A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of  JUNE 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Storey, Spanswick, Cock,  Leamon, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present PCSO Laws, Sq Leader Neilds & 3 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Cooper, Mr Samuels & Mrs McGeeney.




MINUTES of the last meeting were amended from June to May meeting then taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended for members of the public to address the meeting - meeting reopened at 7.33pm.




1  SNT - PCSO Laws gave an update of crimes in the village over the last few months, these have dropped over the past few weeks. Now that the summer is upon us extra help is available if required. Mr Lambert enquired if anyone has been caught re recent crimes, it was advised that information is available on the Norfolk police website via police direct, crimes and outcomes can be monitored. PCSO Law left the meeting at 7.35pm.


2   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised that new planes would be arriving at Mildenhall, noise levels may increase due to the type of plane CV22. Flying would increase. Sq Leader left meeting 7.40pm.


3   Risk Assessment - Mr Scarff had quoted to do work around play area, total cost £240, this did not include any work required on zip wire. Mr Lambert proposed quote is accepted, seconded Mr Storey, all agreed. Cubs/scouts have cleared branches from around playingfields, Mr Lambert would liaise with Mrs Scarff re BBQ. Tree will be removed 2nd July, power supply turned off for safety. Mrs Mills did inspection, wire fence damaged near walkway, this is the responsibility of the householder. Mrs McGeeney to do next inspection.


4   Changing Rooms - Clerk has spoken with Mr Halls, he advised it was a 3 month build but he would complete it as soon as possible. First invoice received, 5% being withheld as agreed. Mr Leamon felt the building should be finished sooner and this was fully discussed, Mr S Samuels to be contacted, it was agreed Mr Leamon would speak with Mr Samuels re the agreed contract and completion date.


5   Report to Highways - drain in The Beck has been fixed.


6   Balance Sheet - no questions.


7   Churchyard, St Nicholas - condition not too good last week, another meeting is to be held with contractors. Mr Cock advised war memorial garden not too good either, grass laying around, Clerk advised contractors do not remove the grass. It was agreed to seek the cost to remove this.






8   Allotment Pest Control - monthly report received.


9   NCC - Highway Services - email advising scheme has been successful in attracting a high number of bids which means the fund is oversubscribed. Due to the number of bids it will take longer to complete the assessment and the outcome will be advised as soon as possible.


10 Highways Meeting - Barriers removed from Blackdyke Road, area flooding, this has been reported. Hedge at top of Paynes Lane reported again.


11 Overhanging Growth - no work yet done at 2 Short Lane, Clerk to monitor.


12 Bell Street Construction Site - NFN


13 Internal Audit/Audit - Forms sent to external auditors 31st May, notices will be posted 17/6.


14 K&M Lighting - offer of new contract will be received shortly. Another quote to be obtained from Westcotec.


15 Parking on Green - Apex signs have quoted £20 each for 2 A4 dibond aluminium “No Parking” signs, similar costs online. The type, number and positioning of the signs were discussed and it was agreed to try and obtain costs for other types of signs.


16 Report to Highways - email from A Wallace, Highway engineer, advising he has inspected the site, the ditch has been well cleaned and in his view they have not reduced the verge width. He is happy with the work and does not feel it poses a greater danger than pre-cleansing works. The situation will be monitored


17 Computer Query - has been sorted.


18 Street Name Plates - no response from 34 Hill Street, Clerk confirmed owner of Hill House and will write to them re a sign being sited on their wall.


19 Computer Security - Norton 360 has been purchased again, cost £29.99 on the net, Mr Samuels to be re-imbursed re this cost, agreed.


20 WNBC - Caddy Liners - Post Office and Spar will stock these, Clerk had enquired in all shops, the liners have to be sold at cost price. The Borough will liaise with the shops.


21 NCC - Recycling Credits - Clerk advised the rate last year was £49.07 per tonne. Letter received re payments being made by BACS, Chairwoman proposed this is accepted, all agreed.


22 NALC  - Weekly updates received - these include notice of meeting with Police & Crime Commissioner at Downham Market on 24/6. Information of the CIL, this replaces the section 106 payments some developers have to pay.






23 Knotweed, Allotments - another treatment should have been done last week. Mr Cock enquired what chemical is used to treat this, Clerk to enquire.


24 Report to Highways - entrance to Oulsham Drove has been poorly repaired, already breaking up. Pothole o/s 25 Short Beck has been marked. Verge cutting has been done. White lining schedule drawn up start of April, this will be checked. Potholes Hythe Rd have not been done yet. Clerk to report areas.


25 Review of Committees - all those present agreed to continue serving on their relevant committees, Clerk to check with those not attending for next meeting.


26 Surgery Overflow Car Park - Mr Lambert felt that as the car park is used by the village the rent should be kept low but that the doctor’s should be responsible for the maintenance and repairs. Before any decisions are made it was agreed to obtain advice from our solicitors re the length of lease, if the Council could be held liable if the doctor’s did not maintain the area correctly, maintenance & repair responsibility being passed to the doctor’s.


27 Bus Shelters - next meeting.


28 Bus Stop - Wilton Road - Clerk still waiting response re who are responsible for these.


29 NCC - Mr Storey gave an update of the progress of the incinerator debate, this will be held on 17/6 at County in the public domain.




30 Resident Enquiry - letter from resident enquiring that following the recent press report, will the Parish Council as a whole be adding their support to the 4 day beer festival at the end of August. This was discussed, this event is nothing to do with the Parish Council it is not involved in any way. However, the Council does hope the event goes well. Clerk to advise.

31 KL&WNBC - Provision of Water Safety Equipment on Poppylot Bridge - Clerk read out letter - it was agreed that the provision is required but that the Environment Agency should be responsible for the provisions as they own the area, Clerk to advise the Borough council.

32 NCC -  Norfolk Minerals SSA - DPD - invitation to make representations.

33 West Norfolk Sports Council - notice of AGM. Notice of proposed 4 week “Rural Festival of Sport” during the period of 3-31 May 2014, support in principle requested, it was agreed to register an interest.

34 Norfolk Community Foundation - summer newsletter.

35 Norfolk RCC - e-newsletter.

36 Brochures - Furniture@work. CCP Ltd. Parish magazine.


37 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £831.35, Cash £10, Methodist Church £12.75, S Sargent £90.65, B Reeves £30, G Smith & Sons £36, C Samuels £29.99, Berryman £115.92, Viridor £66.72, Hall Contracts £34200, CES £739.20.


Mr Spanswick gave his apologies and left meeting at 8.55pm.




38 PLANNING - Ms D Crane - 25 Rawlins Way - Single storey extensions - APPROVED. Mr G Russell - 58 Long Lane - Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission - APPROVED.




39 WNBC - Grass Cut Verges - Clerk had enquired about verges being cut, advised by email that these were done last week and due again in 3 weeks, Clerk to advise that verges had not been cut in village for a few weeks.


40 WNBC - Road Sweeping - this should, hopefully, be done within next 4 weeks.


41 Highways  - Mrs Bane advised verge outside her property that has been taken back by Highways does not look very good, she tries to keep tidy, this should not have been taken back.


42 St Johns Way - the whole water system should be relayed during March 2014, following several recent burst pipes.


Next meeting to be held 8th July 2013.

Meeting declared closed 9.05pm.