A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 13th day of  JANUARY 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Samuels, Leamon and Mrs Bane. Also present 3 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Cock, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended at 7.32pm, re-opened at 7.40pm.




1   SNT - one reported crime of attempted theft along Southery Road. Email from police commissioner re setting of police budget. Email advising that the SNT now has powers to fine people they witness not cleaning up after their dogs. Notice has been put in magazine and on notice board. It was agreed to contact the SNT and request regular visits to the village as dog fouling is a big problem again.


2   Risk Assessment - Cost of bearings required for nest swing £50 from Caloo, Chairwoman proposed these are purchased, all agreed. Alternative cost for signs on playingfield received from Apex Signs - 4 post/fence erected signs as required £18 net each and 2 signs required for building £22 net each - Mr Samuels proposed Apex quote is accepted, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed. Clerk advised Ms Sargent had tried to sweep tennis court but the moss would not lift, Mr Lambert advised that the court needs to be spread with iron sulphate, the moss will turn black and will then sweep off. Letter from Lakenheath Fabrication re fence advising that normally they would request a payment of 50% prior to commencement of work, as the work is for a local council they are requesting 35% of total cost, this amounts to £3297, a pro-forma invoice has been received. After some discussion Mr Samuels proposed payment is made, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Storey against, rest in favour, carried. Mr Lambert gave report - area near bottle banks is very muddy and churned up this needs to be rectified, Clerk advised this was caused by the bin men. Bin in play area out of ground, to be re-set in the spring. A lot of ivy growing on wall near Falcon Road entrance, owner to be asked to cut back/remove. Water running at cub hut, advise. A lot of self sown growth along fence that needs to be removed, costs to be obtained. People are using the wall of the building to bang off their boots, this is causing damage to the brickwork, football club to be advised that practice must be stopped and that they will be responsible for damage caused, agreed. Mr Spanswick to do next inspection.


3  Changing Rooms - Water laying near entrance door to changing rooms, Clerk to contact Mr Hall. Clerk enquired re files etc. for building not yet received, a final snag meeting is required - Chair will arrange. Gutter quite full of pine needles, Mr Leamon has put in some gutter guard, down pipes are protected, Clerk to purchase more to cover whole building, agreed.


4   Balance Sheet - no queries.


5   Churchyard, St Nicholas - Mr Cooper not yet been able to contact probation service.






6   Allotment Pest Control  - monthly report received.


7   Overhanging Growth - Clerk met with highway officer 10/12 - legal process will be started.


8   Street Name Plate - plate for Hill Street was requested in August, after some discussion it was agreed to chase Borough re this.


9   NALC - weekly updates. Norfolk link. Clerk/Councillors training sessions. Posters.


10 Report to Highways - Hythe Road not yet done, Clerk to chase again. Clerk advised that the Highways budget has been cut by £1million for next year.


11 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - Clerk advised that some information was required by Go-East, the allotment garden association had to be consulted, this was done 17/12 but they only responded last week, solicitor has completed requirements and submitted forms.


12 Bus Stop - NFN


13 School Parking, The Beck - letter from NCC advising they have limited funds that must be applied to core purposes. Any issues re parking at the school is a matter of consideration by the Governing Body as is a new access gate/pathway. Copy of letter has been sent to Chair of Governors. Clerk advised that the Council had not asked for financial help just support with trying to reduce parking problems outside school.


14 Village Sign - Mr Wilson does not carry out building work. After some discussion it was agreed to wait until the spring before deciding what work to carry out on sign.


15 Trees Playingfield - in hand.


16 Street Lighting -  Clerk advised light in Oak Street is working but not very bright, cover missing. It was agreed to obtain cost to replace fitment.


17 Rangers Visit - due w/c 20/1.


18 Grounds Maintenance Contract - Five companies had requested specification of work, only two tender’s received from Norse & CGM. Total cost of work as per specification Norse £4134.40, CGM £2555.40 - both companies offered 3 year contracts holding the price. A discussion was held re the problems with the work carried out by CGM at the Churchyard last year, the difference in cost is £1579 over a year, Mr Leamon proposed that CGM is awarded the contract for 1 year, seconded Mr Cooper, Mr Storey abstained, rest in favour. Clerk to advise CGM that the Council has the right to withhold payment if the work is not completed as per the specifications, all agreed.


19 NCC Parish Partnership Bid - Clerk met with Mr Edmunds (Highways) on 10/12 and viewed the area. He felt it would be better for the work not to take place until developer has put in new path that would join this one if agreed.  Mr Edmunds supported the scheme, costs  not known at present.






