A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day ofJANUARY 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Samuels, Leamon and Mrs Bane. Also present 5 members of public.

Mr Lambert (Vice chair) took the meeting due to the absence of the Chairwoman.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Batten, Mrs Mills, Mrs McGeeney & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Vice Chairman, following a correction to the end time of the meeting being 9pm & not 9am.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended, nobody wished to speak, meeting resumed.


The Chairman welcomed Mr Leamon onto the Council.




1†† Dispensation Application - Mr Leamon applied for a dispensation to allow him to be involved in setting the budget/precept of the Council. Dispensation was granted, all agreed.


2†† Vacancy - Mr Leamon was duly elected onto the Parish Council at the election held in December. Cost of election £1291.25.


3†† SNT - several thefts of no plates from vehicles in the village reported. Also attempted theft of diesel. Email re action fraud, a new department dealing with fraud.


4†† Risk Assessment - Digleyís have reported that the safety inspection has been delayed due to illness, this is in hand. Electric meter door has been repaired. Clerk reported N Power has pruned branches from electric wires around perimeter of Playingfield, a lot of branches laying, some have been removed. Quotes for fence repair received - Mr Ayres quoted to weld a steel box over the top & fix existing wire, total £784 net. Chase Fencing quoted to remove & replace chain link fence, folding over to rear - cost £860 net, Mr Scarff quoted to replace chain link fence, folding over approximately 1í, total £1177.60. Mr Storey felt that the quotes did not cover the same criteria, so no decision can be made. (Mr Spanswick arrived 7.40pm) Mr Samuels felt the quotes reflected what those submitting them felt was required. Clerk advised she had met with all those who submitted a quote to explain what was required. Mr Storey enquired if replacing the fence was a capital expenditure? Clerk would enquire, Mr Storey proposed any decision is deferred until this is determined, seconded Mr Samuels, all agreed. After some discussion it was agreed to obtain quotes for rest of fence bordering car park & playingfield, some posts would need repair along fence with play area & new gates required. Mr Storey gave his report - a lot of branches laying around, these to be removed. Gate catches are broken, light, protruding cable & down pipe on changing rooms. Walkway to changing rooms is covered in debris from trees. Tennis court needs sweeping, Clerk advised litter collector usually starts to do this again March/April time, it was agreed to leave until then. Panel out in shelter. Boundary wall is deteriorating work needs to be done before it becomes dangerous. Concrete block under climb frame, Mr Storey would remove this. Items were discussed by Council,






4cont - panel not to be replaced as discussed a few months ago. Clerk to inspect wall & send letters to owners to advise of condition of wall. Changing rooms to, hopefully, be demolished shortly, condition to be monitored. Mr Spanswick would do next inspection.


