A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 8th day of  JULY 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Storey,  Cock, Samuels and Leamon. Also present Sq Leader Neilds & 4 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Spanswick, Mrs Mills, Mrs McGeeney & Mrs Bane.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended to allow the public present to address the Council. Meeting re-opened 7.35pm.




1  RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised CV22’s had arrived and would be in use from this week. Nothing further, Sq Leader Neilds left the meeting at 7.40pm.


2  SNT - PCSO Laws had sent her apologies. Clerk gave report of incidents in village during June.


3  Risk Assessment - Tree removed 2/7. Maintenance work not yet started on play area. Clerk read report from Mrs McGeeney, matting under nest swing has been removed and is laying near teen shelter. Mrs Batten would look at this. Clerk to do next inspection.


4  Changing Rooms - Community Construction Fund - quarterly progress report, completed & returned. Email from senior football club thanking the Council for the progress of the new building and advising that both 1st team & reserves were promoted again for this season. They very much look forward to using the new facility & being able to play again in the village. The project should be finished the second week of August, a discussion took place re usage, rent, cleaning etc. it was agreed to obtain fixture lists from all the teams who wish to use the facility. Mr S Samuels gave a progress report and advised on course to be finished on time, roof changed to tiles for maintenance purposes, wall & floor tiles chosen by sub-committee, internal doors, paved area outside. Mr Storey enquired if costs are not known how can the Council determine what rent to charge? Mr S Samuels advised electricity costs should remain low as under ground low level heating in place which can be timed for usage & also comes on during cold weather, water usage will increase due to the showers and the toilets being usable, he would make enquiries to Borough re rates. Previously it had been discussed that the costs would be monitored for the first year, run by the Council and then the football club may take over the responsibility of the facility. Mr Leamon felt that the Parish has always subsidized this building and will have to continue to do so. Any users will have to agree to a user agreement drawn up by the Council. After further discussion it was agreed that anyone who may be interested in using this facility, including the football clubs, are invited to attend the next Council meeting in August. The Council hopes that other groups will also want to use these facilities.


5  Balance Sheet - no queries.






6  Churchyard, St Nicholas - Chair advised she had looked at condition, not too bad. Mr Lambert advised meeting not yet arranged, he has spoken with contractors, area tidied up. Meeting arranged soon.


7  Allotment Pest Control - nothing received yet this month.


8  NCC - Highway Services - letter from NCC advising that our bid for the scheme for a small path area in Bell Street has been successful - scheme titled Feltwell Trod - NCC contribution is £706.71 & the parishes £235.57, total cost £942.28. Acceptance form to be signed & payment made - Chair proposed this is signed and parishes contribution of £235.57 is paid, all agreed. Chair & Mr Samuels signed form. The scheme should be completed during this financial year, a time will be agreed with us.


9  Highways Meeting - email advising hedge at top of Paynes Lane has been cut back but another letter will be sent to the owners to inform them next time it is cut it must be taken back to its boundary.


10 Overhanging Growth - no action from 2 Short Lane, Clerk to report to Highways, agreed.


11 Bell Street Construction Site - NFN


12 Audit - NFN.


13 K&M Lighting - Street Light Maintenance - Inventory of lights sent to Westcotec, still waiting costs from both companies.


14 Parking on Greens - Mrs Mills had obtained 2 quotes for “No Parking” signs, Impress Express, Mildenhall quoted £15 net each - white text on black background. Icon Sign & Design, Newmarket quoted £16.66 each net + delivery. Previous quote was £20 net each. Mr Samuels proposed three signs from Impress Express at a cost of £15 net each are purchased, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed. Mr Leamon would collect these when ready.


15 Street Name Plates - owner of Hill House has agreed to a SNP being put up on their wall provided it is of appropriate size & design. Could the Parish council request that the Borough provide a sign in the same style as the “Short Beck” sign. Clerk to enquire.


16 NALC - weekly e-updates. Norfolk link. Enterprise Norfolk poster. AGM Resolutions for debate form. CiCLA training skills courses. Vitalise support letter. NCC - managing flood risk leaflet.


