A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of  DECEMBER 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills. Also present Sq Leader Neilds & 4 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Bane.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chair suspended the meeting for member’s of the public to address the Council. Meeting resumed 7.35pm.




1   Vacancy - there are 2 candidates thus an election will be held on 13th December.


2   SNT - theft from motor vehicle reported, also warnings of distraction burglaries. Also thefts of diesel in area.


3   USAF Felt well - Sq Leader Neilds had nothing to report, gate 8 opened on 30/11. An exercise was held last week. Recent helicopter movements late at night were nothing to do with the USAF.


4   Risk Assessment - no report from Digley’s yet. Fence quotes in hand. Clerk advised the swing had been repaired FOC. Mr Cock gave his report. Electric meter door is open again, this is in hand, a lot of branches laying around & leaves on tennis court. Mr Storey to do next inspection.


5   REGBIO - Payment of £500 received & banked.


6   Changing Rooms - Clerk has not submitted grant application to FA as not possible to complete form until amount of grant from construction fund determined. An asbestos survey is required, Clerk has contacted Mr S Samuels re this, this was discussed. A discussion took place re the overseeing this project & it was agreed to obtain costs from companies. Mr S Samuels had also enquired re using an alternative inspector re the building regs - costs from Borough & an alternative to be obtained. Mr Storey felt strongly that this project must be overseen by the best possible person/s to prevent a repeat of the previous building problems re the present structure.


7   Land Registry - Playing field & allotments registered, Clerk received copies of these. Memorial garden in hand, Mr Cooper has completed sworn statement. Solicitor to hold original deeds etc.


8  Report to Highways - Clerk held meeting with Mr Edmunds 20/11. Letters have been sent to owners of 2 Oak St & properties at top of Payne’s Lane re hedges, these will be followed up as no action taken. Footpath in Munson’s Lane has been done. Responsibility for drain cover in The Beck to be determined, this is probably Anglia Water, if it is they will be contacted, Clerk to chase this up as getting worse.






8 - The footpaths in Hill St/Short Beck will be swept & what work the Ranger’s carry out will be more closely monitored.


9   Oak Garden - Mr Edmunds would speak with Mr Wallace re this and contact Miss Withers re signage, although this may prove expensive due to new rules. Highways do not have any money to spend on maintaining the garden at present. It was felt that Highways could not have it both ways and if someone was willing to maintain the area they should accept this or do something themselves.


10 Balance Sheet - no queries.


11 Churchyard, St Nicholas - meeting in hand.


12 Bin, Long Lane - Clerk to check again.


13 Encroaching Hedges - no work yet done, Clerk to chase Highways & owner of area again.


14 Letter, Newcome Family - no response, matter closed.


15 Encroaching Hedges/Trees - Mr Lambert has looked at the growth over the walkway onto playing field, the problem growth is coming off property 10 Newcombe Drive, Clerk to contact these again re this growth and the need to cut it back.


16 Overspill Car Park, Doctor’s Surgery - maintenance work to car park done, cost £275 not £370.


17 Allotments, Pest Control - November report received. Mr Storey advised there was a lot of rats in the hedge along Hythe Rd, he had contacted Clerk re asking Mr Smith to deal with these. Clerk had contacted Mr Smith re this problem, he had not found any evidence in rats living in the hedge further along the Hythe Rd but if the Council wanted him to bait here he would offer the cost. A discussion took place, it was agreed to ask Mr Smith if he had checked both sides of the hedge and also the frequency he bait’s the current boxes that are placed around the garden allotments. Mr Smith has a rolling monthly agreement with the Council to deal with rats on the garden allotments.


18 WNBC  - Proposed Incinerator - letters received re enquiry, Mr Storey gave update of procedure.


19 Tree P/Field - two quotes received to remove tree - CGM quoted £147 net but advised that electricity company would have to inspect as tree near wires, D Peckham quoted £150 net - Mr Storey proposed D Peckham quote is accepted, seconded Mr Spans wick, all agreed.


20 War Memorial, Brick Pillar - only one quote received, Clerk had invited more, Mr F Adams quoted £119. Work needs to be done before more damage occurs, Mr Lambert proposed Mr Adams quote is accepted, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.


