A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of AUGUST 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Messrs. Cooper, Spanswick, Samuels and Leamon. Also present Sq Leader Neilds, 11 members of public ( including 6 from football teams)


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Mills, Mrs Bane, Mrs McGeeney, Mr Lambert & SNT.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - meeting suspended 7.30pm - re-opened 7.35pm.




1   RAF Feltwell - no questions for Sq Leader Neilds, nothing to report. Left meeting 7.40pm.


2   SNT - one incident report for July - 13/7 - Long Lane vehicle theft.


3   Risk Assessment - some work done, rest in hand. Mrs Batten had re-laid the matting but this has been pulled up again, will be looked at again. Clerk gave report - bolt missing on nest swing, gate at entrance near cub hut is rotten, weeds on tennis court, due to be sprayed by contractors again. It was agreed to monitor condition of gate & weed growth. Bolt to be looked at. Mrs Batten to do next inspection. Quote to replace fence around car park obtained, second quote invited, to be discussed next meeting.


4   Changing Rooms - building will be ready for use for 24/8, surrounding area still needs work done re grass/turf. Clerk put up notice inviting all possible users to attend this meeting only representatives from football clubs in attendance. Clerk advised she has increased the insurance rebuild on the building to £160,000 @ a minimal cost of £25 for the present term, the cost to insure the building is £305 pa, the insurance company enquired re subsidence insurance, Clerk to obtain a quote. Lakenheath Fabrications made the benches, donating their labour & metal with the wood at cost. Estimated rateable value of building is £2375, the Borough Council would not give any indication to what rates payable would be due and were not at all helpful. Further enquiries to another Borough Council unofficially advised that if a properties rateable value is under £6000, no rates payable should be due, we will have to wait to have this determined. The Council expects all/every user to leave the building clean and tidy a users agreement will be drawn up shortly. The football clubs were asked re how much they would be able to pay for using the facilities. Mr Edwards offered, on behalf of the two senior teams, £15 per home game which would work out at approximately £600 for the season depending on cup games held. A discussion took place on the payment terms and number of games to be played, Mr Samuels proposed that a total of £600 is paid for the season up to 40 games, there was no seconder for this proposal, withdrawn. Mr Ramsay on behalf of the junior teams advised that they did not require use of the changing room area they only required use of the kitchen & public toilet area, and offered £10 per home game for the junior teams. The junior teams do not know when their season commences, do not have fixture lists or know how many teams will be using the facilities yet. Further discussion took place - Mr Samuels proposed the 2 senior teams pay £15 per home game for use of the entire facility and the junior teams pay £10 per home game for use of the kitchen and public toilet area only, seconded Mr Spanswick, Mr Cooper & Mrs Batten in favour 






4  -  Mr Leamon abstained - motion carried. Mr Samuels proposed a payment schedule of  amounts due by end of September, January and April, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. It was agreed to meet at the building at 1pm on 24th August to go through requirements and sign user agreements. All teams to advise Clerk ASAP of fixtures. Mr Edwards enquired re a floodlight to be used for training purposes, with extra being paid to cover electricity costs. It was agreed the football clubs should come up with costs and come back to the Council with a proposal. Clerk advised litter collector is willing to extend her duties to include cleaning the changing rooms for a trial period until the end of the year, a maximum of 4 hours per week at the same rate of pay. Clerk has checked with NALC and her duties can be extended so position does not have to be advertised.  Mr Spanswick proposed litter collectors duties are extended, to a maximum of 4 hours per week, to cover cleaning of facility for a trial period until the end of year, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Cleaning supplies/bins etc. have to be purchased Clerk enquired spending limit, Mr Samuels proposed all supplies required to be purchased, no limit as requirements not known, seconded Mr Leamon, all agreed. Survey of fire requirements carried out, Clerk advised quote from Ashill Fire Appliances obtained - £304.80 net for extinguishers, fitting and signage. Mr Samuels felt another quote should be obtained and proposed that another quote is obtained before building is in use if possible, advise sub-committee for a decision, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Official opening of building not yet determined.


5   Balance Sheet  - no queries.


6   Churchyard, St Nicholas - some areas have been advised for tidying up. Chair enquired re garden area at entrance this is not included in contract, needs tidying up or perhaps can be put to grass then this would be cut by contractors. Mr Cooper noted this.


7   Allotment Pest Control - two months reports received.


8   NCC - email advising when full costs are known they will contact us if should there be a refund. Highway engineer will advise re planning date of works.


9   Highways Meeting - hedge at top of Paynes Lane overgrown again, it was agreed to write to owners and check Highways have asked them to cut to boundary.


10 Overhanging Growth - 2 Short Lane - Highways will send letter but they note property is empty at moment.


11 Bell Street Construction Site  - NFN


12 Audit - NFN.


13 Street Light Maintenance Contract - Clerk read out two quotes received - K&M Lighting quoted £157.03 net per month for a 1year or 3 year contract, Westcotec quoted £169.60 net for 1 year contract or £161.12 net per month for 3 year contract. K&M Lighting are present contractors. Mr Samuels proposed K&M Lighting quote for a 3 year contract is accepted, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.


