The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of  MAY 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm (following the Annual Parish Meeting).


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Mr Cock, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also 3 members of public.


ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON - Mr Lambert asked for nominations for position of Chairperson, Mrs Bane nominated Mrs Batten, seconded Mr Cock, there were no further nominations, all agreed. Mrs Batten was duly re-elected to position of Chairperson. Mrs Batten signed her declaration of acceptance to office and took the chair.


ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRPERSON - the Chair asked for nominations for the position of Vice- Chairperson. Mrs Bane nominated Mr Lambert, seconded Mr Cock, there were no further nominations, all agreed. Mr Lambert was duly re-elected to position of Vice Chairperson.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Spanswick, Mr Cooper & Mrs McGeeney. Mr Storey would arrive late.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.




1   SNT - Apologies received from SNT - one crime reported - theft of diesel from vehicle. Mr Lambert advised hay bales were set on fire along Hythe Road as well.


2   Risk Assessment -  Company working on fence has stopped trading, person trying to sort out outstanding work has viewed area and once sorted will get the work completed asap, he enquired re the posts, as if they remain they will need to be blanked as the holes are a hazard. Chair proposed posts are removed and disposed of, all agreed. Clerk advised several dogs on field, signs need to be erected, Mr Scarff to be asked to quote to erect these. Tennis court has been swept but a lot of debris off tree’s due to wind blow again. Mr Cooper did report, only concerned re pine tree near play area, the trees were all inspected last year. Mrs Mills to do next inspection.


3   Changing Rooms - Heating set at frost, water heater turned off. Another large electricity bill, due to the heating settings which has hopefully now been sorted. Goal posts & dug outs removed from field now season has finished. Email request from junior fc wishing to hire the facility on 14th June for their presentation 11-2pm, Chair proposed facility to be hired at cost of £15, all agreed. Vent cover facing tennis court is damaged, Clerk to enquire re some sort of grill to cover this. Clerk advised costs of building since its use commenced - monies in £600 - costs £1360.53 - with £822.03 being electricity, which is high, mainly due to heating not being utilised correctly. These figures were noted.


4   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds arrived 7.45pm - no feedback yet on vehicles travelling wrong way in village nor re Blackdyke Road issue. Night flying will take place next week, on low power when possible. Also some early starts, but there will be fewer aircraft during the summer. July 4th celebrations official, Red Arrows, Falcon RAF display team. Sq Leader left meeting 7.55pm.





5   Balance Sheet - no queries.


6   Allotment Pest Control - Clerk advised at a recently held tenants meeting this was discussed, to be reported at next meeting.


7   Overhanging Growth - email from Highways stating they will check with their legal team to see if they can cut the hedge and recover the cost. On 19/1 email received from Highways advising this had been referred to legal team and hopefully hedge will be cut soon? Clerk to speak with highway officer.


8   NALC - weekly updates. Clerk advised she previously reported that the government was giving business’s a £2000 rebate on national insurance under the employment allowance, apparently at the moment this does not apply to local government. NALC are questioning this.


9   Report to Highways - Hythe Road programmed for repair, not yet done.


10 School Parking, The Beck - No response from Trust received, Mr Cock advised this had been discussed at Trust meeting and the first step would be for the school to ask NCC re funding, if they do not agree then the Trust would consider. Clerk felt that an official response should be received, for the Council’s records, Clerk to contact Mr Hawkins, Trust secretary. Email received from Mrs Dare, Chair of school governors - informing the Council that no request was made that a copy of a letter sent to the Trust be forwarded to the Council.


11 Trees, Playingfield - work completed.


12 Rangers Visit - no report of work done received.


13 NCC - Parish Partnership - letter from County advising trod on Long Lane will be partly funded at 50%, form of acceptance received, cheque required for Council’s contribution. Clerk has queried this as sum quoted not as advised by Highways, waiting a response. Clerk to also discuss work being held until rest of pathway installed following construction work.


14 Play Equipment Inspection - work in hand, should be completed next week.


15 Circus -  email received enquiring if the circus could stay from 25th May to 1st June - 1 week. This was discussed and it was agreed that the original agreed dates 25-28th May should stand. Clerk enquired re access for water - re keys to be given to circus or are people available to allow access as Clerk not available over the full period? Mrs Mills advised she could attend in the evenings and Mr Cock said he would be available - arrangements to be made.

Mr Storey arrived 8.20pm.