21 Hockwold & Methwold Community School - letter re meeting 27/11 & questionnaire.


22 KL&WNBC - Parish council update - an evening session added to training event being held 7/2.






23  Norfolk Police - meeting re precept requirements now being held 17/1/13. Poster re new PCC for Norfolk.


24  Property, Bell Street - large garden boxes removed. Mr Edmunds advised that Highways had agreed to place posts outside the property. Mr Storey enquired what material will these posts be made of, this was unknown.


25  Bin, High Street - Clerk showed several different types of bin available and costs, after a discussion Mr Spanswick proposed Topsy Royale bin from Glasdon, cost £145 net, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed.


26  Wilton Road Verge - more work has been done on area.


27  Edmund Moundeford Trust - Mr Hawkins had advised who the present Trustees are, the parish has 3 representatives on the trust, it has been determined these are Mr Storey, Mr Fox & Mr Garland. Mr Hawkins was going to talk with the trusts Chairman (Mr Storey) re their current terms of office, nothing further has been advised. Do the Parish Council representatives have to be serving councillors?, not necessarily the representatives have to be nominated by the Council to represent the parish on the Trust. The terms of office for Council representatives is 5 years before re-nomination or new nominations are made. Mr Storey would speak with Mr Hawkins re this.


28  RBL Enquiry - email received from Mrs Lambourne enquiring if the wreaths could remain on the memorial until the end of January if they are in good condition & kept tidy, this was agreed.


29  WNBC - Street Name Enquiry - verification of correct address lines for Shrub Hill area - Borough have been advised re Shrub Hill farm address, they enquired re removing old names such as Shrub Drove & Fodderfen Drove - it was felt these should remain as although not postal address they are historical.




30  Donation Requests - Home start. Norfolk Age UK.

31  KL&WNBC - monthly electoral alteration list.

32  Barclays Bank - business credit card application.

33  NCC - Gritting routes leaflet. Norfolk matters - e copy. Year book amendments. Scam awareness workshops.

34  Electrical Safety Register - changes to industry.

35  Norfolk RCC - young people, food & us - survey’s, views required.

36  Brochures - W Smith landscapes. Glasdon. AJP Publishing. CGM. Parish magazine.


37  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £830.10, Cash £15, Methodist Church £21.25, S Sargent £81.28, Viridor £54, D Waters £382.80, CGM £1392, JM Harris £275, G Smith £36. On 18/12/12 cheques were signed for Anglia Computer Solutions £349 & Office Perfection Ltd £369.60.


38  PLANNING - none for this meeting.






39  Report to Highways - potholes - outside 2 Newcombe Drive, Hythe Rd near 2nd allotment gateway, Lodge Road - several up to the quarry entrance. Stop line onto Wilton Rd from base needs renewing. Verge along footpath on Wilton Rd needs taking back again.


40  Historical Names - developers enquired re original name of farm in Bell Street being developed to gauge some new names, it was advised original name Homestead farm but been known for some time as Hall farm. Enquiry also re where did Munson’s Place name originate from, Mr Cooper would look this up.


41  Village Greens - recently vehicles have been parking on the green’s outside Chequers pub, letter to be sent to landlord requesting that customers are advised not to park on greens, all agreed.


42  Boundary, The Beck - new development boundary near “the Beck” , concerns raised, matter to be monitored.


43  Bulk Bin - recently somebody was able to access the bin and deposit some rubbish, users to be asked to ensure bin is locked so that it is not accessible.


44  Quarry - on Lodge Rd closes at the end of the year.


45  Photcopier - Copier needs repair, drum has failed, cost to repair £185 net. Clerk has obtained costs for a new machine to compare against repair. Three quotes obtained, Dig copy £785 net, Digital Copier systems £1495 & Apogee £308 net. A discussion took place on the type of copier required, Mr Lambert proposed new machine is purchased from Apogee cost £308 net, seconded Mrs Mills - Mr Storey proposed an amendment to the proposal that the Council’s present machine is repaired at a cost of £185 net, seconded Mr Spanswick nobody in favour of amendment, 6 against - 4 in favour of Mr Lambert’s proposal - motion carried.


46  Precept  - next meeting.


47  Natural England - Ash tree’s - disease - does the Council have any of these tree’s on its land? Discussed next meeting.


Next meeting to be held 14th January 2013.

Meeting declared closed 9pm