read out, all those currently on committees to remain Clerk to check with Mr Storey & Mr Lawrence re allotment committee.


24 Insurance Renewal - renewal date 1st June - cost remain same except for increase in IPT - £1929.23. Offer received for 16months insurance for the price of 12 with another contract expiring on 30/9/14 for the same fixed premium. Mr Lambert proposed offers are accepted, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Insurance contract until 30/9/14.


25 NHS - letter that recent grant of application by Oakley Enterprises Ltd for inclusion in the pharmaceutical list for Feltwell is valid for 6 months from 8/4/2011.






26 NCC - letter re part night lighting - further to previous notification there will be no changes to the lights that will be turned off - these lights are in Edmund Moundeford Rd & Vincent Close - the two lights in Vincent Close near the walkway will not be turned off - Clerk to put piece in magazine.

27 Chief of Defence - Armed Force Day - Fly a Flag - British Legion to be asked if they intend flying a flag - the Council currently does not own a union jack.

28 NALC - Future of Audit proposals - comments by 30/6/11. Norfolk Link & NL Extra issues.

29 NP Law - letter from firm of solicitors that provide legal services for County, Borough & Parish council’s - breakdown of costs. Clerk advised that our current solicitors are very good and offer a lot of advice without charge.

30 Environment Agency - The Abberton scheme & Denver Licence variation - notice of meetings.

31 Norfolk RCC - membership invitation - declined.

32 Brochures - Came & Co newsletter. Woodberry. GBSG. AJP Publishing. SMP. W&S. Glasdon. Parish magazine.


33 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £655.24, Methodist Church £12, S Sargent £96.08,  C Scarff £65, Norfolk ALC £294.84, Viridor £60.72. On 10/5 a cheque for £1929.23 was signed in favour of Broker Network Ltd.


34 PLANNING - none for this meeting.




35 Grasscutting Verges - a lot of complaints have been made re the verge cutting around the village - Borough have advised that the work is being done “in house” and started late due to lack of machinery. Areas will be cut every 3 weeks now by two men who are still getting to know the areas and drawing up their schedules. Some areas have been missed and Clerk to report these, work done is not a good standard either. Clerk had advised Borough that this was not acceptable and that they should have advised Council’s re the late start and problems - piece to be put in magazine.


36 Report Highways - road sign junction opposite junction Oak St has been sprayed, Clerk to report. Road junctions need cutting - Blackdyke & top Lodge Road Clerk to enquire when these will be done.


37 High Street Sign - old sign taken down off Londis, Clerk to request new sign erected as soon as possible.


38 Damaged S/Light Lantern - light in Moat side - to be discussed next meeting.


Next meeting to be held 13th June 2011.

Meeting declared closed 8.50pm.