A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday the 10th day of JULY 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten ( Chair) Mr. Lambert (Vice Chair), Messrs. Cooper, Storey,  Spanswick, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Mills. Also present 11 members of public including representatives from football club.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lawrence & SNT team.


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST -  Mrs Batten declared an interest in a planning application at Rawlins Way.


MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman. Clerk advised number sequence of Minutes for May meeting were wrong and have been amended accordingly.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chair suspended the meeting to allow member’s of public to address the meeting. Meeting opened again at 7.35pm.




1   Presentation - letter of thanks received from Mr Garland re his gift.


2   Vacancy - cost of election held in May was £1281.10.


3   SNT - Clerk advised two attempted thefts in village during June from a garage & vehicle.


4   Risk Assessment - work to severe ivy on trees been done. Still no response from Mr Scarff, the Council agreed to obtain alternative quotes for outstanding work. Mrs McGeeney was unable to carry out inspection, Clerk was going to do but due to weather conditions has not. Clerk checked area a couple of weeks ago, nothing major, Clerk to do next inspection.


5   REGBIO - Vacant Area - M Waters has quoted £60 to spray vacant acre on OBR, Mr L Enefer has quoted £50 to spray this area and two other areas of allotment garden (as required by allotment committee). Mr Cooper proposed Mr Enefer’s quote is accepted, seconded Mrs McGeeney, all agreed.


6   USAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds arrived and advised that one of the “golf ball” structures will be removed temporarily for maintenance, it will be re-instated. July 4th celebrations were discussed, some traffic problems but not too bad, traffic lights may have caused extra congestion. Range operations have been looked into, some problems have been due to urgent training being required at short notice, Sq Leader Neilds apologised for problems. The Council thanked Sq Leader Neilds, he left meeting 7.50pm.


7   Changing Rooms - Clerk read out letters received from both senior & junior football teams. The senior team thanked the Council for their continued support of re-building the changing rooms and the junior team requested that the Council reconsider its decision to submit plans for changing rooms only and submit the plans showing a hall attached to enable grants etc. to be applied for. The Clerk outlined to the Council the history of this project, from the initial decision to look at the building up to the last meeting.






7    Changing Rooms cont - the Clerk reminded the Council that a decision has been made, by all Councillors present at the June meeting, to submit plans for changing room facility only to the Borough and invite tenders. A discussion took place, Mr Storey advised that a hall was sited on the playingfield many years ago but it did not achieve what was hoped and it was eventually knocked down, the Council has always supported a new c/room facility on the site, not the building of a hall. The Council has a moral duty to provide a facility to replace the current building which is in very poor condition and if a new hall is built this should be a parish project and the parish need to be consulted and involved, the onus should not just lay with the football club. The plans have been drawn up so that any future event held on the playingfield can use the toilet & kitchen facility without having to enter the changing room area. The plans also allow for a hall to be added in the future if that is what the parish want and the monies are raised. Mrs McGeeney advised that for grants to be applied for a hall, planning permission has to be obtained. A further discussion took place and it was agreed that the football teams should meet and come together on this project, decide the way forward, meet with the Council and then go to the parish if it is decided that a hall is the way forward. For the time being the changing room project continues, as agreed. Mr Samuels advised that the cost to submit the plans to Borough is £1005 for c/room facility only and £2010 if a hall was added to the current plans, the plans will be submitted to Borough shortly as flood risk assessments etc. were required to be completed, tenders have been invited from several local builders. Mr Samuels asked for clarification that he now only takes instruction from the Parish Council re this project, this was confirmed. The FA have only ever indicated interest in the c/room facility and a grant would be applied for from them, they would not consider funding a hall. A copy of the plans for the c/rooms were given to the football club. Clerk also advised of letters received from class 5 at the junior school, one was read out, Clerk to respond to class advising of the proposed c/room project and thanking them for their letters.

Mrs McGeeney gave her apologies and left the meeting at 8.45pm.


