A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 13th day of FEBRUARY 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mrs Batten (Vice Chair) Messrs. Lambert,  Cooper, Storey, Lawrence, Spanswick. Also present PCSO Milburn, V Fear (Lynn News) & approx 50 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Smith, Mr Glasscock & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting for the public present to address the Council. Ms Cock enquired that as 664 people signed a petition against the planning application for the proposed power plant on the OBR & the application has since been withdrawn would the P/Council support a second application?  Comments were made re the land usage with concerns that the Council was holding 1 acre of land. Mrs Reeve asked if a public meeting could be held to discuss the proposed power plant, the Chairman advised that this may well be discussed during the meeting. A question was raised about a parish councillor defacing the petitions, the Chairman advised that if the petitions were defaced then the person responsible was not acting in any way on behalf of the Parish Council. On request the Councillor concerned advised that he acted as an individual and not as a Councillor. Further comments were made re holding a public meeting. A resident advised of concerns re a planning application , the Chairman advised this should be directed to the planning authority. The Chairman closed the public section at 7.50pm.




1   SNT - PCSO Milburn was present, crime figures have been received for recent months. She advised the increase in metal and fuel thefts and asked that people remain vigilante and report any suspicious vehicles.


2   Risk Assessment - still waiting for cost for panel on teen shelter from Monster & Mr Scarff re repairs. Mr Storey did inspection - back wall deteriorating in places, this is the responsibility of the home owners. Ivy on tree near cub hut needs removing. C/room door full of small holes and light broken (this is ongoing). Bolt on shelter missing. Due to weather area not completely clear of litter. Mr Garland would do next inspection.


3   REGBIO - planning application been withdrawn. Letter from Ms Cock requesting a public meeting is held. The Chairman advised that the Annual Parish meeting could be held in March, this is a public meeting where any parishioner can ask questions relating to parish issues. It was felt that this meeting should be held before the next Parish Council meeting. The Chairman proposed that the Annual Parish Meeting is held early March, date & venue to be determined with the proposed power plant to be put on the agenda, all agreed. Clerk to hire the school, meeting to commence 7.30pm. Mr Lawrence asked that it is Minuted that he had previously asked for a public meeting to be held, the Clerk disputed this and advised that at no time had he requested a public meeting is held to discuss the power plant, he responded that it is Minuted. Mr Lawrence has also spoken to the MP, E Truss and advised that apparently     






3  - she agrees with the objections against this application!.


4   Changing Rooms - NFN. These have been regularly checked over the bad weather re burst pipes, no problems.


5   Land Registry - NFN


6   Signs - email from Borough if a sign is erected on Londis to show High St then one is required on the paper shop to show St Mary’s St - photo of proposed positioning, if acceptable would the Parish be happy to seek permission for the signs to be sited? Clerk to ask shop owners. As for Hall Drive taking no action to indicate the street name from High St are the risks acceptable as far as the parish is concerned? The Council advised the position re a sign for Hall Drive this would have to be free standing on private property, to fit to the wall would not be practicable due to its condition.


7   LDF  - NFN


8   Wall, The Beck - Clerk has spoken to company on two occasions, there has been a mix up with contractors work will be done within next few weeks.


9   Parking Bell St - Mr Samuels has advised that owners aware of problems, vehicles have been parked further along road when possible.


10 Parking O/S School - email from Borough advising they have reviewed the area and unfortunately there are no Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’S) restricting parking in Feltwell, this renders them virtually powerless to enforce any parking issues. The police have retained powers to enforce what could be described as “dangerous” parking, this is very different to what is generally considered as “inconsiderate” or “inappropriate” parking. If we wanted this area to be considered for yellow lines, then Highways should be contacted. Clerk to contact Highways, agreed.


11 Crosshill, Lodge Road - work done.


12 Torch Trail - more information, Mrs McGeeney is involved with this project.


13 Report to Highways - potholes done. No response re branches on verge along The Beck.


14 NCC, Road Closures - notices re Whitedyke Bridge work, road closed for 4 weeks to strengthen the bridge, diversions in place. Short Beck to be closed for remedial work for 3 days, Clerk has spoken to officers and this will now be closed for only one day 15th Feb, the one way system will be two way for the duration of the work, signs in place.


15 Proposed Willows Incinerator - letters and second round planning application - Mr Lawrence proposed that the Parish Council object to this, seconded Mr Storey, all agreed.


16 WN Mind - donation request, declined.






17 KL&WNBC - training sessions re changes to the planning system. Notification of change of address - Denton Lodge cottages. Special grants for a historic year.

18 NCC - Waste reduction team - 2 invitations. Living well community fund. Adult education projects.

19 E Truss MP - invitation to attend meeting being held 20/4 at Weeting re raves. Mr Spanswick is interested in attending.

20 Foolhardy Circus - visit to village?

21 Willows Power & Recycling Centre - newsletter.

22 NALC  - Norfolk’s year of celebrations fund. Norfolk link. Neighbourhood planning seminars. Initial training for Clerk’s & Councillors. Affordable housing seminar.

23 Norfolk RCC - SMART Norfolk event 1/3/12.

24 Brochures - GSL. Dardan. FLP Sport. Amberol. Clerk’ & Council’s direct. Furniture @ work. Running imp. W&S Ltd. Glasdon. Parish magazine.


25 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £661.22, Cash £10, Methodist Church £12, S Sargent £86.32, Viridor £56.52, Berryman £184.50, CGM £108.


26 PLANNING -  J&B Simmons, Red Lodge Garage, 40 Lodge Rd - Variation of condition 2 of p/permission 11/00205/F - REFUSED out of character due to its size to other dwellings on site.




27 Report to Borough - empty property in Oak Street, boundary wall deteriorating near footpath.


28 Standing Orders  -  each councillor received copy of updated orders, to be checked for adoption at next meeting.


29 Came & Co Insurers - Councillors guide to Parish Council insurance.


30 Blue Bin Hire - costs received from Viridor, waiting costs from Borough for next meeting.


Next meeting to be held 12th March 2012.

Meeting closed 8.40pm