MINUTE  1177


A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of MARCH 2011 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Messrs. Lambert, Glasscock, Spanswick, Cooper, Reeve, Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Batten. Also present 6 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lawrence, Mr Storey & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting for members of public to address the meeting. Resident enquired about a previous complaint re speeding traffic along Paynes Lane & reporting to the USAF base to bring matter to personnel’s attention. This matter had been over looked, Clerk would contact Sq Leader Neilds re this.




1   RAF Feltwell - email advising officer manager, Ann Brooks, was retiring after 35 years. NFN.


2   SNT - PCSO  Scales arrived at the meeting 8pm - he reported an increase in heating oil, metal and catalytic converter thefts - this is a cross border crime - extra patrols of area’s. PCSO Scales could not advise if any progress has been made re who was responsible for spate of criminal damage in village. Mrs McGeeney enquired about parking on the yellow zigzag lines outside the school - it is an offence to park on these, this is a problem outside all schools, he would pass this onto area officer. Prior to PCSO Scales attending the meeting the Clerk advised the regulations, requirements and possible cost of installing CCTV. Somewhere is needed to house the recording equipment, someone has to be responsible for the equipment and accessing it. A code of practice has to be adhered to and equipment has to be registered. There is no funding available for CCTV one camera can cost up to £12,000 to install re cable etc. Residents can put up CCTV on their own properties, people have to be responsible and vigilante. After some discussion it was agreed not to proceed with a possible project to install CCTV. PCSO Laws had advised that nobody attended the surgery held in Harley’s on 26th February, she has not advised if another one is planned, the surgery was advertised in the parish magazine and she had put notices up.


3   Risk Assessment - another quote received re removing ivy etc. G&L Gardens quoted £550. Chairman proposed CGM’s quote of £370 is accepted, all agreed. Note from litter collector she will sweep court every other week until October unless she hears from the contrary. Chairman did inspection, everything is OK. Mr Spanswick would do next inspection. Clerk advised electric meter cover off again, she has taped it closed - monitor.


4   Concrete Pad, Bench - cheque received, banked 5/3/11.


5   Standing Orders - it was agreed to continue looking through these prior to next meeting, Councillors to attend from 7pm on 11th April.


6   Verge Wilton Road - Rangers - area on list for next visit. Rangers did Crabbes Close footpath. PTO









7   REGBIO Power - NFN. Mr Glasscock advised that there is a stone curlew nest site near to the proposed area. It is up to REGBIO to ascertain planning requirements on the site.


8   Changing Rooms - it was agreed that these should be looked at by councillors, it was agreed to meet at the changing rooms just before 7pm on 11th April (next meeting), so these can be discussed at the meeting.


9   Dog Bins - email from Borough, permission has been granted but they are still waiting for the licence but please treat the email as permission to site the bin. Bin purchased cost £124.85 net. Mr Scarff to be asked to install, Mr Lawrence to advise siting. Following a report that the bin in The Beck had not been emptied the Clerk spoke with Borough, the officer advised that this bin was, for some reason, down as a fortnightly empty, this has now been rectified and a refund for weekly empties will be made on the March invoice. Clerk had confirmed the position of all the dog bins in the village for the Borough’s audit.


10  Land Registry - Clerk is in progress of looking down list of what is held at the records office. Mr Lambert advised these were part of the Newcombe Estate.


11  Gritting Enquiries - grit bins have been filled, one outside school in wrong position but ok to leave at present. Bin at entrance to Newcombe Drive has been tipped over, Chairman would look at this.


12   Allotment Tenants Enquires - only one quote to grade off roadway received from G Waters, this was obtained last year and put on hold till the Spring. Quote not sufficient as surface also needs laying - Clerk to ask Mr Waters to contact Mr Storey to discuss what is required re this roadway. Tenant advised already very muddy. Highways is not responsible for “Piggy Lane” but enquiry has been passed to the highway boundaries team who will investigate this matter further to see if who is responsible can be determined. AWA advised supply runs along verge, probable cost for new connection would be £600 but real cost can only be determined from a survey, cost of which is included in the connection cost. If a water supply is put on how would usage and cost be determined within the tenants? Chairman felt that a allotment committee meeting should be held for these matters to be discussed, reporting back at the next meeting. Clerk will arrange meeting with committee.


