MINUTE  1218


A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th  day of  MARCH 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Garland (Chairman), Mrs Batten (Vice Chair) Messrs. Lambert, Glasscock, Cooper, Storey, Lawrence, Spanswick. Also present 11 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Smith, Mrs McGeeney, Mr White CC & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES - of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman. Mr Lawrence commented that he felt the content of the Minutes was not sufficient, this would be discussed at next meeting.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chairman suspended the meeting for the public present to speak, only one member of public spoke.


COUNCILLORS RESIGNATION - letter received from C Reeve giving his resignation from the Council, Clerk to advise Borough accordingly.




1  SNT - Crime figures received, one theft reported in Feltwell.


2  Risk Assessment - Clerk has contacted Monster Play again re cost for teen shelter repair. Still waiting report from Mr Scarff. Clerk advised more than one tree have ivy on them, costs not yet obtained. Mr Storey advised he noticed the worst effected tree, it was agreed costs to remove ivy from trees, where necessary, is obtained. Mr Garland carried out inspection, the bases from the old ride on equipment are showing through these need to be removed or re-buried, Clerk to ask Mr Scarff to look at these, agreed. Nothing new to report. Mr Spanswick would do next inspection.


3   REGBIO - Clerk advised that at the Annual Parish Meeting held 9th March, a parish poll was requested, this has been sent to Borough but the date of the poll has not yet been advised. Also at the meeting REGBIO advised they would arrange dates for anyone who was interested to visit the Hockwold plant, no dates yet advised. Email from REGBIO thanking the Council for arranging the meeting, one matter was not addressed properly re the noise levels, Clerk read out explanation on how levels are scaled. Letter from resident enquiring if the Council would consider addressing the balance of information to people before the parish poll is held? Perhaps a leaflet drop with the facts so the myths perpetrated can be dispelled and people can make an informed decision before voting. It was felt that enough people attended the public meeting to put points across and those that were bothered did turn up and others did not. The legal position as to whether the Council could do this was also questioned, Clerk to check this with NALC. The Chairman proposed that as the Council would have to check its legal position and the time limit would not allow a decision to be made then the resident be advised that the Council could not consider the request, all agreed. Clerk advised that following the last meeting she had contacted E Truss (MP) to clarify her position on the planning application for the power plant, her response advised that she has been contacted by individual constituents and responded to them directly. She had also spoken to Mr Lawrence, as a Borough Councillor, who had recommended that the application be called in.






3  (cont) -  before the full planning committee, she supports this decision as this will ensure all views are properly considered & allow for representations to be made. Mrs Batten felt that Mr Lawrence should apologies for misleading members of the public & Council at the last meeting by stating he had previously asked for a public meeting to be held, in the Minutes approved in December 2010 (November 10 Minutes) Mr Lawrence asked that the company (REGBIO) holds a public meeting, not the Parish Council as stated at the last meeting. Mr Lawrence disputed that he asked the company to hold a public meeting, he apologised if people felt they had been mislead.


4   Changing Rooms - Nothing further heard. Clerk has contacted Mr Samuels with details from WREN as email received advising that the landfill site is closing and WREN are ceasing to accept grant applications for this area wef 29th August. Clerk to enquire the progress from the football club.


5   Land Registry - NFN


6  Signs - Clerk advised owners of Londis have no problem with a sign being erected as long as it is not on the flint area, the manageress of the paper shop also can see no problem, Clerk to advise Borough. There is a sign for St Mary’s on the Church wall, perhaps this could be moved rather than a new one being made, Clerk to suggest to Borough. Borough will contact the owner of 7 Hall Drive re siting a sign on their property.


7   LDF  - NFN


8  Wall, The Beck - this has been repaired.


9  Parking, Bell Street - Mr Storey felt parking in this area is very dangerous due to its closeness to the junction of Oak Street and something further needed to be done. Clerk advised that the highway code states that you should not stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction. Dangerous parking was a problem in various areas of the village. After some discussion Mr Storey agreed he would speak with the owners of the vehicles that are parked in Bell Street.


10 Parking O/S School - Highways has advised that in Feltwell there is no Traffic Regulation Order backing the zigzag lines therefore “parking” tickets can not be issued. Unfortunately it is unlikely in such locations that additional TRO’s or yellow lines would be considered a priority for NCC. That said NCC are looking at giving the zigzag the same rules as bus stops, where it will be an offence to stop. This is currently at a consultation stage. Basically the zigzag are not enforceable at present, although obstruction offences may be considered for enforcement, which would be a police matter.


