A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of APRIL 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Samuels, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Bane. Also present Sq Leader Neilds, PCSO Bortz and 2 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Leamon & Mrs Mills.




MINUTES - of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended at 7.32pm re-opened 7.35pm.




1   St Mary’s PCC - Payment for telephone line made 4/4/14, £807.92 net.


2   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised on recent reports re the USAF bases closing - he advised of a RANDS report that suggested the savings IF the bases were closed. No known plans at present to close any bases but nobody knows what the future may hold. Mr Storey enquired why a lot of houses are being left empty, Trenchard Sq in particular, the USAF have been toying for a very long time re the need for less properties, this is a very long process that involves decisions by the American government. If the housing are no longer required they will be handed back to the British. The first early morning launch occurred on the 1stApril. Mr Lambert advised of flooding in Blackdyke Road, mainly caused by the gully being filled in when the new fence around base was installed, would it be possible to have the drainage gully re-instated - Sq Leader Neilds would look into this. Reports of American personnel driving the wrong way on The Beck & High Street was reported, if possible number plates should be noted, Sq Leader Neilds would speak with his safety officer. Sq Leader Neilds left meeting 7.45pm. Base relations officer has contacted Mr Cooper.


3   SNT - PCSO Bortz reported 4 crimes since 1/3. Scrap metal and agricultural thefts are still of concern. Mr Lambert reported fly tipping in areas around village. Clerk advised vehicle reported in The Beck was moved quickly. PCSO Bortz left meeting 7.50pm. Email from Chief Constable re information of current change programme.


4   Risk Assessment - Mr Leamon put new parts on nest swing. Work on fence is ongoing. Mr Lambert has spread iron sulphate on tennis court, this has worked very well, litter collector will sweep over next few weeks. Mr Lambert will move mound of dirt off concrete shortly. Mr Samuels reported a few holes in perimeter fence, nothing new to report. Mr Storey expressed thanks to Mr Lambert , Mrs Batten & Mr Leamon for their help. Mr Cooper to do next inspection.


5   Changing Rooms - Heating in hand.  Last league game being played 19/4. Clerk enquired of charge if facility is used for friendly matches before next season. After some discussion Chair proposed same charges apply if the facility is used by the football teams out of season for friendly matches, all agreed. Grant not yet signed off, official opening to take place when plaque received. Rate notice NIL again.






6   Balance Sheet - End of year copy.


7   Allotment Pest Control - monthly report.


8   Overhanging Growth - Clerk to contact highways again, nothing has been done to hedge, junction very dangerous, 2 Short Lane.


9   NALC -  weekly updates.


10 Report to Highways - Hythe Rd still not done, report again.


11 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - copy of lease received solicitor will retain original, doctor’s have paid first year rent £250. Solicitors costs £550 net, permission had to be obtained again to lease the land for this purpose.


12 School Parking, The Beck - Clerk read out letter received from Chair of Governors - the school governors advise that their decision with regard a gate in Munson’s Lane is non negotiable as it was a unanimous decision against this proposal. The governing body are not against enlarging the car park at the front of the school in principle, subject to the relevant permissions being granted. However, the school has no funds available to do this. In light of these decisions it was decided it was not necessary to invite two Councillors to the next Governing Body meeting. Mr Storey enquired if NCC would help with funding to increase parking, Clerk advised of previous letter which indicated no. Mr Storey felt that the Edmund Moundeford Trust should be asked if they would consider funding more parking on school grounds. A discussion was held as to whether staff would move off the highway if more parking was available and the affect this would have. Mr Storey proposed that a letter is sent to the Trust to enquire re funding, seconded Mrs Batten, Mr Samuels against, Mrs McGeeney abstained, rest in favour, carried. Mr Lambert asked Mr Storey to enquire at County re the LEA situation re insurance if more parking was available on school grounds.


13 Trees, Playingfield - in hand.


14 Rangers Visit - Mr Lambert enquired what areas were put forward, Clerk advised only the walkway off Paynes Lane into High Street - weed growth. However, the rangers should also cover reported areas such as pot holes.


15 Grounds Maintenance Contract - Mrs Batten advised she and Mr Leamon had inspected the Churchyard and the area was not too bad, there was a little grass on head stones but the contractors cannot touch these or wreaths that are laying around. There was a lot of old wreaths laying around, the contractors cut around these, also people were not placing old wreaths/flowers in skip provided but throwing these near the skip, piece to be put in magazine. A discussion took place re removal of wreaths, perhaps the Church can be contacted. Mrs Batten advised the contractors have been asked to cut the Churchyard later in the day to allow the grass to dry if possible. Area to be monitored.


16 NCC Parish Partnership - NFN

 Mr Samuels gave apologies and left meeting at 8.20pm






17 Play Equipment Inspection - report received, some areas of medium to high risk, Clerk advised contents of report. The nest swing, climbing frame, aerial cableway & multiplay unit all required repair/maintenance work - company that carried out inspection offered a quote for the repairs, as detailed, for a total sum of £689.93 net. The work needed to be done and the quote was deemed very reasonable, Mr Lambert proposed work is done asap quote accepted, seconded Mrs McGeeney all agreed. Other areas needed painting to maintain and the bins need to be checked as two are damaged and partially out of ground, quotes to be obtained.


