A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of  DECEMBER 2011 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mrs Batten (Vice Chair) Messrs. Lambert, Glasscock, Cooper, Storey, Mrs McGeeney  and Mrs Smith. Also present 5 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Reeve, Mr Spanswick & Sqd Leader Neilds.


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST -  Mrs Batten declared an interest in planning application re M Lilly - 19 Hill Street.


MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman suspended the meeting for 10 minutes to allow the public to address the Council.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - Mr Constable addressed the Council re concerns about the access to his daughters property on Wilton Road, a few months ago her vehicle was hit by a passing lorry due to the very limited visibility at her access and another vehicle being parked at the post box. Mr Constable was seeking any advice the Council could offer re improving this access. There is a privately owned hedge and a telegraph pole along the boundary of the access and with a post box being sited directly opposite quite often cars stop to use it. The hedge was cut following the accident but the pole and post box were direct factors in the accident. The road safety team have been contacted. Mr Lambert advised that the Parish Council has no jurisdiction on the pole or post box and that Highway’s, Royal Mail & whoever owns the pole should be contacted. Mr Storey advised Mr Constable to contact County Councillor A White as well as Highways re this matter. Clerk will advise of contact details. The Parish Council shared Mr Constable’s concerns. Mr Samuels complained about the amount of dog mess and the parking habit of some residents of the village.




1  SNT - emails advising that Feltwell remains a priority area re anti-social behaviour on the playingfield. Advice of a rave held 27/11 in area around Feltwell, sound equipment was seized.


2  Risk Assessment - quote from CGM re removing tree stump, £82.50, Mr Storey felt another quote was required. Clerk queried whether more than one quote was required under a certain cost - it was agreed Clerk would look into this. Mr Lambert proposed that quote from CGM is accepted if only one quote is acceptable, if not more quotes required, seconded Mr Storey, all agreed. Clerk reported teen shelter, waiting for costs photographs required, police aware of damage as is insurance company. The damaged panel has been removed as it was very dangerous. Monster has sent directions to test radio, not done yet. Quote from Monster re zip wire £220 plus £450 labour - total £670 net, the seat and rubber grip come as one so all would need replacing, this is not covered by warranty. The recent inspection did not advise this as a problem. After some discussion it was agreed that the plastic grip was still sufficient but that a sign should be put up advising that gloves are required on this equipment. Mr Reeve did not submit a report. Mr Lambert would do next month. Annual inspection report received from Digley, areas reported all low risk. It was agreed Clerk to go through with Mr Scarff to see what work is required.


3  REGBIO - NFN.                                                                                                                P.T.O.






4   Changing Rooms - Basic plans received, Mr Samuels invited to advise. Proposed building would include large enough floor area for a single badminton court, sufficient storage for users. There has been a lot of interest from possible groups. Mr Wakefield was present and he advised he currently took a group of children to Downham Market every Friday to play badminton, having somewhere local would save a lot and give scope for more people to play, it would also help with the inter village game build up. The Council were in favour of these basic, initial plans. Clerk advised of letters received from primary school re a venue for “ping pong” and other sports, one letter was read out the others covered the same issues.


5  Land Registry - NFN


6  Signs - in hand.


7  LDF - NFN.


8  Report to Highways - officer had contacted Clerk to advise the footpath o/s new property in Hill St would be re-surfaced shortly, they are unsure what state the path was in prior to the building work so would contact the resident to advise work would be done by Highways.


9   Wall, The Beck - no work yet done, Clerk has wrote again. Mrs McGeeney knows somebody who lives in these properties and would try to find out a contact number for the landlord.


10  Parking Bell Street - vehicles being parked on road again, very dangerous. During the day 2/3 vans park close together, visibility from Oak Street very poor, especially for slow moving vehicles. Owners of property are having work carried out thus the vans, they were aware of the grass being churned up so stopped parking on it. A discussion took place re the dangerous situation when exiting Oak Street, the owners are aware of problem, Mr Samuels would speak again with them.


11  Rangers Visit - list of areas received, all those reported had been done.


12  WNBC - Planning Scheme - Clerk read out email received in response to enquiry, changes would only apply to a limited number of applications where the principle has already been agreed by a previous permission. The officer would gladly look into any cases where they have not reconsulted on fundamental changes.


13  Parking Outside School - Clerk read out letter from head teacher and also advised the police apparently have no power to fine for parking on the yellow hatchings. A meeting was held with Highways, the police, head teacher & governor to try and find a solution to the parking problems and the idea to allow parking on the first hatchings was agreed as a trial. Mrs Batten advised that the decision to allow parking on the first set of hatchings has been withdrawn and the status quo prevails. Mr Wakefield (school governor) advised that the trial has been halted due to unforeseen problems, a discussion took place re the problem, the school gate may be left unlocked so that staff can park on the school grounds this would make more space, other areas are being looked at. Mr Wallace from Highways advised he would try to improve the footpath near the last build out to allow continuous use until crossing the road. The school has tried to encourage walking to school with no great success, the possibility of having a access gate along Munson’s Lane was also being investigated.                                                P.T.O.





14  Crosshill, Lodge Road - quote from CGM to raise crown to 3m from ground level, reduce overhanging branches, remove all arising from site - cost £90. Chairman proposed quote is accepted if only one required if not other quotes to be obtained, all agreed.


15  Parking on Footpaths - Clerk has spoken with SNT, they would look at areas of concern but advised that unfortunately the village was built before cars were widely used and people do park on paths!.


16  Report to Highways - Falcon Rd footpaths - Clerk has spoken with Highway officer, the job was bigger than they had originally thought, work to rectify would take place - Mr Garland advised that 75% of the areas had been done but that workmen had insufficient material to complete the job, Clerk to contact Highways again.


17  Poor TV Reception - Clerk spoke with digital changeover team, they cannot advise on a whole area need post codes to check problems but area should now have improved from 23/11.


18  Bell Street Property - Mr Samuels had sent an email enquiring if the Council had received any complaints re the site, these may help move the project forward as they are trying to prove that the site is in need of work to seal & secure all the buildings. Recent surveys have thrown up some problems. Except for the Council’s complaints re the encroaching foliage, none have officially been received.


19  Precept - to be discussed at next meeting.



20  NALC - survey re public sector mapping agreement, Clerk has completed this. The Localism Act - policy briefing - available on website.

21  NCC - gritting routes.

22  WNBC - revised Register of Electors.

23  RBS - interest earning accounts.

24  Local Works - help save the Sustainable communities act.

25  BBC - invite to join Things to Do.

26  NPFA - Newsletter. Play equipment brochures.

27  Brochures - Whitehouse Enterprises. Parish magazine. Xmas card from CGM.

28  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £636.25, Cash £10, Methodist Church £16,  S Sargent £81.40, Berryman £74.39, L Enefer £300, CGM £1392, Viridor £43.20, RBL £34.50.

29  PLANNING - the following were APPROVED - M Lilly, 19 Hill St - Side & rear single storey extension (Mrs Batten abstained from voting). J Vincent, 9 Archers Avenue - extension.


30  Dog Fouling - with darker night has become big problem again - piece in magazine.

31  Encroaching Hedge  - property 2 Oak St, letter to be sent.

32  Highways - some of the Southery Rd has been done but still large dips, continue to monitor.

33  Chairman - Mr Garland advised the Council that he would not stand again in May for this position and may be leaving the Council all together.

Next meeting to be held 9th January 2012.

Meeting declared closed 9.10pm.