A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of MARCH 2014 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock, Leamon, Mrs Mills and Mrs Bane. Also present representatives from PCC and 1 member of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs McGeeney and Sq Leader Neilds.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - Chair suspended meeting for 1 minute, nobody wished to speak.




1   St Mary’s PCC - re Community Information Point - the Council agreed to take this agenda item first - Mrs Garland advised the progress of the community information point in St Mary’s, anyone can use this area to access the internet to gain information etc. 10 volunteers are on hand to help and the Borough Council will donate a laptop. The scheme is being totally funded by the Borough Council except the cost of installing the phone line into the Church, this has resulted in a shortfall of around £808 net and the PCC were present to ask if the Parish Council would consider help to fund this unexpected expense. The facility would be open to the whole community to use with help at hand - will be wi-fi connected. Mr Storey felt this was a good project that the whole community could be involved with and have the opportunity to use this facility, Mr Lambert agreed. Mr Storey proposed that the Council meets the whole cost, £808 net approximately, seconded Mrs Bane, all agreed. Clerk requested invoice is made out to the Parish Council. PCC representatives present thanked the Council and some left the meeting at 7.40pm.


2   RAF Feltwell - Email from community relations officer re a programme currently being managed at RAF Lakenheath - “Make a Difference Lakenheath” - this is an offer of volunteer manpower to help within both the base & local community particularly during the week 21-27th April. Any areas where volunteers can help? Garden areas at entrance to St Nicholas - Mr Cooper to be contact, Churchyards - Mrs Parker to be contact and Ms Mills suggested litter along OBR and would be contact for this. Clerk to advise base relations officer.


3   SNT - 3 reported crimes this month. Clerk advised of vehicle parked at end of The Beck, not taxed and not been moved for several days. Clerk to report this to SNT. Next SNAP meeting being held 7/5/14. Email re the pledge to continue tackling hate crime in the County.


4   Risk Assessment - Parts for nest swing received, Clerk to check with Mr Scarff. Work to erect fence should start this week. Two quotes received re removal of self sown growth from around playingfield boundary and tree’s - CGM quoted £380 net & R&R Painters quoted £425, following a discussion during which Mr Storey felt that the standard of work undertaken by CGM was not always acceptable and perhaps another company should be given an opportunity, Mr Leamon proposed the quote from R&R Painters is accepted, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed. Mr Storey did inspection - moss on tennis court, Mr Lambert would purchase some iron sulphate, litter collector does regularly sweep surface.





4  - Area of wall needs monitoring about 40yds from play area. Teen shelter condition remains the same. Gutters on new build need cleaning out, Mr Leamon has this in hand more gutter guard purchased. Cub hut not our responsibility. Mr Samuels to do next inspection.


5   Changing Rooms - Mr Batten has put signs up on building. SNAG meeting held only Chair & Mrs Bane attended with Mr S Samuels, nothing major building in good condition. Clerk advised still no paperwork received from Mr S Samuels, this has been requested. Heating needs tweaking this is in hand. Clerk advised of drain problem, large tree root in last drain near tennis court once removed drains cleared, to be monitored.


6   Balance Sheet - no queries.


7   Churchyard, St Nicholas - base volunteers will hopefully help with this.


8   Allotment Pest Control - monthly report.


9   Overhanging Growth - still not been cut, Clerk to chase Highways - 2 Short Lane.


10 NALC - weekly updates. Norfolk link. Café cluster notice. End of year training. Appraisal training. Notice of Spring conference being held 14/3 at GT Yarmouth. Notice that Sue Lake is leaving organisation.


11 Report to Highways - reported areas along Hythe Rd have been done. Hole further out of village needs doing, Clerk to report.


12 Surgery, Overflow Car Park - NFN


13 School Parking, The Beck - nothing further heard, Clerk to write to Chair of Governors again.


14 Trees, Playingfield - in hand.


15 Rangers Visit - due w/c 21/4/14.


16 Grounds Maintenance Contract - Mr Storey reported that recent work has left a lot of grass on grave stones, he felt that the contractors should be made to come back and clear this, the level of work is unacceptable. A full discussion took place, the Chair would inspect the Churchyard and speak with the contractors.