8  Land Registry - NFN


9   Proposed Willows Incinerator - Mr Storey advised that NCC planning committee recommended approval at their meeting held 29/6, but the final decision will be taken by E Pickles MP.


10 Plaque, High Street - Mr Samuels volunteered to send a digital photo of plaque to Borough.


11 Report to Highways - walkway has been sprayed. Next Rangers visit w/ c 6/8/12 - already reported areas will be done if not yet, signs top of Paynes Lane & 30mph signs hedge growth need cutting back. Walkway off The Beck into St Mary’s is very overgrown.


12 Oak Garden - quote received from CGM, to cut down and remove arisings, then spray area £85 net, then bi-monthly to spray £24.50net per occasion. Email from S Withers advising that the Fish Piper are interested in sponsoring the garden , what would the Council expect from them and what size signage would be acceptable? Mr Lambert felt it was a good idea to accept the offer to sponsor the area, as long as it is kept clean & tidy it would be up to them to decide what to plant etc. Mr Spanswick enquired if the crack in the wall had been inspected, Clerk advised not yet. The Chair proposed Ms Withers offer to sponsor the area is accepted, all agreed. A maximum of two small signs could be placed on the site.






13 Audit - return posted 30/6. All Councillors received monthly balance sheets, this is a requirement of the audit as advised by the internal auditor. Mr Lambert enquired re the “other” expenditure, Clerk advised payments are Minuted but the majority of the total so far is the cost of the parish poll.


14 Donation Request - invoices received for T shirts for inter village games, NALC has advised the VAT can be reclaimed as the cost involves a sporting event. Total of invoices £516.40 net, £607.72 gross, the Council have agreed to pay £400, Mrs McGeeney has raised £123 which will be donated to the Council, thus the net cost is covered.


15 Review of Committees - next meeting.


16 Review of Rates Paid - Clerk advised that she has had her job evaluated by NALC and has been advised that presently her pay scale is 21 and she should be on pay scale 32 - Clerk advised the hourly increase from 21-32 would be £4.119 per hour. Mr Lambert enquired what the new hourly rate would be? Clerk advised while she has no problem with the public knowing what she gets paid, this is Minuted monthly, she would prefer not to disclose her hourly rate, Mr Storey felt a decision could not be made without this evaluation being seen, the Chair had a copy of this which was passed to Mr Storey to view. The Clerk advised that due to the large increase she was willing to have her pay scale increased to 27 - an increase of £1.991 ph until April 2013 and then for it to be increased to scale 32 from then, when it can be budgeted for. Mr Lambert enquired how many extra hours the Clerk had worked recently due to the poll and elections? Clerk could not give exact but she has worked several extra hours this year. Mr Lambert felt that there was no reason to delay increasing the Clerk’s pay scale to what she is entitled and proposed the Clerk pay scale is increased to 32 with immediate effect, seconded Mr Spanswick, Mr Storey abstained, Mr Cooper, Mrs Mills & Mrs Batten in favour. The Clerk thanked the Council.


17 Resignations - Election being held 12/7 - 6 candidates standing for the three vacancies on the Council.


18 Activity Sessions - nothing further heard.


19 S/Light Maintenance Contract - each Councillor received a copy of legal briefing from NALC following correspondence received re MHB Services going into liquidation. K&M Lighting have offered a one year contract, same terms as MHB, at a 5% discount of the cost. Clerk has invited Westcotec to submit a tender but nothing received. The Council can decide to continue the contract the Council held with MHB Services with Westcotec honouring the terms for another 2 years, accept 1 or 3 yr contract with K&M Lighting or obtain more tenders. After some discussion Mr Lambert proposed a 1 year contract is entered into with K&M Lighting Services, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed.


20 Planning - amended plans for site west of 48 & 50 Wilton Road advised to be viewed on website - Mr Spanswick advised difference re turning area but no major problem - no further comment made. Amended plans for site 2 Leonard’s Lane also advised, the changes relate to the visibility splay as required by Highways - it was felt that having an access to two properties on Long Lane in this vicinity was too dangerous and the REFUSE recommendation still stands. Clerk advised she had enquired to the planning officer if the Parish Council can request that a planning is “called in” by a Borough Councillor if they feel it may be necessary, the officer advised there is no reason why a Parish Council cannot request that a Borough Councillor calls in a planning application. On this occasion the 28 day consultation.






