A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of  JUNE 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Storey, Cock, Samuels,  Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Bane. Also present 4 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Cooper, Mr Leamon, Mr Spanswick & Ms Mills.




MINUTES of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - meeting suspended, no one present wished to speak, meeting re-opened.




1   SNT - One crime reported 24/4 - theft from building Southery Rd. Clerk read out email received re residents concern of speeding coming into the village off the Southery Road and on Moatside Estate, resident has emailed the SNT also. Speeding seems to be a common problem along all roads into the village. It was agreed to report the Southery Road concerns to the police.


2   Risk Assessment - Email from person trying to sort out the fence, Lakenheath Fabrications Ltd have gone into administration, meeting held 6th June but awaiting official notification. New company formed Lakenheath Fab Ltd - they will complete the work but required an acceptance letter from the Council. Clerk has contacted administrator re outstanding work and awaiting confirmation that the new company can complete the work and that payment can be made to them upon satisfactory completion. Mr Lambert felt that we should have it written what work they will complete if they get the go ahead from the administrators, agreed. No response from Mr Scarff re signs, Clerk to chase. Clerk did inspection - weeds on tennis court, this was sprayed early May but CGM will do again at no cost. Shrub growing out of wall, needs spraying off, Mr Cock felt that CGM should be asked to spray when doing tennis court, all agreed. Play equipment needs cleaning, Clerk to obtain costs to do this. Concrete area and hard access needs sweeping, Mr Cock volunteered to do this with his sweeping machine. Mrs McGeeney to do next inspection.


3   Changing Rooms - Gutter guard needs re positioning, a lot of pine needles in gutter this needs cleaning out, Mr Birch to be asked for cost to do this, agreed. The Council had met up the field to look at proposal by football manager to lift the concrete pad, to fit another pitch on the field for U7/8’s. The Chair advised this matter was fully discussed and other alternatives looked at. On the whole it was felt it was not necessary to remove the concrete for another pitch to be constructed, there is plenty of room at the bottom of the field. The Chairwoman proposed that permission is not given to remove the concrete pad, Mr Samuels against, rest in favour, motion carried. Manager to be advised that the Council has no objections to a new pitch being constructed at the bottom of the field as long as a safe distance is maintained from the wall and play area, agreed. Alternatively a pitch within the present pitches could be used. Mrs Bane suggested that the football club looks into joining the playingfield association who may help with pitches in the future. It was agreed to ask all teams to clean out the store cupboard before the start of the next season, Clerk to email teams. 






4   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds sent his apologies.


5   Balance Sheet - no queries.


6  Allotment Pest Control - Mr storey advised that at a recently held tenant’s meeting some felt that the vermin control was not being done right, several rats on allotments. This was discussed, our present agreement is not fixed, it was agreed to invite new costs.


7   Overhanging Growth - Highways have advised this is in the system to be cut, owner has not responded to letter’s.


8   NALC -  weekly updates. Invite to summer seminar being held at Carrow Road, Norwich on 1st July.


9   Report to Highways - Clerk advised she had met with the highway officer on 5th June, at present only potholes deemed dangerous are being done as they only have £5000 per week to spend in the whole area.


10 School Parking, The Beck -  email from B Hawkins apologising for not responding sooner, the Trustees agreed the only way forward was the request for funding the scheme should come from the school. Email from Chair of  school governors advising that workmen from the building site opposite the school were now parking on the road outside the school, this can only make matters worse, perhaps the Council can request they park on site. Clerk advised that the workmen were asked to park along The Beck when the school was on holiday, a few continued to do so for a little while, there is some space on site to park but the road has not been made up.


11 Rangers Visit - next due w/c 21st July - areas being put forward - Oak Garden, St John’s walkway weeds, weed growth kerbside and boundary edges around village, sign at top of Paynes Lane covered by hedge growth.


12 NCC - Parish Partnership - still waiting to hear from Mr Wallace re this, Mr Storey suggested Mr Rands is contacted.


13 Play Equipment Inspection - work done.


14 Circus - Clerk & Mr Cock attended for water, site left very clean, two shows attended well, enjoyed by those who attended - £90 paid.


15 Report to Highways - Clerk advised Mr Edmunds has not yet seen report on road. The reflector posts have been moved but still do not stretch the whole length of the ditch, Clerk to write to Highways re this as a few more are required, all agreed.


16 Skip - St Nicholas - costs remain as advised, as an alternative a 1100ltr blue bin can be sited, emptied fortnightly, for garden waste. The company quoted for two bins on site net total annual cost of £678.20 or one bin cost £413. The Borough will provide one black bin free of charge but somebody would have to be responsible for taking it to the roadside for emptying. After some discussion Mr Samuels proposed one blue 1100ltr bin, emptied fortnightly, is sited in churchyard, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed.






