A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 11th day of NOVEMBER 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Samuels, Leamon, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present PCSO Writer, Sq Leader Neilds, S Samuels and 5 members of public.






MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - meeting suspended at 7.32 re-opened at 7.35pm.




1†† RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds expressed thanks on behalf of personnel for help given to themduring recent financial difficulties with the US government. There was no further matters. Left meeting.


2†† SNT - PCSO Writer advised area been relevantly quite recently with 3 thefts & 1 assault reported. Calls from public totalled 32 covering a range of enquiries. Next SNAP meeting being held 8/1/14. No further matters, left meeting 7.40pm.


3†† Risk Assessment - Monster Play has gone into administration, new company requires digital photographs of parts required to be able to offer a price. Clerk showed copy of wording for signs, Clerk waiting for costs. Three quotes to replace fence around car park with metal park style fencing received - JM Ayres quoted £8676 net, Lakenheath Fabrications £7850 net and Norse £10425.70 net. A discussion took place on the need to replace the current fence which is a hazard and damaged in places, Mr Lambert enquired if all the quotes were for the same specification, yes. Mr Leamon asked if this would be the time to reduce the size of the car park, not agreed. This matter has been discussed for some period of time and several different options looked at. Mr Samuels proposed Lakenheath Fabrication quote of £7850 net is accepted, seconded Mr Spanswick, Mr Storey abstained, rest in favour, motion carried. Mrs Bane did inspection - tennis court a lot of leaves and moss. Branch near wall. Fence in walkway is broken, this is the residents responsibility. Mr Cock would do next inspection.


4†† Changing Rooms - Fence removed, dehumidifier removed, Chairwoman has cut the grass, door handle will be done 14/11, all invoices received, end of grant form needs completing. Chairwoman felt the grass needed cutting one more time, it was felt this should be left due to weather conditions, agreed. It was agreed that the heating should now be put on, proposed Mrs Bane, seconded Mrs Mills, all agreed. Clerk advised the total net cost of the project is £146132.23 so far with the cost of the door handle, slabs and signs to be added - fees including planning approval, building regs were £4651 net, supplies i.e. keys , fire equipment and cleaning were £594.78, building project £140886.45 net. Rateable value of building £1800, still waiting for official notification of rates but this should be NIL. End of grant form completed, testimonials required - one received from senior FC Clerk has also asked for one from the junior club and Mr White as our sponsor for this project, digital photoís also required, some have been taken by Mr Samuels more required, these will be done shortly.Three quotes received for concrete/slabs






4†† Hall Contracts £1250 to concrete area, Norse £2043.80 to concrete or £2173.20 to lay slabs, W Dereham Plant to concrete £1436 or lay slabs £1828 (all costs net). Mr Samuels felt that to continue with the slabs would look better and finish off the area, Mr Leamon agreed. Mr Storey felt that costs should be considered. After further discussion Mr Samuels proposed W Dereham Plantís quote of £1828 net to lay slabs is accepted, seconded Mr Cock, Mr Storey & Mr Lambert against, Mr Cooper abstained, rest in favour - carried. Mr Samuels enquired about the positioning of the dug outs, these need to be moved from the building, the Chair felt these could be kept near the cub hut, agreed.


5†† Balance Sheet - no queries.


6†† Churchyard, St Nicholas - Mr Cooper advised number given was no longer in service - still in hand.


7†† Allotment Pest Control - monthly report.


8†† Overhanging Growth - address of owner of 2 Short Lane obtained, Clerk has written to them, highways advised they have also written - to be monitored if no action shortly Clerk to ask highways to cut back as junction very dangerous.


9†† Street Name Plate - NFN


10 NALC - weekly updates. New Standing Orders to be advised shortly.


11 Report to Highways - Highways have advised a lot of patching done in Hythe Rd, this will be inspected again. Hole near second roadway getting bigger.


12 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - Copy of lease received, this is same as previous except for changes requested re rent, length of lease and maintenance responsibilities. Mr Lambert has looked through this and doctorís have had a copy and have no queries. Solicitor enquired if consent to grant the lease under the Allotments Act was being applied for. Mr Lambert queried whether this permission was required, Clerk to check. It was agreed to instruct solicitor to progress with lease.


13 Bus Stop - email from County with a map of preferred locations to formalise bus stops on both sides ofthe Wilton Road - do the Parish Council still support this scheme with the change positions? Map was looked at, are residents advised - Clerk thought that this was part of the process - it was agreed scheme supported.


