A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of  SEPTEMBER 2012 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Samuels, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present 8 member’s of public, Mr S Samuels, Sqd Leader Neilds, 2 PCSO Officers.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lawrence.


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Mr Cock declared an interest to a planning amendment at site Bell Street - when the item was discussed.


MINUTES of the last meeting, Mr Samuels requested the Minutes are amended to determine which Mr Samuels was addressing the meeting - item 3 should read Mr S Samuels advised re bug problem on golf course & during the closed section Mr S Samuels advised re tenders - following these amendments the Minutes were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


RESOLUTION - the meeting will be closed to the public & press at the end of agenda items as agreed at last meeting to further discuss the tender’s for new facilities on playingfield.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended to allow members of the public to address the Council. Meeting opened again 7.40pm.




1  SNT - One reported theft from property in The Beck. When PCSO’s arrived they advised of increasing fuel & scrap metal thefts in the area. They advised to report anything to them direct.


2  USAF Feltwell - Sqd Leader Neilds advised he had passed on concerns re cyclists riding wrong way along roads to safety team, no response as yet. Gate 8 on Brandon Rd at USAF Lakenheath should be open by end of this month. Chairwoman advised that some vehicles were not stopping before exiting onto the Wilton Road off the base, vehicle details to be advised. A lot of activity on bases due to additional training re worldwide events. Sqd Leader Neilds offered his apologies for next meeting & left at 7.45pm.


3   Risk Assessment - Clerk advised a quote from Mr Scarff to fill in hole re seat near play area was missed, amount quoted £45 to fill with soil & whacker plate down, Clerk advised inspection due next month again, it was agreed to leave until after inspection is done. Mr Lambert advised grass quite long when he visited area, Clerk advised grass has been cut fortnightly as per contract weather conditions have not helped this season re growth. It was felt that extra cuts should be added when new contract is determined. Clerk requested old frame from shelter is removed from her property, Mr C Samuels would deal with this. CGM contract includes spraying tennis court, this will be done shortly. Areas sprayed today re chaffer bug, only those areas affected have been sprayed. Clerk advised that the blue bin is regularly being filled by person’s unknown, Viridor has agreed that a lock can be put on the bin. Mrs Mills proposed that a chain & lock is purchased, seconded Mrs McGeeney, all agreed. Mrs Batten done inspection - some tree debris laying around. Sucker growth needs removing & some tree canopies need lifting - it was agreed these to be budgeted for next year. Chain on multi apparatus out of ground, leave until after inspection. Mrs McGeeney to do next inspection.






4   REGBIO - Clerk advised area of land next to vacant area is out to tender 14th October, this is to be advertised, Clerk enquired if the vacant area is to be added into area? REGBIO have advised they are willing to pay £500 to hold the 1 acre vacant for another year, same terms as previous. Clerk advised average amount paid for the farm tenancies is £130/140 per acre pa. Mr Cock proposed area is returned to farming land, seconded Mrs Mills, Mr Storey abstained, rest against, not carried. Mr Samuels felt that the most revenue possible should be obtained and proposed the 1 acre is left vacant & the holding fee paid by REGBIO is accepted for another year, seconded Mrs McGeeney, Mr Storey abstained, Mr Cock & Mrs Mills against, rest in favour, motion carried.


5   Changing Rooms - letter from football club enquiring if the back corridor & toilets can still be used until the building is demolished to allow football to still be played in the village, the changing rooms will no longer be used. Mr S Samuels, through the Chair, advised that a risk assessment of the area should be carried out. The matter was discussed, a risk assessment of the corridor & toilets to be carried out ASAP, only the managers of the teams would be allowed to enter the home team changing area to access and open up the doors to the corridor area, no access to anyone re the away team changing room as the ceiling is down, changing room area doors to be locked at all times when corridor in use. Mrs Batten & Mrs McGeeney would carry out risk assessment. Subject to risk assessment and disclaimers from managers accessing the c/rooms being signed and agreed Mrs McGeeney proposed use of the corridor & toilets to continue until building is demolished, seconded Mrs Bane, all agreed. Mr Ramsay Chair of the football club was present & noted the Council’s decision. Clerk has spoken with G Lemmon Norfolk FA and he advises that the senior grant route is the best to take when p/permission is obtained. Clerk advised of letter received re a venue to hold a mottlers group, no address provided for response, Clerk advised that the Methodist Church could be contacted by anybody wishing to set up a group.


