A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of SEPTEMBER 2013 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Samuels, Leamon, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present 20 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lambert & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - meeting suspended 7.32pm - re-opened at 7.45pm.




1   RAF Feltwell - Mr Samuels enquired the contact details for Sq Leader, Clerk to advise.


2   SNT - one theft reported this month, 14/15th BMX cycle stolen.


3   Risk Assessment - Work still ongoing. Bolt reported to Mr Scarff. Mrs Batten did inspection - ivy on wall, this is owners responsibility. Sucker growth on trees - Clerk advised tree surgeon recommends trees are not cut too close as damages them. Mr Leamon would do next inspection. Fence quote not yet received from Mr Ayres, hold till next meeting.


4   Changing Rooms - Users agreement drawn up, read & agreed by several Councillors, agreements signed by both senior and junior clubs. Alternative quote from Blazetech re fire extinguishers obtained cost £315 net, Fenland Fires service fees were less than Blazetech also, Clerk  advised  sub-committee, it was agreed to use Fenland Fire, equipment installed 22/8/13. The senior team have enquired if they may leave their water urn in the kitchen, Mrs Bane also enquired if it was possible for the junior teams to do the same? Chair proposed permission is given to leave urns in kitchen as long as they are put away tidy and at the football clubs own risk, all agreed. Clerk enquired re kick boards on bottom of internal doors to prevent possible damage, Mr Storey felt that if any damage is caused those responsible would have to pay, this is included in user agreement, all agreed. Mr Storey asked re a cleaner, it was agreed at a previous meeting that the cleaner works a maximum of 4hrs per week, at present the hours worked are a lot less, the users do sweep and tidy the building when used, the cleaner will report any problems. Clerk advised an overspend on the contracted price of £511.50, the clean equipment/supplies/keys purchased cost £266.48.  Quotes received to turf the tennis court and playingfield sides of the building, the turf has been donated by Q Lawns. Mr D Kent quoted £450, CGM quoted £1250 net, the Clerk had invited three other quotes J Harris too busy at present and two others non reply. Mr Samuels proposed Mr Kent’s quote of £450 is accepted, seconded Mrs McGeeney, all agreed. Some councillors had met prior to this meeting to discuss the rest of the exterior areas near this building, the area running along Paynes Lane to be cleared and laid to turf or grass seeded, front area quotes to be obtained to either continue with slabs or concrete area, all agreed. Mrs Bane enquired if a notice board could be erected in the public area as there are some in the changing rooms, Clerk advised that one of the senior clubs sponsors paid for these, Mrs Bane would ask if the junior’s would fund one. Mr Leamon advised a handle was required on the fire door as access difficult to changing rooms, Clerk to enquire if this is possible. Official opening - to be discussed.






5   Balance Sheet - no queries.


6   Churchyard, St Nicholas - Mr Cooper had made some enquiries re volunteers, Clerk advised to contact probation service, they may help. Mr Storey advised bench weathering badly, needs painting. Clerk to advise PCC.


7   Allotment Pest Control - report received.


8   NCC -  work started on path in Bell Street.


9   Highways Meeting - hedge at top Paynes Lane been cut but not to boundary as requested by Highways, Clerk to write to owners requesting this is done, agreed.


10 Overhanging Growth - 2Short Lane - still no work to cut back hedge, monitor.


11 Bell Street Construction Site - NFN


12 Audit - completed audit received, no comments. Copies of annual return on notice board.


13 Parking on Greens - signs have been erected.


14 Street Name Plate - Mr Freeman has agreed to a aluminium embossed sign to be erected on his boundary wall, Clerk has advised Borough this has been passed to relevant department. Clerk has advised wall inspected prior to erection of sign due to its condition.


15 NALC - Norfolk link.


16 Knotweed Allotments - still waiting advice on chemical used.


17 Report to Highways - Hythe Rd still not done, report again.


18 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - Chair proposed clause 2(8b) re sub-letting remains within a new lease agreement, all agreed. A discussion took place re the content of a new lease for the car park - the present market rental value for the area, as advised by Mr Hawkins, is around £500 pa, unless there is a special need. Mr Leamon felt a nominal fee should be considered as the car park is used by residents. The present lease rent is £10pa, the Council are responsible for maintenance. The doctor’s have used this land at a small cost to them for the past 10 years. Mr Samuels proposed that the following are the terms offered to renew the lease - half the market value rent is payable, £250 pa with a rent review every 3 years on a 9 year lease, the doctor’s are responsible for all maintenance and the Council’s legal fee’s are paid by the doctor’s, all other terms to remain as present, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Doctor’s to be advised, if agree Clerk to contact solicitors.


