A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of  NOVEMBER 2011 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mrs Batten (Vice Chair) Messrs. Glasscock, Cooper, Storey, Lawrence and Mrs McGeeney. Also present Sqd Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Smith, Mr Lambert, Mr Reeve & Mr Spanswick.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - no public present.




1   RAF Feltwell - Sqd Leader Neilds advised that late night flying continues for the present. The work on the A1065 to make a new entrance onto the base should be finished by the end of November, on time. The chairman expressed thanks for the large number of American personnel that attended the remembrance service. Nothing further to report Sq Leader Neilds left the meeting at 7.35pm.


2   SNT - email advising of downward trend in crimes for W Norfolk.


3   Risk Assessment - quote from Monster received re zip wire Clerk waiting for clarification on quote, next meeting. Manhole cover has been done. Mr Lawrence did report. Teen shelter one of the Perspex panels has been damaged with a sharp object & needs removing, Clerk to get removed and quote to replace. Double doors to c/rooms have also been damaged with sharp object but ok at moment. Wall on boundary of playingfield is showing signs of deterioration, Clerk to write to owners. Tree stump near cub hut has large hole could prove dangerous, Clerk to obtain quote to have removed/grinded out. Whilst doing inspection Mr Lawrence heard a noise from the c/rooms upon investigation he fount that three lights were left on, a toilet was blocked and another the water was running permanently - Clerk to write to football club re these matters. Playingfield was generally clean, a lot of leaves & branches laying around. Mr Lawrence felt the play equipment was showing signs of wear & tear. Mr Reeve to carry out next inspection.


4   REGBIO - Cq for £500 received to keep area vacant for another 12 months under same terms as previous. Clerk advised Mr Waters has sprayed area for £15, Clerk had contacted some members of the Council to approve this as it would have cost more if it had to be done at a different time. Mr Storey queried this decision.


5   Changing Rooms - NFN


6   Land Registry - NFN


7   War Memorial - letter received from Ms Cock re work completed. Chairman advised brick pillar needs monitoring, it was felt that this was the responsibility of the Church






8   Long Lane - letter from Highways apologising for the signage problems during these works. The most appropriate way of addressing the settlement problems are being considered by the relevant officers and the Council will be consulted about the extent and timing of any work in due course. In the meantime the condition of the road surface will be monitored and maintained by the local team to keep it safe.


9   High Street - Signs - in hand.


10 Oak Garden - Mr Lambert has strimmed this.


11 KL&WNBC - LDF - Clerk read out email received from Ms Truss MP , she has recently met with Natural England and urged them to review their position in relation to the stone curlew buffer zone. We will be kept updated on developments.


12 Report to Highways - Mr Storey would look at the drain in Hythe Road to see if work been done. Footpath in Hill Street, a small amount of tarmac has been laid but this makes no difference to the damaged surface, Clerk to write again.


13 Wall, The Beck - no work yet done to repair wall.


14 Parking, Bell Street - email from resident re vehicles parking on grass in Bell St & Wilton Rd - this was discussed, Clerk to advise sender to contact Highways as they are responsible for these verges.


15 NCC - all Councillors received copies of email re highway proposals, this was discussed and agreed that no bids would be submitted. Settlements water surface management plan - Minutes of stakeholder meeting on website - plan showing possible flood problem areas in Feltwell from surface water.


16 Report to Highways - letter advising the depression near “the Old Ship” on the Southery Rd has been inspected and works to rectify this have been issued to the contractor and will be completed when resources are available, in the meantime warning boards have been erected and these will be regularly checked. There is a scheme in next years programme for a thin veneer surfacing for the Oakfields Estate. Some schemes have been dropped back in the programme due to funding cuts so this will not be done this financial year. Further schemes to complete the estate will be programmed for future years. The “No Through Road” sign has been ordered and will be erected when received. Nightingale Road will be inspected and any work required to defective trenches will be programmed.


17 Incinerator Campaign - Each Councillor received copy of email re funding support, after discussion it was agreed not to make any donation at the present time.


18 Rangers Visit - Clerk advised most work carried out that was reported, waiting list of areas covered.




19 NCC - updating on Highway services. Norfolk Matters. Year book. Better broadband for Norfolk information sheet no2. Methwold Warren, Methwold - planning application additional information. Poster re May Gurney grants for recycling.






20 Active Norfolk  - 2012 Olympic pledge. Leaflets.

21 WNBC - Planning scheme of delegation - update - this was discussed and clarification required, Clerk to email. Core strategy - notice of adoption. Mayor’s design in the environment awards - nominations by 27.1.12.

22 Breckland DC - consultation of LDF Specific consultation.

23 Wash Estuary - conference being held 29/11 at Long Sutton.

24 East of England - conference for councillors re planning being held 21/11.

25 NALC - Consumer champions needed. Norfolk link. Two vacancies on executive committee nominations invited. Initial training for Clerk’s & Councillor’s. Autumn seminar 17/11 at Sandringham.

26 Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons - a guide.

27 National Westminster Bank - ahead for business.

28 Came & Co - parish matters newsletter. Notification of change of address.

29 Brochures - 2 Train. Clerk’s & Council’s direct. Wicksteed. Whitehouse. Woodberry. Glasdon. AJP Publishing. W&S. Furniture at work. Parish magazine.


30 CHEQUES  - were signed for the following - L Peckham £636.25, Cash £15, Methodist Church £28, S Sargent £113.49, CGM £195, Viridor £69.72, Berryman £141.84. VAT refund received and allotment rents banked.


31 PLANNING - none for this meeting. On the 25th November the following was APPROVED by 4 Councillors - Ms J Hall - 1 Munson’s Place - 2 storey extension to form granny annex.




32 Parking Outside School - Mrs Batten advised that a recent newsletter from the head mistress advised that parking on the yellow lines outside the school gates was being permitted to help with parking problems. The Council believes it is illegal to park on these areas and it was agreed to write to the SNT & the school re this matter.

33 Crosshill - Lodge Road - it was agreed to obtain cost to cut back the lower branches of this tree to level it up and improve visibility.

34 Parking on Footpaths - SNT to be asked to look at vehicles obstructing the footpaths in the village especially in Long Lane & Oak Street.

35 Report to Highways - Falcon Rd footpaths - Mr Garland advised that recently workmen had scrapped off the surface of the paths and scattered lumps of tarmac leaving the surface more dangerous than previous, Clerk to report.

36 Poor TV Reception in Village - a lot of people losing channels since digital switchover, Clerk to try and determine why these problems are occurring.

37 Remembrance Sunday - a lot of people attended. Mr Storey felt that the police should be asked in the future if vehicles can be stopped entering Bell Street at the Oak St junction to prevent the traffic problems that occurred during the service.


Next meeting to be held 12th December 2011.

Meeting declared closed at 8.40pm.