6   Land Registry - Map showing playing field’s was received and area agreed. Chairwoman signed Disclosure of Overriding interests form. Upon advice from the solicitor the Clerk contacted Highway’s re the Oak Garden area, Highways have advised that NCC are responsible for the tree & walled surrounding, this is within the highway boundary. A discussion took place, the Council are not able to register this area, Mr Storey felt this removes the parish council’s responsibility re the wall & highways should be asked to inspect this. Mr Cock felt that some action should be taken to protect the tree which is of significant historical value for the village. Mr Cock proposed that enquiries are made to place a TPO on the tree, seconded Mrs Mills, Mr Spanswick & Mr C Samuels against, rest in favour, motion carried.


7   Plaque, High Street - Mr C Samuels had emailed Borough, response advised that similar plaques have been noted around King’s Lynn, it is believed these were installed sometime ago by the authority. In terms of ongoing maintenance the officer is unsure who the enquiry should be directed to, Property Services do not have a budget for maintenance of these plaques & to the best of his knowledge were not responsible for their installation. Clerk has copied this response to Mr Lawrence & he advises that he has asked officers to look into this but at the moment they have drawn a blank. If/when there is any news he will advise. Has the Parish looked back in their records? Mr Cock advised the initial enquiry from the Historical Society was to determine who was responsible following an enquiry from the home owner, the plaque bears the Borough Council name. Mr Cock advised the Historical Society would re-paint this plaque.   






8   Report to Highways - Clerk advised no list from ranger’s visit received. Clerk had meeting with Highway officer, Mr Wallace, on 23/8 he advised that the scope the ranger’s can deal with is not always being done & he would look into this. Various reported areas were inspected & discussed - blocked drains, these would be cleared, area in Bell Street has been programmed for work. Footpath Munson’s Lane, urgent repairs, not yet been done Clerk will advise again. Oakfields Estate footpaths - areas of concern by officer, complaints of weed growth since re-surface have been made, Clerk to report again. Hedges - hedge in Short Beck is their responsibility they will cut back, Highways will write to owners of properties reported where hedges are encroaching the Highway, if the owners do not take action highways will carry out the work & charge the owners - hedges top of Paynes Lane & Oak Street were noted. White lining in The Beck & stop line from base reported. Complaints re grass cutting, these should be directed to Borough as NCC pays the Borough a lump sum to deal with these areas. The speed limit cannot be extended in Hythe Road as the area is not built up. Feltwell to Hockwold Rd - only course of action they can take is to put uneven road signs up. It was agreed letter of complaint to be sent to Borough re the grass cutting, contact details to be put in magazine so residents can also complain direct.


9   Oak Garden - Highways to be asked to liaise with Ms Wither’s re advertising on garden and maintaining it. Ms Wither’s to be advised that Highways are responsible for area.


10  Audit/Balance Sheet - . Mazars LLP have been appointed external auditors for next 5 years.


11  Review of Committee’s - Mrs Mills volunteered to serve on allotment committee, agreed.


12  Churchyard, St Nicholas - NFN


13  Code of Conduct - Clerk reminded those Councillors who have not done so that forms needed to be completed & returned.


14  Bin, Long Lane - Clerk to check if removed/emptied.


15  NALC - Payment Methods - It was felt that the 2 signature rule should not be removed from legislation.


16  WNBC - Changes to Refuse Collections - December meeting.


17  Encroaching Hedges - Clerk still to determine owner of part hedge in Oak Street. No action taken by owners of 2 Oak Street, matter to be passed to Highways.


18  Insurance Renewal - renewal quotation received of £1955.02, an increase of £25.79 due to index linking. Chair proposed renewal accepted, all agreed.


19  Letter, Newcome Family - Clerk read out letter received from family member re the mis-spelling of the Newcombe Drive street name, this should be Newcome. Borough has advised writer that a request to correct the spelling must come from the Parish Council. After some discussion Mr Cock proposed a letter is sent to Borough requesting the road sign spelling is changed, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Lambert & Mr Storey against, rest in favour, motion carried. 






