A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 8th day of APRIL 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey(8.15pm), Spanswick, Cock, Samuels. Also present Sq Leader Neilds, PCSO Milburn, S Samuels and 4 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Leamon, Mrs Bane, Mrs Mills & Mrs McGeeney.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, after amendment to item 13 to read £14500pa, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended for members of the public present to speak, meeting resumed 7.35pm.




1   SNT - PCSO Milburn advised of increased fuel/oil thefts from farms, also burglaries. She asked that people remain vigilante, mark possessions & report any incidents quickly. Also number plate thefts, extra patrols are in place. Women’s personal safety course notice.


2   Risk Assessment - Report from Digley received, Clerk advised on content, no immediate/urgent action required. Chain on step needs re-fixing in ground, surface under climbing frame needs to have gaps filled in, ground build up under seat area, wire fence needs refixing at entrance in corner, loose fixtures on multi play equipment, stop requires adjusting on zip wire. It was agreed to obtain quote from Monster & Mr Scarff re these matters, Mr Batten would also look at area, agreed. Email from Anglia Woodlands, he has carried out a primary inspection of the trees and advises that he has marked one tree that needs to be removed. Mr Samuels proposed costs are obtained to remove this tree, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Tree overhangs electricity wires, Clerk has spoken to UK Power there is no charge for turning off supply for work to be carried out but a few weeks notice is required. Mrs Scarff would liaise with Mr Lambert re scouts collecting branches. Clerk asked for clarification on what donation the Council would make, a donation towards the food for a BBQ was agreed. Mr Samuels did inspection nothing new to report. Mr Cooper would do next inspection.


3   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised that there would be no official 4th July celebrations held at Feltwell base this year, no official reason for this has been given. No further report, left meeting 7.50pm.


4   Changing Rooms - Clerk has advised insurance company of proposed works, no change at present, Clerk to determine rebuild costs when project complete. No rates requirement at present. Work not yet started, Mr S Samuels advised everyone required appointed ready to go. Mr S Samuels enquired who could sign the building regulation forms - Mr C Samuels proposed the Clerk sign the forms on behalf of the Council, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed. Quarterly progress report re the grant received, Clerk to complete and return. Email from senior teams advising that they will shortly remove their goal posts & also carry out some goal mouth repairs if agreed, no objections. Mr Storey enquired re the access for the building work, this was determined on the plans, access through first gate and then area fenced.






5   Report to Highways - Drain in The Beck will be done shortly by Highways. Next Ranger’s visit w/c 15th April - areas reported Crabbes Close footpaths & weeds along kerbs, walkway from Paynes Lane to High Street weeds, footpath Oak Street into Wilton Road needs sweeping & reminder of pot holes in Lodge Road.


6   Oak Garden - Condition not too bad at present , this area was not discussed during visit by Highways. Highways to be asked what action they are going to take to keep area tidy and remind them of offer to maintain area from business in village.


7   Balance Sheet - no queries, Clerk advised how “other expenditure” was made up.


8   Churchyard, St Nicholas - being cut regularly, meeting to be held when in full growing season, agreed. Clerk advised the PCC has not yet made a contribution towards the maintenance of the Churchyard despite several requests. A discussion took place, it was agreed Clerk to contact treasurer direct.


9   Allotment Pest Control - monthly report received.


10 Edmund Moundeford Trust - email advising Mr Fox & Mr Garland are due for re-election at this year’s AGM due to be held 5th November, Mr Storey’s term of office ends in 2015. Mr Cock enquired if the Parish council’s nominee’s have to be councillors? Not necessarily the Council can appoint whoever they feel is appropriate to represent the Parish on the Trust. Clerk to diarise item for a few months time.

Mr Storey arrived 8.15pm.


11 NCC Highway Services - the highway officer, Mr Wallace, has quoted the costs to install a footpath in Bell Street & in Hythe road under the parish partnership scheme. To install an area of path from the walkway to the bus stop in Bell Street, costs £942.28 with the Parishes contribution being £235.57. Clerk has spoken with Mr Wallace re the possibility that the bus shelter may need to be moved re access to an adjoining planning, Mr Wallace advised that even if the bus shelter was moved the bus stop would not and a pathed area would have to be installed from the shelter to the stop, he could see no reason why the bus shelter would need to be moved. To install a footpath along the verge up to near the allotments on the Hythe Road would cost £1237.15 with the Parishes contribution being £309.29. Mr Cock objected to the proposed footpath on the Hythe Road, his family has maintained this area of verge for many years and there is an electricity cable running underneath the area. Mr Cock questioned whether Highways owned this area of verge. Mr Samuels advised that if this footpath was installed this would enhance access to the allotments and  the lane. A discussion took place on this area, Clerk reminded the Council that bids under this scheme had to be made by 30th April. Mr Samuels proposed bid for footpath in Bell Street is made, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Mr Samuels proposed bid for footpath in Hythe Road is made, no seconder to proposal. Mr Samuels proposed Highways prove ownership of verge in Hythe road, seconded Mr Spanswick, Mr Lambert, Mr Cooper, Mrs Batten in favour, Mr Cock against, Mr Storey abstained,  motion carried.


