A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of FEBRUARY 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Samuels, Leamon, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present Sq Leader Neilds and one member of public.


APOLOGIES - received from SNT.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - meeting suspended - no speakers - re-opened.




1   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds expressed thanks to the community for the support received recently with the tragic loss of life of USAF personnel - the American community are very grateful. No news re 4th July celebrations, he will advise the Council as soon as he knows. Sq Leader left meeting 7.35pm.


2   SNT - two reported crimes during January - damage to vehicle, Mulberry Close & theft of vehicle Hythe Rd. Clerk had emailed re dog fouling, gave areas of most concern although suggested problems in whole village.


3   Risk Assessment - parts for nest swing should be delivered this week. Signs obtained, Clerk ordered one extra re playingfield as new gate will be installed when fence completed. It was agreed not to erect signs until new fence installed. Letter sent re ivy on wall. Clerk had invited 5 quotes to remove self sown growth from boundary of playingfield, to date non received. Scout’s advised re water running. Mr Spanswick did inspection - fence near entrance has large hole, gates not shutting need replacing! Mr Storey would do next inspection.


4   Changing Rooms - Mr Hall has looked at water problem, will rectify. More gutter guard purchased. Snag meeting arranged for 24/2 time agreed 4pm. Large electricity bill this is due to the heating system being tweaked, still trying to obtain good balance. Mr Scarff to be asked re putting signs up.


5   Balance Sheet - no queries.


6   Churchyard, St Nicholas - Mr Cooper has contact details for probation service, in hand.


7   Allotment Pest Control - monthly report.


8   Overhanging Growth - email advising legal department has been advised, hopefully hedge will be cut soon - 2 Short Lane.


9   Street Name Plate - new sign installed on posts in Hill Street.






10 NALC -  weekly updates. New website currently being worked on. Notice of E petition to amend national planning policy framework - details on website. Member survey, to be completed by Clerk.


11 Report to Highways - Hythe Rd contractors will be chased as they have had order for over a month - still not done.


12 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - permission granted from DCLG. Doctor’s have not returned their copy yet, Clerk has chased them to return this.


13 School Parking, The Beck - School governors have written to the Trust, the Trustee’s requested that a copy of this letter is sent to the Council, not yet received.


14 Trees - Playingfield - in hand , weather delaying work.


15 Street Lighting - quote received from K&M Lighting to replace lantern in Oak Street - £394.05 net - Mr Samuels proposed quote is accepted, seconded Mr Cock, all agreed.


16 Rangers Visit - list of work undertaken 30/1 received. Report advised unable to sweep pathways as leaves stuck and decaying due to dog fouling, this would be  for the district council to clean up. Environmental Health department responsible.


17 Grounds Maintenance Contract - signed contract received, schedule of work required.


18 NCC Parish Partnership Bid - cost of scheme, with photo’s, sketch plan of site required. Mr Samuels provided photo’s & sketch plan, Highways final cost of work is £7400 net. If the bid is successful then the cost to the Parish will be £3700 under present requirements.


19 Play Equipment Inspection - will take place w/c 24th March.


20 LTA Shared Access - first step is to mark site as active on data base, then if site of interest to companies we will be contacted. Agency appointment letter received from Shared Access Ltd giving them sole rights to explore & negotiate on our behalf. Clerk to obtain, in writing, confirmation that no fee/costs will be accrued by the Council nor any obligation to proceed, then the letter to be signed by Chairwoman, proposed Mr Samuels, seconded, Mrs Bane, all agreed.


21 Circus Enquiry - no further news as yet.


22 Street Light - Long Lane/Leonard’s Lane - most appropriate position is on corner of junction but it would probably be better to wait until footpath around new properties are constructed, all agreed.


23 Report to Highways - potholes along Southery Rd will be checked and filled. Water problems will be checked to see what can be done to cure these. Grips along Lodge Rd have been cleared.


24 School Close Bins - Clerk has advised details of property owner to complainant.






25 Fracking - Mr Storey advised this is being discussed shortly at County, he will report at next meeting.


26 Hedge - 50 Wilton Road - all Councillors received letter of response from owner, contents were fully discussed. It was agreed that Highways have lost past opportunities to improve this junction, matter not to be pursued proposed Chair, all agreed. Owner to be advised and asked to keep hedge cut back on a regular basis. Owner had enquired about moving street name plate, Clerk to advise they need to contact Borough.


27 Toner - Copier - Mr Lambert had purchased this online, cost £80.22 net.


28 Allotment Terms of Reference - reviewed, no amendments, proposed Chair, all agreed.

Ms Mills gave apologies and left meeting 8.25pm.

29 Bell Street Resident Letter - all Councillors received a copy of letter from resident with regard the wooden posts and parking problems. Contents fully discussed, the Council are not empowered to restrict parking along Bell Street or any other street in the village and previous requests to highways have not been successful. Resident to be advised of highway’s previous response to the Council’s enquiries. Piece to be put in magazine re inconsiderate parking throughout the village.


30 MAGPAS  - donation request - declined.




31 KL&WNBC - email advising planning will no longer send notices of decisions, these will be published weekly together with weekly planning applications list. Notification of new property address - Bluebell Mill, Mundford Road.

32 Norfolk Community Foundation - grants newsflash.

33 UK Power Network - storm updates.

34 E Truss MP - monthly report.

35 Brochures - Viking. Furntiture@Work. Glasdon. Clerks & Councils direct. Parish magazine.


36 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £845.29, Cash £15, Methodist Church £21.25, S Sargent £118.74, G Smith £36, Apex Signs £160.80, E Lambert £96.26, Berryman £98.60, Viridor £66.72. DD Eon £434.83 re new building.


37 PLANNING -  Methwold Farm , Methwold - Variation to condition 2 of permission ref C/2/2010/2017 - to allow alternative technology - APPROVED.




38 Report to Highways - Potholes - St Mary’s Street, Wilton Rd, Blackdyke Rd & Corkway Drove. Drain at junction High Street & Short Beck. Junction Vincent Close/Paynes Lane & Old Methwold Rd/Lodge Rd both breaking up and white lines need re-instating. Junction Hill Street sign is turned. Footpath at entrance to vets Short Beck, breaking up, Mr Storey has reported this. Mr Storey advised meetings have been held with farmer on Southery Rd re dyke. Condition of Wilton Rd from base entrance to Hockwold very uneven. Mr Storey advised at a County meeting of highways he had been advised that a lot of money has been spent on fen roads and pot holes deemed a safety hazard receive priority.                  P.T.O





39 Flooding - Mr Storey felt a letter should be sent to both the Borough & County planning departments re concerns re permitting construction on flood planes. Over the past 12/18 months other parts of the Country have had severe problems, although our region has been quite fortunate, policy on advice re flood planes should be looked at, all agreed.


40 Review of Financial Regulations - next meeting.


41 Hall Farm Construction - report of work being done along The Beck, digging out the end section -  Clerk to enquire to company, all agreed.


42 Village Green Parking - recently vehicles have been parking on greens in Hythe Rd - to be monitored.


Next meeting to be held 10th March 2014.

Meeting declared closed 9.05pm.