A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the l2th day of SEPTEMBER 201I at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: Mr Garland (Chairman), Mrs Batten (Vice Chair), Messrs. Lambert, Cooper, Spanswick Storey (arrived 7.45pm) and Mrs McGeeney.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Reeve, Mr Lawrence, Mr Glasscock, Mrs Smith, Sqd Leader Hill & PCSO Milburn




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman




1 Risk Assessment - still no response from Monster. Clerk awaiting phone call re: zip wire. Manhole cover broken, Mr Samuels has looked at this but unable to repair, Mr Scarff would look at next week – currently covered but not secure. Note from litter collector, did the Council wish her to continue sweeping the tennis court? The court is still being used, continuing sweeping for another month, all agreed. Mrs Batten did report - a lot of wood laying around and rubbish - this was cleaned Monday am. Zip wire buffer has recoiled into itself, to monitor. Mrs Smith to do next inspection.


2 REGBIO - NFN. Adjoining crop to vacant land has been cropped, Clerk had checked area for spraying but this has been cut by tenant of adjoining land so now at stubble. Clerk had spoken to tenant who advised he had cut area while doing his area as it looked untidy. After some discussion it was agreed to leave as present and not spray.


3 Changing Rooms - business plan received from football club, each Councillor received a copy. Container has been sited near changing rooms. Email from solicitor re initial information required for him to draft a lease - the full name of the body to whom the lease is to be granted - Feltwell Football Club. Length of lease - 25 years. Amount of annual rent - after discussion and debate Mrs Batten proposed annual rent commences at £40 per annum, payable at £l0 per quarter, seconded Mrs McGeeney, Mr Storey abstained, rest in favour. Review basis of rent - reviewed every 3 years but not linked to anything. Details of each party’s repairing obligations - the football club will be solely responsible for all building repairs, maintenance and running costs. They will be responsible for obtaining planning permission subject to approval of plans by the Parish Council, area the current hard standing area which is the changing rooms and previous youth centre. Alienation provisions need to be considered - Clerk to speak with solicitor re what this means before a response can be made. Details of rights need to be considered - it was agreed that the present car park will remain for use - the football club will be granted right of access over parish land to the building and also right to connect to already available services with the Parish Council also having rights to services. The Council would also like consideration to be given to them having a right to enter the building at least once per year to check on condition etc. Assigning of lease - Clerk to speak with solicitor re this. These are only initial details for a lease and other matters will be discussed further before any agreement is made.


4 Land Registry - NFN.






5 War Memorial - Mrs McGeeney advised she had arranged for work to start on railings this weekend but the weather proved against the plans, she advised that due to family illness she has not got the time to re-arrange volunteers. The paint has been purchased, Council to reimburse costs, a quote of £300 maximum has been verbally made to carry out the work of rubbing down the railings and painting with paint purchased. Clerk advised previous quotes had been around £800. Chairman proposed that if quote is received, in writing, then it is accepted, all agreed. Repairs to wall completed.


6 Allotment Enquiries - no work yet in progress re Knotweed. Mr Storey asked for clarification of quote- ongoing maintenance would be carried out bi-monthly during March to mid October at a cost of £162.50 per occasion. Copies of licence to dispose & treat not yet received- Clerk has spoken with land registry who advised that the Council cannot register Piggy Lane if it does not hold title deeds, a track cannot be registered in case somebody comes forward that may have deeds. An interest cannot be registered either. Nobody can register it as it cannot be proved how many people use it, have access over it unless they have title deeds. Remains as “No man's land” with no owner. Can the Council do anything to the area near allotments? It would be up to the Council if they wished to fill in the holes!


7 Village Sign - Mr Lambert advised this is in hand.


8 Long Lane - work extended to 16th September - a lot of initial problems re signage and lack of communication with NCC - Clerk rang on several occasions but received no responses. Filled in area in Short Beck already sinking. Clerk to send letter, Chairman will sign, copy to Councillor White.


