A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of  NOVEMBER 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Samuels, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present J Scarrott (Parish Liaison Officer NALC), PCSO C Law, Sq Leader Neilds & 6 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs McGeeney.


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST -  Mrs Bane declared an interest in planning 1-5 Short Beck.


MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended to allow members of the public to address the Council. Meeting re-opened 7.35pm.




1  NALC Officer - J Scarrott introduced herself to the Council and outlined the work NALC undertakes on behalf of council’s & councillors. The Chair enquired about the dispensation requirements as advised by NALC re determining budgets/precepts. Ms Scarrott advised that NALC felt that to cover councillors these are worth doing at present, these may change in the future. Dispensations should be granted en bloc to last until the next due elections. Ms Scarrott advised of forthcoming seminar’s.


2   Resignation/Vacancy - An election has been requested, if more than one candidate then an election will be held 13th December to fill the vacancy. Returns officer enquired if poll cards were to be issued? Chair proposed poll cards not issued if an election is required, all agreed.


3   SNT - PCSO Laws advised that over past month there has been 4 incidents of thefts from motor vehicles in the village, she advised that thefts from farm buildings had occurred in neighbouring village. The SNT are actively visiting local auctions re stolen items. No further questions PCSO Laws left.


4   USAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised gate 8 still not opened should be by Christmas. Mrs Mills enquired if any progress re Trenchard Square? Sq Leader Neilds advised nothing to report. Clerk enquired re progress of REGBIO plant at Eriswell, no work in progress yet. Sq Leader thanked Council & left.


5   Risk Assessment -  Annual inspection report from Digley’s not yet received. Clerk advised problems with fence, this was discussed and it was agreed to obtain costs to erect a barrier or replace the fencing. Mrs Bane gave report, one of the baby swings has a link that needs attention, Mr Scarff to be asked to look at this, tree at entrance to car park needs work done on it & a fire has been held in the bin near shelter although bin ok. Mr Cock would do next inspection.




7   Changing Rooms - Application form re Norfolk Construction grant completed & submitted, Clerk has spoken to C Rayner who advised grant board will meet early December then we will be advised of their decision soon after. Clerk has not yet submitted application to FA - some of the FA requirements  






7   cont… are as follows - they cannot consider a grant if work has started or contractor appointed before grant is approved. A decision will be reached 3 months from receipt of application. The football club would require a minimum ten year users agreement, lease or licence, on applying for a grant a letter of intent would suffice but a legal document would need to be in place before the grant is paid. Mr Lemmon from the FA will attend any meetings if required. The grant being applied for would be the Stadia Improvement Grant which offers up to £50,000 in grant aid. The Parish Council, Senior Football team or a joint application can be made. Mr Lambert felt that the Parish Council should apply solely for a grant of £50,000. Mr Storey felt that the Council should ascertain how much the grant organisations would give, Clerk again advised that no organisation will award a grant without accounts of those applying and as the Council has a large capital holding they would not be willing to consider a grant of any size unless the Council are willing to spend a substantial amount of the money they hold on the project. The decision was made at the last meeting that a total of £75,000 would be noted on grant applications as the amount the Council was putting towards the cost of the building. Ms Scarrott was asked about this and she advised that the Norfolk Construction grant was probably the best one to apply for and that a seminar was being held 19/11 at Lynn Sport re grants and there may be people attending who could help, Mrs Batten & Mr Samuels would attend this seminar if possible. Mr Samuels proposed that a grant application is submitted to the Norfolk FA by the Parish Council for £50,000, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed. Clerk advised she would require help in completing this application, Mr Lambert, Mr Samuels & Mrs Mills would look at the forms. It was agreed that a user agreement of at least 10 years would be given to the football club. A project leader and contractor would be determined when it is known how much grant aid has been awarded. Mr Storey felt that the quality of the workmanship must be of a high standard and the project must be overseen by reputable person answerable to the Council.