19 Bus Stop, Wilton Road - NFN


20 NCC - Incinerator, NFN.






21 School Parking - The Beck - next meeting.


22 KL&WNBC - LDF - residents who attended this meeting were concerned at the lack of information re the proposals of the LDF for building 40 dwellings in Munson’s Lane, a petition against this site was handed to the Council. The residents had asked about a meeting being held in Feltwell with the Borough officers dealing with the LDF. Mr Storey tried to explain the current position and advised that any objections must be made by individuals before the end of the present consultation period, 4th October 2013, to the LDF team at the Borough Council. It was agreed that the Council would invite officer’s from the Borough to attend a meeting with parishioners to explain the LDF and advise what action can be taken. Meeting to be held in the north aisle in St Mary’s if possible. Clerk to advise spokesperson of parishioners present and put notices in shops re date of meeting when arranged.


23 Planning - amendment to planning at 26 Bell Street, to be viewed online if wish to make comments.


24 Running Event - Clerk could not find anything out about this, not held this year through village.


25 Report to Highways - Oak Garden will be added to list for rangers. Other areas will be inspected.


26 Resident Enquiry ­- Re Play Area - all Councillors received copy of email. Ms Mills advised that the base may be removing play equipment at Trenchard Square, Clerk to enquire. The content of the email was discussed, it was agreed to suggest to writer that a committee of concerned parents is formed, equipment costs and funding looked into and then come back to the Council with ideas. Mr Leamon felt more benches were required for those visiting the area. Clerk reminded Council that the equipment presently sited was chosen by the children at the time it was installed.


27 Beer Festival - Mr Samuels reported event was a huge success, £225 was raised for charities.


28 Village Sign - is cracked in several places, Mr Adams was asked for advice and costs but he is unable to take on work. Mr Cock suggested Hogg’s are contacted for advice, this company carries out work at the Church. Clerk to contact company.


29 Insurance Renewal - renewal premium £2031.95, if the Council wishes to enter into a long term agreement expiring September 2016 then a 5% reduction can be made, total required £1930.35. Premium rises index linked only annually during length of agreement as long as a claim is not made. Chairwoman proposed a LTA until September 2016 is entered into, premium to be paid £1930.35, all agreed.


30 Tree Report Playingfield - report from Anglia Woodlands - he has fount two trees that cause concern - the first is a large common ash near the new building, this is marked 1 in pink, he recommends removal of this tree during the next 12 months. The second tree is another ash in the car park marked with a pink 2, he recommends this is monitored to see if it has died further next summer, he does not recommend removal until there is noticeable deterioration. Clerk to obtain quotes to remove tree 1, all agreed.




31 NCC - notice of forthcoming consultation on 2014/15 budget & savings proposals 2014/17.






32 KL&WNBC - e-update of register of electors.

33 Norfolk Community Foundation - e-newsletter re grants.

34 Suffolk West CAB - invite to AGM.

35 NALC - Community land trust meeting notice. Hazardous waste amnesty days leaflet. Stone Curlew soiree meeting 8/10/13. Recycling morning 17/9. Invite to meet parish liaison officer 1/10. Initial training for Clerks & Councillors. Morning seminar on Green Burial 17/10 @ Colney.

36 Brochures - W&S Workweaar. Saltex. Viking. Sovereign. Parish magazine.


37 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £963.09, Cash £15, Methodist Church £21.25, S Sargent £106.50, Nationwide C/Card Services £170.41, Viridor £66.72, Fenland Fire £365.76, Berryman £71.68, G Smith & Sons £36, L Enefer £85, Mazars £480.00, Anglia Woodlands £210, Hall Contracts £16213.80, New Space Solutions £54, Broker Network £1930.35.


38 PLANNING -  R&J Jones - Land rear of Laine House, Southery Road - construction of building for warehouse & distribution purposes (renewal) - APPROVED.




39 Straw Debris - Mr Leamon reported a lot of straw laying around The Beck, Mr Storey advised he was unaware who was responsible, if it was him it would be cleaned up - bushes and cars cause problems.


40 Tree - Mulberry Close - Mr Cooper reported tree in Mulberry Close looks dead, near properties, Clerk to report to Borough.


41 Moundeford Trust - Trustee’s - Mr Garland & Mr Fox positions are up for election before AGM being held 5/11 - to be discussed at next meeting. Clerk to write to both representatives.


42 Street Lighting - Oak Street into Wilton Road very dark, lights to be monitored to see if working.


43 Councillor Details - an enquiry has been made re councillors detail on Feltwell website, details to be completed, with link to these put in magazine.


44 Rangers Visit - next one due 21/10 - weeds on footpaths Oakfield’s, add to list.


45 Report to Highways - junction Hill Street to The Beck - vehicles not giving way could a STOP sign be considered. Southery Rd potholes. Junction Old Methwold Rd with Lodge Road quite dangerous. Road grips OBR.


Next meeting to be held 14th October 2013.

Meeting declared closed 9.35pm.