A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 11th day ofAUGUST 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present Sq Leader Neilds, PCSO Parker & 3 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Samuels, Mr Leamon, Mr Cock & Mrs McGeeney.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chair suspended the meeting to allow members of the public to speak - member of public enquired re the walkway off Falcon Road onto playingfield, this is the only safe access to field but low branches and surface very uneven. Nobody claims responsibility for footpath. Resident also complained about the wooden bollards in Bell Street, how much of the road is Highways responsible for? Can Bell Street be made one way? Another resident enquired ire cars parking on footpaths and at junctions. PCSO Parker advised they will speak with anyone obstructing a footpath, this is illegal but parking near a junctions is not enforceable by law unless double yellow lines are present.

Meeting re-opened 7.45pm.




1†† RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised there has been no progress re Trenchard Sq but the desire for the play equipment for Feltwell has been noted. The base has complained to SCC re the road from Hockwold to Lakenheath, an automated response advising it is to be surfaced had been received with no further information. Sq Leader left meeting 7.50pm


2SNT - PCSO Parker advised 3 reported crimes for Feltwell in last 2 months, area a safe place to live at present. There has been an increase in the area of garden ornament thefts, the police target the auctions for items. Mr Storey enquired re reports that rural crime has escalated, PCSO Parker advised of new system when dealing with reports, noted as a crime if reported even if evidence not available. PCSO Parker asked that any suspect vehicles are reported to the police. Clerk advised speed check form not yet returned. PCSO Parker left meeting at 7.50pm.


3†† Risk Assessment - Fence work ongoing, gate at entrance to cub hut was damaged when removed. Breakdown of work to be completed agreed with Chairwoman. Mr Birch has quoted to clean multi play unit £175 water supplied by us, Playmaintain had quoted £297.60 - Mr Spanswick proposed, seconded Mrs Bane that Mr Birchís quote is accepted, all agreed. Blue bin needs re-setting Mr Birch has quoted £30 to remove old concrete, reset and re-concrete, proposed accept Chairwoman, all agreed. The see-saw & climbing frame needs re-painting, Clerk has sourced paint 4 colours required if to remain the same - cost of paint £32 net per tin - Mrs Bane proposed paint is purchased, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Mr Birch had quoted £150 to paint this equipment proposed accept Mr Birchís quote Mrs Bane, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. All this work to be done when children return to school. Ms Mills did inspection - guttering (in hand). Gate entrance near play area wire needs cutting back. Weeds concrete slabs, CGM would spray when tennis court next sprayed. Signs - under item 4. Next inspection Mrs Batten.





4†† Changing Rooms - Mr Edwards was present representing the senior teams, he advised the set up remains as last year with two senior teams, games remain the same subject to cup games. Clerk advised nothing heard from junior teams, Mrs Bane advised that only two junior teams now the U7ís & U10ís, the other teams have folded due to various reasons, Mr Storey enquired if finances were a problem, no. Mrs Bane would find out if the U10ís were playing at the field as they have previously played at the school. U7ís will have about 8 home games. Mr Storey proposed no increase to hire feeís this season, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed. Clerk advised store cupboard has not be cleaned yet, Mr Edwards noted this, any junior equipment not required to be removed from store. Mrs Bane would request return of keys. Mr Birch has quoted to clean out guttering, supply & fix new vent £100 and to erect 5 signs with one post required £150, total £250. Stock purchased £13.76 net. Mr Batten has quoted to clean out guttering, replace vent & erect 5 signs £100 total. Mrs Bane proposed Mr Battenís quote is accepted, seconded Ms Mills, Mrs Batten did not vote, all agreed. Boiler needs servicing, Clerk to obtain costs for next meeting. Clerk advised folder received from Mr Samuels, contents need explaining. Has the final check been done? Mr Samuels to be asked, in writing,to meet with Clerk or attend next meeting to discuss contents of folder, all agreed.


5†† Balance Sheet - no queries.


6†† Allotment Pest Control - Quotes received re pest control at allotment gardens, Hythe Road - J&W Rolph quoted £50 per month, £600 pa, P Ashman quoted £720 pa, G Smith quoted £30 per month, £360 pa. Siting of boxes was an issued raised, to be looked at by management committee. After some discussion Mrs Bane proposed Mr Smithís quote is accepted, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Storey & Mr Lambert abstained, rest in favour, motion carried.


7†† NALC - weekly updates. Proposed changes to constitution, comments by 1/9/14.


8†† Rangers Visit - list of work done received. Clerk had queried nothing done re weeds. Highways had advised men had felt too much for them to do. The village looks a mess and weeds are a problem everywhere, half were not sprayed when controllers visited the village. A discussion took place and Mr Storey proposed that a letter is sent re the lack of service for Feltwell compared to other, main areas, of the Borough and that a meeting should be held with the officer in charge of the weed control, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed.


