A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of FEBRUARY 2011 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.

 Prior to the meeting Councillors commenced looking at the Standing Orders of the Council, the time limit did not allow for the session to be completed, this is ongoing.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Spanswick, Cooper, Reeve, Mrs Smith and Mrs Batten. Also present 3 members of public, 6 representatives from the PCC and Sq Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lawrence, Mr Glasscock, Mrs McGeeney & Mr White.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting to enquire if any members of the public present wished to address the Council. Those present did not wish to address the Council.




1   RAF Lakenheath - Sq Leader Neilds advised he has spoken with the Chief Commander re the delays at the gate off Wilton Road, they will try to move more vehicles onto the area. This problem escalates due to the train gates. Leonard’s Lane has been re-surfaced to put right the damage caused by the problems with the sewage, the base do not accept any responsibility for this Lane but did the work as a goodwill gesture. A meeting has been held, Mr Storey attended, with officers from WNBC re the LDF, no drastic changes. The 4th July celebrations will take place on that day (a Monday) and it is hoped to have several fly-bys and the Red Arrows are attending. Sq Leader Neilds gave his apologies for the next 2 meetings he cannot attend. He left the meeting at 7.40pm.


2   Feltwell PCC - the Council agreed to taking this item early. Rev. Joan Horan addressed the Council to advise on the vision for the future of St Mary’s Church - to try and make part of the Church into a community area. This is the start of a consultation period with groups that may be interested in this vision, no monetary support is being seeked at present. Two people then gave a slide show of possible drawings for the North aisle, having areas for different uses, 3 tier. Mrs Batten enquired about heating as the building is very cold - Rev. Horan advised that the Friend’s were actively fundraising to have suitable heating installed throughout the whole building. The vision included toilet and kitchen facilities. A discussion took place on the possible uses of this vision. The whole character and history of the Church would be preserved. Mr Reeve questioned policing of the building and the entrance through the North door. After further discussion the presentation was bought to a end at 8.10pm.


3   SNT - no officers present. A lot of criminal damage to vehicles has been occurring in the village, the police are stepping up patrols. The Clerk read out reports from police. Letter received from Mr Enderby about CCTV in areas around the village. Clerk to make enquiries re how these work and what is involved. Email from Borough re CCTV and the responsibilities of the operators and some information on requirements, more information required. Private householders can have CCTV on their properties.






4   Risk Assessment - Drain cover and two pipes repaired/replaced. Mr Garland apologised for not doing the inspection, he will do next months. Quote from CGM to remove ivy from wall and cut suckers, apply herbicide - £370. CGM also advised that herbicide needed to be applied several times a year to prevent re-growth, the cost of this would be £26.50 per occasion. Clerk to obtain another quote for this work.


5   Concrete Pad - Bench  - chq not yet received Clerk will chase again.


6   Standing Orders  - in hand.


7   Verge/Hedge Wilton Road - the rangers were in the village last week - the areas previously listed by the Clerk were not done, list was sent when this scheme first emerged and has been lost in the system! Clerk advised areas rangers carried out work. Next visit due April, Clerk will receive notification 3 weeks prior for list of areas. Rangers are only in village one day per scheduled visit. Clerk advised that Crabbes Close footpaths & edge of road were in poor condition, rangers will be sent to clean this area up. Mr Storey enquired who/if the work was checked and how many people carried out this work? Clerk advised two men were working in Hockwold.


8    REGBIO Power - nothing further heard from company. Cheque for £537.50 received from solicitors, he had received this just after Christmas and had to clear it before sending to Council. The solicitors advises that the payment marries up with his email to Regbio so it is quite clear what the payment relates to and he does not think a separate letter is necessary.


9   Changing Rooms - letter received from senior teams re a possible re-furbishment of the changing rooms. To be discussed at next meeting. Letter from Borough re business rates relief for the changing rooms, giving notification that any changes to the relief will become effective from April 2012. No decisions have yet been taken re changes to the relief given to business’s.


10  Dog Bins - permission to site a new bin not yet received, Mr Lawrence has advised this is on the way. Chairman proposed that when permission received new dog bin is purchased and placed on list for emptying, all agreed. Dog bins are emptied weekly usually on a Wednesday, the vehicle has a tracking device so Borough can determine where and when sites are visited. Mr Reeve still queried whether the bin in The Beck was being emptied weekly. This is to be monitored. Letter from Borough advising that only one invoice per annum will be raised for emptying the dog bins - after the March 2011 invoice then the next will not be received until April 2012.


11  Land Registry - the solicitor has advised that old deeds or proof of ownership of the Oak garden and War Memorial are required before he can apply to register them. Anybody would require these before being able to register the areas. He also questioned whether the cost could be justified for these small areas. Clerk to contact Norfolk Records Office to see if they hold information on these areas. Mr Lambert is sure he has seen deeds for the oak. The solicitor is continuing with the allotments and playingfield registrations.