11 Proposed Willows Incinerator - Mr Storey advised that the Borough Planning had objected to this application again today on health grounds, but they are not the final decision body the County Council are. No deadline on a final decision has yet been set.


12 Report to Borough - Clerk has contacted Borough re property Oak Street, officer dealing with this not available until tomorrow.






13 Standing Orders - Each Councillor had received up to date copies of Standing Orders. Mr Lawrence proposed that S/O 7b on page 17 is deleted, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Mrs Batten proposed Standing Orders are adopted by the Council, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.


14 Came & Co Insurers - next meeting.


15 Blue Bin Hire - Clerk advised costs for forthcoming financial year - Viridor quote £10.50 per empty (this is 50p per empty less than this year) plus 10p per day rental of bin, a total of £582.50 per year net. Borough Council £13.56 per empty plus annual hire of £72 plus £31.50 for waste transfer note, a total of £808.62 per year. Clerk has email from Viridor advising price is fixed for 12 months, there will be no additional charges levied. Mrs Batten proposed bulk bin is hired from Viridor, seconded Mr Glasscock, all agreed. Chairman signed contract.


16 Financial Regulations - each Councillor had received a draft for consideration - the following were amended - 2.1 deleted, 5.4 N/A as the Council still receive cheques back from bank, this will come into force if the bank stops returning the cheques, 6.5 alternative delete, 6.6 amend from 2 councillors to 3.11.1 I -  amend to value below is £1000 and above £200, 13 delete, 16 Charities - Clerk to check re Rawlins Charity. Following the agreed amendments Mrs Batten proposed Financial Regulations are adopted, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. These will be reviewed annually.


17 WREN - email from WREN advising that due to the closure of the Feltwell landfill site, they are ceasing to accept grant applications for this area wef 29th August, if there are any projects that they may be able to help with please contact S Gosling. Clerk has advised the football club. The project at St Mary’s Church may be considered, Clerk to give details of contact. Piece to be placed in magazine.


18 Freedom of Information Act Enquiry - Clerk advised the Council of a request received for information under this Act.




19 NS&I - changes to investment account - from 21/5/12 this will become a postal only account, a full statement will be sent each year showing interest and any transactions. Passbook will no longer be used.

20 KL&WNBC - WN Village Games being held 24/6.

21 Norfolk Police - budget increase of 3% being added to precept.

22 NCC - shaping Norfolk’s recycling centres - online questionnaire.

23 NALC - guideline to prayers at meetings. Affordable housing seminar being held 20/3.

24 Norfolk RCC - E newsletter.

25 E.Cambs Local Plan - consultation 5-26th March.

26 CGM - new cleansing division.

27 E.On - updated terms & conditions.

28 Brochures - Norse. JNE. Woodberry. Clerk & Councils direct. Furniture @ Work. Parish Magazine.


29 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £636.25, Cash £15, Methodist Church £12, S Sargent £87.44, Viridor £56.28, Edmund Moundeford School £55, Berryman £80.83.




30 PLANNING - none for this meeting.




31 Plaque High Street - there is a commemorative plaque on 4 High St which needs cleaning, responsibility unknown. Enquiries to be made for next meeting.


32 Report to Highways - Potholes in Lodge Rd, o/s 26 St Johns Way, road also sunken at entrance to 26-30 St Johns Way. Pothole & road surface breaking up at entrance to Newcombe Drive. Pothole junction St Mary’s & Bell St, also road surface in St Mary’s. Short Lane potholes again. Problems with water along Wilton Rd, falls down side road splashing people on footpaths and running into properties from lay-by to junction with Paynes Lane. Wooden posts on footpath at junction Long Lane/High St are rotten and loose. It was enquired if Highway problems were reported to the County councillor Mr White? Clerk advised some have been previously with no response, Mr White does receive copies of minutes with reported areas listed.


33 Skip, St Nicholas - this needs emptying.


34 High Street - EDF - properties in High St have been advised power being turned off 20/3 to replace dangerous posts.


35 Annual Parish Meeting - Mr Storey felt the meeting  held 9th March, was ran very well by the Chairman & Clerk, it was a very good meeting.


36 War Memorial - Clerk advised now area mostly to grass CGM would collect the grass as no garden to attend to, this would make area look tidier.


37 Oak Garden - next meeting.


38 Cheques/Minutes - Mr Garland is a signatory on the bank account & puts the Minutes on the website - these need to be discussed at next meeting.


Next meeting - due to Easter the next meeting will be held on 16th April 2012.

Meeting declared closed 9.05pm