A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of NOVEMBER 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Samuels, Leamon, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Bane. Also present Sq Leader Neilds & 3 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Lambert, Mr Spanswick, Mr Cock, Mrs Mills.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the Chair suspended the meeting, nobody wished to speak, Meeting resumed.




1†† RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader advised a lot of night flying recently due to necessary training, this should reduce after a couple of more weeks. Trenchard Sq should be handed back by the end of March 2015. Mr Samuels enquired about use of the shooting range early one morning, Sq Leader would enquire. Sq Leader left the meeting at 7.35pm.


2†† SNT - No reports of crime for Feltwell this month, new system of report in place.


3†† Risk Assessment - Fence work completed, final inspection required Mrs Batten & Mr Leamon would do this. Mrs Batten advised she had removed the broken base off one of the bins, left actual bin but this has been knocked over several times. Mrs Batten would remove this bin. New bins required? Clerk read out Mr Cockís report - vent broken on building, Mrs Batten would see if she can get this replaced. Tennis court & guttering leaves etc. Plant growth out of wall. Bin damage. Mr Leamon to do next inspection.


4†† Changing Rooms - Plaque received, shown to meeting, this would need to be erected indoors due to the material it is made of. Clerk has spoken with Mr Hall he will look at the cleaning cupboard door & problem in kitchen, Mr Hall has not spoken with Mr S Samuels for some time. Final folder not yet returned, Clerk to write to Mr S Samuels again.


5†† Balance Sheet - no queries.


6†† Allotment Pest Control - monthly report sheet.


7†† NALC - weekly updates.


8†† Rangers Visit - Clerk spoke with Mr Wallace re weed problem and was advised that a meeting with the contractor was being held, nothing more heard. Email from the clean-up team advising there is a rural operative that covers Feltwell, he is mainly responsible for litter picking the main route through the village to Wilton Road. He will also litter pick additional public areas that are highlighted to him. Obviously this operative does not sweep the footpaths. It was agreed to enquire when this operative is next in the village. No list of work carried out by rangers yet received, has been requested.






9†† Road Sweeper/Verges - Verges cut 20/21st October, depending on weather there may be one more cut.


10 Review of Committees - Allotment Committee - this was discussed at a meeting of the committee held recently, advice is being sought from the solicitor with regard the position when tenderís etc. are being discussed if an allotment holder is on the committee.


11 E Truss MP - email re Better Broadband across the region. Feltwell does not appear on the list so far. Mr Storey advised this is a roll out programme but not all areas will be covered.


12 Old School Close - work satisfactorily done.


13 Play Equipment - Sq Leader Neilds had advised that when Trenchard Sq is handed over, then it is intended to look at the equipment.


14 Skate Park - it seems no funding available at present through the Borough.


15 EDP - WW1 Honours - Mr Cock sent the EDP a list of those lost to Feltwell. Clerk advised email received from editor advising that over the next 3 years there is every chance the will be publishing an updated list of people who gave their lives in the conflict. In the EDP (11/11) they are publishing details of a new online archive of names of people lost in WW1 which readers can update themselves. Upon receipt of the response the Clerk rang the editor of the EDP as this was not what was advised when the list was requested, the names should be reported now not in 2-3 years time, he was adamant this was not possible. After some discussion it was agreed to advise the editor of the EDP that the Council are disappointed the list will not be published for some time, list to be put in magazine.


16 Walkway - Falcon Road - Not yet been inspected.


17 Community Access Defibrillator - A discussion took place on access & responsibility - Mr Leamon proposed against obtaining one of these, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.


18 Trees Playingfield - Trees have been inspected, Clerk read out report from Anglia Woodlands, it is recommended that 7 Sycamore trees by the tennis court & 5 Pine trees by the changing rooms are removed to eliminate the problems from leaves/pine needles. Other long term suggestions were also made for all the trees on the playingfield surround. A re-planting scheme was also suggested for those removed. There is also a Ash tree which has disease that may require felling next year. Three quotes were received to fell the trees recommended, these are to held over until the next meeting so all Councillors can look at the trees/area, agreed. Clerk read out email received from Mrs Mills.


19 Bottle Bank - Clerk had tried to contact officer as advised, no response. Clerk spoke to NCC who advised that as the bottle bankís we have are under a third party agreement we will continue to receive recycling credits for the foreseeable future.


20 Street Light - two Councillors had looked at area, provision of a new light was debated and it was agreed proposed Mr Samuels, seconded Mr Storey - Mrs Batten & Mrs McGeeney against rest in favour - to obtain the cost of a new street light before a final decision is made.






21 NCC - Budget - letter re proposals to deal with required savings - consultation on these open until 19th December.


22 KL&WNBC - Tree Preservation Order - order confirmed.


23 Report to Highways -growth around signs has been cut back. No response re verge cutting at top of Lodge Rd nor flooding in Blackdyke. Notice of road closure on Southery Rd for carriageway patching work. Temporary emergency repairs have been carried out recently, Mr Storey advised he had spoken about these as a complete waste of money.


24 Lodge Rd Derelict Building - letter from owners advising wall will be checked for stability. Development of the site has received permission as soon as a contractor is appointed the wall will be addressed.


25 2 Short Lane - email from neighbour re poor condition of property, it is advised owner may be moving back to property soon. Writer advised there is nothing the Council can do at present as owner not contactable. If problem continues writer to be advised to contact the Borough Council.


26 Parish Partnership Funding - any bids to be made submitted by 30th January, speed signs and a possible trod along Wilton Road were suggested, decision on whether to submit a bid to be made next meeting.


27 Damaged Street Light - light repaired, post straightened as much as possible but a slight bend.


Mr Samuels gave his apologies and left the meeting at 9pm.




28 Mayorís Award - nominations required for civic award for voluntary services no later than 16th January. Entries for the annual Mayorís design awards invited by 23rd January.

29 NNAB - collection volunteers required - poster received.

30 RCC - e- newsletter

31 Brochures - Norse - landscape development. HAGSSMP. Russell Play. Viking. Clerks & Councils direct. Parish magazine.


32 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £897.86, Cash £10, Methodist Church £21.25, S Sargent £107.88, RBL £35.50, G Smith £36, CGM £1533.24, Berryman £28.54, Viridor £112.80.


33 PLANNING - the following were APPROVED - Shrubhill Farms Ltd - Middle Farm, Corkway Drove - Construction of covered box storage agricultural building.

Mr/Mrs Conway - 62 Lodge Road - Single storey rear extension. Mr Storey did not vote on planning.






34 Grounds Maintenance Contract - next meeting.


35 Remembrance Sunday - Chair laid wreath. Clerk enquired about the possibility of purchasing a new flag present one quite drab. Costs for next meeting.


36 Report to Highways - potholes - three along Munsonís Lane. Drain surround near 62 Lodge Road. Hole in footpath o/s 19 Newcombe Drive.


37 NPFA - proposed changes to constitution notification - AGM in January.


38 WN Community Transport - Dial a Bus - next meeting.


39 Small Works/Odd Job Person - to be discussed next meeting.


Next meeting to be held 8th December 2014.

Meeting declared closed 9.10pm