12  Allotment Committee - Terms of Reference - amended copy to all Councillors - Mrs Batten proposed terms are agreed, seconded Mr Reeve, all agreed. Mr Reeve agreed to serve on the committee, proposed by the Chairman, all agreed.






13  Gritting Enquiries - New grit bins delivered, put out on sites 31/1 as NCC advised would take 3 days to fill - took in again at end of week due to vandalism in village over weekends 2 at school 1 at Clerk’s address - NCC advised they will fill when visiting the area and give the Clerk notice so the bins can be placed in position.


14  Maintenance Contract - Tenders for maintenance contract received, read out by Clerk - Clerk broke down tenders to areas but total costs per annum were - Country Grounds Maintenance £2320 net, Norse £5308.50 net, Ribbons dale £3990 net and Canning Bros. £20,080 net. Both CGM & Norse offered to retain the price for 3 year contracts. After some discussion the Chairman proposed CGM is awarded the maintenance contract for a 3 year period, at a total net cost per annum of £2320, all agreed.


15  NCC - proposed power/recycling centre King’s Lynn -letter from NCC re their position on this matter.


16  Allotment Tenants Enquiries - Tracks and access roads to garden allotments - residents had enquired re condition of roadway, quotes are being obtained to grade & surface dress this in the better weather. The lane known as “Piggy Lane” is used by some tenants to access their allotments, ownership of this Lane is to be determined, Clerk to write to Highway’s re this. Water supply was another issue, Clerk to contact Anglian Water re connection costs, how payment of use is determined must be discussed further if water is to be supplied. Noticeboard required, Clerk to seek requirement from tenants reps. Complaints were also made about dogs and horses being allowed on allotment land a piece would be put in the magazine. Annual trophy? No enquiries have been made re this.


17  Highways - Street signs reported to Borough. Mr Spanswick enquired if the edge of Paynes Lane near junction with Wilton Road could be surfaced as continually run over by vehicles, Clerk to enquire.


18  NALC - Financial Update - Accounts & Audit - nothing really that affects us.


19  RAF Feltwell - Street Names - enquiry re proposed street names for new housing - no objections.


20  NCC - selling off forestry land - it was felt this was a individual matter. Merger of Hockwold Primary & Methwold High schools - period of consultation - no comments.


21  Insurance - Clerk’s Property - the Clerk’s insurers will not cover for people visiting the Clerk’s property for business matters. Council’s insurance does not cover some aspects either. Other arrangements to be made for the few occasions that residents visit the Clerk’s property on Council business.




22  RBL - 90th birthday celebrations - 10-12th June.

23  NALC - Fields in trust project - grants for protecting outside leisure facilities. Training opportunities. Consultation on Norfolk’s 3rd local transport plan. Strategy for carer’s in Norfolk. Royal wedding parties & street closures. Community biodiversity directory. Parish liaison officer - coffee & chat invite 2/3 at Fincham. Norfolk link.

24  RCC - East of England forum workshops.

25  KL&WNBC  - new property address.






26  Dales Sports - sponsored ride for charity - sponsor forms.

27  Breckland DC - Breckland LDF.

28  E.On - easier to understand terms & conditions.

29  Brochures - Wicksteed. ROSPA. Lightmain. Record RSS. CPCL. The Playingfield. Clerk’s & Council’s direct. Glasdon. Monster. JNE. Seton. Parish magazines.


30  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £606.36, Cash £15, Methodist Church £16, S Sargent £103.91, Berryman £166.45, Glasdon £474.01, KL&WNBC £138.08, Viridor £120.91, T Markiewicz £150.


31  PLANNING - The following planning were all APPROVED - Mr/Mrs Wright - 6 St John’s Way - erection of side & front single storey extension. Mr Higgins - 4 St John’s Way - extension and alterations to dwelling, erection of conservatory & demolition & rebuild of garage. Mr/Mrs Sarling - 42 Lodge Road - extension to dwelling. RK&J Jones Ltd - land rear of Laine House, Southery Rd - extension of time for the implementation of p/permission ref 08/00141/0. On the 4th March the following was APPROVED by 5 Councillors - Mr D Thredder - 9 Mulberry Close - single storey extension to rear of property.




32  Encroaching Hedges - Corner Bell Street/OBR - hedge over narrow footpath, Clerk to write to owner re cutting back to boundary.


33  Wall - War Memorial - now that most of groundwork completed Clerk to obtain quotes to repair wall. Separate quotes to be obtained to re-paint the railings also.


34  Seats - the seat in High Street needs re-painting to be discussed next meeting.


35  Elections - Clerk reminded Councillors of elections in May.


36  Munson’s Place - enquiry from resident re responsibility of area outside properties at top of cul-de-sac. Very poor condition. Clerk to enquire.


Next meeting to be held 14th March.

Meeting declared closed 9.20pm.