16 Report to Highways - nothing further heard re Southery Road.


17 Skip - St Nicholas - Clerk advised of costs received, these are higher than previous, Clerk to contact company for verification






18 Wire, Southery Road - this has been repaired.


19 Road Sweeper/Verge Cutting - Clerk advised she had enquired when the verges will next be cut as the last cut was 8th April. Response from Borough advising that the cutting cycle is 4-5 week rota weather dependant. Unfortunately due to the bank holidays and 2 weeks of football pitch maintenance, the grass will not be cut for a further 3 weeks. Clerk estimated grass should be cut about 30th May, 7-8 weeks after previous cut. Verges very long now, will be a mess once cut. This was discussed and it was agreed to write a complaint to the Borough, copy letter to councillors Peake & Lawrence, all agreed.   


20 Internal Audit - completed, form filled in, cost remained at £250 net. Information on Pension Automatic enrolment received.


21 Resident Enquiry - Tree Playingfield - Mr Lambert had looked at tree and was not sure if it was on Council land, but it would be difficult for home owner to put up a new fence due to tree. Clerk had received a verbal quote of £280 to remove this tree and another stump. Stump is full of ivy so there would be a lot of clearing up to do. Clerk to obtain further quotes and enquire if property owner would contribute to cost of removing tree, all agreed.


22 Report to Highways -  patching works have been programmed for junctions Old Methwold Road & Vincent Close.


23 NALC Subscription - renewal £311.50, proposed renew Mr Lambert, seconded Mrs Bane, all agreed.


24 NCC - Recycling Credits - Clerk advised price increased by £1.52 per ton this year.


25 AUDIT - appointed date for audit 21st July, notices will be posted. Accounting statement completed, Mrs Mills proposed accounts accepted, seconded Mrs Bane, all agreed, signed by Chair. Governance statement completed and signed by Chair.


26 Standing Orders - next meeting.


27 Review of Rates Paid - pay increase awarded to Clerk’s last year of 1%, Clerk had deferred this until now. Mr Cock proposed Clerk is awarded 1% increase, backdated to April 2014, seconded Mrs Mills, all agreed. Litter collector’s wage to be reviewed in October when new NMW is known, agreed.


28 Review of Committees - due to number of councillors present deferred till next meeting.


29 Tennis Court - Clerk had enquired to 2 companies re white lining court - one response dual way courts quoted £200. Surface of court needs looking at. Clerk to try and obtain further quotes.


30 Bulk Bin Hire - for the hire of 1100ltr bin with weekly empty - Borough costs £ £873.10 pa - Viridor costs totalled £693.80 pa. Mr Cock proposed Viridor costs are accepted, subject to costs being held for the year, seconded Mrs Bane, all agreed. Clerk to obtain confirmation of price hold.  


31 Financial Regulations - these were discussed, Chair proposed to remain as present, all agreed.





32 Donation Request - Arthrose Appeal - declined.




33 Brochures - Viking. Clerks & Councils direct. Parish magazine.


34 PLANNING -  P Jarman - 2 Short Beck - extension & alterations to vet surgery including installation of new pitched roof - APPROVED. B Rutherford - West End, 43 Long Lane - two new proposed dwellings within the site of a public house (to be ceased) - after looking at the application carefully, it was agreed no observation would be made.


35 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £867.79, Cash £10, Methodist Church £25.50, S Sargent £95.82, EAS Lambert £30.99, G Smith £36, TWR Accountants £300, KL&WNBC £312,  NALC £311.50, R&R Painters £425, Berryman £55.86, Viridor £66.60, KC Peckham £360.




36 Report to Highways - Walkway into St John’s weed growth, edge of walls along Bell Street weed growth. Chair enquired why roads are being re-surfaced with chippings when pot holes are not being filled. Mr Storey advised that’s the policy the roads are being re-dressed, pot holes are a different issue. White lines will be re-instated 14 days after work completed.  Verge cutting, verge top Lodge Road dangerous and at junction of Leonard’s Lane.


37 Computer Security - this expires 20/5 - Mr Lambert would use his card to renew, agreed.


38 St Mary’s PCC - contribution towards maintenance costs of St Nicholas received £ 306, query on amount paid.


39 St Nicholas Churchyard - Mr Storey reported in poor condition again, Chair will look at.


Next meeting to be held 9th June 2014.

Meeting declared closed 9.15pm.