A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 11th day of JULY 2011 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Messrs. Lambert, Cooper, Reeve, Spanswick, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present Mr White CC, Mr Dean & Mr North NCC, Sqd Leader Neilds, Mr Ramsey , Mr Samuels & colleague.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Storey & Mr Glasscock.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting  to allow members of public present to address the meeting. Mr Ramsey advised that the two football clubs were in the process of amalgamating into one, a few problems as already affiliated to leagues. They have started fundraising as one club.




1   Feltwell Base - thanks were expressed for the good display given on the 4th July. Clerk asked Sq Leader Neilds if he had received enquiry re traffic speeds along Paynes Lane & if there is a base newsletter that the matter may be bought to personnel’s attention - he would look into this. This is the last meeting that Sq Leader Neilds would attend and the Council expressed their thanks for all his help.


2   NCC - Whitedyke Bridge Repairs - representatives from NCC addressed the meeting, Mr Dean advised that the present situation with this bridge is to strengthen it. Originally it was proposed to replace it but with financial restraints this is no longer possible. The bridge needs to be strengthened as at present it is not deemed strong enough to take the large vehicles that uses it. This bridge is the only link to the public highway so a weight restriction cannot be considered. Mr Dean advised of the work required to strengthen & maintain the bridge which will result in its closure for approximately 9 days and enquired if the Council knew of viable alternative access. After some discussion it was advised that C Brown & C Holman should be contacted as they are the managers for the land owners in the area and it is in their interest to maintain access. Mr Dean advised that it is hoped the work will take place around February half term 2012. The Council will be kept informed of the progress of this scheme. Mr Dean, Mr North & Cllr White thanked the Council and left the meeting at 8pm.


3   Property Bell Street - Mr Samuels and colleague were invited to the meeting to show the proposed pre-application plans for this property. A discussion took place and any concerns were addressed and taken on board for consideration when full planning permission is sought.


4   SNT -  notice of SNAP meeting being held 3/8 at Downham Market.


5   Risk Assessment - flat window received, RST Irrigation will fit it. Work on tennis court has been done. Mrs McGeeney gave report - gate latch missing near cub hut. Graffiti on shelter, it was agreed to leave this for present. Weeds on concrete pad & zip line coating on chain is slipping, Clerk to check. Mrs Smith/Clerk will do next inspection.








7   Changing Rooms  - all Councillors received a copy of  notes from the task group meeting. The first step is for the Parish Council to Minute an undertaking to grant the football club a long term lease on the building (a minimum of 26 years). Once the football teams have formed into one club then they need to send a letter to the Council requesting a lease and also a grant. Mr Lambert felt that the f/club should obtain grants before the Council agreeing to give anything - Mrs Batten advised that the only way the f/club can obtain any grants is if the Parish Council are willing to make a grant. Mr Lambert did not think it correct that the Council makes any decision on giving a grant unless all Councillors are present, this was not deemed necessary as the Councils quorum for making decisions is 4 and it could be several months before everyone can attend a meeting. Any grant money from the Council would be given in stages as the work progressed. Mr Reeve felt that as only about 70 people would use this facility the Council had to be careful with public money, it was advised that the building would not be for the sole use of the football clubs and that any other organisation could use it but it would be managed by the football club. Clerk to check that capital monies can be used for a grant. Mrs Batten advised that the Norfolk FA were very strict on requirements for a sports building and that they would help the football club with the project. The football club needs to form a constitution and come to the Council with a business plan on how they intend running the building. After further discussion the Chairman proposed that Feltwell Parish Council gives an undertaking that a long term lease would be granted to Feltwell Football Club on the changing rooms building upon an acceptable application, all agreed. Planning had advised that consent to site a container was not required subject to it not exceeding 4m in height & 200 m3 in capacity, Mr Ramsey confirmed that the container did not exceed these measurements. Mrs Batten proposed, seconded, Mr Cooper that the football club can site a container on the concrete pad next to the changing rooms to be used as storage for the coming season, all agreed. In relation to advertisements planning advise it would depend on the nature of the advertisement. If it is for a business then generally it will require advertisement consent, more details would be required when the time came for someone wishing to install an advert on the container.


8   Land Registry - the Chairman has fount a conveyance for the Oak Garden, this is to be forwarded to solicitor together with other information required.


9   War Memorial - note from Mr Scarff advising he will finish the wall ASAP. Reply from Ms Cock advising that the volunteers do not feel able to paint the railings they think this should be done professionally. Mrs McGeeney would try to get a group together to do this work, the Council has previously agreed to pay for materials.


10  Allotment Enquiries - Clerk needs to send OS map, pay fee £5 & complete a SIM form to try to ascertain ownership of  “Piggy Lane”.