8   Land Registry - email from solicitor Mr Cooper has completed the Statement of truth re the War Memorial, applications for voluntary registration of the playingfield, allotments & War Memorial have been completed. Solicitor enquired if old Minutes had been researched re when the War Memorial was dedicated to the Parish, Clerk has advised old Minutes do not go back this far (1918- 20). Solicitors invoice received £1651.20 net.


9   Report to Highways - Rangers were in village 6/11 - they strimmed the walkway off High Street into Paynes Lane, cleaned out gullies, rodded pipes & filled potholes in St Johns Way & filled a pothole in St Nicholas Drive. Nothing has been done re drain cover The Beck, footpath Munson’s which was reported May or hedges. Clerk has spoken to Mr Wallace he would look into this but Mr Edmunds is back covering this area he should be contacted in the future. With regard the footpaths on Oakfields they can only spray these when programmed as different contractors were involved when the paths were done and it could not be proved that the paths were not sprayed prior to re-surfacing. Clerk to contact Mr Edmunds.


10  Oak Garden - NFN


11  Balance Sheet - No queries.


12  Churchyard, St Nicholas - last cut of season took place last week. Another meeting will be arranged shortly.


13  Code of Conduct - all signed forms received.  






14  Bin, Long Lane - still in place, not emptied, Clerk to write again.


15  WNBC - Changes to Refuse Collection -  Clerk received information of meetings being held 5/11 - meeting at Downham Market was held 7/11 - some Councillors advised, no one able to attend. Leaflets will be delivered to households. Mr Storey advised the changes will help to meet recycling targets and save money.


16  Encroaching Hedges - Clerk has spoken to owner of land next to Alms houses, he will get somebody to cut back growth. No action taken to cut back hedge at 2 Oak Street, highways to be chased re this.


17  Letter, Newcome Family - no response yet received.


18  Encroaching Hedges/Trees -  some work has been done along alley way onto playingfield, nothing done to boundary of 8 Newcombe - Mr Lambert suggested & volunteered to speak with owners of property re this.


19  Overspill Car Park, Doctor’s Surgery - maintenance work not yet done. Current lease for car park expires 5/10/13, letter from doctor’s advising they would like to renew the lease when it expires and also enquiring if the Council would be willing to sell the area of land? Mr Lambert felt that consideration should be given to selling the land. Mr Samuels felt that the land should not be sold but that the terms of the lease changed with an increase in rent and new conditions. Mr Storey was against selling the land, he felt it should continue to be used as a overspill car park but it should remain as a parish asset. Mr Storey proposed not to sell this area of land to the doctor’s, seconded Mr Spanswick, Mr Lambert abstained, rest in favour. Doctor’s to be advised and contacted next year re renewing lease.


20  Proposed Street Name - Clerk had advised Borough of the Parish Council’s objections to the new street name “Skye Gardens”. For the process to continue we either had to withdraw our objections or take the matter to a magistrate court. The Clerk contacted the Chairwoman, our objections were withdrawn. The development will be called “Skye Gardens”, developer & other services advised.


21  Dog Bin - Cost of new bin £92.95. Clerk has monitored and it is probably not a problem at moment, area to be monitored. It was agreed to consider siting a new bin in Paynes Lane at a future date.


22  Allotments Pest Control - October report received.


23  WNBC - Proposed Incinerator - Clerk advised public enquiry will be held 26/2/13 at King’s Lynn.


24  Tree P/Field - this tree near entrance gate is a self sown small tree, Mr Cock & Mrs Bane felt the tree should be removed as it is reducing visibility. Mr Samuels did not feel visibility was a problem. After further discussion Mr Cock proposed tree is removed, costs obtained, seconded Mrs Bane, Mr Samuels abstained, rest in favour.


25  War Memorial - Brick Pillar - pillar is deteriorating, iron fence fixing loose. It was agreed pillar needs re-pointing with lime mortar, costs to be obtained, all agreed.