20  NCC - Local list for validation of CC planning applications - consultation.

21  W Suffolk CAB - recruitment campaign.

22  Macmillan  - coffee morning event.

23  Brochures - Kompan. IOG Saltex. Parish magazine.


24  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £830.10, Cash £15, Methodist Church £25.50, S Sargent £102, KLWNBC £1332.55, CGM £1392, Broker Network Ltd £1955.02, Berryman £98.24, Viridor £66.72. Monthly S/O K&M Lighting £188.44 & D/D Eon £508.22.


25  PLANNING -  G Russell - 60 Long Lane - demolition of existing single storey extension & construction of two storey & single storey side extensions - APPROVED. Amendments to application at Hall Farm, 21 Bell Street advised - no further comments made to original approval. Mr Cock made no comment on these amendments and declared an interest.




26  Encroaching Trees/Hedges- over hanging branches along walkway off Newcombe Drive onto playingfield. Weed growth & wooden pots roadside o/s 16 Bell Street. Lodge Rd land boundary near bus shelter very overgrown. Letters to be sent to property owners/occupiers.


27  Burst Water Main - The Chair reported that another pipe burst in the  road o/s 10/12 St Johns Way, road was closed and damaged, fire brigade out. Drains were unable to cope with water.


28  Report to Highways - loose manhole covers o/s 19 Short Beck & 10 The Beck. Road dips badly o/s 33 Long Lane, water lays side of road. Mr Storey reported surface repair in Hythe Rd near Church done about 2 weeks ago, damaged again, bad workmanship & waste of money, Clerk to report.


29  Overspill, Car Park - Doctor’s Surgery - holes in surface, maintenance of this area is the Council’s responsibility, lease expires October 2013. It was agreed to obtain costs to fill in holes. When/if lease renewed then consideration to be given to whom is responsible for the maintenance of area.


30  Proposed Street Name - the developers of Red Lodge Garage, Lodge Rd have put forward the name of “Skye Gardens” for the new street name, it was felt this name does not have any significance to the village an alternative is to be suggested.


31  NCC Southery Rd Closure - notice road closed for 7 days from 31/10 for re-surfacing.


32  Resolution to Close

The meeting was closed to the public & press at 9.15pm. It was agreed Mr S Samuels could attend as agent to Council. A late tender was received, the Chairwoman proposed the tender is accepted, Mr Storey against rest in favour, motion carried. Clerk read out all tender’s received, Mr S Samuels advised the content of the tender’s and the usual process. After much debate Mr Spanswick proposed that two of the tender’s are held for further discussion, seconded Mr C Samuels, Mr Cooper in favour, Mr Lambert, Mr Storey & Mrs Mills against, Mr Cock, Mrs Bane, Mrs Batten & Mrs McGeeney abstained, Chair held casting vote and voted against proposal, not carried.




32 - cont

Mr Storey & Mr Lambert both emphasised the need for the public to be informed on how much funding the parish should make towards the cost of building this new facility, it is public money being used & the parish should have the opportunity to discuss this matter. The Council should continue to remain as open as possible. From the tender’s received the projected costs will be around £140,000 net. A parish meeting should be held to give parishioners the opportunity to discuss this project now that probable costs are known. The Clerk asked for clarification on holding a parish meeting as at the last meeting it was agreed that the Council would not convene a parish meeting to discuss the building of a hall - if a parish meeting is called it would not be for the purpose of building a hall but to discuss the project of building new facilities to replace the present changing rooms on the playingfield. After further discussion the Chairwoman proposed a parish meeting is convened to discuss “ THE PARISH’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE COST OF A NEW FACILITY ON THE PLAYINGFIELD”, all agreed. Clerk to book the school for Friday 5th October if possible, notices to be published. Mr S Samuels enquired what he had to advise those who submitted tender’s, Mr Lambert proposed all tender’s to be stood down for the present time, seconded Mr C Samuels, all agreed.


Next meeting to be held 8th October 2012.

Meeting declared closed at 10.05pm.