5†† Changing Rooms - letter from AWA re plumbing survey, Clerk has responded advising plans for building. Clerk advised £65,000 grant awarded by the Norfolk Community Construction fund, monies received & banked. Clerk has sent letters of thanks to grant board, NCC & Cllr White as our sponsor on behalf of the Council & parish. Email received from Mr Ramsay, Chairman of football club, advising that so far £2120 has been raised by the football club but this is in a pavilion fund and cannot be transferred to a changing room fund while there is still a potential for a pavilion to be built and then only if everyone who contributed agrees to the transfer. Mr Spanswick thought that the football club were fund raising to help towards this project. Mr Edwards, from the senior team, advised the Council that he was not aware of the money raised being for a pavilion, he thought the football club was raising money to improve the facilities. Mrs Bane advised that a lot of people did fund raise for a pavilion. Mr Samuels felt that the project is a village project and a contribution from the football club was not necessary. Mr Storey felt that it should be stipulated what monies raised are being used for, both at this meeting & in the public domain, it should be made clear. The cost to rebuild this facility is approximately £140,000, £65,000 grant & £75,000 from parish capital funds. Mr Storey felt that who will be responsible for running the building should be determined so that everyone knows their position before a brick is laid. Mr Cock felt that the Council would be responsible for the building for all time. Mr Storey felt the Council would oversee the project with somebody else running it. Clerk advised probably two ways forward - Council runs the building & users pay a rent or the football club have a long term users agreement on the building making them responsible for costs, maintenance, cleaning etc. no decisions have yet been made. A discussion took place, it was felt a meeting was to be held involving the football club to determine this matter, Mr Samuels proposed a parish meeting is held, seconded Mr Storey, Mr Spanswick proposed an amendment to this proposal, that the football club holds a meeting & invite the Council to attend, seconded Mrs Bane - a vote was taken on the amendment Mr Cooper, Mr Leamon & Mr Lambert in favour, Mr Storey, Mr Cock & Mr Samuels against - a vote was taken on Mr Samuels proposal, Mr Storey, Mr Cock in favour, Mrs Bane, Mr Cooper, Mr Lambert, Mr Leamon & Mr Spanswick against - Mr Spanswick proposal was carried. Clerk to write to Chair of football club requesting that the club committee meets & decides, as a whole, the way forward for them and then a meeting to be held to discuss this with the Council. The Chairman invited Mr S Samuels to address the meeting to discuss quotes received re an asbestos report, building control, energy report - all these are required before any work can progress. Mr S Samuels advised the Council of requirements. Two quotes received re asbestos survey - Asbestos Surveys & Inspections £350 net, ASI Environmental £450 net. Mr C Samuels proposed quote for £350 is accepted, seconded Mr Cock, all agreed. Clerk advised the Borough Council does not carry out building control in house, a firm is used CNC Consultancy. Two quotes received re building control costs CNC quote £600 net, London Building Control £495 net - Mr C Samuels proposed LBC quote of £495 is accepted, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Two quotes received for SBEM assessment - CNC £496.87 net, JR Payne £375 net - Mr C Samuels proposed JR Payne quote of £375 net is accepted, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. The Chairman read out a letter from Calvert, Brain & Fraulo re project managing, they quoted £2750 plus disbursements & VAT, they advise their role would be to carry out periodic site inspections which infers occasional site visits, they outlined the work they would undertake for this sum. Mr S Samuels has been asked to submit his costs to project manage this work, through the Chair Mr S Samuels advised the Council that when he initially agreed to carry out the work on this project






5 cont - for the football club he offered his services free, this offer still stands as it is a community project. Mr Cock felt it was a very generous offer to make. Mr S Samuels advised a project manager would manage the site but the ultimate responsibility still lays with the Parish Council. Mr S Samuels advised that he has been answerable to the Council only, since they took over sole responsibility of this project. Mr Storey felt the offer was generous but that it should be turned down, he felt Mr S Samuels should be paid, at least, something for the work he undertakes. After some discussion it was agreed that Mr S Samuels would submit a quote to manage this project, to be received for next meeting. Clerk enquired re a CDM coordinator , Mr S Samuels advised one would have to be appointed re health & safety requirements, he would obtain quotes. Clerk enquired re tenderís for work, it was agreed to obtain more detailed tenderís. Mr Cock proposed J Halls & S Seals are invited to submit tenderís, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Mr S Samuels enquired if the Council would consider forming a sub-committee re this project, Mr C Samuels, Mr Leamon, Mrs Bane, Mr Lambert would be on committee, Mrs Batten to be asked also, agreed.


6†† Land Registry - NFN


7†† Report to Highways - Clerk has chased Highways, no response. Next rangers visit due w/c 4/2 Clerk has advised areas.


8†† Oak Garden - NFN


9†† Balance Sheet - Mr Storey enquired the cost of insurance for c/rooms, Clerk advised about £250.


10 Churchyard, St Nicholas - meeting in hand. Mr Lambert advised trees & bushes have been cleaned up by memberís of his family.


11 Bin, Long Lane - this has been emptied.


12 Encroaching Hedges - owner of land contacted someone should be on site next week. Letter been sent to 10 Newcombe Drive re encroaching growth into walkway.


13 Allotments, Pest Control - Mr Smith rang Clerk upon receipt of letter, there is one hole about 3/400m along the Hythe Rd in the hedge, he can treat this if required at a extra cost. The bait boxes are emptied once a month as per agreement,which is sufficient as not all bait is taken, most uptake along Piggy Lane hedge. He advises that rats will go where there is a food source, once the beet heads are gone then they will move to where there are chickens or grain stores. Mr Cooper advised he has spoken with an allotment tenant who advised there were no problems with rats. Mr Storey would check the hedges along Hythe Road and deal with if necessary.


14 WNBC - letter from NCC re incinerator enquiry.


15 Tree P/Field - in hand.


16 War Memorial, Brick Pillar - work complete to a very good standard.






17 Property, Bell Street - resident emailed copy of correspondence to highways re erecting bollards, Clerk enquired to highways, the bollards will be wooden & are on order with the contractors, these will be chased for installation.