20 Planning cont - period has expired so it will not be possible to have the application “called in” by a Borough Councillor but it could be put to the DCB if the Parish Council and officer’s recommendations differ - Mr Storey noted this matter.


21 Report to Highways - email advising that they are responsible for weed control and spray twice per year, this has been done. They check a sample of the sites after 2-3 weeks to see if the work has been successful and the weeds have died back. With regard recent work on Oakfields this has been passed to the central support team for further investigation.


22 Churchyard, St Nicholas - Mr Storey & Mr Lambert had met with manager from CGM re the very poor condition of the Churchyard - it was agreed that the area would be put right, the edges would be cut back, footpaths sprayed and areas within graves strimmed, as a gesture of goodwill they would tidy up the garden area also as a one off. The work undertaken will be regularly inspected and another meeting is scheduled in 1-2 weeks time. Mr Storey felt the area was still not acceptable and requested that somebody else attends at the next meeting, the Chair offered to attend with Mr Lambert. Area still being monitored. Tender’s have to be viewed carefully when next obtained, agreed.


23 Encroaching Hedges - been cut back.


24 Vermin on Allotments - three quotes received to deal with rat problems on garden allotments, Hythe Road. Clerk read out all quotes - G Smith quoted £30 per month for 12 month period, £360 net, JR Pest Control £960 net total and P Ashman £560 net total. Mr Lambert proposed that in principle Mr Smith’s quote is accepted subject to clarification on cost to replace boxes and insurance cover against public contamination is advised, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed.


25 Code of Conduct - each Councillor received copies of the Borough Council’s adopted code & NALC’s proposed code. After some discussion Mr Lambert proposed that the code adopted by the Borough Council is adopted by Feltwell Parish Council, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Clerk gave all Councillors present form to Register Member’s Pecuniary Interests, this new form includes member’s spouse, partners etc. Clerk advised only details of any interest within the Parish had to be disclosed on this form, copies of which have to be sent to the Borough. Mr Storey & Mr Lawrence as Borough Councillors do not have to complete a separate form but the Clerk must have a copy of their forms for the parish records.




26 KL&WNBC - Gambling Act - review of statement of principles - any comments by 1/10/12. Monthly electors alterations.

27 Norfolk Police - Local policing plan, survey & custody visiting information. Nominations invited for Norfolk Safer community awards.

28 War Memorial Enquiry - Clerk to respond.

29 Norfolk Hospice - charity golf day.

30 Brochures - FLP. Rapid Racking.com. J Parkers. Parish magazine.




31 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £663.22, Cash £10, Methodist Church £17, S Sargent £94.43, Post Office Ltd £93.04, Berryman £186.04, Mapac £607.72, Anglia Water £313.96, CGM £216,  Viridor £54, TWR Accountants £300, KL&WNBC £1281.10. D/Debits for Eon & BT.


32 PLANNING - M Paterson - 23 Rawlins Way - extension to principle elevation - APPROVED - Mrs Batten declared an interest and did not vote, rest in favour.




33 Encroaching Hedges - 22 High Street, 7 & 7a Oak Street, 12 Short Beck bush growing onto highway.


34 Report to Highways - pot holes o/s 6 Hereward Way, junction of Hereward Way & Moatside.


35 Bin, Long Lane - litter collector has reported bin near take away is very full & not being emptied, Clerk to write to owners of shop to ask for them to empty this on a regular basis.


36 Methodist Church - the cost to hire the small room has increased to £8.50 per hour from June.


Next meeting to be held 13th August 2012.

Meeting declared closed at 10pm.



On the 19/7/12 the following Planning was REFUSED by 4 Councillors - Mr & Mrs Benham, 43B Paynes Lane - construction of dwelling.