A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 13th day of  OCTOBER 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present one member of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mr Leamon, Mr Samuels, Mrs McGeeney & Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended 7.32pm - re-opened 7.34pm.




1   RAF Feltwell - Mr Storey advised he had been invited and attended a Olympic style sports day on the base on 29th September. Over 300 people took part, a very good experience and he was grateful for being able to attend.


2   SNT - email advising non attendance, last 6 months crime figures given, these were advised.


3   Risk Assessment - Clerk advised Prince’s Trust unable to paint play equipment due to time scale but our email has been distributed to other projects. Gutters full again. The weather has prevented the tennis court being swept, the court should have been weed killed again 9/10. Fence still on-going. Mrs Bane did report - containers left near bin, Clerk advised these were full of glass, Ms Sargent must have put these in the bottle bank - containers will be placed in bin. Black bin has broken off base in play area - Mrs Batten would look at this. Falcon Rd & Spar entrances wire needs to be looked at. Mr Cock would do next inspection.


4   Changing Rooms - Mr Dent carried out boiler service, reduced price of £35 net charged. Meter was changed on 10th October. Chair advised that Mr Samuels has had her keys to snag the building and would talk with Mr Halls re a few items that need attention, nothing further heard. A lot of paperwork in file was irrelevant to our building, Mr Samuels has been asked to re-do this. It is 1 year since end of grant form completed, no plaque yet received, Clerk to chase this, Mr Storey would enquire if Mr White has received this.


5   Balance Sheet - Clerk to remove “Oak Garden” off sheet.


6   Allotment Pest Control - Chair reported of meeting held with Mr Smith, more boxes are now sited, poison used was a solid block, replaced monthly. Tenants to be advised not to feed chickens with maize as this is a antidote to the poison used, tenants meeting is being held next month committee will advise. Some tenants had requested that bait boxes are not sited near their chickens. Mr Storey advised the contents of the bait box inspected was not of a solid block. Area to be monitored, agreed.


7   NALC - weekly updates received. Norfolk link copy to all councillors. Reminders of area meetings & training update.






8   Rangers Visit - response received from Highways & Cllr Daubney - Highways advise that they are dealing with issues at present with the contractor dealing with the weed killing. Cllr Daubney advises that the kerbed areas in the village are swept every 14 weeks, next visit due 27th October. The Borough Council has a rural street cleaning operative whose area includes Feltwell and who visits every 2 weeks. If we have any problems with litter/detritus on footways then the clean up service should be directly contacted. This was discussed as there is no evidence of this operative visiting the village, Clerk to contact the clean-up team. Apparently the Rangers are allocated ½ a day in each Parish. Contractor in village again 23rd September, again hit and miss on areas - a lot of areas missed especially the footpaths, operative did not get off their quad bike to reach areas. Another letter to be sent to Highways re this complete waste of public money, all agreed.


9   Road Sweeper/Verge Cutting - as advised sweeper should be in village again 27/10. Clerk to enquire if any further cuts are due for verges.


10  Review of Committees - Nobody volunteered to join Allotment Committee, the possibility of tenants being on the committee was discussed. This would be discussed further.


11  St Nicholas Churchyard - Mr Storey advised bush has been removed, Mr Lambert disposed of rubbish.


12  E Truss MP - Mrs Batten advised she had had a meeting with the MP, no response received re her enquiries.


13  Old School Close - no work yet done, Clerk emailed again 6/10 no response, telephoned today waiting for a response.


14  Play Equipment - NFN


15  Skate Park - Mrs Bane advised she has enquired re section 106 funding, apparently if less than 20 new properties are built then this payment is not due. Section 106 is being replaced by CIL, this charge will be levied on all new properties built. Mrs Bane has also enquired re Borough funding from Mr Lawrence, no response yet.


16  Encroaching Growth - Bell Street - removed.


17  EDP - WW1 Honours - Clerk advised editor had telephoned on 13th August, he apologised for not replying to first letter. He advised that the names printed in the paper were obtained from a book that listed those lost in WW1 but Feltwell, as well as other areas, were not in this book. An apology would not be printed, in issues since invites have been made for lists of names to be sent in. If a list of those lost to Feltwell is received, this will be published. Mr Cock & Mr Cooper would do this.


18  Fly Tipping - Mr Storey advised culprit dumping tyres along Southery Road has been identified, this should put a stop to the fly tipping.


19  Walkway - off Falcon Road - Clerk has not inspected this since last letter sent, in hand.






20  Audit - completed, notices posted with copy of return, note by external auditor re requirements for expenditure/income over £200,000, Clerk has noted this.


21  Community Access Defibrillator - Clerk enquired if one of these could be sited in the village? This was discussed and would be discussed further at next meeting.


22  Report to Highways - Highways have advised they are currently under discussion with the development control team as to who is responsible to erect a one way sign opposite the exit/entrance to Old School close along The Beck. For now a temporary sign has been erected by the developers. No response re St Mary’s Street.


23  Trees Playingfield - Clerk unsure what was required - quote to inspect trees and possibly crown these to be obtained.


24  Resident Enquiry - this has been looked at, foliage will soon die off due to weather.


25  Bottle Bank - Last year the bottle banks earned £1342.83 profit for the parish, Clerk enquired if the recycling credits would be stopped, Mr Storey advised officer to contact re this. People to be encouraged to continue using bottle bank for glass recycling for the near future.


26  Street Light Enquiry - resident of Moatside enquired re a streetlight being erected near property as area very dark, all Councillors to look at area around no8 during darkness, to be discussed at next meeting.




27  NCC -  budget & priorities 2015/18 - consultation starts now re a projected shortfall of just over £147.5m - with a forecasted need to cut expenditure by £17.5m in 2015/16.Contact details advised.

28  KL&WNBC - Tree Preservation Order - notice of order placed on Walnut tree at 8 Bell Street - any objections or comments to be made by 16th October.

29  RCC/Came & Co - e-newsletter’s.

30  J Perry - letter re village sign re-furbishment.

31  Feltwell PCC - invitaiton to decorate a Xmas tree - theme books.

32  Brochures/Posters - Stoptober. Vitalise. Dementia Friends. N Hancock solicitors. SLCC - range of books available. HAGSSMP. Parish magazine.


28  CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £895.57, Cash £15, Methodis Church £21.25, S Sargent £137.24, Post Office Ltd £331.84, Berryman £27.89, MJ Dent £42, Viridor £112.32, G Smith £36, Anglain Water £85.79, CGM £195, Mazars £720. Clerk advised that the NMW increased to £6.50 from 1/10/14.








29  Report to Highways - Southery Road again. Long Lane from RBL onwards, again. Flooding on corner of Blackdyke Road. Growth around 30mph signs on Lodge Road needs cutting back. Verges at top of Lodge Road need cutting again.


30  Lodge Road - Derelict Building - it was noted that a building that has partly collapsed is cracking, owners to be advised.


31  Road Closure - notice that Paynes Lane will be closed for connection work to new property from 29th October to 3rd November.


32  No 2 Short Lane - next meeting.


33  Parish Partnership Funding - next meeting.


34  Encroaching Hedge - Clerk has written to 2 Falcon Rd re growth, this has been cut back.


35  Damaged Street Light - light damaged on corner of Munson’s Lane/Place - reported to contractors to inspect and make safe.


Next meeting to be held 10th November 2014.

Meeting declared closed 8.45pm.