A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of  OCTOBER 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Leamon, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills. Also present Sq Leader Neilds & 4 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Bane & Mr Samuels.




MINUTES of the last meeting, item 22 - Mr Storey asked for an amendment to this item to delete “tried to” as he felt he did explain the situation, this was agreed. Following this amendment the Minutes were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - meeting suspended to allow member’s of public to speak, re-opened 7.33pm.




1   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised no flying for a few days but this will pick up again this week. Has the flight path been changed? Sq Leader Neilds would look into this. Ms Mills enquired if there was any news regarding the future of Trenchard Square - not at moment. Sq Leader Neilds left at 7.35pm.


2   SNT  - email asking Council to express vigilantes re oil deliveries and storage of oil as this is the time of year thefts increase. Report of trailer stolen 23/9 in Long Lane.


3   Risk Assessment - Mr Scarff has completed work, area beneath climbing dome cannot be repaired as spaces too large to fill, this needs replacing, due to this invoice reduced from that quoted. Bolt in nest swing supplied & fitted, cost £15. Washes required for nest swing as present ones have worn, Clerk to contact Monster Play. Mr Ayres not completed quote yet as he has enquired the following - is £1.5million public liability cover sufficient - all agreed yes, and would the Council be able to close off the car park area when work in progress or is two rows of security fencing required? After some discussion it was agreed car park could be closed off so only one row required in quote costs. Lakenheath Fabrications have also quoted, their H&S requirements to be checked so same quotes can be considered. Mr Leamon did inspection - nut missing from teen shelter, weeds on tennis court, filled drains need topping up as sunk, fence wire sticking out again, surface under nest swing removed again. It was agreed surfaces under play dome & nest swing to be looked at early next year. Mr Leamon reported he picked up a glass off the field and enquired about signs being erected re “No Glass or Litter”, this was discussed Mr Leamon proposed 4 signs are purchased, seconded Mr Storey, all agreed. Mrs Bane to do next inspection.


4   Changing Rooms - Turfed area laid, Q Lawns had donated 7 pallets of turf, second area cost £75, this had been agreed by 7 Councillors so that work could be completed. Clerk enquired re letter of thanks being sent to the following - Q Lawns (turf donation), British Sugar (top soil donation & delivery), Lakenheath Fabrications (metal frames & labour re benches) Barry Batten (time & help re preparing ground) - Mr Storey did not agree that a letter of thanks for the soil should be sent, delivery ok, after some discussion it was agreed that letters should be sent to all listed. Clerk also thanked Mr Cock, Mr Leamon, Mr Lambert & Mrs Batten for the various time spent & equipment supplied. One quote obtained






4  - re laying concrete, another to be obtained before decision made. Mr Halls felt that if slabs were laid these could be damaged if driven on. Quote received from company who provided doors re a handle on the fire door - cost £278 net, the door would have to be removed for the work to be done, the panic bar would still open the door if anyone was inside building, the Chairwoman proposed handle is put on door, quote accepted, all agreed. Cost of handrails £374.95 net, these were necessary for safety reasons when opening the doors of the building. Clerk advised she has not heard anything from Mr S Samuels since 24th August, she has emailed with no response so she does not know if the building can be signed off re the grant monies, rates not advised, total final costs cannot be determined. It was agreed Chair would contact and speak with Mr Samuels this needs to be sorted. Invoice re CDM work received - Clerk to check if report needed and if this can be paid before cheque sent. Security fence still in place, this should remain for the time being. Mr Halls has supplied a dehumidifier to use in the building, this is emptied daily as usually full, how much longer should it remain? This was discussed and it was agreed to keep as long as required. Clerk enquired if the sub-committee would continue over seeing this building? It was agreed sub-committee would continue at present, to be discussed. Chair advised £10 was donated for some left over turf, it was agreed to use this for cleaning supplies. Grass needs cutting, too wet at moment. Water bill received this is a lot lower than previous bills @£90.43 even though grass has been watered regularly over the past 6 weeks. Clerk advised representative from the Anglian Combination football league had visited the premises, facilities one of the best in league.


5   Balance Sheet - no queries.


6   Churchyard, St Nicholas - Clerk advised Mr Cooper of community services number. Mrs Herrington had enquired what was wrong with the bench at the churchyard, she has coated with oil this year? Some action is being taken to maintain the bench matter not to be pursued. Mr Storey advised another bench in the churchyard has not been maintained, monitor until Spring and then if necessary advise PCC.


7   Allotment Pest Control - report received.


8   NCC - work completed on trod in Bell Street.


9   Overhanging Growth  - 2 Short Lane - Clerk has been advised of possible owner, nobody knew name - Clerk to write to name given to see if owner can be determined, agreed.