17 Knotweed, Allotments - no response from contractors re chemical used, Clerk to chase for response.


18 Report to Highways - No action yet re Hythe Rd.


19 Review of Committees - Mrs Mills will remain on allotment committee.


20 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - Email from solicitor advising - there is no minimum lease term. The liability obligations of the doctors if they maintain the area.  Rent increase is a matter of negotiation between both parties but the Council should be seeking the full open market current rent for the area.





20  cont .. If necessary professional advice should be sought. It was agreed to obtain an independent valuer’s report on the rental value for the piece of land for the next meeting, Mr Storey would ask Mr Hawkins. Length of lease, rent and terms re maintenance to be discussed next meeting.


21 Bus Shelters - installation of seats, this was discussed the Chair felt that at present expenditure needed to be monitored, this may be a project for the future. Clerk Advised if seats were put in the bus shelters there would not be room for pushchairs/mobility scooters to stand if bad weather. It was agreed this may be discussed in the future.


22 Bus Stop - Wilton Road - Clerk is still trying to contact relevant department.


23 NCC - Mr Storey advised at a meeting held 17/6 at County re the proposed incinerator at K/Lynn a motion was passed to employ an independent QC re waste contractual matters. A decision should be made by E Pickles MP by 14th January 2014.


24 Resident Enquiry - Mr Samuels enquired who had made this enquiry as he would like to approach them as they have shown an interest in this event. Clerk will advise following meeting.


25 KL&WNBC - email from Borough thanking us for comments, these will be added into their considerations. They will endeavour to update us on any progress made.


26 KL&WNBC - Grass cutting - verges were eventually finished being cut 25/6 following several telephone calls by the Clerk & Mr Storey. Next cut due 3 weeks from that date.


27 KL&WNBC - road sweeping - sweeper in village w/c 17/6 -  some areas not swept, Bell Street being one, Clerk to complain especially as we only have 3 visits per year.




28 KL&WNBC - Guide for determining dispensation requests by councillors. Agenda of meeting held 27/6.

29 TCHC - free business start up workshops - list of courses.

30 Norfolk & Suffolk Local Transport Body - Long list comments invited.

31 Creative Arts East - village screen event being held 6/7 @ Thetford.

32 A11 Scheme - e-newsletter.

33 Brochures - DDL. Civils - tennis court maintenance. Clerks & councils direct. SMP. FLP. J Parker wholesale. Parish magazine.


34 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £831.55, Cash £15, Methodist Church £12.75, S Sargent £89.25, Post Office Ltd £429.63, NCC £235.57, Berryman £103.70, Viridor £50.40, Hall Contract £68400, Anglian Water £215.03. BT £47.26 DD.


35 PLANNING - Central Garage - 44 High Street - extension to commercial garage workshop following removal of existing store shed. APPROVED - Mr Storey, Mr Cock & Mrs Batten abstained, rest in favour






36 Highways - entrance Newcombe Drive breaking up again. Potholes Old Brandon Road & road surface. Parking problems were discussed and it was agreed to enquire if double yellow lines would be considered in the village.


37 Aisle Project at St Mary’s - Mr Leamon enquired the progress of this proposed project and parking arrangements. Funding is currently being applied for following issues with the facility which have now been agreed. When there is an event on at the Church vehicles are parked the whole length of Bell Street, Mr Leamon was concerned for safety reasons. There have been no “off road” parking arrangements included in the plans for the aisle project. The exclusion of Bell Street from the one way system was discussed.


38 School Parking - The Beck - Clerk enquired if a letter could be sent to the school re member’s of staff parking on school grounds rather than on the road, this could help with the current problems. The inclusion of a access pedestrian gate along Munson’s Lane into the school was also discussed. The Trust has written to the school re this matter but no response has yet been received. It was agreed to write to the Chair of the school governors, copying letter to head mistress re these matters.


39 Footway Spraying - operative in village 3/4th July - spraying weeds from small ride on machine - the way work was being carried out it is possible that some areas have been missed, this to be monitored and Highways advised.


40 Hedge Oak Street - Clerk has contacted owners again, hedge has been cut, Clerk now has direct contact details of owner if problems occur again.


Next meeting to be held 12th August 2013.

Meeting declared closed 9.15pm.



Due to the time limit the following PLANNING was APPROVED 29/7 by 4 Councillors - B Burns - 3 Hill Street - Demolish existing lean to structure to the rear of dwelling and erection of new two storey extension and reforming of the original front door onto Hill Street.