14 Parking on Greens - signs obtained, Mr Leamon & Mr Lambert to erect






15 Street Name Plate - Mr Freeman would like to meet to discuss type/position of sign. Meeting arranged for 27/8 - Mr Cooper will attend.


16 NALC - weekly updates including notice of 1% salary award to Clerk’s backdated to April 2013. Clerk advised she is not presently seeking this salary increase but would like the Council to bear this in mind for the next financial year as she will be seeking an increase as per NALC recommendations.


17 Knotweed, Allotments  - still no response re chemical used.


18 Report to Highways - Hythe Road near second roadway has been repaired but is breaking up, Clerk to report again.


19 Review of Committee’s - Mr Cooper would remain on relevant committees.


20 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - Mr Hawkins has advised value for area of land for rent is around £500pa on a commercial basis, unless there is a special need. He also mentions the removal of clause 2(8b) to allow the tenant to sublet. It was agreed that not enough Councillors are present to fully discuss this matter, hold until next meeting. Chair proposed doctor’s are made aware that the Council are considering changing the terms of the present lease, all agreed.


21 Bus Stop Wilton Road - Clerk advised clarification of proposed position required, if location meets with criteria and all parties agree then an order would be placed, time scale 2-3 months. Mr Samuels advised he had had suggested to him either near the old coal yard or near the entrance to Oakfield’s Estate where there is a pathed area. Mr Cooper felt that an official stop was not necessary as most drivers stop where requested, a discussion took place. Mr Samuels proposed that the site near the entrance to Oakfield’s is proposed, seconded Mr Spanswick, Mr Cooper against, rest in favour - motion carried.


22 NCC - Incinerator - NFN


23 KL&WNBC  - road sweeping - email advising according to driver Bell Street was swept where the vehicle could get to. The schedule is currently between 14 and 16 weeks and next due in the village mid October. Clerk raised concerns about article in parish magazine re road sweeping and felt a response should be printed advising that the Borough Council are responsible for this service and that Borough Councillors should be contacted if parishioners are not happy with the service received. This matter was fully discussed and it was agreed to respond to the article to correctly advise parishioners, proposed Mr Spanswick, seconded Mr Samuels, all agreed.


24 Highways - email advising Newcombe Drive patch is programmed. Old Brandon Road - with contractors, this has been chipped. Report of areas done by Rangers received. Note advising on requirements for double yellow lines, unless a road safety issue can be demonstrated formal restrictions would not be considered.


25 School Parking - The Beck - Chair of Governors telephoned Clerk to advise not meeting again until October when a response will be received.






26 KL&WNBC - LDF - detailed policies & site plans - preferred options. Notices of meetings.

27 Village Fair - resident enquired re an annual village fair being held in Feltwell. Councillors agreed to advise, Council happy to consider any ideas, resident should form a committee and come back re ideas etc. Mr Samuels advised he would be happy to help, Clerk to advise resident.

28 Roadside Verges - copy of email resident has sent to the Borough re cutting verges - depth & frequency re wildlife.

29 Dogs Trust - dogs in the community - help offered.

30 NCC -  e-copy Norfolk matters.

31 NRCC - e-newsletter.

32 Brochures - Parish magazine. Furniture@work.


33 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £831.35, Cash £10, Methodist Church £17, S Sargent £116.15, CGM£1992, Viridor £57.72, G Smith £72, Came & Co £25, Berryman £97.18, Hall Contracts £41610.


34 PLANNING - Mrs M Webb, 26 Bell Street - redevelopment of land to provide 4 dwellings and garaging for existing house (reserved matters) - APPROVED. Mrs J Ewen, 37 Wilton Road - conversion of domestic garage to hairdressing salon - REFUSED - concerns re parking space & turning area not shown on plans.




35 Running Event - Mr Spanswick enquired re an event that takes place over the bank holiday, could any information be fount out re this? Clerk to enquire.


36 Report to Highways - condition of Oak Garden. Hole entrance Newcombe Drive. Paynes Lane been chipped, road not prepared prior to work - to be monitored.


37 Resident Enquiry - Re Play Area - next meeting.


38 Beer Festival - Mr Samuels enquired if a beach party could be held on the village greens, Hill Street. It was advised that this matter should have been placed on the agenda and that insurance would have to be checked. Not enough time to make a firm decision, declined.


Next meeting to be held 9th September.

Meeting closed 9.50pm



On the 24th August, due to the time limit, the following PLANNING was APPROVED by 5 Councillors -

D Waters - New Cut Farm, Southery Road - agricultural building to house farm machinery & also hay bales. P Jarman - Veterinary Surgery, 2 Short Beck - extension and alterations to surgery including installation of new pitched roof.