A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of JANUARY 2011 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mr Lawrence (Vice Chair), Messrs. Storey, Lambert, Spanswick, Cooper, Reeve, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present PCSO Bortz & Law, Squadron Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Glasscock & Mr White.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.




SNT - PCSO Law advised she was now the officer covering Feltwell area. She has made arrangements to visit the school in February. A report of recent crime in the area was given. PCSO Law enquired about holding a surgery in the village, she advised the mobile office was no longer in service, a discussion took place and it was suggested that the coffee shop may be a possible venue to hold a surgery she would look into this and advise dates if possible. The next SNAP meeting is being held 4.3.11. Left meeting 7.40pm.


RAF Lakenheath - Sq Leader Neilds advised of the work being done in Leonardís Lane as a good will gesture. Problems with traffic queuing on Wilton Road were advised he would look into this.


Risk Assessment - Litter collector has advised she will sweep court, when is this to be done? Clerk to advise her that this can be done when she feels weather conditions allow.  Clerk advised she has one quote to repair drain cover and pipe from Mr Markiewicz at £150 total. Mr Lambert proposed quote is accepted, seconded Mr Reeve, all agreed. Mr Storey carried out inspection, ivy around trees need cutting and suckers growing out of felled tree stumps need treating with roundup, Chairman proposed quote is obtained from CGM for this work, all agreed. Rest OK. Litter collector enquired about removing wreaths from memorial, Clerk to advise these can now be removed. Mr Garland to do next inspection.


Concrete Pad - Bench - c/n received, cheque on its way.


Enquiries Borough - Clerk has spoken to Mr Williamson at Borough - the owner of the property in Bell Street has been served with a notice and has until 24/4/11 to carry out the repairs to the property. If property is sold within this time limit then a new order will have to be served.


Standing Orders - each Councillor received a copy of these, it was agreed to commence going through these before the next meeting - Councillors to meet at 7pm on 14th February to discuss these, all agreed. Clerk advised Councillors that if they cease to serve on the Parish Council then their copies have to be returned to the Clerk, so keep them safe.


Parish Enclosure - NFN


Verge/Hedge Wilton Road - Clerk has looked when rangers due in village, not until March/April, this area has been reported to Highways.






9   REGBIO Power - Clerk has emailed a Stephen Booth re solicitors email re terms, response received advising a cheque would be raised for the £537.50 in respect of not letting the area and keeping it clean for a year, cheque not yet received. Mr Lawrence felt the Council should be cautious about accepting a cheque without a covering letter outlining what the cheque is for, the Clerk read out the solicitors email which she felt covered this. After some discussion it was agreed that the solicitor is contacted for advice on this matter and that Mr Booth is contacted re non receipt of the cheque and if necessary a covering letter. Mr Booth advised the Clerk that other sites and planning enquiries have to be looked into before a firm decision to proceed is made and that, perhaps, Mr Leech has advanced too quickly. The response from REGBIO has not been very quick.


10  Changing Rooms - Burst pipes during bad weather, Lindseyís have repaired these, water left off Clerk to advise football teams. Rooms damp due to water. After some discussion it was agreed to look at these later as possible re-furbishment is discussed. Insurance excess £250 not viable to claim.


11  Dog Bin - Clerk has written to Mr Johnson and Environmental Health at Borough re permission to site a bin and enquiries re emptying cycle, no responses yet received. Mr Lawrence would chase this up.


12  Potholes - Car Park - workmen filled these in left area quite tidy, they have asked if they can store some stone again for the work being done in Short Lane, Clerk advised area to be left tidy, agreed.


13  Land Registry - Clerk has spoken with DV he advised that amenity land in our area is valued at £10,000 per acre. After some discussion solicitor to be asked to register Councilís land - allotments, playingfield, oak garden and war memorial & garden - allotments at £5-6000 per acre and rest at £10,000 pa, all required maps to be obtained by solicitor, proposed Mr Lambert, seconded Mr Reeve, all agreed.


14  Allotment Committee - Terms of Reference - these were discussed and changes made - Mr Lawrence felt the allotment committee should be able to set rents, the Chairman felt these should be referred to full Council terms to remain. The committee can deal with the tenders received for the farm tenancies. Mr Storey felt that there should be 5 members on the committee, at present only 4, this was agreed. Meetings to be re-worded. Terms to be re- written for next meeting, another member to serve on committee required and if agreed terms will be approved.


15  Gritting Enquires - permission obtained from Highways to site bins, now ordered.


16  Maintenance Contract - advertised at a cost of £72.83 - tenders to be discussed next meeting.


17  Precept - Tax base is 669, Clerk advised that for every £1000 required it will cost each paying household £1.49 per year. Monies being carried forward will be approximately £2-3000 less than this year, maintenance contracts for street lighting and grounds expire this year so new costs yet unknown. Possible energy costs increase as well. After some discussion Mr Lawrence felt the precept should remain the same as this year, belts have to be tightened. Mr Lambert felt that the Council has to be able to cover costs and a increase is necessary. After further discussion Mr Lawrence proposed precept remains at £22,000, seconded Mr Cooper,  Mr Storey abstained rest against. Mr Lambert proposed precept is increased to £25,000, seconded Mr Reeve, Mr Spanswick, Mr Garland, Mrs Smith, Mrs Batten & Mrs McGeeney in favour, Mr Lawrence, Cooper & Storey against. Precept set at £25,000 for 2011/12. PTO.






18  NHS Oakley Enterprises - notice received for an application to hold a licence for a pharmacy in the village. Clerk has spoken to surgery they are against this application which is a repeat of one made a few years ago. The services given at the dispensary and by the shops is deemed sufficient by the Council. Clerk to send letter against this application, all agreed.


19  Norwich & Norfolk CAB - request for donation - refused.




20  Norfolk Police - Budget meeting invitation 20/1/11 at Wymondham.

21  NCC - proposed power/recycling centre in WN - information sheet. Gritting routes leaflet. Temporary road closures - help required.

22  Localism Bill - summary of main point of bill - Clerk to copy to each Councillor.

23  Queens Diamond Jubilee - 2012 celebrations.

24  KL&WNBC - Annual monitoring report - can be viewed online. Standards committee - agenda of meeting held 15/12.

25  NALC - Outset Norfolk leaflet. Community led design free workshop 8/3/11. Norfolk link.

26  Whitehouse - leaflet.


27  CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £678.99, Cash £15, Methodist Church £20.25, S Sargent £65.05, Post Office PAYE £255.10, Anglian Water £152.83


28  PLANNING - none for this meeting.




29  Allotment Tenants Enquiries - for next meeting.


30  Report to Highways - Potholes in Hythe Road between Mr Lambertís & Mr Cockís. H/Road sign still laying beside wall.


31  Council Papers - Chairman advised he has a lot of paperwork that he thinks can be destroyed, Clerk to advise of periods records have to be kept. A lot can be destroyed safely.


32  Feltwell PCC - Our Parish Church as a Community Building - email requesting time at the next meeting to discuss this with the Council. It was agreed a maximum of 15 minutes would be allowed at the start of the next meeting for the PCC to put this venture forward.


Next meeting to be held 14th February 2011.

Meeting declared closed 9.30pm.