10 Bell Street Construction Site - proposed name of new road “Hall Farm Close” , Chair proposed Council supports name, all agreed. Site owners also enquired if they have to consult the Council if they wish to name individual plots, no consultation required.


11 Street Name Plate - NFN


12 NALC - New edition of standing orders recently written, will be sent shortly after clarification of some elements. Weekly updates. Funding workshops re playingfields. Annual report & minutes of last AGM.


13 Knotweed - Allotments - this is treated with roundup by injecting down the stalks but has to be disposed of safely & very few companies deal with this.






14 Report to Highways - Hythe Road still has potholes.


15 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - the doctor’s advised they agree with the rent required and they will be wholly responsible for maintenance of the area but they do not agree to paying the Council’s legal fee’s. The solicitor has advised that if the lease is for over 7 years then it has to be registered at the land registry, the doctor’s are happy to have a shorter lease. The solicitor has also enquired whether the rent will be reviewed during the lease period and if so, with what frequency and on what basis. After some discussion Mr Lambert proposed that a 6 year lease is given with the rent remaining at £250 per year for the whole term of the lease, doctor’s responsible for maintaining area, seconded Mr Spanswick, Mr Storey against rest in favour, carried. Legal fee’s to be paid by Council proposed Mr Lambert, seconded Mrs McGeeney, Mr Storey against, rest in favour, carried. Solicitor to draw up new lease.


16 Bus Stop - NFN


17 Incinerator - NFN.


18 School Parking, The Beck - No response yet, governors meeting due this month.


19 KL&WNBC - LDF - a meeting was held, hopefully residents have made representations as advised.


20 Running Event - Mr Spanswick advised event held by East Anglia cycle club.


21 Residents Enquiry - Play Area - Clerk spoke with community relations officer on the base re the equipment on Trenchard Square and she sent email advising our request has been noted and will be held on file until they know what is happening with the site. No response from resident.


22 Village Sign - Mr Hogg has looked at this, advice and quotes not yet received.


23 Tree Report Playingfield - quotes invited not yet received, no hurry as still quite a lot of leaf. on trees.


24 NCC - Putting People First consultation re budget running from 19/9 till 12/12, views invited on savings having to be made of £189 million over the next 3 years.


25 Tree Mulberry Close - this has been removed.


26 Moundeford Trust - Trustees - Mr Fox & Mr Garland have both expressed their willingness to continue representing the parish on the trust. Parish Council nominated trustee’s serve for a 4 year term. Mr Lambert felt Mr Garland knows a great deal about school legislation. Mr Cooper felt that Mr Fox no longer lives or has a business in the parish so probably should not represent the parish now. Mrs Batten advised Mr C Samuels would like to put his name forward, Mrs Batten would also like to be considered as a trustee. After some discussion Mrs McGeeney proposed Mr P Garland and Mrs J Batten are the representatives for the Parish, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Lambert & Mr Storey abstained, rest in favour, carried. Clerk to advise Mr Hawkins.


27 Street Lighting - next meeting.






28 Rangers Visit - w/c 21/10.


29 Reported to highways - email advising areas to be checked and repairs programmed. The stop line will need a traffic order so Mr Wallace will be asked about this request.


30 RAF Feltwell - notice of permitted development re the reconstruction of the elementary school. It is anticipated work will commence March 2015 & conclude August 2016.




31 KL&WNBC - Notification of property address change - annex at 4B Short Beck now 4C. Polling districts & polling places review. Mayor’s civic award for voluntary service. Business start up support programme.

32 RCC - e-newsletter.

33 Norfolk Community Foundation - grant news.

34 West Suffolk DC  - Consultation - remove from mailing list.

35 Eastern Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority - notification of formal consultation on Protected Areas Byelaw.

36 Brochures - UKPOS. Glasdon. Viking. Clerks & Councils direct. Parish magazine.


37 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £855.34, Cash £15, Methodist Church £34, S Sargent 150.61, G Smith £36, Anglia Water £90.43, C Scarff £205, CGM £195, Lakenheath Fabrications £449.94, D Kent £525, Berryman £66.74, CES Ltd £369.60.


38 PLANNING - none received.




39 Report to Highways - pothole in middle road junction Hill Street/The Beck. Condition of the whole of Long Lane. Verge o/s WI Hall in The Beck full holes. Hythe Road again.


40 Grounds Maintenance Contract - current contract ends this month. To be discussed next meeting.


41 Remembrance Sunday - being held 10th - Chair will lay wreath.


42 NCC  -  Highway Improvements Parish Partnerships - next meeting.


43 REGBIO - lease of land OBR - next meeting.


Next Meeting to be held 11/11/13.

Meeting declared closed 8.55pm.