17 Road Sweeper/Verge Cutting - Clerk read out email from Borough, verges were cut 20th May although edges were not strimmed, Mr Lawrence had also spoken with officer. Parish’s are not limited on cuts, grass cutting is provided as required according to the season.


18 Tree Playingfield - email from resident advising he is willing to remove tree at no cost to the Council but permission is needed from Council as the tree is on the playingfield. This was discussed, it is not definite that the tree is on the playingfield or within the boundary of the property, the Chairwoman proposed that permission is given for the resident to remove this tree as long as due attention is given to public safety and all debris is cleared away, all agreed.


19 Standing Orders - in hand, to be completed next meeting, agreed up to no 15.


20 Review of Committees - Mr Samuels came off the Allotment Committee, Mrs Bane agreed to go onto committee. Mr Samuels volunteered to be on the Fuel Allotment Committee. Clerk to check with Mr Cooper & Ms Mills, rest remain the same.


21 Tennis Court - Clerk has enquired re costing for white lining renewal, only one response from Dualway Courts £200 net, tennis court is well used Mr Cock proposed Dualway quote is accepted, seconded Mr Samuels, all agreed.


22 Bulk Bin Hire - email confirming prices are held until April 2015.


23 Report to Highways - Clerk met with highway officer 5/6 - verges have been cut but number of cuts reduced this year. Operatives should be round shortly spraying paths/kerbside.


24 Computer Security - Mr Lambert did this, cost £18.01 net.


25 St Mary’s PCC - non payment for burial being looked into.


26 St Nicholas Churchyard - Clerk & Chairwoman had looked at area on 2/6 - in their opinion area not in too bad a condition, there are a lot of graves with old flowers/wreaths on that the cutters cannot move. It is unknown what the Churches policies are re graves. Mr Storey felt the level of maintenance was poor. Mr Cock queried what was expected of the cutters. It was agreed that all Councillors would look at Churchyard, next cut due 13th June then fortnightly, matter to be discussed at next meeting.


27 Hall Farm Development - Clerk & Chairwoman had met with site owners re the Council’s objection to the type of perimeter boundary.  An email, with pictures, of what the boundary would look like along The Beck re a wall or alternatively wall with fence panels, this was discussed, Mrs McGeeney felt the old flint wall should be replaced as like. The plans approved showed a 2m high brick wall, not flint. The Chair had discussed the maintenance of the panels if they become damaged, the developers had agreed to a 30 day limit on repair/replacement being written into the service agreement for the properties. After further discussion Mr Samuels proposed that the amendment to the planning of part wall/part panels is accepted subject to a 14 day maintenance agreement if damage occurs, seconded Mr Lambert, Mrs Bane, Mrs McGeeney & Mr Storey abstained, Mr Cock against, Chairwoman in favour, carried. Developers had also enquired re future maintenance and upkeep of the “Beck” as it attracts rubbish and debris.




27 cont.. - Is the Parish Council prepared to take responsibility for this? Mr Cock advised that Mr Secker does occasionally clear the ”Beck”, this land is unclaimed land, the Council are not responsible for the area, the “Beck” is of historical value to the parish. Clerk to advise developers.




28 West Norfolk Sports Council - invite to attend being held 11/6.

29 E Truss MP - monthly report by email.

30 Brochures - Online playgrounds. Viking. W&S. Monster Play @ Caloo. Parish magazine.


31 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £944.21, Cash £15, Methodist Church £21.25, S Sargent £80.29, B Reeves £30, Play maintain £827.92, G Smith £36, Berryman £117.17, CGM £1533.24, Viridor £54.12,


32 PLANNING - none for this meeting.




33 Report to Highways - potholes St john’s Way near no 2 Fairfield, Corkway Drove over bridge on corners. Verge Wilton Road, left in poor condition by AWA, should they make good?


34 Old School Close - a lot of shrubbery and tree branches hanging over boundary encroaching footpath, Clerk has contacted company who does maintenance of site, will contact again.


35 Play Equipment - Mrs Bane enquired about a double swing being installed on the play area, using the existing safety surfacing available. Clerk to enquire to base again re equipment off Trenchard Sq. It was agreed to obtain the cost of a swing.


36 Skate Park - Mrs Bane enquired re the possibility of a skate park being developed on some of the allotment land, perhaps a multi purpose area could be considered. To be discussed next meeting.


37 E.On - price plan for changing rooms up for renewal 7/9, next meeting.


Next meeting being held 14th July 2014.

Meeting declared closed 9.30pm.



On 30th June the following PLANNING was APPROVED by 4 Councillors - B Rutherford - The West End, 43 Long Lane - Change of use of public house into a Nursery at ground floor and the retention of a first floor flat.