A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday 13th JUNE 2011 at the Methodist Church, Bell Street – commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT – Mr Garland (Chairman), Mrs Batten (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Spanswick, Glasscock, Cooper, Lawrence, Mrs Smith & Mrs McGeeney. Also present 5 members of public & PCSO Milburn.


APOLOGIES – received from Mr Reeve, Mr White CC & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES – of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed & duly signed.


PUBLIC SPEAKING – the Chairman suspended the meeting for members of the public present to address the meeting. Resident complained about the condition of the Wilton Road surface from the base entrance towards Hockwold, this would be reported to Highways. Mr Ramsey advised that the football clubs had sourced a container and enquired about the rules re advertising on it? Clerk would have to check with planning. He also advised that the juniors & seniors hoped to merge to form one club. The increasing speed of mopeds was reported; residents advised that number plates of bikes should be reported to the SNT for action. Resident felt that more should be done for children in the village, the Chairman advised of past efforts re youth clubs etc. and the lack of parental support. Resident also felt that the council should do something re the meeting venue for the mottlers (currently the social club), the Chairman advised it was up to the organisers as to where the group is held and that there were other halls in the village that could be considered.




1        Feltwell Base – email advising that the Battle of Britain flight is scheduled for 15.35 hrs on 4 July and the Red Arrows display at 1800hrs. Further details may become available as the date is closed in on. Email from Mr Samuels inviting Councillors to join the golf club to view the displays on 4th July, the Chairman advised this included family.


2        SNT – PCSO Milburn advised that there had been an increase in fuel thefts around the area, people should be vigilante. She also confirmed that number plates were required re problem mopeds so a picture can build up and owners approached.


3        Risk Assessment – Work on tennis court should be done next week. Cost to replace broken dome with flat window £286.77 plus £28 carriage net, Mrs Batten proposed flat window is purchased, seconded Mr Glasscock, all agreed. RST Irrigation fitted last window it was proposed by Chair that they are asked to fit new window, all agreed. Mr Cooper carried out report nothing new apparent. Mrs McGeeney to carry out next inspection.                                                   






4        Rangers – visited village 3/4th May, list of areas covered read out by Clerk. We will be contacted 3 weeks prior to next visit.


5        REGBIO  - email from S Booth dated 19 May advising that he has asked their planning consultants to prepare a fee proposal for handling the planning application for the proposed plant, however ahead of instructing them further he asked that confirmation could be given that the Council, in principle, is still supportive of the scheme. Clerk forwarded email to Chairman for response, the Chair pointed Mr Booth to the last solicitors letter received by them. Mr Lambert advised land set aside is full of grass and needs spraying, allotment committee would look at this when inspection carried out over next few weeks.


6        Changing Rooms – detailed report received from Mr Samuels, Clerk advised recommendations that included that the building appears to be beyond economic refurbishment, if it were refurbished, the investment will be in a poorly constructed 40yr old structure. It is clear that the building no longer meets the football club needs or requirements. Budgetary costs for consideration were also detailed. Clerk advised WREN would only consider a grant if the building was for multi sport use and a need was shown. Mr Spanswick felt a task group should be formed to look into the possibilities. Mr Storey felt that no consideration to refurbish this building should be given; a lot of money has been wasted on this building already, in his opinion. Mrs McGeeney felt that as there are currently 2 adult teams & 5 youth teams then something has to be done to keep football in this village. Mr Lawrence felt the first step was for this group to look at grants – the Clerk advised she had been making enquiries about grants for the past 2 months and as previously advised because the Council has a substantial capital fund grants would not be forthcoming unless a scheme cost more than the funds available. Clerk advised one alternative would be to grant the football club a long lease on the building, then they may be able to obtain grants. After further discussion Mrs Batten proposed that the Parish Council demolishes the changing rooms building, seconded Mrs McGeeney, all agreed. The Chairman proposed a task group is set up – Mrs Batten, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney & Mr Spanswick volunteered to be on this group – all agreed. Meeting to be held to discuss the way forward, Mr Lemon (Norfolk FA), Mr Samuels and representatives from the football teams to be invited.


7        Land Registry – email from solicitor advising that it is possible, in theory, for the Council to                apply to register a possessory title but this will be dependent upon the Council producing sufficient evidence to satisfy Land Registry. OS maps of both areas required and if possible a few digital photographs of the two areas. A statutory declaration will have to be sworn by somebody who has lived along while in the village, Mr Cooper would be able to do this. Extracts from Minutes showing maintenance of areas would be helpful. We may run into problems with land registry as neither area may be fenced off which is usually a requirement to show adverse possession. Chairman will send photos, Clerk to obtain OS maps.                              


Allotment Enquiries – roadway done cost £1865 net a little less than estimated price. Email from Mrs Garland thanking the Council for having the work done. Water supply still being looked into.                                                                                                             





8        Wall, War Memorial – still no response re fence, repairs to wall in progress.


9        Bulk Bin – still waiting for c/note, new invoice incorrect, Clerk to hold until c/note received.


10    Bin, Bell Street – new bin delivered – Clerk to obtain costs from Mr Scarff, Mr Aldous & RST Irrigation to install. £10 money off voucher from Glasdon towards next purchase.


11    Internal Audit – nobody came forward to do audit, books taken to TWR completed. Governance letter received from TWR this is required by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Chairman signed letter.