18 Bin, High Street - Bin received, £10 off with voucher. Clerk advised Mr Scarff would charge £45 to install bin but if it does not fit straight into existing fittings an extra cost for drilling & bolting of £25 would be made. Mr Scarffís quote to be held. Mr Cooper would try to install bin. Clerk enquired if refuse collectors or litter collector should be asked to empty bin, it was agreed litter collector should be asked to empty this when in place.


19 Edmund Moundeford Trust - Mr Storey apologised he has not spoken to Mr Hawkins re this matter, he will report at next meeting.


20 Report to Highways - pothole in Newcombe Drive has been repaired to a poor standard, Mr Leamon reported gravel left on road & repair already sunk, Clerk to report to highways, copy to Mr White CC.


21 Village Greens - no cars parked on green recently.


22 Boundary, The Beck - site operators have erected fence on boundary of site. Letter from NCC re street lighting of new road, options available, it was agreed that NCC be responsible for this new lighting.


23 Precept - Clerk advised changes to the benefit system & second home charging have reduced the tax base to 608, a reduction of 65 on last year. To help reduce the impact on Councilís the Borough has been given a grant, by central government, which it has topass onto parish & town councils. Feltwell will receive £2305 this year, this grant will most probably be a one off and not available next year. Clerk outlined expenditure & income for the current year, £11400 was bought forward from last year plus £25,000 precept, the approximate figure in hand at the end of this year should be £5/6000, a 50% reduction, this is mainly due to the costs of the village poll &elections. If the requirement remains at £25,000 this can be made up to include the grant or the grant can be an extra amount. It was advised that next year it may be possible that parish councilís will be capped and any scope to cover increased costs would reduce. Due to the reduction in the tax base those paying the council tax will have to pay a little more than last year if the requirement stays the same. After some discussion including the reduced revenue reserve, increasing costs & possible projects the Chairman proposed the precept requirement remains at £25,000 for 2013/14, grant monies extra, Mr Storey & Mr Cooper against, rest in favour, motion carried.


24 Natural England - Ash tree reported on land along Lodge Road, not on Council land.


25 NCC, Highway Services - partnership bids - all councillors to receive copy, next meeting.


26 Equal Opportunity Policy - all councillors received copy of proposed policy, Chairman proposed policy is adopted, all agreed.


27 Came & Co Insurerís - letter from insurerís re increased public liability claims, they advise for areas to be inspected weekly and that if we are responsible for any treeís to have a survey carried out.






27 cont - Mr Samuels proposed that quotes are obtained to carry out a survey on the treeís on playingfield, there was no seconder for the motion.


28 Esco NRG Ltd - email from company enquiring about renting about 20 acres of allotment land along the OBR to site a solar farm, they are willing to pay £900 per acre per annum, for 25 years. Mr Samuels proposed enquiry is considered, there was no seconder for motion.




29 NCC - Smoking in bus shelters - signs received, Clerk will put in shelters. Waste summit seminar invitation being held 7/2. Norfolk Minerals SS allocations - LDF - submissions & documents available.

30 NALC - letter from J Scarrott, Parish liaison officer. Norfolk link. Quality parish scheme update.

31 Norse - landscape development brochure.

32 Norfolk RCC - e.newsletter.

33 Parish magazine.


34 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £869.20, Cash £15, Methodist Church £17, S Sargent £86.66, Post Office Ltd £449.66, G Smith £36, AWA £312.07, Glasdon £162, Viridor £54.12, Berryman £173.69, WNBC £1291.25.


35 PLANNING - Mr/Mrs Vaughan - land east 46 Paynes Lane - Construction of a detached dwelling with garden room & attached double garage - APPROVED.




36 Fit Norfolk Roadshow - funding opportunities to improve playing fields, pitches etc. Clerk to copy to football club.


37 Buses - Hereward Way - Clerk advised of complaints re school buses turning & picking up on Moatside estate, Clerk waiting for email from complainant re further details.


38 Community Construction Fund - notice of second funding round.


39 HGV Complaint - Mr Storey advised that on Sunday 13/1 at 10.35am a sugar beet lorry travelled along Paynes Lane, resident complained. It was agreed to write to the Wissington factory to advise of this complaint - lorry firm DJ Transport.


Next meeting to be held 11/2/13.

Meeting declared closed 9.50pm.