12 Highway Meeting - Mr Storey, Mr Cooper & Mr Samuels attended meeting with Mr Wallace & Mr Edmunds on 18th March, several areas were visited and discussed, report given. Email from Mr Edmunds confirmed the following - Lodge Rd is on this years surface dressing list, some patching works are also programmed. Footpath o/s 16 high Street will be raised. Crabbes Close is on a future dressing programme.





12  - cont -  A request will be sent to owners of property at top of Paynes Lane re cutting back their hedge.

Edge of road at Blackdyke Road has barrier around it, awaiting repair. Surface in Long Lane noted.


13 Overhanging Growth - no work yet done at 2 Short Lane Clerk to monitor.


14 Bell Street Construction Site - email from developers enquiring re a street name for the development - they advise that previously two possibilities have been discussed - Hall Farm Close & Holmestead Close, they offered a further name of Holmestead Gardens. Mr Cooper advised that it should be Homestead without the L. The area in recent times has been known as Hall Farm, after some discussion Mr Storey proposed that the street name should be Hall Farm Close, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Clerk to advise the preferred name to the developers.


15 Fit Norfolk Roadshow - Clerk has printed off requirements for a grant through this scheme from Sport England - one of the requirements would be that Sport England would require a legal charge over the land as a form of security over the investment in the project, this would be for a minimum of 25 years but on Queen Elizabeth 11 playing fields in perpetuity. Mr Lambert felt it was not fair to put a legal charge on a village asset for such a long term, after some discussion it was agreed not to proceed through this channel. Clerk to enquire if the FA offer grants.


16 NALC - member’s website offers a lot of information for Councillors, to access pass word required, any Councillor interested can obtain pass word from Clerk.


17 Bulk Bin Hire - prices from Borough for weekly empty & annual hire of bin same size as present would be £800 for the year. Viridor prices would be £11.75 per empty plus 10p a day rental- total £647.50 net for the year. Mr Samuels proposed Viridor cost accepted, seconded Mr Cock, all agreed.


18 Internal Audit/Audit - Clerk advised TWR Accountants would carry out internal audit again this year, cost no greater that £260, it was £250 last year. Mr Samuels felt that an alternative cost should be obtained, in previous years it has proved hard to obtain quotes. Mr Lambert felt the price offered was very reasonable. Mr Cock proposed TWR carry out internal audit this year, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Samuels against, rest in favour, motion carried. Audit form to be completed at next meeting.


19 K&M Lighting - letter from maintenance contractors advising light in Hythe road is in need of replacement due to deterioration & vandalism, quotes offered to replace lamp with an Urbis Axia 16 LED (22watt) lantern would cost £350 net alternatively to replace with a new 42watt lantern £265.76 net. Mr Lambert advised light is working fine at present and any work should take place if the light goes out again. Mr Lambert proposed no work is undertaken at present, seconded Mr Cock, all agreed.


20 NALC - Subscription Renewal - renewal cost £308.10 for the year, Chairwoman proposed subscription is renewed, all agreed.


21 Parking on Green - email from resident re concerns of vehicles parking on green outside Cheques public house. Letter sent previous to landlord. Mr Samuels felt that people were not aware that the greens were the villagers. After further discussion the Chairwoman proposed that another letter is sent to the landlord of the Chequers re his patrons parking on the greens, Mr Samuels against, rest in favour.





22 NCC - Election notice 2/5/13. Road safety volunteers. Events management training opportunities.

23 NALC - weekly updates e-news.

24 TCHC - Business start up programme.

25 Came & Co - Parish matters newsletter.

26 Society of Local clerks - AGM notice.

27 Brochures - Signs of the times. Parish magazine.


28 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £869.85, Cash £20, Methodist Church £21.25, S Sargent £80.48, Post Office Ltd £428.06, F Adams £119, KL&WNBC £299.52, AWA £293.05, Digley Associates £48, G Smith & Sons £36, NALC £308.10, Viridor £371.62, Berryman £50.60. Precept payment received.


29 PLANNING - Ms R Riches - 45 Addison Close - extension to dwelling - APPROVED.




30 Report to Highways - Mr Samuels had been asked re speed bumps in Paynes Lane - Clerk advised this issue had been discussed before and Highway’s had previously advised that speed bumps would not be considered. Clerk also advised that it would be helpful if residents wrote to the Council with their concerns and also contact highways direct, Clerk to advise Mr Samuels of contact details for highways. Clerk advised of concerns re the dyke along the Southery Road, this has been dug a lot deeper and seems to be closer to the edge of the highway which could prove dangerous, concerns to be raised with highways.


31 St Johns Way - Chairwoman advised of burst pipe again recently o/s 8 & 10, this is the third time this has happened, the road & footpath are damaged and residents properties flooded. Mr Storey advised MP is involved and he has spoken to highways - highways & AWA are liaising with this matter.


32 BT - letter advising of a rebate of £16.60 due to Council.


33 Review of Rates Paid - next meeting.


34 Computer Query - Clerk advised that the payroll now has to be done on the computer - RTI reporting - when the data is saved, it will not then open readable, Mr Samuels offered to look at problem.


Next meeting to be held 13th May 2013, this will be the Annual Parish Meeting commencing 7pm followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.


Meeting declared closed 9.20pm.



30/4 - Due to the time limit the following PLANNING was APPROVED by 4 Councillors - M Barrett - 58 Paynes Lane - proposed side extension & new roof over existing conservatory.-----------------------------