26  Dispensation - under advice from NALC, the following Councillors completed an application form for a dispensation re the setting of the Council’s annual budget & precept - Mrs Batten, Mr Lambert, Mr Storey, Mr Cooper, Mr Cock, Mr Spanswick, Mrs Bane, Mrs Mills. A dispensation was granted to all Councillors who applied to be effective until the end of their current term of office (May 2015), proposed Mr Storey, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Mr Samuels did not apply as he does not own/rent property/land within the Parish. Without a dispensation the number of councillors prohibited from participating would be more than one half of the councillors who would be entitled to vote at a meeting of the Council transacting the business of setting the annual budget/precept.


27  NS&I Account - Clerk had enquired the signatories on this account, National Savings has advised that records need to be bought up to date. It was agreed Mrs Batten, Mr Storey & Mr Lambert to be signatories on this account, any two to sign. Signature card completed.




28  Hockwold & Methwold Community School - invitation to meeting 14/11.

29  Magpas - donation request - declined.

30  KL&WNBC - Parish Council update - planning system training events - February 2013. Funding for playingfield seminar 19/11. Revised register of electors. Mayor’s design awards - nominations invited by 25/1/13.

31  HM Revenue & Customs - PAYE real time from April 2013.

32  Whiteside Enterprises - change of company details.

33  NALC - Annual report. Smaller Councils committee - nominations invited - 3 posts.

34  Norfolk Police - consultation by PCC re 2013/14 precept proposal - meeting 18/12/12.

35  KL Child contact Centre - invite to meeting being held 28/11.

36  Brochures - Woodberry. Clerks & council direct. Glasdon. Seton. Autumn parish matters. CTS security. Parish magazine.


37  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £838.29, Cash £15, Methodist Church £25.50, RBL £17.50, Viridor £54.12, G Smith £36, GHP £1920.84, S Sargent £126.31, C Cock £18.50, Edmund Moundeford School £45, Berryman £104.86.


38  PLANNING - Mr/Mrs Hurrell - 2 Leonard’s Lane - construction of 3 dwellings (reserved matters application) - this application was discussed as the Parish Council had recommended refusal due to concerns re access off Long Lane but the outline application was approved by Borough. This application was for reserved matters re appearance, layout, scale & landscaping. After further discussion it was agreed not to make any observations to this application, Mr Storey abstained, rest agreed. Mr/Ms Tinsley - 1-5 Short Beck - variation of condition 2 of planning consent 10/00553/F - APPROVED - Mrs Bane nor Mr Storey voted on this application.

Ms Mills left the meeting at 9.15pm.




39  Dog Fouling - once again a lot of fouling on footpaths - piece in magazine again. Mr Storey felt that perhaps notices could be put up around village.






40  Property Bell Street - large garden boxes have been placed on the white line o/s property in Bell Street, these are dangerous and could prove fatal to both traffic & pedestrians. Clerk has written to owner & they have advised these will be moved shortly. Mr Storey advised that Mr Edmunds (Highways) has visited the owner, matter in hand.


41  Bin, High Street - this has completely rotted from its base. Cost of new one to be obtained.


42  Wilton Road Verge - Clerk advised at the end of October for 2 days three workmen from Borough were pruning trees along this verge, the volume of work undertaken was minimal. Clerk contacted Borough re her concerns & they advised only a small amount of maintenance was done as a bird is nesting, the work cannot be completed until this has moved on. It was agreed that nesting birds should not be disturbed but the lack of work that could have been done is of concern, Clerk to contact Borough again re concerns, all agreed.


43  Edmund Moundeford Trust - Clerk has checked records and clarification on which trustees represent the Parish Council is required. After some discussion it was agreed that Mr Hawkins is contacted for clarification so that Council’s records can be bought up to date.


Next meeting to be held 10th December 2012.

Meeting declared closed 9.25pm.



On the 26th November the following PLANNING was APPROVED by 4 Councillors -


R Collins - 5 Hill Street - Proposed construction of a single storey extension to the rear of an existing dwelling.


G Russell - 60 Long Lane - Demolition of existing single skin side extension and construction of a two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.