12    Audit – notices on parish noticeboard advertising elector’s rights.


13    Property Bell Street – email from S Samuels, area has been cleared of overhanging debris and made secure as possible, he checks area on a daily basis. His client is now in a position to deposit a formal application to the Borough for pre-planning consultation. If it is of any interest Mr Samuels would prepare a presentation of the scheme they are depositing at the next meeting. It was agreed to invite Mr Samuels to next meeting for a 5 minute presentation of the proposals.


14    Village Sign - no quotes received yet, Clerk to chase and obtain alternative quotes.


15    BT Kiosk – Clerk to check condition.


16    Long Lane  - NCC Highways has advised that work on the drainage will commence about 26th July, during this work it is necessary to close Short Beck for a period up to 3 weeks as the drain has to be placed along the middle of the road, access to all properties will be maintained from one direction at all times. Following this Long Lane will then be shut for up to 3 weeks also. Diversions will be in place but a lot of traffic will be sent along Paynes Lane, Clerk has advised that this road is not suitable for a lot of large vehicles and signs will be placed at the junction on the Southery Road to Wissington advising no access through Feltwell for HGV’s. Mr Storey & Mr Lambert objected to the closure as it is timed when harvesting is taking place and the movement of machinery will be hampered. Clerk advised the work is being done during school holidays. Mr Storey will contact Highways and Clerk will speak with officer. The Parish Council have been pushing for this work to take place for some time.


17    Internet Security – Clerk has purchased this cost £59.99.


18    Review of Committees – Mr Storey & Mr Lawrence agreed to remain on allotment committee.


19    Armed Force Day – the British Legion has a flag the Council can borrow to fly at the memorial. Clerk to ask Mr Lambourne if he will raise the flag for the Council


20    Grasscutting Verges – now done Clerk to monitor.






21    High Street Sign  - email from Borough enquiring if owners of Londis still have sign for High Street, Mr Cooper advised they have not. A photograph would be useful so that a new sign could be placed in the right position and agreement from the owners of Londis is required. Mr Cooper advised owners had verbally agreed. Signs have to be reported using an e-form and photographs would be helpful, Clerk had advised she cannot send digital photos. Report for other damaged signs has not been received even though confirmation had been received that the report had been sent to the correct department. Clerk to report again.


22    Damaged S/Light Lantern – unit o/s 2 Moatside the lantern is damaged, MHB has advised cost to replace lantern is £315.99 net. Clerk advised light is still working.  It was agreed to leave it as it is still working.


23    E.ON - fixed EON price ends September, notice of new charges received Clerk re-negotiated these and fixed for 3 years, until September 2014. New charges advised.


24    Proposed Incinerator – letter from the leader of the Borough Council enquiring if the Parish Council would write to C Spellman MP to advise of the views of the Council. After some discussion Mr Spanswick proposed a letter objecting to the proposal is sent to the MP, seconded Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Batten abstained, rest in favour.


25    Asset Register – Clerk read out list, grit bins to be added, all areas noted re inspections. Oak garden in poor condition it was suggested that fake turf is laid, Clerk to obtain information. People were not using the dog bin in Old Methwold Road, was this in the correct position? Clerk advised Mrs Porter was asked by Mr Lawrence re siting and Mr Porter agreed with the position. Unfortunately people cannot be made to use the bin but can be reported if allowing dogs to foul.




26    WNBC – Clothing bank credit received £39.36. Electoral list alterations. Sports Council AGM held 9/6. Standards Board meeting agenda being held 15/6.

27    NCC – new highways officer – Mr Barnard has been replaced by Andrew Wallace.

28    NALC – election members of executive committee. Summer conference being held 28/6. Training for Clerk’s & Councillors. Community resilience workshop in July.

29    NPFA – membership invitation & copy of Playingfield newsletter.

30    Breckland DC – submission of LDF proposals.

31    Cambridgeshire/Peterborough CC – development plan notice.

32    Essex & Suffolk Water – Denver licence variation.

33    EON – improved bills.

34    Norse – fencing section.

35    Brochures – Clerk’s/Councils Direct. Wicksteed. Record RSS. Glasdon. Nottsport. Parish mag.


37 CHEQUES were signed for the following – L Peckham £718.71, Cash £10, Methodist Church £20, S Sargent £124.46, B Reeves £30, Glasdon £160.18, G Waters £2238, TWR £300, Berryman £165.83, Viridor £65.40.                                                                                                       


MINUTE 1192 


38  PLANNING – the following were APPROVED – G Russell, 58 Long Lane – demolition of existing single storey extension & construction of 2 storey side extension.  L Hurrell, 2 Leonard’s Lane – proposed 2 storey rear extension. S Wellington, 18 Lamberts Close – 2 storey side extension – a letter from resident received objecting to application – Clerk had advised that any objections must be made to the Borough Council as the principle planning authority. J&B Simmons, Red Lodge Garage, 40 Lodge Road – construction of 4 dwellings following demolition of existing premises (amended plans).




39    St Nicholas Churchyard – footpaths full of weeds, Clerk to report to CGM.


40    Report to Highways – potholes in Short Lane, road surface Wilton Rd & surface of Southery Rd near Old Ship very dangerous.


41    E Truss MP – notice of surgery being held 24/6 at Methwold, 6-7pm.


42    Receipts/Payment Book – Clerk advised new one ordered cost £56.48 net.


Next meeting being held 11th July 2011.

Meeting declared closed 9.35pm.