13  Highways - junction of Paynes Lane/Wilton Road will be looked at re verges.


14  RAF Feltwell - Street Names - notices from Borough re new names. Also notice that Blackdyke Close is re-named Blackdyke Crescent.


15  Encroaching Hedges - letters have been sent to owner 2 Oak Street & also 2 Hereward Way as hedges are encroaching footpaths.


16  Wall, War Memorial - two quotes received Mr Scarff quoted £895 to repair the wall, Mr Markiewicz quoted £1850, after some discussion Mr Lambert proposed Mr Scarff’s quote is accepted, seconded Mrs Smith, all agreed. Quotes to re-paint the railings were - Mr Scarff £820 & Mr Markiewicz £950 - after some discussion it was agreed not to proceed with re-painting the railings at present, Clerk to write to Ms Cock re volunteers painting the railings if the Council provided the materials.









17  Seats - Mr Cooper would re-paint the seat in the High Street if the Council provided the materials, proposed by Chairman that Council provides paint etc and accept Mr Cooper’s offer, all agreed.


18  Elections - all Councillors received papers, Clerk has spare if anybody else wishes to stand, notices up next week.


19  Munson’s Place - area of verge near no’s 17,19 etc. is the responsibility of Borough but there is no grass on it as area is run over so residents can park vehicles on properties.


20  Bulk Bin  - current agreement expires end March. Clerk has obtained costs to hire 1100ltr bin, weekly emptied - Borough costs £725.20 per year, Viridor £608.50 pa and Biffa £819. Viridor has advised they have no knowledge of environmental charges increasing this year. Mr Lambert proposed new agreement with Viridor for bin is accepted, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed.


21  Donation Request - letter from Age Concern - declined.


22  Appeal - re planning 1-5 Short Beck - appeal allowed for 4 residential properties.


23  Pharmacy Application - notice that approval has been granted but reserved location status has been applied. The effect of the reserved location is that all medical practices with current dispensing rights within that location will retain dispensing rights.




24  NCC - Bus services changes. Boost for Norfolk business’s from 2012 Olympics. Highways- taking on some services responses. Norfolk Minerals & Waste LDF - notification of submission. Notice of carriageway repairs along Southery Road, delays re traffic controls commencing 21/3. Mobile library timetable - this seems to remain the same.

25  WNBC - Planning - pre-application charging - notice that from 1/3 a charge will be levied for this service, minimum of £50 net. The majority of schemes re Parish Council’s will be exempt from a charge. Census 2011 - help & advice. Register of electors update. Norfolk village games. Coach camp leaflet. 10K road race details.

26  Viridor - notification of bank/address changes.

27  NPFA - membership invitation.

28  NCAP&TC - Norfolk link. PAYE leaflet. Came & Co leaflet. Election leaflet & booklet “all about councils”.

29  Brochures - Woodberry. Clerk’s & Council’s direct. Wicksteed. AJP Publishing. Parish magazine.


30  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £631.13, Cash £10, Methodist Church £36.88, S Sargent £74.80, G Waters £390, Viridor £54.43, B Hawkins £154.16, Berryman £70.43, Glasdon £149.82.


31  PLANNING - the following were APPROVED - Feltwell VC School, The Beck - erection of canopy to form outdoor educational area, replacement crittall windows with upvc windows & installation of French doors. C Peckham, 1 Rawlins Way - demolition of unsafe garage & construction of rear      P.T.O.






31  PLANNING CONT - single storey extension & detached garage.




32  Report to Highways - pot holes top of Paynes Lane junction Wilton Road.


33  Allotment Queries - an query was made re produce off allotment gardens being sold, is this allowed? Sheds on allotments are all over the place and not in line? Fencing off of an area of allotment land was also queried, Clerk advised tenant pays for allotment and has agreement cannot claim land as own. Matter of produce selling to be enquired to allotment committee.


34  Bin - the bin in Bell Street beside seat is rotten and come away from base. To be discussed at next meeting.


35  Internal Auditor - letter from Mr Lucas advising he is no longer working and cannot carry out the internal audit this year. Clerk to enquire NCAP&TC re list people if available. Piece to be placed in parish magazine. A group of accountants have advised they cannot give a accurate costing until they can see what is involved but they would probably quote £250 for this year with a reduction if possible but the cost may increase for another year.


Next meeting to be held 11th April 2011

Meeting declared closed 8.45pm.