A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 11th day of APRIL 2011 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.(Councillors met at 7pm re Standing Orders)


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Glasscock, Cooper, Reeve, Mrs Smith and Mrs Batten.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Garland, Mr Spanswick, Mrs McGeeney & Sqd Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair) who took the meeting due to the Chairman’s absence.




1   Feltwell Base - email advising that Sq Leader Neilds is off sick but that our concerns re speeding traffic in Paynes Lane will be discussed to see what action can be taken. All personnel are briefed on speed limits, rules & regulations upon entry to the country.


2   SNT - notice of multi agency surgeries. Email re new Superintendent Dave Marshall taking over from April. Email from residents re their concerns of the lack of knowledge the PCSO who attended the March meeting had of recent events in the village.


3   Risk Assessment -  some of the work to clear ivy and suckers has been done by CGM. Mr Spanswick had carried out inspection - dome on play equipment slightly damaged - monitor. Slight damage to surface of tennis court near entrance gate. Clerk to obtain other quotes to clean, minor repair and redo the white lining of the court. Mr Glasscock would do next inspection.


4   Standing Orders - these have been reviewed, amended copies will be distributed ASAP.


5   Rangers - should be visiting the village this month, Clerk has submitted list of areas for attention Clerk to be advised if any others arise soon.


6   REGBIO Power - NFN


7   Changing Rooms - some Councillors inspected these prior to the meeting - they are in a poor state of repair especially following the burst pipe in the winter. A discussion took place re the future of this building - Mrs Batten proposed building is demolished and rebuilt, further discussion took place and Mrs Batten withdrew her proposal. Discussions included portable buildings, rebuilding and re-furbishing the present building. Mr Lambert proposed all possible options to be looked at, seconded Mr Glasscock, all agreed. Clerk to look into portable buildings purchase & hire, rebuild & refurbish, if grants are available and if any project could be from capital funds. A discussion was held on whether a public consultation was required if a large sum of money was being spent. The Clerk advised that it was probable that grants would not be available due to the amount of capital funds available. Rates notice £368.05 pa. paid monthly DD, 7 payments.


8    Dog Bin - installed 31/3.                                                                                                  









9   Land Registry - Clerk still not found any information on deeds for Oak Garden/War Memorial - Mr Lambert would look on Norfolk Records site. It may be that a declaration would be required to register these areas in the Council’s name.


10 Allotment Enquiries - Mr Storey had met with Mr Waters to discuss roadway, the allotment committee had discussed this matter - Mr Waters submitted two estimates - first to scrape off & cart away grass/soil, supply track ballast & level 3 ½ inches, roll in material, hire of JCB, tractor, trailer & roller cost £1900 - secondly as first but no roller hire material to be run in and consolidated by traffic - cost £1140 net - these are both estimates. Mr Storey advised that the first half of the roadway was the worse and costs could be reduced if only that area was done, Mr Glasscock felt that as a tenant whose plot is at the end of this roadway the whole roadway should be done to prevent future repairs being required. Clerk advised income from allotment rents. Mr Reeve proposed first estimate of £1900 net is accepted, seconded Mrs Batten, Mr Storey abstained, rest in favour. Clerk to advise tenants when work is being carried out. Clerk is trying to obtain information from Methwold Clerk re how they distribute the cost of providing water to their allotment tenants.


11  RAF Feltwell - Street names - notices names have been approved.


12  Encroaching Hedges  - 2 Oak Street has been done, another letter to be sent to Hereward Way.


13  Wall, War Memorial - no response yet from Ms Cock re painting fence.


14  Seats - Mr Cooper has re-painted seat in High Street, cost of paint £25.18. The Council thanked Mr Cooper for this work. Mr Cooper volunteered to paint the seat in Bell Street as he has paint left, Mr Storey proposed Mr Cooper’s offer is accepted and thanked him for this, seconded Mr Reeve, all agreed.


15  Elections - there will be no election for the Parish Council, all seats filled those nominated duly re-elected. Declarations of Acceptance to Office must be signed at next meeting. Still Borough Council elections and the AV vote referendum being held on 5/5/11.


16  Bulk Bin  - letter from Viridor re tax levy on landfill - this has already been included in quoted price.


17  Report to Highways - potholes top Paynes Lane have been done, previously reported pothole in Hythe Road not yet done Clerk will advise.


18  Bin Bell Street - cost to replace with same would be about £180. Clerk to obtain costs of recycled material bin from Whitehouse.


19  Internal Audit - no response from magazine piece, NALC do not have a local list, Council to decide at next meeting. An internal auditor does not have to be an accountant but just have basic bookkeeping skills.


20  Audit - appointed date 25th July. Council to complete annual return at next meeting.


21  NALC Subscription - renewal cost £294.84 - proposed renew Mr Lambert, seconded Mr Storey, all agreed. Norfolk link subscription - Clerk to check with those absent but probably only one required.








22   NCC Recycling Credit - set at £47.64 per ton for 2011/12 financial period.


23   Donation Requests - received from EACH & MacMillan Cancer research. Mr Storey felt that perhaps a review was required re certain organisations/donations. It was felt that in the current financial climate the Council cannot give donations to any organisation on behalf of the Parish, these should be an individuals decision.




24  NALC -  response to a question asked by the Audit Commission - should parish & town councils lose the power to precept if they break the law or statutory regulations?- a discussion took place and it was agreed that in serious cases the power should be lost - Clerk to respond.

25  Heacham PC - tree wardens - support to lobby Borough re scheme - no.

26  C Richardson - Charity Event - idea for June 2012 a “Shake a Feather Day” to raise money for Help4Heroes and Army Widows Association - could a event be held in Feltwell - not arranged by the PC.

27  NCC - Norfolk matters e-newsletter now available. Merger re Hockwold & Methwold schools - public notice.

28  Barclays Bank - changes to terms & conditions.

29  Brochures - Kompan. Glasdon. Parish magazine.


30  CHEQUES  were signed for the following - L Peckham £636.25, Cash £10, Methodist Church £16, S Sargent £77.16, Post Office £244.90, P Cooper £25.18, E Lambert £5, Viridor £54.86, Environment Agency £35.04, Anglian Water £1119.15, Berryman £84.04.


 31  PLANNING - all the following were APPROVED - Mr/Mrs Brown, 2 Fairfield Way - erection of conservatory. Pastures Green Properties Ltd - 11 Nightingale Lane - extensions & alterations to bungalow. J&B Simmons - Red Lodge Garage - 40 Lodge Rd - construction of 4 dwellings following demolition of existing premises. On the 5/4 the following was APPROVED - P Hanley - Feltwell Lodge Nursing Home - extension to nursing/residential home - reserved matters.




32  Property Bell Street - enforcement notice runs out soon no work yet done, Clerk to chase after date.

33  Village Sign - Mr Lawrence felt the sign needs to be re-painted, to be looked at, Clerk to make initial enquires to Hockwold clerk as they recently had work done on theirs.

34  BT Kiosk - kiosk in Old Methwold Rd is in poor state Clerk to report to BT.

35  Long Lane - road markings and hole has been dug Clerk to enquire if work commencing on drainage problems.

36  Street Lighting Maintenance - renewal offer from MHB Services to be discussed next meeting.


Next meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting commencing at 7pm (accounts on view from 6.45pm) followed by Annual Meeting of Parish Council.


Meeting declared closed 9pm