9 High Street Sign - Clerk has looked at website again - no report will be acted upon without map, sketch of area and photo's of where signs needed are submitted- Clerk to advise Chairman of website so High Street sign can be replaced. Hythe Road has a new sign but Moatside & Rawlins Way signs need re-fixing in the ground.


10 Oak Garden - Mrs McGeeney advised cost to supply same fake grass as used in playgroup was £861, to supply & fit would cost £1476 approximately. A discussion took place on the cost and possible other solutions to the condition of the garden. It was agreed to obtain quotes to weed & spray area & alternatively just to spray area.


11 Report to Highways - Potholes in Old Methwold Rd still not done, Clerk to report again. Short lane patched.


12 Walkway Hedge - email advising budget cuts have resulted in the need to priorities services. The Countryside team is focussing on circular & promoted walks, if footpaths do not fall into this category then they are unlikely to be able to assist other than recording the locations for the future should money become available.


l3 Report to Highways - junction Mundford Rd has been repaired. Kerbside weeds have been sprayed on most estates.


14 Obsolete Lights - Clerk had contacted NCC who advised lights not on their lists, not on Council's list either - as it cannot be determined who are responsible for these lights no action can be taken.






l5 Feltwell FC - letter requesting further usage of pitches & changing rooms for current season. Chairman proposed usage continues at current cost of £10 per home game with payment terms & responsibilities to remain the same as previous years, all agreed.


16 NCC - Waste Reduction Officer - letter of introduction, information available, possible meeting. Not at present.


Mr Spanswick & Mrs McGeeney gave their apologies & left the meeting.


17 KL&WNBC - LDF - Clerk advised of areas proposed to be included in village guideline for future development - only two. These areas are proposed by the planning officer and not yet agreed, several areas rejected, although those who submitted areas have not been advised. A discussion took place and it was felt that the stone curlew issue was given more weight when deciding on village guidelines than the needs of a village for future development to grow. There are surrounding areas that are sensitive to stone curlews but not within the growth capacity of Feltwell. A letter is to be sent to the Borough to this affect; Mr Storey declared an interest and did rot vote, rest agreed.


18 Vitalise - request for donation – declined.



19 NCC - Dale Farm Evictions - possible impact on region & meetings being held. Changes to bus routes wef end October.

20 KL&WNBC - Electoral list amendments.

2l WN Sports Council - small grants for staging Olympic linked events.

22 NALC - Norfolk link. AGM - l/10 invitation to attend, agenda annual report. Training re quality status l2/l0. Invitation to climate change skills meeting 27/9.

23 Norfolk Police - pocket fact guide.

24 CGM - letter advising they have become an approved tree work contractor.

25 RHA - Britain in Bloom opportunities.

26 Amazon Leisure - community gym venture.

27 Brochures - SMP. BESA. Clerks & Councils direct. IOG Saltex. Glasdon. AJP Publishing. Playingfield. Lightmain. Miracle Play. Sutcliff Play. CPCL. Parish magazine.

28 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £66l.22, Cash £15, Methodist Church £l6, S Sargent £127.91, CGM £444, Viridor £56.52, MHB Services £7.86, Berryman £170.20, C Scarff £955.

No PLANNING for this meeting.



29 Report to Highways - potholes at entrance to Oakfields, Lodge Rd just outside village sign, Paynes Lane. Blocked damage drain grid Hythe Rd near first roadway on left - water overflowing. Footpath Hill St near new property.

30 Wall. the Beck - wall damaged on boundary of Old School, debris laying on footpath, report to owner.

31 Rubbish - dumped in gateways Southery Rd.

32 Parking Bell St - new residents parking on main road, quite dangerous when coming from junction, as there are no yellow lines the Council cannot prevent parking here, although it is very dangerous.

Next meeting being held 10th October. Meeting declared closed 9.15pm