A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 13th day of AUGUST 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Messrs. Cooper, Spanswick, Cock and Samuels. Also present Sq Leader Neilds, Mr S Samuels & 4 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lambert, Mr Storey, Mrs Mills, Mrs Bane & Mrs McGeeney.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


RESOLUTION - the Chairwoman proposed that a resolution is passed to close the meeting to the public & press at the end of the agenda items to allow the Council to view & discuss the tenderís received for the rebuild of the changing rooms, all agreed.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended for 10 minutes to allow members of the public to address the Council. Meeting was opened again at 7.40pm.




1†† SNT - Clerk advised of two house burglaries & one from farm premises reported in last month. Email report from Sup Dave Marshall advising crime has reduced in Norfolk this year.


2†† USAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised that comments re the traffic problems on 4th July had been discussed and it is probable that next year traffic lights will not be used. He advised that the firing range has been out of use for 1 month, to make up for lost time it will be used on the August bank holiday but will not commence before 8am, it was planned not to use it but due to the closure this is not possible. It was reported that an American family were cycling regularly the wrong way along the one way system, could this be bought to base personnel attention as it is quite dangerous? Sq Leader left at 7.55pm.


3†† Risk Assessment - Quotes received from Mr Scarff re various areas on the playingfield, some of the repairs needed on play equipment he was unable to do, quotes to remove sharp edges, replace loose missing fixtures & repaint where necessary re the teen shelter for £40 total was proposed accepted Mr Cock, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. To replace panel in teen shelter with 3mm aluminium sheet & paint to nearest colour £465, cost from Monster to replace and fit panel was £1195 net, after some discussion it was agreed not to do this at present. To topsoil around concrete bases where ride-on mobiles were £110, alternative to be discussed at next meeting. Clerk did inspection - weed growth on tennis court, cost to spray to be obtained. Bin on playarea dented, there is a lot of branch debris on the playingfield and somebody has dumped garden rubbish near the cub hut entrance. The field has chaffer bug problem, quotes to deal with these were advised - Ground Control quoted £105 net to spray just the football pitches with Clobber, another treatment would be required April/May next year. CGM quoted £420 net to apply Nemasys G - a biological control which kills the larvae, to apply Merit Turf £2400 net- a granular insecticide. Quote to spray the field to improve grass growth and reduce weed content £590 net. Mr Samuels advised that this bug had been a problem up the golf course. After some discussion Mr Spanswick proposed the quote from CGM of £420 net is accepted, seconded Mr Samuels, all agreed. Spraying of field to be budgeted next year. Mrs Batten to do next inspection.





4†† REGBIO - spraying of area in hand.


5†† Changing Rooms - Clerk advised cost to submit planning application was 50% of that advised at last meeting as Councilís pay a reduced rate. Planning application received, closing date for decision 24th September. Clerk advised she has spoken to G Lemon, Norfolk FA re funding possibilities and he is going to contact her shortly re the requirements of a possible new, less complicated grant that the senior team can apply for re changing rooms as they have been promoted to the new league. Mr Lemon advised that the football club could have submitted a pre-application form re a grant from the football foundation, this is the information they make a decision on re progressing, planning permission was not required to do this. A grant can be applied for by the Council, football club or jointly. Grants of over £50,000 were more complicated and legal charges etc. were required, not so vigorous for under £50,000. All Councillors received a copy of letter from resident re the possible building of a hall, Clerk to acknowledge this letter & advise contents were noted. Following a meeting held by the football club on 6th August which was attended by some Councillors the Clerk advised of the procedure for convening a parish (public) meeting, Mr Cock felt that as the Council has already agreed to progress with the rebuild of the changing rooms then any meeting to discuss a hall should be convened by those who want it. Mr Cock proposed that no parish meeting is convened by the Council at present, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Football club to be advised of the required procedure for convening a parish (public) meeting. Fire extinguisher company has contacted Clerk re servicing the extinguishers, was this required? Hold until next meeting. Clerk had made another enquiry to the planning officer re section 106 funding, there are no large enough planned developments in the village to warrant this type of funding at present.


6†† Land Registry - Clerk advised of letter & maps of areas received from solicitor, Mr Lambert has looked at these and marked the map, as required, for the allotments on the Hythe Rd. All other areas as marked on plans. Disclosure of overriding interests form received to be completed, Mr Cock advised that his family business has used the roadways on the OBR allotments as access to/from adjoining land for a number of years, this is a historical use, Clerk to advise solicitor.


7†† Plaque, High Street - in hand.


8†† Report to Highways - Clerk awaiting confirmation rangers have visited village, some reported work not yet done - walkway off The Beck into St Maryís has been cut back.


9†† Oak Garden - email from Ms Withers, area has been sprayed she is still waiting for confirmation of size of signage. Mr Scarff has looked at wall, he advises that the cracks are caused by the tree root - after some discussion Mr S Samuels advised he has a structural engineer visiting the village shortly and would ask him to look at the wall for advice if the Council agreed, the Council thanked Mr Samuels and agreed to await the advice.


10Audit - Clerk had received enquiry from auditorís re monthly balance sheets (now in hand) and the capital revenue that we hold, Clerk advised that there was a possible scheme in hand that capital monies would be used for. Balance sheets, no queries.


11Review of Committees - Mr Spanswick advised he is standing down off the allotment committee, two new members required. Mr Samuels volunteered, this was accepted. Another member required.






