The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday 14th May 2012 at the Methodist Church, Bell Street, commencing 7.30pm..


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Vice Chair) Messrs. Lambert, Cooper, Storey, Lawrence, Spanswick and Mrs McGeeney. Also present 20 members of public, 3 representatives from Football Club, PCSO Bortz.


Due to the Chairman’s resignation from the Council on 30/4/12, Mrs Batten took the chair.


APOLOGIES - none received.


ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON - Mrs Batten asked for nominations for position of Chairperson, Mr Cooper proposed Mrs Batten as Chairperson, seconded Mrs McGeeney - there were no further nominations Mr Lambert & Mr Spanswick in favour, Mr Storey & Mr Lawrence abstained - Mrs Batten was duly elected as Chairwoman. Mrs Batten signed her declaration of acceptance to office.


ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRPERSON - The Chairwoman asked for nominations for the position of Vice Chair - Mr Spanswick proposed Mrs McGeeney, Mrs McGeeney was not willing to stand. Mrs McGeeney proposed Mr Lambert, seconded Mr Cooper, there were no further nominations, all agreed. Mr Lambert was duly elected as Vice Chair.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman..


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended for 1 minute, nobody present wished to speak.




1   Vacancy - an election will be held as there are 2 candidates.


2   SNT - PCSO Bortz gave crime figures for Feltwell from Jan-May - burglaries 2 from dwellings, 10 non-dwelling, 2 criminal damage, 2 drug related, 1 fraudulent forgery, 1 theft of motor vehicle, 6 thefts from motor vehicles mainly number plates, 3 people have been arrested for these recently and 2 violence against a person. Overall Norfolk remains one of the safest places to live. PCSO Bortz left the meeting.


3   Risk Assessment - no costs received from Mr Scarff re bases & panel. Clerk is meeting with CGM re ivy on trees. Mr Glasscock did report, nothing new to report. Mr Cooper would do next inspection.


4   REGBIO - Clerk advised cost of poll was £1275.29, not as high as the estimate given by Borough. Clerk advised the Council that if they felt intimidated to discuss this matter in public then they could pass a resolution to discuss this matter in private, any discussion would be private but the Minutes would be public. Mr Lawrence, Mr Storey and Mr Lambert felt this should be discussed in public, agreed. Mr Spanswick advised that initially he was not 100% in agreement with this proposed plant but he now feels that with what is happening in the country a parish should try to support itself and he supports the project, Mrs McGeeney agreed. Mr Lambert advised he has not changed his mind personally but a vote was held in the village and 70% of those eligible to vote did not so it can only be presumed they do not care.






4  cont. - either way. The Parish Council represents the village including those who voted in the poll, where the majority was against this project, he could only come to the conclusion that it is untenable to support this project further. Mr Lawrence felt that these plants were not a good use of public money, the Council has given the Parish a chance to speak. Mr Lawrence felt that advice given by the past Chairman was not correct and that he should not have visited the Hockwold plant without first advising the Council of his intention to do so. Mr Cooper felt that Mr Lawrence should not have approached the MP about this project without the Council’s knowledge, Mr Lawrence advised anyone can go to the MP on any matter. Mr Storey congratulated Mrs Batten on becoming the Chairwoman & thanked Mr Garland for services to the Parish over the years, he advised that as a Borough Councillor who serves on the DCB he has been legally advised not to comment on issues that involve possible planning permission, this is why he has not entered into any discussions on this project. The Clerk enquired if this advice has been given to Mr Storey, does this not apply to Mr Lawrence also? As Mr Lawrence is only a substitute board member this does not apply as he can decide not to represent on applications. Mrs McGeeney feels the income that could be made from this project for the village would be good and perhaps the Council should not make any decisions until the plant at Lakenheath is built and running. Mr Spanswick proposed that the Council makes no decisions on whether to proceed or not with this project until the plant at Lakenheath is built & running, seconded Mrs McGeeney, Mr Cooper & Mrs Batten in favour, Mr Lambert & Mr Lawrence against, Mr Storey abstained - motion carried. Clerk to advise REGBIO. Mr Storey enquired about the area of land, REGBIO have paid a holding fee until October.


5   Changing Rooms - Clerk advised refund of £644.09 received re rates for c/rooms over past 2 years, presently no rates due. The Chairwoman invited Mr Edwards (Feltwell FC) to address the Council. Mr Edwards gave a representation of an amended way forward to this project - the senior Saturday team has been promoted, for the first time in the villages history, into the Anglian Combination league and increased criteria for changing facilities is required. The present project of new facilities plus hall is proving too big a project for the club and they are asking if the Council would agree to the project being split in two with the c/rooms rebuild being the first phase. Grants from Norfolk FA will still be applied for but WREN only offer grants for fixtures & fittings and for multi sport facilities. The FC will continue to fund raise. The idea of a hall has not been dismissed. Mr Lawrence advised when Councillors met Mr Lemon (Norfolk FA) he advised that referee facilities plus other criteria was required. Mr Samuels advised the Council that the plans drawn up for the project could be split in two and that the c/room facilities met all requirements/criteria. Mr Lambert enquired about re-furbishment, Mr Samuels advised that the condition of the walls & roof could prove costly against a re-build and the projected costs were not that much more to rebuild just the c/rooms. Mr Lawrence felt the building should be demolished. Mr Storey felt the building should be demolished, the project should be supported, he believes the present building was not built to a high standard. Mr Samuels advised some materials can be sourced to help keep costs down. Mr Samuels advised he had obtained the cost of hiring temporary c/rooms @ a cost of £8000 for 32 weeks. Mr Lambert felt the c/room rebuild should be done first. Mrs McGeeney felt that the community needs a hall & that grants were more available if the Parish Council joined forces with the football club. Mr Storey felt that from past experience the playingfield is the wrong place for a hall and that the village should be asked about spending a large amount of capital money. After further discussion the Chairwoman proposed that plans & specifications to rebuild just c/room facilities are drawn up and three tenders obtained , Mrs McGeeney abstained, rest in favour. Mr Cooper proposed Mr Samuels draws up plans for Council, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Mr Edwards thanked the Council for their support. Mrs Batten asked Mr Storey/Mr Lawrence about a scheme within the LDF & communities.