9†† NCC - Parish Partnership - revised cost received, £7200 our contribution is £3600. Payment & form to be held until developer has done his section of work, NCC contribution will be held to one side.


10 Report to Highways - Southery Road - area will be checked re more reflector posts being installed.


11 Road Sweeper/Verge Cutting - sweeper seems to have done only part of village, monitor.


12 Review of Committees - Ms Mills will remain on allotment committee.


13 Tennis Court - still no response re white lining of court.


14 St Maryís PCC - NFN






15 St Nicholas Churchyard - Mr Storey visited the Churchyard 10th August and advised it looked better than it had for a long time, he advised there was a large elder bush growing and enquired if this could be removed, he would remove this if ok. Clerk advised permission was required from the vicar before any work could be done. Clerk to enquire.


16 E Truss MP - monthly report received. Ms Truss will be holding a surgery in Feltwell on 19th September - venue/time unknown. Clerk has contacted secretary who has advised anyone wishing to have an appointment should email/telephone her and they will be advised. Mr Storey advised that borough councillors have been invited also. Clerk to put details in magazine.


17 Report to Highways - more patching work has been done in Corkway Drove.


18 Old School Close - Clerk reported still no work done, apparently gardener attended 31/7 but did not do much work. Clerk advised of conversation with operative at company responsible advising matter is urgent, initial complaint re area was made in May, Clerk has advised that the work must be done to cut back overhanging growth before children back at school. Company now awaiting a assessorís report.


19 Play Equipment - Other quotes for swings obtained - Clerk advised costs - after some discussion it was agreed to hold until more news on play equipment off Trenchard Sq is known.


20 Skate Park - Mrs Bane advised not much progress at present, she has spoken with Lakenheath Chairman and he has advised that the majority of their equipment has been paid for from the section 106 payments levied on developers. Mrs Bane has contacted Mr Lawrence, Borough Councillor, re funding from 106 payments made from developers in the village but unfortunately this has not proved very helpful. Mrs Bane could not understand how Lakenheath have got funding through this scheme but we canít, she is still looking into this. Costing from Wicksteed for a large skate park, completely installed with surfacing etc. £90,000.


21 E.On - price agreement had to be agreed by 7/8 - Clerk had contacted comparison sites, E.On cheapest for our business usage. Chairwoman & Vice Chair had agreed on a fixed 2 yr agreement with E.On.


22 Tennis Court - Clerk unable to find anyone to offer a re-surfacing quote, it was agreed to leave at present.


23 Encroaching Growth - Bell Street - done/in hand.


24 Review of Direct Debits/Standing Orders - Clerk advised DDís for E.On, BT. S/Oder to K&M Lighting - Chairwoman proposed to continue as present, all agreed.


Ms Mills left meeting 9pm.




25 Norfolk RCC - Fuel Poverty - a tonight programme - piece in magazine. E- newsletter.

26 NCC - Norfolk Matters - July e-edition.






27 Brochures - HAGS/SMP latest news. Glasdon. QVS. Parish magazine.


28 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £907.51, Cash £10, Methodist Church £12.75, S Sargent £94.43, G Smith £36, Berryman £69.76, Viridor £252.94, NPFA £30.


29 PLANNING -Mr L Norton - 4 Munsons Place - Retention of new close board panel fence and gate to replace old fence around front boundary - NO OBSERVATION agreed. On 7/8 the following planning was APPROVED - Southery & District Internal Drainage Board - Feltwell Pump, Shrub Hill - construction of plant & machinery storage building.




30 EDP - WW1 Honours - Mr Spanswick felt that a letter of complaint should be sent to the editor of the EDP as in their edition of 2nd August a roll of honour of those lost in WW1 confilict from villages in Noroflk was published, Feltwell was not included. This is an insult to those that were lost and the families left behind. An apology is required and a list printed, all agreed.


31 Hedge, Wilton Road - Clerk advised she has reported this twice, with little response. Mr Storey felt a meeting should be held with Orbit to discuss this and try to obtain regular maintenance of hedge, agreed.


32 Road Signs - Leonardís Lane missing - reported, report again.


33 Fly tipping - near river Southery Rd & Hythe Rd - Clerk to report.


34 Walkway - off Falcon Road - a lot of overhanging growth, letter to owners to cut back to boundary. Surface very uneven.


35 Report to Highways - Loose/sunken drains along Lodge Road & Long Lane. OBR - surface repaired to poor standard, report. Speed limit signs Lodge Rd near bushes clearing off them. Bell Street bollards enquire re positioning.


36 Bell Street - One way - next meeting.


Next meeting to be held 8th September 2014.

Meeting declared closed 9.15pm