12Resignations - all newly elected Councillors have signed their Declaration of Acceptance to office and filled in required forms. Mrs M Bane, Mr C Cock & Mr C Samuels.


13S/Light Maintenance Contract - contract signed 18/7. Invoice received for this month, standing order form signed for further monthly payments £188.44pm.


14Planning - application 2 Leonardís Lane has been recommended for approval by the DCB. Clerk advised how the planning system works re Parish Councilís, advising that if applications are received soon after meetings then these have to be determined by at least 4 Councillors (quorum) and returned to Borough, the Clerk has 21 days (incl Sat & Sun etc) to deal with applications, dates are advised on the applications. If the due date is close to a meeting the planning officer usually allows an extension so that it can be determined at a meeting.


15Report to Highways - Highways have advised work on Oakfieldís footpaths still not complete, these will be re-surfaced during August weather permitting. Some preparation work questionable.


16Churchyard, St Nicholas - Mrs Batten & Mr Lambert had met with CGM again, work has been done as advised, another meeting is scheduled to be held in September. CGM had been asked to quote to carry out some extra work in the Churchyard, remove ivy & bushes from graves & reduce bushes & raise tree canopies, the total quoted for this work is £1582.50 net or £1332.50 if cordwood & brash is not cleared off site. After some discussion it was agreed not to have any of this work done at present, if required this needs to be included in budget next year as approximate costs are known. Mrs Batten advised she was somewhat concerned about the condition of the ďin useĒ area of the Churchyard and has approached the friendís of St Maryís re a voluntary clean up of the area, a weekend has been set for this 6/7th October, a piece will be put in the magazine. The vicar has been contacted for permission, this is not a Council led initiative. As the area is the responsibility of the Church caution was required as to what can be done.


17Vermin on Allotments - Mr Smith advised that he would be happy to put a £200 pa limit on theft or damage of equipment while dealing with rat problem on garden allotments, copy of insurance also received. As Mr Smith quoted a monthly contract price, it was agreed to accept this limit.


18Code of Conduct - guidance notes received re understanding responsibilities in relation to declarations of interests under new standards regime. Copies of adopted code of conduct to be signed & returned to Clerk. Interest forms have to be returned as these have to be submitted to Borough.


19Encroaching Hedges - bush 12 Short Beck, owner of property has advised this is not their responsibility, Highways looking into this. Other reported hedges have been cut back.


20Bin, Long Lane - no action has been taken to empty/remove bin Clerk to write again.


21NALC - Payment Methods - response re this note by 11/9 - to be discussed at next meeting.


22WNBC - Changes to Refuse Collections - changes to take place from April 2013, letter re attending a meeting to discuss changes - officer attending December meeting.






23NALC - briefing notes re Public Rights of Way - to be copied to Councillors.

24Norfolk Police - Homewatch AGM 16/8 @ Wymondham.

25Norfolk RCC - e-newsletter.

26NCC - Yearbook.

27Brochures - Clerkís & Councilís direct. Glasdon. Eco services. Parish magazine.


28CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £843.90, Cash £30, Methodist Church £29.75, S Sargent £130.29, K&M Lighting £188.44, Berryman £87.35, Viridor £54.12, DG Waters £72. Eon DD.


29PLANNING - Mr & Mrs Jones - Laine House, Southery Rd - amended design for detached double garage - APPROVED. Feltwell Parish Council - playingfield, Paynes Lane - erection of new changing room facility following the demolition of the existing changing rooms - APPROVED. S Estcourt - 1 Lodge Rd - creation of a separate parking area & lowering of existing wall - APPROVED.




30Report to Highways - pothole o/s 6 St Johnís Way & Blackdyke Rd. Flooding in Paynes Lane, o/s 3,5,8 Bell St & near corner of Old Methwold Rd/Munsonís Lane. Road surface from Feltwell to Hockwold, very uneven. Allotment tenants had enquired re speed limit reduction near entranceto gardens on Hythe Rd, Clerk to enquire.


31Encroaching Hedges - 2 Oak Street hedge restricting use of footpath again. Hedge near almshouse owner to be determined. Clerk had written to owner of land in Short Beck, encroaching growth has been cut back. 1 Crabbes Close - owners are removing tree/bush growth.


32Willis Civils - company dealing with duelling of A11, they will contact us shortly re project.


The meeting was closed to the public & press at 9.25pm


It was agreed that Mr S Samuels attend this closed section as agent for the Council, proposed Chair, all agreed.


33 Tenders - Changing rooms - four tenders were received, 7 invited, these were discussed. Planning permission should be determined by 24th September. Mr Samuels advised the tenders were invited based on the minimal requirements of the FA, if no FA funding was being sought then requirements could be changed. It was felt that if the work is to be done then it should be carried out to meet the specificís for now and the future, the Council had added on the kitchen & store as necessary requirements to meet all that the building could be utilised for. After further discussion it was agreed to wait until the next meeting when more Councillors will be present before making a decision on the tenders and level of financial support from the Council. Mr Samuels will advise those who submitted tenderís. A closed session will be held at the end of the next meeting, all agreed. It was agreed due to the condition of the present building that this facility should be closed for use from early September if possible, football club to be advised.


Next meeting to be held 10th September 2012.

Meeting declared closed 10.10pm.