11  Bin, Bell Street - quote from Mr Scarff to install new bin £60, proposed accept Mr Spanswick, seconded Mrs Batten, all agreed.


12  Village Sign - quote from Mr Fenn total cost £455, no other quotes received. After some discussion it was agreed to hold on a decision as Mr Fenn could not do work for 2-3 months.






13  BT Kiosk - looks as if it has been tidied up.


14  Long Lane - notices received re road closure work due to start 25/7 - during the first phase High Street & Hill Street are to be made two way with a 20mph limit on, and during the second phase Paynes Lane is to have a weight restriction with High Street/Hill Street reverting back to one way - this will mean a long divert for larger vehicles. The divert was not put in place for the first phase as the length of time was deemed too long. Clerk will put up notices around village and in magazine. This work is necessary but is going to cause problems.


15  Grasscutting Verges - complaints received, again, Clerk has made Borough aware - next visit due 26th July - 4 weeks between cuts. Clerk to put Borough contact number in magazine so residents can complain direct about work done. Mr Cooper advised there are two men dealing with several parishes.


16  High Street Sign - nothing yet done re this.


17  Proposed Incinerator - letters advising of planning application & requests for responses to MP’s etc. Clerk read out reply from DEFRA re letter to MP - advising that they are responding and basically it is best to let local authorities deal with planning issues! It was agreed as planning application was not at hand that responses must be made by individuals, the Council has already made feelings clear to MP.


18  Register - Oak Garden -  samples of fake grass shown, Mrs McGeeney would ask those who supplied & laid the fake turf for the play group for a quote, agreed.


19  St Nicholas Churchyard - Clerk reported paths, Mr Lambert would check if they have been sprayed.


20  Report to Highways - no work yet done re pot holes.


21  Skateboard Equipment - the Council has been offered FOC a piece of skateboard equipment, the Clerk read out requirements from insurance company re placing a piece of equipment that included regular inspections, notices & cover restrictions re injuries. Clerk to contact Lakenheath & Methwold clerk’s to see how their skate parks are run & covered before a decision to accept this offer is taken.


22  Hythe Road Footpath - letter from resident asking if the narrow footpath can be made bigger, historically this footpath has only ever been wide enough for one person to use and care must be taken as the large verge supports the footings of the old wall. No action to be taken, resident to be advised.




23  Parking Enquiry email from lady who is visiting village in August re caravan parks, Clerk to advise closest is at Methwold.

24  WNBC - Internal Drainage Board - representative nomination - Mr Lambert already on this board. Notification of new property address’s for Hill Street & Short Beck.

25  E.Cambs. DC - managing growth in E Cambridgeshire.

26  Norfolk Police - local policing plan for Norfolk. Custody visiting.

27  Norfolk Older People Strategy - Older people’s day.






28  NALC - community groups event 9/7. Summer picnic & sustainability event 27/11. AGM resolutions for debate, nomination of officers. Norfolk link. Diamond jubilee celebrations poster.

29  Brochures - All play . JNE. Clerk’s & Councils direct. AJP Publishing. J Parkes. Parish magazine.


30  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £636.25, Methodist Church £22, S Sargent £105.54, Post Office Ltd £128.58, K Mayes £20, RH Lindsay £45.98, Viridor £56.40, CGM £1392, Shaw & Sons £67.78, Berryman £114.22. On the 21st July the following cheques were signed - Land Registry £5, Monster Play £377.72 & AWA £66.63.


31  PLANNING - none for this meeting.




32  Walkway Hedge - walkway off The Beck into St Mary’s hedge encroaching, Mr Reeves advised this has been reported.


33  Report Highways - more pot holes in Paynes Lane.


34  Vehicles Parked on Verges - Mr Reeves felt that this matter should be dealt with as vehicles being advertised “for sale” parked on verges is against the law. Chairman advised the verges are Highways responsibility and these have been reported in the past but are a low priority, Clerk advised if vehicle registrations & the advertised contact numbers are reported to Highways they may deal with them quicker.


35  Inter-Village Games - Mrs McGeeney advised that Feltwell had, once again, won this competition.


36  Computer - Clerk advised she has had problems with computer, last minutes a different format as these had to be done on her personal computer. Mr Mayes has fixed computer again but it is getting quite old & was second hand when received. Clerk wanted Council to keep this is mind.


Before closing the meeting the Chairman expressed sympathies on behalf of the Council to Mr Storey & family for the sad loss of their mother, Mrs M Storey, who served on the parish council for several years.


Next meeting to be held 8th August 2011.

Meeting declared closed 9.40pm.