A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 16th day of APRIL 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mrs Batten (Vice Chair) Messrs. Lambert, Glasscock, Cooper, Storey, Lawrence, Mrs McGeeney  and Mrs Smith. Also present 14 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Spanswick.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended for 3 minutes.




1   Vacancy - an election has been requested to fill this vacancy, if more than one candidate stands then an election will take place on 24th May, the cost of an election to the Parish would be approximately £2/2200. Borough have enquired if polling cards are required, cost of these would be approximately £650/700 extra, Mrs Batten proposed no polling cards necessary, seconded Mr Glasscock, all agreed. As the vacancy is for the Feltwell Ward, then those parishioners living in the Anchor Ward would not have a vote, postal & proxy votes would still be available.


2   SNT - Theft of number plates in Short Lane & trailer from garden Bell Street during March, Clerk advised that crime figures are published in magazine when possible.


3   Risk Assessment - quote from Monster Play for replacement panel youth shelter received, panel £745 & £450 installation charge - total £1195 net. A discussion took place, Mr Storey enquired about its use & initial cost, this shelter is well used by youths & the initial cost was raised by a youth group in the village. Mr Lawrence suggested that Mr Scarff is asked to quote to replace the perplex panel with like or alternatively with a solid piece of metal, all agreed. Damage could be claimed off insurance, excess £250 plus loss of NCD bonus. Clerk has quote to remove ivy from trees in hand. Cost to remove, cover bases not yet received. Mr Spanswick did inspection, nothing new to report. Mr Glasscock would do next inspection.


4   REGBIO - Clerk read out result of poll & advised of piece in magazine as follows - there are 1726 electors eligible to vote in the parish, of these 512 electors voted in the poll which equates to approximately 30%. Of those who voted (of the whole electorate) 388 or 22.5% voted NO & 123 or 7.5% voted YES, 1 paper was marked void. The Chairman advised that he did not propose to discuss the implications of the poll tonight but simply ask Councillors to take some time to consider their response to the result. In particular think about the fact that a Parish poll is not binding to the Council. There was a vote of confidence in the Parish Council at the Annual meeting. Be aware that the Parish Council may be open to an audit challenge as why, when it had an opportunity to make money from an asset, it failed to do so. The Parish Council may have to explain why it has not taken an opportunity to get X amount of money for the Parish and to maximise its resource, when only 22.5% of the electorate voted against it. Remember that the Borough will impose planning restrictions as Forest Heath DC did.






4   The restrictions imposed can be viewed on the FHDC website and Councillors were urged to check this. As lease holders the Parish Council can impose its own restrictions in addition to any imposed by the Borough. The Chairman proposed that Councillors discuss this matter further at the next meeting, all agreed. Mr Lawrence asked if his figures for those who voted in the poll were correct at 75% No & 25% Yes, Clerk confirmed that these were correct for those who voted. Mr Lawrence submitted a copy of email received from Ms Truss, MP in which it states that she does support Mr Lawrence’s decision, as a Borough Councillor, in opposing the scheme.


5   Changing Rooms - Clerk advised rates received £382.50pa, as the building is rated under £6000 she has applied for these to be reviewed and hopefully no payment will be required. Clerk read out emails received, one advises that they are unable to submit an application for a grant from WREN as they will not own the building, any application would have to come from the Council. This is not correct, the football club would own the building the Council would lease them the land to build it on. Clerk to speak with WREN re this. Another email received advised that they are completing a grant application to the FA and part of the form asks for the supply of the tenancy/lease document that gives the FC access to the land/building for the next 20-25 yrs, is it possible to have a lease document drawn up? After some discussion it was agreed that a lease could not be drawn up yet but Clerk to enquire if a letter of intent, from the Council’s solicitor, showing that a lease for X amount of years would be given to the FC would suffice?


6   Land Registry - NFN Clerk to enquire progress.


7   Signs -  Borough has advised St Mary’s St sign cannot be moved as Highways require street names to be visible from every direction , therefore, new sign will be erected on paper shop wall.


8   Parking, Bell St - situation has improved, Mr Storey advised he has not yet visited the residents due to the improvement.


9   Proposed Willows Incinerator - additional information received by NCC this can viewed on website. Mr Storey advised that this will again be discussed at County middle/end May and felt the Parish Council should again advise of its objections. Clerk advised previous comments will be noted. Mr Storey proposed that another response of objection suggesting that the application is referred to Eric Pickles MP, is advised, seconded Mr Lawrence, all agreed. The Borough has advised they will continue with their request for a judicial review.


10  Report to Borough - property in Oak St has been repossessed and is up for sale, now responsibility of HSBC.


11  Came & Co - advice to Councillors is on their website.


12  FOI Enquiry  - Clerk advised request on hold, cost to provide information has been advised at £5.20.


13  Plaque, High St - Clerk has made enquiries, Borough require photo of plaque, Chairman would do this.






14  Report to Highways - no work yet done to reported potholes. Next rangers visit is w/e 7/5/12, Clerk read out areas reported. County has sent information on footway works, Nightingale Lane, Fair close & Fairfield Way will have preparation work carried out 14-18 May, ahead of slurry veneer surfacing at a later date.