19 - Bids have to be submitted by 31/1, Clerk reminded Council that they would have to cover 50% of the costs if the work goes ahead. Chair proposed bid is placed re continuation of footpath along Long Lane up to end of Portal Close, all agreed. Clerk had enquired re base making a contribution very unlikely at present.


20 Bell Street - Highway officer was not aware of any request being made to move these posts back, the  tarmac was laid because installing the posts had disturbed the surface.


21 Play Equipment Inspection - costs obtained from company insurers recommend - Play Inspections Co and also from Play Maintain based in Cambridgeshire. Play Inspections cost to carry out inspection is £59.95 per site and Play Maintain £45 per site. Mr Samuels proposed Play Maintain costs accepted, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.


22 KL&WNBC - Draft sustainability report - Clerk reminded comments by 31/1/14.


23 LTA - Shared Access - Email read out, scheme works with English FA, main scheme is to install flood lights on sites, mobile operators use these. There is no cost to the site owners, they can sign up and put their location into a shared database with no obligations. Mr Samuels proposed scheme looked into further, seconded Mrs Bane, all agreed.


24 Report to Highways - potholes Hereward Way & Old Methwold Road should be repaired, middle road o/s 16 High Street has been patched. Lodge Rd will be inspected.


25 Road Closure - this occurred 2/3rd January not as notices depicted.


26 Precept - Each Councillor had received a breakdown of monies in hand. Clerk advised tax base has increased by 19 on last year, grant being paid by Borough but this has reduced to £2005 (£300 less than last year). Consideration must be given to increase costs next year for maintenance, street lights, wages, village sign etc. Based on a band D payer for every £1000 required it will cost £1.594pa. If the requirement remains at £25,000 plus grant then based on a band D payer this will cost each paying household £39.85 for the year, a little less than last year. After some discussion Mr Spanswick proposed precept requirement is set at £25,000 plus grant, seconded Mr Samuels, Mr Storey abstained, rest in favour - carried.


27 Circus Enquiry - area needed 3-4 days May or June - they are a small circus with clowns, jugglers, ponies, ducks and much more, they require the use of tap water if not available they can normally connect a stand pipe to a fh. After some discussion Mr Samuels proposed car park area can be used, no access to playingfield, kitchen can be used for water, fee of £30 per day seconded Mr Spanswick, all agreed. Date to be agreed asap.


28 Street Light - Long Lane/Leonard’s Lane area - Councillors to look at area re possible site, next meeting.


29 Viridor Waste - Duty of Care forms - it was agreed Chair to sign these - one for skip and one for bin on playingfield.






30 RSPB - invitation to a farm tour being held 8/2, nobody able to attend.

31 KL&WNBC - notice of application for premises licence re Kenny’s Kebab at the social club Paynes Lane - representation from residents have been made re this application - objections have to be made by 16/1/14. After some discussion it was agreed that no comments can be made by the Council on this application. Training sessions re planning system being held 10/11 February.

32 Norfolk RCC - e-newsletter.

33 Came & Co Insurer’s - winter advice.

34 NCC - road gritting routes.

35 Parish Magazine and Broxapp bins e-brochure.


36 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £831.55, Cash £15, Methodist Church £17, S Sargent £136.47, Post Office Ltd £454.83, Anglia Water £93.18, Berryman £70.28, Viridor £54.12, G Smith £36, Lakenheath Fabrications £3297, D Waters £462.


37 PLANNING - Mr Storey abstained from voting - all following applications were APPROVED - Country Living Homes - 21 Bell Street - variation of conditions 12 & 14. N Russell - 5 High Street - proposed 2 storey rear extension and associated alterations. Mr Sharples - 15 Newcombe Drive - rear and side extensions. Hill House, Hill Street - conversion of stable block to residential dwelling, including alterations and extension.




38 Report to Highways - potholes Southery Road. Water laying OBR draining into properties down Barrett’s Lane, also a lot water laying at junction with Mundford Road and at corner of Blackdyke Road off Long Lane. Grips along Lodge Road have not been cleared for some time.


39 School Close Bins - complaint that these are blocking footpath - property owner details to be advised.


40 Fracking - Mr Spanswick enquired if any is going to take place in this area - Mr Storey would find out.


41 Hedge - 50 Wilton Road - Mr Spanswick enquired the progress of this being cut back - Clerk to write again.


42 Toner - Copier - Clerk advised new toner required, cost from company machine purchased from £150 approximately, these can be obtained cheaper off internet but Clerk not willing to purchase using personal card details - Mr Lambert would source cost and purchase one of these, all agreed.


43 Anglia Water - notice of works being done in Oakfield’s, residents will received notification.


44 Allotment Terms of Reference  - next meeting.


Next meeting being held 10/2/14.


Meeting closed 9.45pm