A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 8th day of  SEPTEMBER 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper,  Spanswick, Cock, Samuels, Leamon, Mrs McGeeney and Mrs Bane. Mr Storey arrived late. Also present 4 members of public and Sq Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES - received from Ms Mills.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended 7.32pm to allow public present to speak re-opened 7.37pm.




1   RAF Feltwell - nothing to report, no issues raised, Sq Leader Neilds offered apologies for next meeting, left meeting 7.40pm.


2   SNT -  Speed check form returned. Reports of 3 incidents received.


3   Risk Assessment - Fence still ongoing, Mr Leamon (in AOB) reported a few problems, it was agreed to wait until work is finished, then the fence will be inspected. Mr Birch has advised he is unable to carry out the work quoted for. It was agreed to wait until spring to clean equipment now, bin to be monitored. Clerk advised of letter received by Mrs Mills re the Princes Trust team at Bury college re a request for a potential community project - it was agreed to enquire if painting the play equipment was a potential project, this would need to be done before half term. Weeds on tennis court & slabs should have been sprayed 5th September. Guttering has been cleared. Mrs Batten did inspection - tennis court a lot of moss/algae - other areas previously reported. Mrs Bane to do next inspection.


4   Changing Rooms - Keys returned. Vent cover replaced, signs erected. Boiler service costs, all verbal, Mr BeeBee £60, Lindsey £70 maximum and Mr Dent £55 net + any parts required if necessary. Mr Samuels proposed Mr Dent’s quote is accepted, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed. Clerk has not heard anything from Mr S Samuels, Chair advised she is meeting with him this week. Fire extinguisher’s serviced.


5   Balance Sheet  - no queries.


6   Allotment Pest Control - following an allotment inspection a meeting has been arranged with Mr Smith to discuss this. If tenants are feeding maize to their chickens then the bait will not be affective.


7   NALC - weekly updates and reports.


8   Rangers Visit - next visit due w/c 20th October - Clerk to report areas requiring attention - mainly weed growth again, grips along OBR and Paynes Lane/Short Lane. Clerk advised no response yet re letter.






9   Road Sweeper/Verge Cutting - sweeper in village 13th August. Verges should be cut this week, 6 weeks since last cut, Clerk had to report again.


10 Review of Committees - Mrs Mills has indicated as she does not seem available for allotment meetings, she will step down off committee. One more member required.


11 Tennis Court - still no response re white lining, leave at present.


12 St Nicholas Churchyard - email from Rev Horan agreeing to elder bush being removed, Clerk to advise Mr Storey.


13 E Truss MP - Chair advised she & Mrs Bane have a meeting arranged.


14 Old School Close - Clerk advised she has spoken to company again, 2 quotes for work received awaiting a third, then work will be done!


15 Play Equipment - Mrs Bane advised she had tried to see if there are any swings at Trenchard Sq unable to view equipment. Chair advised Lakenheath Fab can make swings but not for public areas due to safety requirements.


16 Skate Park - ongoing.


17 Encroaching Growth - growth again from Hall Farm along Bell Street, Clerk to advise.


18 Norfolk RCC - heating oil buying scheme.


19 EDP - WW1 Honours - No response, nothing has been printed in paper, Clerk to contact again.


20 Hedge - Wilton Road - after several phone calls to different departments the hedge has been cut today, meeting not viable as the office that deals with estates is in Maidstone.


21 Fly Tipping  - email from Borough a ticket has been raised to remove items but they are unable to access private land even by invite. Some tyres still near gates, this is owned by Environment Agency.


22 Walkway off Falcon Road - another letter to be sent to owner as no work been done.


23 Report to Highways - OBR has been programmes to patch the failed area. Bell Street - they maintain up to the wall of the properties. The bollards were erected to give safe exit to residents from their properties. Clerk advised Councillors to look at the positioning of the bollards as they are inside the white line that depicts the end of the highway. Weed spraying will be checked. Loose drains will be reported to the relevant utility companies.


24 Bell Street - One Way - the area of Oak Street and the volume of traffic which would be directed along it would not be viable. The problems in Bell Street are being caused by resident parking. Matter re one way will not be pursued at present, agreed.






25 Insurance Renewal - insurance due for renewal 1st October - cost £1988.25 - proposed accept Mr Samuels, seconded Mr Cooper, all agreed.


26 Audit - email from auditor’s for information re values of assets - this was discussed - Clerk to advise. More information required as our expenditure was over £200,000, Clerk explained to auditor expenditure a one off due to building new and VAT incurred, this makes no difference.




27 NCC - Notice of breach of conditions sent to Frimstone re site in Lodge Road.

28 A Deptford - Community Access Defibrillator offer.

29 Norfolk Hospice - donation request.

30 Kickstart - moped lending scheme.

31 Suffolk West CAB - AGM invite.

32 KL&WNBC - Register of electors update.

33 Norfolk Training Partnership - Chairmanship training, polish up on press release workshop, training opportunities.

34 E.Newsletters - UK Power. Norfolk RCC. NPFA.

35 Brochures - Insignia. SGS Media. Viking. Shelter Solutions. Parish magazine. Wicksteed.


36 CHEQUES - were signed for the following - L Peckham £874, Cash £15, Methodist Church £17, S Sargent £108.38, G Smith £36, Broker Network £1988.25, B Batten £100, L Enefer £181, Fenland Fire Appliance £42.66, Berryman £74.53, Viridor £95.64.


37 PLANNING - none for meeting.




38 Mast, Playingfield - Mr Leamon enquired of any progress - Clerk advised we are on their list.


39 Report Highways - St Mary’s Street has been patched but still holes, why were these not filled? Clerk has reported water laying in The Beck due to surface laid and a directional sign for residents exiting Hall Farm Close.

Mr Storey arrived 8.40pm.


40 Trees Playingfield - next meeting.


41 Resident Enquiry - resident in Paynes Lane has enquired if the foliage along the fence can be cut to allow view of playingfield?


42 Bottle Banks - note from Berryman advising cost to collect glass is reducing from 1st October from £24.60 per ton to £15 per ton.


Next meeting to beheld 13th October 2014.

Meeting declared closed 8.45pm.