15  High Street, EDF - the proposed work was not done but work in Long Lane to replace a pole was carried out 13/4 - damage was caused to the footpath (BT cover) this has been reported for urgent attention to EDF who advises it is BT’s responsibility, Highways have also been advised. Street light has been removed from pole and not installed on new pole, Clerk to chase as area very dark.


16  Oak Garden - area getting over grown again, what action to take? After some discussion it was agreed to place piece in magazine asking if anybody would like to clean up voluntarily?


17  Cheques/Minutes - Mr Garland has previously advised he intends to resign from the Council shortly, he presently puts the Minutes on website and he agreed to continue to do this after his resignation, agreed. Mr Garland is also one of four councillors able to sign cheques, it was agreed that more signatories were needed, Clerk had new change of mandate forms from the bank. Mr Lambert, Mr Glasscock & Mrs McGeeney all banked personally with Barclays and agreed to be added to the signatories on the Council’s account, the Chairman proposed Mr Lambert, Mr Glasscock & Mrs McGeeney are added to the signatories, all agreed, relevant forms were signed. Mr Garland to be removed. Three signatures are required on cheques, when the change is in force any three of the following Mr Storey, Mr Cooper, Mr Spanswick, Mr Lambert, Mr Glasscock & Mrs McGeeney will all be able to sign cheques etc.


18  Minutes - at the last meeting Mr Lawrence questioned the amount of information contained in the Minutes & felt people should be named so that who makes enquiries is known. Hockwold’s meetings last as long as ours but they produce more pages of Minutes, the same applies to Borough meetings. Clerk responded to Mr Lawrence, she has been advised that the public section of the meeting should not be Minuted as it does not form part of the Parish Council meeting, so in future this will not be Minuted. Great care is required when naming members of the public due to the data protection act. With regard Hockwold’s minutes (the Clerk had a copy) the format & layout used by Hockwold Clerk is different from that used by the Clerk. Minutes are records of decisions taken and not of comments or information received, Minutes are approved on the accuracy of decisions taken at a meeting and not on the style they are presented as each Clerk has different styles. As long as the decision process together with the proposer, seconder and vote is recorded correctly then that is all that is required The Clerk advised she stands by the way she produces the Minutes. Mr Storey felt that Councillors needed to be named, Clerk advised that Councillors are and will continue to be named when required. The Chairman felt that the Minutes are acceptable as present, agreed.


19  NALC Subscription - renewal invitation, £304.97, Chairman proposed subscription renewed, all agreed.


20  Audit - audit date 24/7 - return has to be approved by Council by 30/6 & sent to auditors by 4/7. Return to be completed at next meeting. Internal auditors TWR cost to remain at £250.


21  BT - new contract, saving on present contract.






22  Donation Requests  - letter from Mrs McGeeney asking for consideration to help with costs towards two sporting events for the village, the first request to part fund a archery course is now being donated by the Parish Magazine. The second request for a donation towards the cost of supplying T-shirts for the competitors of the inter village games, which Feltwell has won the last two years, due to this being an Olympic year.  Team Feltwell is made up of about 100 villagers with ages ranging from 8 -60yrs+, the approximate cost for the T-shirts is £400, would the Council consider part or full funding these? Mr Lambert proposed that the Council funds the full cost of these T shirts £400, seconded Mrs Batten, Mrs McGeeney abstained, rest in favour. The Chairman gave a vote of thanks to Mrs McGeeney for all she has done for sport in the village over the past few years.

Tapping House Hospice donation request, declined.




23  Norfolk RCC & NPFA - membership invitations & e-news letter. WN Older persons forum - how to join.

24  NCC - recycling credit rates increased from £47.64 per ton last year to £49.07 pt for 2012/13.

25  NALC - Parish online workshop 9th May - Chair will look at this.

26  Wind Turbines  - e petition.

27  Anglian Water - hosepipe ban leaflet.

28  RBS - interest rates offered.

29  Came & Co Insurers - E. newsletter.

30  Brochures - Woodberry. Running Imp. Alexandra. Total security solutions. ROSPA. Playingfield newsletter. Wicksteed. Glasdon. Online playgrounds. Arbor. Parish magazine.


31  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £663.22, Cash £10, Methodist Church £16, S Sargent £133.80, Post Office Ltd £117.38, CGM £99, KL&WNBC £289.54, Environment Agency £34.67, Viridor £252.61, Berryman £68.77, Anglian Water £301.20. Precept payment received & banked.


32   PLANNING - none for this meeting.




33  Report to Highways - pothole o/s 3 Old Methwold Rd, edge of cover, also some further along OMR. Road dips near entrance to bowls club, Long Lane for about 4m.

34  Operator Licence Enquiry - next meeting.

35  E.On - climate rate increase from 1/4 - report change next meeting.

36  Computer Problems - Clerk advised of telephone call received from Windows Live support team, it was advised this is a scam & Mr Lambert gave information of free programme to download to clear any problems.

37  Residents Enquiry - next meeting.

38  Review of Committee’s & Allotment Terms of Reference - next meeting.

39  Review of Rates Paid - next meeting.

Next meeting to be held 14th May will be the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council - election of Chairperson/Vice Chairperson - 7.30pm. Accounts ledger will be on show.

Meeting declared closed 9.05pm.