5 cont.- Mr Lawrence advised this is known as CIL and replaces the section 106 agreements. Mr Storey would look into this.


Sqd Leader Neilds arrived 8.20pm.


6   USAF Feltwell - Sqd Leader Neilds advised of new commander - Kyle Robinson. Complaints about firing range usage, especially early morning were advised, this would be looked into.


7   Land Registry - no response yet from solicitors re progress.


8   Proposed Willows Incinerator - NFN


9   Plaque, High St - NFN


10 Report to Highways - Rangers will visit village over next few days. Potholes in P/Lane & Short Lane done.


11 EDF - Light - work to replace lines in High St being done 15/5, then light will be re-erected in Long Lane.


12 Oak Garden - no offers to clean up received, Clerk meeting with CGM this week cost to clean up to be obtained.


13 Cheques - Mr Glasscock has since resigned from the Council, another signature required to be added, mandate change not yet complete. It was agreed Mrs Batten to sign on account, new forms completed.


14 Audit - Governance statement & accounting statement were agreed, completed and signed by Chairwoman, all Councillors received balance sheet, accounts approved proposed Chair all agreed. Mr Storey enquired about costs of c/rooms, Clerk advised large water bill due to burst pipe and survey fees. Books to be taken to TWR accountants for completion of internal audit.


15 Donation Request - Mrs McGeeney not yet completed order & costs.


16 Report to Highways  - pothole 3 Old Methwold Rd not yet done, on schedule, Clerk had again advised very dangerous.


17 O Licence Enquiry - Clerk advised that this enquiry had to be dealt with as any pre planning enquiry would, the Council cannot make any comment without knowing what is in the application. These applications do not normally come to Council’s. Resident advised.


18 E.On - due to climate change levy, increase of £3.21 net per month to supply costs.


19 Residents Enquiry - withdrawn.


20 Review of Committee/Allotment Terms of Reference  - Allotment terms, agreed no changes.






20 cont. - Committees - Rawlins Charity - Mr Lambert, Mr Cooper & Mrs McGeeney. Fuel Allotment - Mr Cooper, Mr Lambert & Mr Fox. Atmere Charity - Mr Lambert. Allotment Committee - Mr Storey, Mr Cooper, Mr Spanswick, Mrs Batten ( one other required to determine when vacancies filled). All agreed.


21 Review Rates Paid - Litter collector on NMW (£6.08ph), she does a very good job a letter of thanks for the work she does is to be sent, Clerk enquired if the Council felt that perhaps her hourly rate should be increased due to the work she does? Matter to be discussed at next meeting when past costs advised. Nothing received re Clerk’s pay yet.


22 Resignations - Clerk read out letters of resignation from Mr Garland, Mrs Smith & Mr Glasscock, thanks were expressed for their services to the parish. The Chairwoman proposed a card is sent to Mr Garland, all agreed. Mr Lambert proposed that after 23 years service to the parish, 16 of them as Chairman, a gift to show our appreciation should be presented to Mr Garland, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Clerk enquired how much should be spent? Mr Lambert proposed between £30-40, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.


23 Viridor - Waste Transfer Note - required for waste collected - signed by Chairwoman. Clerk advised she had received notice of price increase, this does not apply to us as we have just entered into contract.




24 NCC -  Norfolk minerals & Waste development framework - pre-submission documents comments by 29/6. Better broadband information sheet. Free training for Clerk’s re NCC services.

25 F Davis - Sign writer/restorer.

26 Stroke Association - 1948 Torch trial - Mrs McGeeney advised this was now part of the jubilee celebrations up the school on 4/6, a fun run is being held and proceeds will go to the association.

27 WNBC - Basic of planning session - training event 19th June. WN Sports council - AGM 12/6.

28 NALC - Archive film in the community presentation 15/5. Norfolk link. Summer event - the Broads 8/6 at Ludham. Jubilee events - insurance cover details. Initial training for Clerk’s & Councillors. Joint summer conference 3/7. Filestream storage.

29 NPFA - Playingfield newsletter.

30 Brochures - Street snooker. Glasdon. Furniture @ Work. Clerk’s & Council’s direct. Parish magazine.


31 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £723.66, Cash £10, Methodist Church £16, S Sargent £90.08, EAS Lambert £5, NALC £304.97, Berryman £92.70, BCKLWN £1275.29, Viridor £54. Recycling credit £618.22, VAT refund £1365.89 & rate refund £644.09 received.

32 PLANNING - E Porter & Son - Grange Farm, Old Methwold Rd - extension building for grain storage & agricultural machinery storage - APPROVED.


33 Report to Highways - Potholes - Lodge Rd near new build & further along. Hythe Rd near Church, o/s 25 Short Beck, top Paynes Lane. Mr Spanswick advised he has seen vehicles overtaking along Wilton Rd near junction Paynes Lane, very dangerous - this is perhaps a police matter.

34 Computer Security - this runs out in 6 days Clerk purchased Norton 360, £59.

Next meeting to be held 11th June. Meeting closed 9.30pm.