14 Incinerator - this matter is regularly reported by the local press.


15 School Parking, The Beck - letter from Chair of Governors received advising that although all staff are encouraged to park on school grounds they cannot enforce this, there are also volunteer helpers who may choose to park on the road. Mr Storey felt that there is enough ground available to make a bigger car park for all those working at the school to use and remove as many vehicles as possible off the road during working hours and proposed that a letter in response is sent suggesting this, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Regarding a path into the school off Munsonís Lane the governors nor the head teacher can support this for various reasons listed, these were discussed, it was felt a meeting is requested with






15 - the governors and two members of the Council to discuss this matter, proposed Mr Samuels seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. It was agreed to also send a letter to the head of the education department at County.


16 Village Sign - quote received but unable to open, should be sending through post, not received yet.


17 Tree Report Playingfield - two quotes received to remove tree off playingfield - KC Peckham quote £200 to remove tree near building and if required both marked trees at a cost of £300 net. CGM quote £500 net to remove first tree and a further £280 to remove second tree if required, a further quote was requested but firm too busy to quote. Mr Spanswick proposed that both trees are removed and KC Peckham quote is accepted, seconded Mr Samuels, all agreed.


18 Street Lighting - in hand.


19 Rangers Visit - no report of work done yet received but the Oak garden has been tidied and walkway from Paynes Lane into High Street cleared of weeds again.


20 Report to Highways - pothole in middle road near post office has been repaired but is breaking up and will done again. Long Lane is in the system for future resurfacing work. Verge o/s WI Hall has been done today.


21 Grounds Maintenance Contract - copy of specifications given to all Councillors, removal of cuttings to be added to War Memorial specification, rest agreed to remain as listed, all agreed. Advert to be placed in EDP inviting tenders.


22 NCC - Highway Improvements Parish Partnership - any bids to be made by 30/1/14.


23 REGBIO - response from company advising that they have decided they no longer require to lease the area of land. Clerk advised that due to time scales and the procedure re letting the areas of land on farm tenancies it would be better if this area of land was left vacant until October next year when it could be included in a block of land. Mr Storey agreed. Mr Samuels proposed this area of land is sprayed if necessary and left vacant until October 2014 when it can be blocked in with adjoining land and let, seconded Mrs McGeeney, all agreed.


24 Pharmacy Application Notice - Beesa Care Ltd - notification of application for a pharmacy within location of Bell Street, High Street, Wilton road area. This was fully discussed - Mr Storey proposed that the application is supported, seconded Mr Spanswick - Mr Samuels & Mrs Batten against, rest abstained - Mrs Batten as Chair had casting vote, against proposal - motion declined. It was agreed no representation to be made.




25 War Memorial Trust - call to remember.

26 E.On - email re good business & usage.

27 EACH - newsletter & appeal.





28 Norfolk Community Foundation - grant news.

29 Community Matters - e-newsletter - free trees on offer to community groups.

30 Comm.-Tech - Invite to technology day at Norwich 28/11.

31 Brochures - Clerks & councils direct. Wicksteed. Viking. Sports & Play construction association - free exhibition 26/11. Parish magazine.


32 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £837.53, Cash £15, Methodist Church £29.75, S Sargent £110.97, Post Office Ltd £436.83, RBL £35.50, Berryman £97.56, G Smith & Son £36, CGM Ltd £195, Hall Contracts £8190, Viridor £110.52, Alpha Building Consultancy Ltd £3437.90.


33 PLANNING - E Porter & Sons, Grange Farm, Old Methwold Rd - conversion of barns within hall farm to create 3 dwellings - APPROVED. Hill House, 21 Hill Street - new one & half storey dwelling in vernacular design style & materials - APPROVED.




34 Report to Highways - pothole Old Methwold Rd. Condition of Southery Road. High Street ridge in middle of road near no 16, breaking up. Pot holes o/s 11 & 89 Hereward Way.


35 Bell Street - Mr Leamon reported one of the wooden posts has been damaged, this was discussed and it was agreed resident should contact Highways as they erected these posts. Mr Storey advised highways have been contacted.


36 Food Outlet - Councillor enquired re kebab van parked in Social Club car park - as long as this is correctly licensed, it is parked on private property, there is nothing Council need to do. The noise problem has been dealt with.


37 Play Equipment Inspection - letter from company. Next meeting.


38 E Truss MP - letter - next meeting.


39 Lime Kiln Lane - past Social Club - road in poor condition, this is not adopted it is up to residents to maintain this.


Next meeting to be held 9th December 2013.

Meeting declared closed 9.05pm.