17 NCC Parish Partnership Bid - email from NCC advising that our bid for the trod along Long Lane has been successful, a letter will be sent shortly with full details and payment due.


18 Play Equipment Inspection - due in 2 weeks time.


19 LTA Shared Access - letter from Company received confirming that no fees/costs are payable and that the Parish Council would not be under any obligations to proceed. Chair had signed letter as agreed.





20 Circus Enquiry - email advising visit 25th-28th May, half term week. No problems, agreed.


21 School Close Bins - a lot of these seem to have been removed off the footpath.


22 Fracking - Mr Storey advised meeting of committee being held this week but no licence’s have been granted at present in this area.


23 Report to Highways - pot holes St Mary’s & Wilton Road have been filled. A patch is programmed for drain in High Street/Short Beck junction. Patches have been programmed for Corkway Drove/Blackdyke Rd. Patch programmed for entrance to Vincent Close after which the white lining will be refreshed. Patch programmed for path entrance to vets in Short Beck.  Feltwell to Hockwold road will be monitored but at this time only patching work will be programmed. Email from resident received re the ditch & signs along Southery Rd raising concerns of its safety, resident had contacted Highways who had advised they contact the Council? This is obviously a highways issue, Mr Storey advised the Highway engineer Mr Wallace was looking into this and that tests were being done to see if the highway has been undermined. Reflector signs were being put up as a temporary measure. The area and work done by the landowner is under investigation. Clerk to write to Highways again, advise resident and suggest they also contact Highways again.


24 Flooding - Response from Borough re planning on flood plains and the policies of the local plan that is followed. Mr Storey advised he has took this matter up with the planning committee.


25 Review of Financial Regulations - no amendments, remain the same proposed Chairwoman, all agreed.


26 Hall Farm Construction - Clerk advised ditch has been dug out to allow retaining wall to be built, the Chair has looked at the site and spoken to site manager. The Company has taken photographic evidence of the original wall and will fill the dyke back to its original depth when finished. Copies of photographs can be obtained by the Council, it was agreed to obtain these. There is a lot of water running off the site.




27 KL&WNBC - New register of electors. Village games form.

28 Norfolk RCC - online survey. E-newsletter. WISP programme re faster broadband.

29 Came & Co Insurers - Flood risk considerations.

30 UK Power - reports - contact details being put in article in parish magazine.

31 Zurich Municipal - insurance enquiry.

32 NCC - poster re “Don’t Throw it Away” recycling textiles.

33 Brochures - Wicksteed. Woodberry. Parish magazine.


34 PLANNING - none for meeting.


35 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £831.55, Cash £10, Methodist Church £17, S Sargent £118.73, Caloo £60, Berryman £53.34, Viridor £53.76, G Smith £36.







36 Report to Highways - surface of OBR, whole width, near beet pad has been damaged.


37 Skip - St Nicholas - needs emptying.


38 Wires Southery Road - Mr Storey reported electric wires are hanging near ground in verge along Southery Rd opposite Laines warehouse, Clerk to report.


39 Pole Lodge Road - BT post has been damaged and is tied together opposite entrance to old tip, Clerk to report.


40 Road Sweeper/Verge Cutting - road sweeper in village around 17/2. Verge cutting should commence at end of March and is currently on a 3 week cycle.


Ms Mills apologised and left meeting at 8.40pm.


41 Internal Auditor - next meeting.


42 FCC Environment - bottle bank collections - duty of care transfer note required signing - agreed Chairwoman to sign these.


Next meeting to be held 14th April 2014.

Meeting closed 8.45pm.



Due to the time limit on 31/3/14 the following PLANNING was APPROVED - Hill House, Hill Street - Change of use, stable block to domestic. Improvements to visibility splay to access onto Short Beck.