18 LTA Shared Access - NFN.


19 Circus - 25th-28th May.


20 Report to Highways - drain junction High Street/Short Beck not yet done. Southery Road - email advising Mr Wallace would contact Clerk but they are waiting for the lab to get back to them re the stability of the road, nothing further heard. Reflector posts only covering half the distance required. Mr Storey gave an update, lab reports that the road has not been undermined. Reflectors were put in as a temporary measure, every other one is to be moved to stretch these further along distance of ditch. Mr Storey advised that more money is spent in our area that other areas due to the Southery Rd. Norfolk should received some £3.69 million for highways, this will probably be directed to larger schemes around the county. Other works are scheduled on the Southery Road, the situation will be regularly monitored.


21 Hall Farm Construction - Pictures stored on USB if anyone wishes to view. Mrs McGeeney advised she had contacted Mr Lawrence and he had advised that he had checked the work being done in The Beck, it was all above board and OK.


22 Report to Highways -  email advising pothole Wilton road has been programmed for patching, also some patching has been programmed for OBR near concrete pad.


23 Skip, St Nicholas - this has been moved to other side of gate due to proximity to grave.


24 Wire, Southery Road - after several phone calls UK Power very quickly inspected lines and advise that these are BT wires. BT advise as they are no danger to anyone the work has been placed on their list to do at a later date. Mr Storey advised these are closer to the ground and the landowner has difficulty getting onto his field. Clerk to contact BT again. Land owner to contact BT as well.


25 Pole, Lodge Road - BT advise this has been made safe & is placed on list of work to do at a later date.


26 Road Sweeper/Verge Cutting - verges cut 8th April, loose grass blown off paths etc.


27 Internal Audit - Clerk advised she has asked two alternative people the cost to carry out an internal audit, no response from these. TWR would again do audit for same price of £250 plus a possible inflation increase, Chair proposed TWR carry out internal audit of Council’s accounts, all agreed.


28 School PTA - Fete Enquiry - email from PTA enquiring if the Council would support a possible application to temporarily close roads in the village on 8th June for a short period to allow a parade.






28 Fete - it was agreed the Council would support an application.


29 Street Light Report - email from K&M Lighting who carry out street light maintenance, during an inspection the light in Shrubs Hill needs re-aligning - cost to carry out this work is £260 net. Street lights need to be maintained in good order, people do live in the area, Mr Lambert proposed quote is accepted, seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed.


30 Resident Enquiry - Tree Playingfield - email from owner 55 Nightingale Lane re a tree sited near their fence on playingfield, the tree is growing and due to fence damage they wish to erect a new fence but the size of the tree is preventing this. Chairwoman & Clerk has looked at this tree, before any decision is made ALL Councillors to look at this tree before next meeting. Quotes to be obtained to determine costs if the Council agrees the tree needs removing.


31 EACH - donation request, declined.




32 Came & Co Insurers - Parish matters, Spring edition.

33 NCC - change to mobile library timetable - notice in Post Office and on notice board.

34 Norfolk Nine Chalks Rivers Project - Spring/summer events poster.

35 E Truss MP - monthly report (email).

36 KL&WNBC - address/name change The Wellington.

37 AON - Council insurance offered.

38 EON - change to terms & conditions.

39 Brochures - Glasdon. Proludic. Viking. Clerks & councils direct. Wicksteed. Parish magazine.


40 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £867.99, Cash £15, Methodist Church £12.75, S Sargent £135.27, Post Office Ltd £453.63, Berryman £91.39, Spire Solicitors £660, Environment Agency £37.14, CGM £195, Anglian Water £86.04, G Smith £36, Viridor £236.37, Play maintain £45, K&M Lighting Services £472.86. Precept & grant received and banked.


41 PLANNING -  G Russell- 60 Long Lane - Construction of one dwelling - OBJECT - over intensive development of area and access issues - all agreed. Hall Farm, 21 Bell Street - variation of conditions 2,12 & 14 - Clerk advised condition 2 referred to boundary walls, the developers wished to change from a 1.8m wall to a dwarf wall with fence panels, the other two conditions were to do with heat sources etc. After some discussion it was agreed to OBJECT  to the variation of condition 2, all agreed. Mr Storey did not vote on either application.




42 AWA - Wilton Road - Mrs Bane advised of problems with traffic control on Wilton Road, this work is in connection with flood problems on Oakfield’s.


43 Report to Highways - pothole Lodge Road near bends in middle of road, Clerk advised she has reported holes on edge of carriageway. Junction of OMR & Lodge Road, pothole OMR corner. P.T.O.





44 Incinerator - Everyone knew about NCC decision to withdraw.


45 NALC - subscription renewal, £311.50, next meeting.


46 NCC - recycling credits, increase notice, £52.06 per tonne being paid April 14-March 15.


47 AUDIT -  notice received, forms to be completed at next meeting.


48 Standing Orders - new 2013 version, copies passed to all Councillors present, to be completed next meeting.


49 Review of Rates Paid  - next meeting.


50 Review of Committees  - next meeting.


51 Tennis Court - white lines, next meeting.


52 Bulk Bin Hire - next meeting.


53 Financial Regulations - next meeting.


Next meeting being held 12th May - Annual Parish Meeting commencing 7pm followed by Annual Meeting of Parish Council.


Meeting declared closed 9.25pm.